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MAY 23 2019 -- UPDATE:
Stats page updated through 10/7/18
Two weeks of schedules below updated
New links to other PR sites added below

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May 19

May 20

May 21

May 22

May 23

May 24

May 25
8 a.m. - BM - 2804
Digital Deception

Nick 2
11 a.m. - BM - 2804
Digital Deception
9 a.m. - SNS - 2714
Sheriff Skyfire

9:30 a.m. - DSC - 2506
Forged Under Fire
9 a.m. - SNS - 2715
Tech Support

9:30 a.m. - DSC - 2507
Home Run Koda
9 a.m. - SNS - 2716
Car Trouble

9:30 a.m. - DSC - 2508
Riches and Rags
9 a.m. - SNS - 2717
Happy to be Me

9:30 a.m. - DSC - 2509
Besties 4Eva!
9 a.m. - SNS - 2718
Magic Misfire

9:30 a.m. - DSC - 2510
Gone Fishin'
Nick 2
8:30 a.m. - BM - 2802
Evox's Revenge

May 26

May 27

May 28

May 29

May 30

May 31

June 1
8 a.m. - BM - 2805
Taking Care of Business

Nick 2
11 a.m. - BM - 2805
Taking Care of Business
9 a.m. - SNS - 2719
Doom Signal

9:30 a.m. - DSC - 2511
Love at First Fight
9 a.m. - SNS - 2720
Reaching the Nexus

9:30 a.m. - DSC - 2512
Catching Some Rays
9 a.m. - SNS - 2701
Echoes of Evil

9:30 a.m. - DSC - 2513
Recipe for Disaster
9 a.m. - SNS - 2702
Moment of Truth

9:30 a.m. - DSC - 2514
Silver Secret
Nick 2
8:30 a.m. - BM - 2803
End of the Road
WE ARE IN HIATUS. NEXT NEW EPISODE GUESSTIMATION: mid-to-late August 2019 --- 2809 - episode title TBA


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     (updated 2/5/19) MAY 23 UPDATE: The summer (when some of my commitments are lessened) might be a time where we see a big bite taken out of the backlogs that plague this site. Stats and ratings are where I'm going to be focused but I hope there are a spattering of other updates throughout.

    The viewership numbers weren't much better in the episodes shown in April than they were in May. BUT .... we heard from the Hasbro CEO during the company's quarterly earnings teleconference say the company is PLEASED with how PR has started its run under the Hasbro umbrella. So, while I'm still going to continue the posting of the TV performance, it appears to be relative to when it's on and what it's up against.

    As far as the hiatus -- yeah, it's on. But what's weird for PR is that the show has been pulled from the Saturday 8 a.m. slot in each week after the 8th new episode aired in April. But I'm told that many shows on Nickelodeon get this treatment once the run of new episodes concludes. While my initial somewhat-experienced guesstimate is for a 16-week hiatus with an August 24 return, I hope we don't have 16 Saturday pre-emptions.

    What else is happening? We're closer to the comics turning over to the upcoming "Necessary Evil" story. People are, for the most part, pleased with the Lightning Collection figures (for me, Shadow is GREAT , I'm still waiting on Zedd and I have Goldar on pre-order -- and Magna Defender is a guaranteed pre-order as well!). I've learned one thing -- all future pre-orders will be through either Amazon or Hasbro Pulse.

    BIDING MY TIME: I remember the positive vibes we had when we all left Anaheim in August about where this franchise was headed. The past weeks have done nothing but verify we were right to feel that way. Thank you Hasbro! Now, with a severly reduced tax refund (thanks, GOP!) I need to be mindful EVEN NOW about being able to have enough funds to get back in August 2020. But, through hell or high water, I'm gonna be there!

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