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Aug. 21

Aug. 22

Aug. 23

Aug. 24

Aug. 25

Aug. 26

Aug. 27
8 a.m. - DSC - 2509
Besties 4Eva!

Nick 2
11 a.m. - DSC - 2509
Besties 4Eva!
9 a.m. - DC - 2418
Deep Down Under
9:30 a.m. - DSC - 2505
Roar of the Red Ranger
9 a.m. - DC - 2419
Wishing For a Hero
9:30 a.m. - DSC - 2506
Forged Under Fire
9 a.m. - DC - 2420
One More Energem
:30 a.m. - DSC - 2507
Home Run Koda
9 a.m. - DC - 2401
Powers From the Past
9:30 a.m. - DSC - 2508
Riches and Rags
9 a.m. - DC - 2402
Past, Present & Fusion

9:30 a.m. - DSC - 2509
Besties 4Eva!

Noon - DSC - 2510
Gone Fishin'

Nick 2
3 p.m. - DSC - 2510
Gone Fishin'

1 p.m. - DSC - 2508
Riches and Rags
1:30 p.m. - DSC - 2509
Besties 4Eva!

Aug. 28

Aug. 29

Aug. 30

Aug. 31

Sept. 1

Sept. 2

Sept. 3
8 a.m. - DSC - 2510
Gone Fishin'

Nick 2
11 a.m. - DSC - 2510
Gone Fishin'
9 a.m. - DC - 2403
A Fool's Hour

9:30 a.m. - DSC - 2510
Gone Fishin'
9 a.m. - DC - 2404
Return of the Caveman
9:30 a.m. - DSC - 2501
When Evil Stirs
9 a.m. - DC - 2405
Breaking Black
:30 a.m. - DSC - 2502
Forgive and Forget
9 a.m. - DC - 2406
The Tooth Hurts
9:30 a.m. - DSC - 2503
Nightmare in
Amber Beach
9 a.m. - DC - 2407
Let Sleeping Zords Lie
9:30 a.m. - DSC - 2504
A Date With Danger

Noon - DSC - 2511
Love at First Fight

Nick 2
3 p.m. - DSC - 2511
Love at First Fight

1 p.m. - DSC - 2509
Besties 4Eva!
1:30 p.m. - DSC - 2510
Gone Fishin'
NEXT NEW EPISODE: Aug. 27, Noon, Nick --- 2510 - Gone Fishin'


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     (updated 8/26/16) AUGUST 26 UPDATE: More messin' with the Nicktoons schedule going on. But it would appear they've settled on something ... for now. The first-time-on-NT showing of each new episode is, for the most part, going to be on Monday mornings at 9:30, two days after the Nick premiere. However, the more relevant news is that we have the September grids from Nick. I've had the Worldwide Day of Play wrong -- it's Sept. 17, not the 24th -- but I still had the number of new eps correct. There will be a new episode each of the other Saturdays in the month as well as ep #14 on Oct. 1. After that, it's all projection and speculation, especially with the supposed inclusion of another set of Halloween and Christmas specials.

    Remember, NEW EPISODES ARE BACK! We're getting a new episode on five of the next six Saturdays, with the only break coming for the Worldwide Day of Play on Sept. 17. Still looking for the one other pre-emption or rerun needed to get the Xmas special and finale to be placed into the schedule (not happening in September).

    AUG. 19 UPDATE: This section stays on the main page because PMC is the epicenter of the fandom experience, even when it only happens every other year. Now that 5 is done, the question naturally turns to 6. Was there any sort of official word at this year's closing ceremony? No. Seems as though Scott, the big cheese of PMC, is already waist-deep in next year's Japan World Heroes convention at the very same Pasadena Convention Center -- one that focuses on the rest of the Japanese hero/toku culture. So, I can totally see how he wouldn't be ready to make any kind of decision about a PMC in 2018. But it's almost certain that SOMEthing will happen, since it'll be the BIG 25th ANNIVERSARY of MMPR. Don't be surprised if this section is stagnant for a good while. But that's OK. Morphicon Rules!

    It's an exciting thing to be part of Saban's Power Force, an official group of fans who help promote the show. If I can help the franchise in any way, I'm more than happy to do so. I've known the efforts of many of these people for years and became aware of others as a result of being in this group. I've met a good many of them at Power Morphicon 3 & 5. We each have a different approach and address a different niche of the PR fandom. It's a cool thing to be a part of and I, like the others, will help maximize your interest and enjoyment of all things PR.

    On Feb. 7, Saban Brands reworked PowerRangers.com to be Dino Charge-centric. In that rework, the Fans section -- including the Power Force page -- was removed. We're not sure if/when a new version will be made available. (Maybe in the soon-to-come RangerNation.com project) In the meantime, you can go into the list of links below and find one to the page on Ranger Command which features all the members of the Power Force, links to their blogs, web pages, Facebook and Twitter pages, etc., as well as others in the fandom whose work is just as vital and pertinent.

    Follow me and get PR-related news on Twitter. When important Rangers-On-TV news lands in my lap, that will be the first place I post it. The address is pretty simple: www.twitter.com/BurgundyRanger. Click the logo to go there.

    I also have a Facebook page -- but don't really plan to use it all that much. (Too much work!) Click the logo below in the Links section. It's there so I can, if needed, friend people and like companies to have access to their news. If you want to friend me, I won't mind. Just don't expect much activity!

    THE LATEST EPISODE: Besties 4Eva!: I have time to add something here about 40 minutes after the episode aired on the East Coast. But it might be more like a Sunday thing in future weeks. The return of PRDSC showed some creative writing and a decent attempt at melding something DSC-unique (Dino X Charger) with the existing Sentai attack (Victory Maximum). Hey, I've seen worse. Erin's glory-hound persona got real old real quick. But episode was to show how Shelby valued their friendship over that bothersome trait. Episode got a Spongebob-leadin and we'll see in a few days if viewership survived the 20-week hiatus.

    RATINGS UPDATE: Aug 20, 2016: Time to revive this part of the front page. The viewership for "Besties 4Eva!" was a less-than-stellar 1.23 million. And that's with a Spongebob lead-in. It was better than only three of the eight PRDSC episodes that aired earlier this year. Is this a tenuous pre-cursor toward even worse post-hiatus numbers? Can't tell for sure, but that's been the M.O. in previous years -- the hiatus erosion has been proven to be irrecoverable.

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