The Best BSB Soap Opera....EVER!

Welcome to the very first Backstreet Boys' soap opera in the world...ever!

Our aim is not reality but the world of soap operas where anything goes. If we can make you gasp, say "no way" or laugh at least once in every episode we will have achieved that aim. We just wanna entertain you!

Wanna change the course of our characters' lives? Got an opinion on the plot? Then sign our guestbook below and we just might listen...

Or email us at and we'll do our best to respond!

Episodes will be posted up every two days so come on, get reading and get hooked on the biggest thing since Sunset Beach!!

Please check out the Soapbox regularly as we will post up questions we want you guys to answer in order for the soap opera to evolve and develop!

Ever wondered what it'd be like to walk in the shoes of your favourite star? Well now you can! Star Wannabe is a role-playing group which allows you to create and write your own online journal as the celeb of your choice. It's a LOT of fun and, cos it's only new, all the BEST celebs are still available for the writing! So click on the link and go grab up the BSB and their wives/girlfriends while you still can!
Star Wannabe!

Ok, Amanda now has an online journal. So if you want to read her insane ramblings and find out just HOW she fills my days - click on the link below! Feel free to comment on entries and share your own experiences and feelings!
Amanda's Journal!

Soap overload? Or just looking for things to waste time on? Look no further! Click on the link below and try a few BSB jigsaws using pictures from these very pages!
I wanna puzzle!

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