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The Dark Side

The Dark Side is, well, the evil side. Jedi who turn to the Dark Side give into to their hatred, thus making them a little stronger of a being. The Sith use the Dark Side, and try to pull over as many weak minded Jedi as possible to it. Some stronger aspects of the Dark Side are:
  • "Force lightning". Used by Emperor Palpatine in ROTJ, a true Sith can conjure this evil attack, striking and paralyzing the enemy.
  • Better Force detection. It seems that the Dark Side can sense it's enemies, the Jedi, more accurately and quickly than can the Light Side.

    Regarding Lighsaber Color

    As you may or may not have noticed, all Sith warriors have red colored lighsabers. Why? Who knows. Maybe to portray their evilness. Or maybe because Darth Vader, the first real Sith ever to be seen, had a red saber to combat with Obi-Wan's and Luke's blue and green saber's. Like I said, who knows.

    The Sith

    Many, many years before Episode I, their was a great battle emerging between the Sith and the Jedi. Because of the Sith's evil though, they were corrupting from the inside, and killing eachother. It was decided, when there were only two left, that at one point their should be only two Siths, an apprentice and a master. This tradition remains intact throughout most of the series, aside from a few small places.
    Here is a list of all the Sith we've seen so far. I'm not going to get in on the battle of who will appear in Episode II.

    Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker

    Darth Vader is the epitome of evil. The essence of malevolence. The definition of sinister. He's pretty sweet! On a more serious side though, Vader is a three-fourth cyborg, one-half man with a bad attitude to his subordinates and a secret love for his son, Luke. The way he chops of his hand just shows the fatherly affection. Darth Vader first appears in ANH, and is seen throughout the next to movies also. In ROTJ, though, Luke and Vader face off with Palpatine watching. Eventually, Luke is forced to attack his daddy, and does so with great anger. But after Palpatine Force-lightnings Luke, Vader throws the evil, shriveled, SOB down to the ends of the Death Star II. Vader dies when Luke takes his helmet off, taking away his breathe-machine, a device Vader had used ever since a terrible accident involving some kind of volcano. Owchee.

    Emperor Palpatine

    Though many people disagree with me, I think Darth Sidious is not the same person as Emperor Palpatine. XCSW's BobaFett688 disagrees with me thoroughly. Even though they could be one in the same, I will treat them as two different people.
    Palpatine was, as we all know, a galactic Senator. After becoming Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, he abused his power and formed the Empire, with him in control. Palpatine may look like an old man, and may use a cane (only for the looks), but this seemingly weak being is really a monstrously strong Sith Master.

    Darth Sidious

    Not much is known about the man called Sidious. He wears a hood over his eyes, and only appears in hologram, a homage to Emperor Palpatine, whom until ROTJ we also only saw in hologram. All we do know about the man is that he secretly ruled the Nemoidians and the Trade Federations, and that he was the master of Darth Maul. Hey, go figure, some guys are just shy!

    Darth Maul

    Scary guy, that Darth Maul. He has horns, facial tatoos in red and black, and some great teeth, if you go for that black-yellow thing. But what Maul lacks in looks, he makes up for in fighting. With his awesome double bladed lightsaber and dirty fighting (what's with all those kicks anyway?), he can take down even some strong Jedi Knights, such as Qui-Gon. Too bad we won't learn his past, since Obi-Wan sliced him in half in the Phantom Menace.

    Psst! The Official Star Wars site has got a great section on the Sith. Well, maybe not as good as ours, but click here to check out the 'official' Sith information page Have any Sith you'd like to be posted here? Got a problem with what I've written? Email me.