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Movie Reviews
November 6
INTERACTIVE - The Worst Theme Song Ever!
November 2
ANNOUNCEMENT - There seems to be a problem with our e-mail address. From now on, send all e-mail to If you've sent any e-mail to us that hasn't been answered, assume we didn't get it and send it to the new address.
October 13
News - New "Episode 2" Spoiler!
October 6
News - Infamous Song Albums of Star Trek Stars!
October 4
News - The Bad Hairstyles of Starfleet
September 21
INTERACTIVE - Are You a Pokemon Addict?
September 18
PRODUCT ALERT! - See the amzing Pokemon Pancake Maker on the official site!

"Now you can pour syrup over the faces of your favorite Pokémon"

With a sales pitch like that, how could you NOT want one?
September 15
NEWS - Oscars on E-Bay!
September 10
LINKS - Links Section grows once again! Can any website contain it??? OH, THE HUMANITY!!!
NEWS - Reviews of the MacIntosh IMac Featuring Captain Kirk and Darth Maul!
September 6
NEWS - Darth Vader on the Palm IIIe
September 5
TOP TEN - Top Ten Life Lessons Bill Gates has Learned
September 3
PRODUCT ALERT! - has a great sales pitch for the Palm IIIe:
"Palm IIIe™! Can’t remember where you put all of those sticky note reminders for meetings and phone numbers? Don’t rely on paper...rely on the Palm IIIe™ handheld computer! With 2MB of memory to hold meeting times, places, & phone numbers at your fingertips, you'll never wonder whether you threw out the sticky or not!"
So go out and buy a Palm IIIe, and "you'll never wonder whether you threw out the sticky or not!!!"
August 30
UPDATES - Sorry for the lack of new material this week. Check out the movie reviews section at left and the short update to the "Everybody's a Webmaster" Editorial
August 23
NEWS - Jabba the Hutt - Breaking the Mold
NEWS - Editorial - The Most Controversial Show on Television?
August 16
TOP TEN - Top Ten Stupidest G.I. Joe Code Names

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