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This is a compilation of all the posts sent into "I,Mario" thread at OverClocker Remix forums. So far it has more than 100 pages of posts, so there is a big risk that many of the ideas given are lost or forgotten. To prevent this, I am in process of joining all pages into groups of 10. That way, searches about specific topics (with the browser's find tool) will be much faster.

Another important matter here is file size. I want to keep every ZIP file (10 pages) the lowest size possible. To achieve this I have reduced picture sizes (don't worry, full-sized ones can be got at Citris' Archive) and erased useless information, like users sigs. Hope this helps us get organised...


PAGES 01-10 (160 Kb)
PAGES 11-20 (175 Kb)
PAGES 21-30 (310 Kb)
PAGES 31-40 (440 Kb)
PAGES 41-50 (365 Kb)
PAGES 51-60 (210 Kb)
PAGES 61-70 (520 Kb)
PAGES 71-80 (380 Kb)