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Bounty Hunters


Killing people for money? You mean that's a job? Well yessiree bob it is. Even in the real world their are Bounty Hunters. Of course, they are no where near as cool as Boba Fett or Greedo. They will be listed in no specific order, just in the order I like them. So there!

Boba Fett

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Off all the rockin' guys in the galaxy, Boba Fett has to be one of the rockinest. He's the greatest, man!!! He's mysterious, has great armor and weapons, a nice voice, and a cool ship to boast. What more could you ask from the most famed Bounty Hunter in the galaxy?
Boba Fett is first hired by the Empire to find and capture Han Solo. Han is found and captured by Boba, where he is taken to be frozen in carbonite, and then to Jabba the Hutt. When Luke Skywalker appears at the palace, a fierce battle breaks forth, and Boba Fett, after fighting hard, is eaten by the Sarlaac. It claims to take one thousand years to be digested by the monster, and extremely painful. But because of Boba's armor and weapons, Boba escaped the creature alive.
Boba's father, Jango Fett, appears in Episode II. We'll try and get you a little something on him, but possibly not untill E2 is out, as we won't know diddly squat about him til that time.


Greedo, even though he plays a short role in ANH, is a pretty cool guy. He's green, looks funny, has big eyes, is... um... green... okay so he isn't that cool at all. The small scene with Greedo is a very memorable one, indeed, though.
We have little information on three of the remaining bounty hunters, so we'll leave you with just pictures to ponder about.