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Click here to download the Star Wars Episode II Storyboards

Remember when we said the storyboards were total crap? We were dead wrong. Please read what we added in to the Episode II Storyboards.

On the Validity of the Star Wars: Episode II Storyboards

Though we used to think otherwise, we now are quite sure that these storyboards are true. They mention a Sith called Darth Tyranus. Darth Tyranus was also mentioned in a gaming magazine that had a bit of coverage on the video games to be released with the movie. They also mentioned Owen (with a picture of him), and there was also a picture from what could have been the nightclub scene mentioned at the film’s beginning. Episode II Select pictures on show on more occasions than one a scene with lots of rain, and in one picture, a Fett that looked to either be a) doing some sort of cheerleader dance with a Jedi, which is, of course, highly unlikely, or b) trying to kill him. There’s also a picture of a boy looking out the window (described in the storyboards as Boba Fett, age 12) and there is rain on the window. The one with Fett fighting the Jedi, though was released after the storyboards were, so the storyboards can not be making up a story to go with the pictures. The thing about Darth Tyranus in the gaming magazine also came out afterword. Obviously, you would lean toward my opinion on these storyboards as well, though despite the fact that we have virtually all the proof we need, these storyboards have not been approved or confirmed by anyone.

These three pictures lead you to beleive that the storyboards are true. The scene with Jango Fett vs. Obi-Wan (depicted above) is mentioned in them.