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Welcome to X City Star Wars! We just realized this, but we've just recently hit our one year anniversary. Here at X City Star Wars, we are an excellent source of prequel information, pictures, information, and more. Remember, feel free to take anything off our site and put it on yours.

Tuesday, June 5 @ 10:59 AM ((BobaFett688))
My birthday
Just so you all knew, my birthday was two days ago. You guys didn't send me any presents yet! I'm going to have to hunt down and kill each one of you. Unless of course, you shipped me something really big and really an airplane...or...a speeder bike...Let's hope so, for your sake!

Site Updates
Well, I've done a really big update to the Cans section, but that's pretty much it as far as site updates.

We Promise!
Okay, I know we haven't exactly gotten to work on some new stuff. Not that our site is out of date, as we update every day, but still. We're going to go for more pictures, maybe some wallpapers, more sounds maybe...all that good stuff. We'll get working on it soon, people.

Wednsday, May 30 @ 4:27 PM((BobaFett688))
Free At Last!
Okay, people! As of today, school is officially out for both me and SlaveOne712, so as far as we're concerned, summer is here. I could give a crap what the calendar says--if school's over, it's summer. Like I said, XCSW will be your source for Star Wars info this summer. We've got some new stuff on the way.

Happy Birthday To Me...
Guess what, people? Next Sunday, June 3 is my birthday. Isn't that lovely? You people had better send in your checks...Uncle Boba needs your money...

Monday, May 28 @ 5:46 PM--Happy Memorial Day!((BobaFett688))
Officially Award Winning
That's right, people, XCSW is now officially an award-winning site. To be award-winning, you have to win an award, right? Well, we have won our first award, as Yo Mam--SlaveOne712 said. Go check it out on the Awards page.

JediNet's Back Up
Apparently, JediNet is back on the internet after a problem with their server. For a while we thought there'd be no more JediNet...heh heh...then all the competition'd be gone... anyway, we're glad they're back. This is probably old news to you, but new news to us, as I just now checked to see whether or not it was up.

Site Updates
Ol' Slave has added a link to a page about cut scenes from TPM, although we haven't gotten the time to create the page. The link's there, and we'll tell you when the page is there, too. Slave also will be in charge for redesigning the Weapons page and maybe a couple others. Also, on the Humor page, I've added a Chimp Channel parody of TPM. Go check it out.

Trouble E-mailing Me?
Sorry if anyone is having trouble e-mailing me. I guess that hyperlink I posted to my e-mail is kinda...bad. Same e-mail address, folks, but the source code was wrong. It should be fixed...I'm hoping Slave did it...

The Phantom Edit?
In case you haven't heard (and I haven't untill just now) there's some sort of new mysterious edit of The Phantom Menace, which is supposed to be better and correct the original one. No one knows who dunnit, or how to get it, but somehow we know it's there. Or something like that. Click here for more info.

Phantom Turns Two
SlaveOne712 forgot to mention that May 19 marked the two year birthday of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, released to theaters May 19, 1999. Hard to beleive it's been two weeks already...

Two Days and Counting...
I don't know about you guys, but SlaveOne712 and myself only have two days left in the school year (make some noise!), which means that over the summer we'll have a lot more time to update (make more noise!) as well as maybe ad some new pages. XCSW will be your "source for the Force" over summer 2k1. Plus, I have no idea why, but we hardly do anything those last two days of school.

Friday, May 25 @ 8:34 PM(Your momma (or SlaveOne712, I respond to either))
Okay people, it's time for some updation, or... updati, or updatoon... oh screw it, I'm going to update.
First off, a site called the Storm Squadron Database likes us (they really do!), and claimed we will receive their award. Better mount it on the wall with the others. Oh, wait....
We are in the process of some renovations. Since school is letting out shortly we can devote all our time to the mindless work of changing what you see before your eyes. Expect some new pages, like Episode I Cutscenes and such like that.
That is all for the updation.

Friday, May 11 @ 4:32 PM(BobaFett688)
Banner Crisis?
You might have noticed that over the course of a week we have had three different banners. Our most recent is here to stay. It's like our old, friendly one, but it just looks better. Okay? So, untill further notice, no more banner switching.

Sunday, May 5 2001 @ 8:07 A.M.(BobaFett688)
The Combine
I found this awesome site called The Star Wars Combine, abbreviated SWC. It's an rpg, but its an rpg that's a whole lot better than yours. It uses a customized program to do stuff, and you can download skins for it (I downloaded the bounty hunter skin, featuring The Great One). I haven't done much, but it looks cool. My name on SWC is Anakin Fett. Click here to visit the Star Wars Combine.

Help us, XCSW're our only hope..."
Okay, people, this is the first time that you get to make the site updates! We looked around for a good image editor but couldn't find one that suited us. We would have gotten Adobe Photoshop, but it was literally $999. Serious, no lie. And the free trial was only what...30 megabites! Bottom line? No Adobe Photoshop. Sowwee. But that's where you come in: we need you to make us a title image!. You know what I mean, like the one everyone has at the top of their pages. Please shape it like the one above. Then put a variety of Star Wars characters (MUST include Boba Fett and Darth Vader as well as Anakin from Ep2). Make all the images overlay eachother but make sure they are semitransparent!! Next, put in blue scanlines. Make sure it does the capital X crossed with the "lower case" "City" in gold and black gradient, and then a Star Wars logo, and put it on top of the other stuff. We have asked The about this, but we can't just count on them. Whoever submits the best "banner" will win our award, even if your site sucks. As soon as you finish the image, send the URL to me, BobaFett688L and also include how to make another one in the future. Remember, we may need your help again with the release of Episode II.