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March 14

March 15

March 16

March 17
6 a.m. - M - 2206
Harmony and Dizchord
9 a.m. - M - 2205
United We Stand

9:30 a.m. - S - 2010
Jayden's Challenge

Noon - SM - 2305
Samurai Surprise

Nick 2
3 p.m. - SM - 2305
Samurai Surprise

8 p.m. - SM - 2304
A Lion's Alliance

8:30 p.m. - SM - 2305
Samurai Surprise
8 a.m. - SM - 2305
Samurai Surprise

Nick 2
11 a.m. - SM - 2305
Samurai Surprise

9 a.m. - SM - 2305
Samurai Surprise
1 p.m. - SM - 2305
Samurai Surprise
6 a.m. - M - 2207
Who's Crying Now?
9 a.m. - M - 2206
Harmony and Dizchord

9:30 a.m. - S - 2011
Unexpected Arrival
NEXT NEW EPISODE: 2305 - Samurai Surprise
Saturday, March 15, 2014, 12 Noon


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(Listings thru 3/22)

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(Ratings thru 2/22)

(Updated 1/28/14)
(Added 1995)

     (updated 3/13/14) Slowly, I'll get everything posted and updated. Work and other things have limited my opportunities to tend to things here. The schedule is updated. Rating news is encouraging as Ep 4 gets back above the 2.0 million mark.

    We now have word that the 2015 (and into 2016? we don't know) incarnation of Power Rangers will be Power Rangers Dino Charge. And, if you know Sentai, you can tell that's an adaptation of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger. The eye-opening aspect of that is that it suggests a possible out-right skip of the Sentai season that was between Gokaiger and Kyoryuger -- Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. And that would be a significant change in the perceived agreement between Toei (the producers of Sentai) and Saban Brands -- which was, basically, "Thou Shalt Not Skip."

    It's impossible to know the details this soon after the announcement. Maybe some part of Go-Busters will be incorporated into PRDC just as, say, Dairanger and Kakuranger were incorporated into the original MMPR. From what I can tell, the Go-Busters toy sales were quite underwhelming and maybe Bandai didn't want to take that risk in the U.S. toy market. Or maybe it's Saban wanting to follow up the expected-to-be-popular PRSM season with another dino-sourced season. We shall see.

    The Power Rangers 20th Anniversary celebration continues into 2014 as Super Megaforce -- and all the homages to past rangers and past seasons -- hits our TV screens.

    The show is different things to different people but it's been a part of our entertainment lives for most, if not all, of the past 20 years. For me, it's kinda that last part of me that refuses to grow up. We're all allowed to have a little bit of that, aren't we? All the characters -- from Adam to Zurgane -- have helped keep us aware that good always prevails! Go Go Power Rangers!

     Still posting the news that the 20-year all-in-one Legacy Collection DVD set from Shout! Factory is available. EVERY EPISODE from Morphin' to Megaforce is included in a limited-edition (2,000 sets worldwide) 98-disc set INSIDE a to-scale MMPR Red Ranger helmet. If you know you want one, get one now!

    Even though they don't have rights to include the movies, they left two empty sleeves in the tins for you to add the movie discs to make the collection complete.

    Lionsgate still retains rights to the Nick seasons in terms of releasing them separately, but Shout! worked out an arrangement to include Samurai (2011 & 2012) and Megaforce (2013) for *this collection only* and will re-do them so that they fit with all their other product.

    (Clarification of incarnation count: All of MMPR (including MMAR) counts as 1. PRS/PRSS count as 1. PRM/PRSM will count as 1.)

    The fourth (and last from Shout! Factory for now) mega box set (SPD to RPM) is coming in 2014. The top image is the helmets of the red rangers from each season. the bottom picture is a collective image of rangers from all the included seasons. Shout's rights to full-season releases ends with RPM, with the one-time exception to include Samurai, Super Samurai and Megaforce in the Legacy Collection.

    And, of course, the dates for next year's Power Morphicon 4 are August 22-24, 2014. Same place, the Pasadena Convention Center. Registration is still open.

    The guest list is starting to take shape. Many of the old-school MMPR regulars (Jones, Narvy, Sutherland, Ashley, Burrise to name a few) will be there. But we also have news of at least four first-time guests for PMC. Hints: two are from Lightspeed Rescue and the other two played the same character in one season.

    I believe Gold badges are sold out, and all the rooms at the Sheraton available at the special convention rate have been booked. Still looking like a no-can-go for me. But who knows? Things can change in a flash! If I can make it work, it'll have to be at the Silver or Red Ranger level but just being there is key. Let's hope the power allows it!

    It's an exciting thing to be part of Saban's Power Force, an official group of fans who help promote the show. If I can help the franchise in any way, I'm more than happy to do so. I've known the efforts of many of these people for years and became aware of others as a result of being in this group. Then, got a chance to meet a good many of them at Power Morphicon 3. Here's the page listing everyone: Power Force. We each have a different approach and address a different niche of the PR fandom. It's a cool thing to be a part of and I, like the others, will help make PR20 the best it can be.

    To see the contributions of each of the Power Force members, click here for a page of links to their sites, blogs, etc. Everything PR is covered there.

    Follow me and get PR-related news on Twitter. When important Rangers-On-TV news lands in my lap, that will be the first place I post it. The address is pretty simple: Click the logo to go there.

    I also have a Facebook page -- but don't really plan to use it all that much. (Too much work!) Click the logo below in the Links section. It's there so I can, if needed, friend people and like companies to have access to their news. If you want to friend me, I won't mind. Just don't expect much activity!

    THE LATEST EPISODE: A Lion's Alliance: First things first: It was SO ANNOYING to hear the constant mispronunciation of 'Animaria'! There was a good amount of original footage (helmetless-in-suit scenes, some fights) but it was quite a bit overdub-laden, if you ask me.


    RATINGS UPDATE: March 8, 2014: After two weeks in the 1.8 million range, episode 4 rebounds to 2.047M. Let's see how the next two -- with actual past-ranger guest stars -- do.

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