The Viggorli Chronicles
Thank you to the lovely and talented Caro for the breathtaking drawing of the boys.  :)

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Stories of slashy goodness involving
Viggo Mortensen and Orlando Bloom.
Series:  Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, Remember to Breathe, Some Kind of Heaven, Pretty Good Year, Heart and Shoulder.  New series coming:  The Only Kind of Love.


The Only Kind of Love:
New on 2/12/05
Part 2 - (Viggo's POV)  Early Morning Euphoria
Part 3 - (Alternating POV)  How to Announce an Engagement

NEW on 11/23/04:
Part 1 - NC-17 (Orli's POV)  Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!

Webmistress' note on the suggested reading order of the Viggorli Chronicles:

Read all fics starting with part 1, and working towards part 22.

Start with Fumbling Towards Ecstasy.
It is not recomended that you read the FTE Interludes before reading FTE itself.
After reading FTE, please continue with Remember to Breathe.
After reading RTB, please continue with Some Kind of Heaven. 
After reading SKH, please continue with Pretty Good Year.

After reading PGY, please continue with Heart and Shoulder

The Only Kind of Love (Part 6)
The Sequel to Heart and Shoulder
    Part 1 - NC-17 (Orli's POV)  Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!

    NEW    Part 2 - (Viggo's POV)  Early Morning Euphoria
    NEW    Part 3 - (Alternating POV)  How to Announce an Engagement

Heart and Shoulder (Part 5)  
The sequel to Pretty Good Year
    Part 1 - PG-13 (Orli's POV)  Coming out  
    Part 2 - PG-13 (Viggo's POV)  Awards, after-parties and affectionate boyfriends.
    Part 3 - NC-17 (Alternating POV)  Celebrating with flair and without clothes.
    Part 4 - PG-13 (Orli's POV) The morning after.

    Part 5 - PG-13 (Viggo's POV) Standing in the eye of a media hurricane.
    Part 6 - NC-17 (Orli's POV)  Parting is the smuttiest sorrow.
      Part 7 - PG-13 (Viggo's POV)  Politics as usual.
    Part 8 - PG-13 (Orli's POV)  One awards show to rule them all.
    Part 9 - NC-17 (Viggo's POV) A meeting in Morocco.
    Part 10 - PG-13 (Alternating POV)  Home is where the family is.
  Part 11 - NC-17 (Orli's POV)  Christening the new house.
    Part 12 - R (Viggo's POV)  The Trojan Force.
    Part 13 - PG-13 (Orli's POV) Boys have slumber parties too!
    Part 14 - NC-17 (Alternating POV)  Be all that you can be...
    Part 15 - PG-13 (Viggo's POV)  Baby Talk.
    Part 16 - PG-13 (Ori's POV)  Exploratory meetings.
    Part 17 - NC-17 (Viggo's POV)  Home is where the art is.
    Part 18 - R (Orli's POV)  Harsh reality.
    Part 19 - PG-13 (Alternating POV)  A show of solidarity.
    Part 20 - NC-17 (Viggo's POV)  Keeping Busy During Solitude
    Part 21 - NC-17 (Orli's POV)  Getting Lucky in Kentucky
    Part 22 - PG-13  (Viggo's POV)  A Night to Remember

Pretty Good Year (Part 4)
The sequel to Some Kind of Heaven
    Part 1 - NC-17  (Orli's POV)  Home sweet home.

    Part 2 - NC-17  (Viggo's POV)  A lazy afternoon at home.
    Part 3 - PG-13  (Orli's POV) Why am I a teen idol?
    Part 4 - NC-17  (Viggo's POV)  Cause and effect.
    Part 5 - PG-13  (Orli's POV)  To beard or not to beard?
    Part 6 - PG-13  (Viggo's POV)  Adding to the family.
    Part 7 - R  (Alternating POV)  Relationship journals, pt. 3.
    Part 8 - NC-17  (Orli's POV)  Reunited for reshoots.
    Part 9 - R (Viggo's POV)  Fun and fights in the Southern Hemisphere.
    Part 10 - NC-17  (Orli's POV)  Special delivery.
    Part 11 - PG-13  (Viggo's POV)  A late night phone call.
    Part 12 - NC-17  (Orli's POV)  Getting support when it counts
    Part 13 - PG-13  (Viggo's POV)  Making the most of an afternoon.
    Part 14 - R (Orli's POV) The trouble with Henry.
    Part 15 - NC-17 (Viggo's POV)  Having some fun.
    Part 16 - NC-17 (Orli's POV)  Technical difficulties.
    Part 17 - PG-13  (Viggo's POV)  Hatching a plan.
    Part 18 - NC-17  (Orli's POV)  Premieres and roleplaying romps.
    Part 19 - PG-13  (Viggo's POV)  Something's premiering in the state of Denmark.
    Part 20 - NC-17  (Orli's POV)  An early morning shag.
    Part 21 - PG-13  (Alternating POV)  The Big Outing draws near.
    Part 22 - PG-13  (Viggo's POV)  The calm before the storm.

Some Kind of Heaven  (Part 3)
The sequel to Remember to Breathe
    Part 1 - NC-17 (Viggo's POV)  Domestic Bliss
    Part 2 - NC-17 (Orli's POV)  Shagging in the afternoon.
    Part 3 - PG-13 (Viggo's POV)  Separation anxiety.
    Part 4 - PG (Orli's POV)  Regarding Henry.
    Part 5 - PG-13 (Viggo's POV)  Dinner with friends.
    Part 6 - (Orli's POV) Spicing things up.
    Part 7 - (Viggo's POV) Who's the fairest of them all?
    Part 8 - PG-13 (Orli's POV)  Domestic issues.
    Part 9 - NC-17 (Viggo's POV)  Long distance lust.
    Part 10 - R (Alternating POV)  More relationship journals.
    Part 11 -  NC-17 (Viggo's POV)  Rendezvous in New Zealand.
    Part 12 - NC-17 (Alternating POV)  My own private Idaho.
    Part 13 - R (Orli's POV)  Understanding the fear.
    Part 14 - NC-17  (Viggo's POV)  Getting creative.
    Part 15 - PG-13 (Orli's POV)  Thinking about the future.
    Part 16 - R (Viggo's POV)  Surfing the net.
    Part 17 - PG-13  (Orli's POV)  The *real* "Fellowship of the Ring" commentary.
    Part 18 - NC-17  (Viggo's POV)  Happy Birthday Mr. Mortensen.
    Part 19 - NC-17  (Alternating POV)  Three years and still going strong.
    Part 20 - R  (Orli's POV)  A night on the town.
    Part 21 - NC-17 (Viggo's POV)  After the premiere.
    Part 22 - PG-13 (Orli's POV)  It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Remember to Breathe   (Part 2)
A sequel to Fumbling Towards Ecstasy

    Part 1 - PG-13 (Viggo's POV) Racking up the long-distance charges.
    Part 2 - NC-17 (Orli's POV) A birthday weekend.
    Part 3 - R (Alternating POV) What's in the relationship journals.
    Part 4 - NC-17 (Viggo's POV) A Valentine's Day surprise.
    Part 5 - NC-17 (Orli's POV) Reach out and touch someone.
    Part 6 - NC-17 (Viggo's POV) Making a French connection.
    Part 7 - PG (Orli's POV) Things come undone.
    Part 8 - PG-13 (Alternating POV) What the fuck just happened?
    Part 9 - PG-13 (Multiple POV's) Dealing with the fallout.
    Part 10 - R (Orli's POV) Refusing to deal with things.
    Part 11 - PG-13 (Viggo's POV) Close encounters of the elven kind.
    Part 12 - NC-17 (Orli's POV) Anniversary blues.
    Part 13 - NC-17 (Viggo's POV) More anniversary blues.
    Part 14 - PG-13 (Orli's POV) Face-to-face again.
    Part 15 - PG-13 (Viggo's POV) Talking things over.
    Part 16 - NC-17 (Orli's POV) Reunited again and it feels *so*good.
    Part 17 - NC-17 (Viggo's POV) Rise and Shine.
    Part 18 - PG-13 (Orli's POV)  Talking over breakfast.
    Part 19 - R (Viggo's POV)  Everyone else weighs in.
    Part 20 - NC-17 (Orli's POV)  Beware of horny elves andrangers.
    Part 21 - PG-13 (Alternating POV)  The joys of being together.
    Part 22 - PG-13 (Orli's POV)  It's the end of the year as we know it.

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy   (Part 1)

    Part 1 -  PG-13 (Viggo's POV)  First impressions are everything.
    Part 2 - R (Alternating POV)  Viggo and Orli do some thinking.
    Part 3 - NC-17 (Orli's POV)  Viggo has a theory.
    Part 4 - PG-13 (Viggo's POV)  Coming clean to the others.
    Part 5 - NC-17 (Orli's POV)  Quality time alone.
    Part 6 - PG-13 (Viggo's POV)  When Orli met Henry.
    Part 7 - R (Orli's POV)  A bump in the road.
    Part 8 - NC-17 (Alternating POV)  Making up is fun!!!
    Part 9 - NC-17 (Orli's POV) Celebrate good times, come on!
    Part 10 - R (Viggo's POV) What Viggo has learned.
    Part 11 - R (Orli's POV) What Orli has learned.
    Part 12 - NC-17 (Viggo's POV) A backrub, a discussion, and sex.
    Part 13 - NC-17 (Orli's POV)  Trying something new.
    Part 14 - NC-17 (Viggo's POV) Viggo, Orli, the hobbits, and a dance club.
    Part 15 - PG-13 (Orli's POV) A scary situation.
    Part 16 - NC-17 (Viggo's POV) A new kind of method acting.
    Part 17 - NC-17 (Orli's POV)  Getting away.
    Part 18 - NC-17 (Viggo's POV)  Burger King crowns, lap dances, and tig, oh my!
    Part 19 - R (Dom's POV) Causing a scene.
    Part 20 - PG-13 (Orli's POV) Doing penance.
    Part 21 - NC-17 (Viggo's POV) The last night.
    Part 22 - PG-13 (Orli's POV) Goodbye...for now.

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy Interludes

FTE Interlude 1 - NC-17 (Orli's POV)
Makeup sex.  This one takes place directly after Part 20.

FTE Interlude 2 - PG-13 (Viggo's POV)
What do you do with a sick elf?  This interlude stems from an anecdote mentioned in Part 3 of Remember to Breathe, and takes place a little bit before Part 12 of Fumbling Towards Ecstasy.

FTE Interlude 3 - NC-17 (Orli's POV)
What do you do with a sick ranger?

FTE Interlude 4 - PG-13 (Orli's POV)
Falling in love.  This interlude takes place right after Pt. 1 of "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy". waaay back before Viggo and Orli even got together.

FTE Interlude 5 - PG-13  (Viggo's POV)
Falling in love.  This is the corresponding piece to Interlude 4, which is Orli's POV on falling in love with Viggo.

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