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The Sattaran Rescue

Following the destruction of USS Pacifica, the survivors were captured by the Satarrans and were used as slave workers on a planet orbiting the Satarran Homeworld. Word reached Starbase 32 and USS Iliad set off in attempt to rescue the prisoners.

Iliad was pursued by USS Lexington for reasons recorded here. Lexington and Iliad crossed into Satarran space and were immediately set on by Satarran warships. Just as it appeared that both vessels faced destruction for crossing the border, Tennaran warbirds appeared and shifted the balance in favour of the Federation forces. The Tennarans were (and indeed remain) at war with the Satarrans. The Satarrans retreated leaving the Federation Fleet free to find their way to the slave planet.

On the planet, Lexington and Iliad Away Teams beamed down. With the assistance of the surviving crew of the Pacifica, the rescue was successful although some crew of all three ships did not return.