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There are different ways to train your character.

Sparring - This must be done using AOL chat rooms. It is preferred that a member of staff should witness this, so that they can decide the amount of gain you will receive. However this is not always possible so copy the spar into a word document and send it to: You will be informed of the amount of gain you receive.

Special Character Training - NPC's (Non-Player Characters) are available to train you and teach you certain moves (e.g. King Kai can teach you the KaioKen), Contact a member of staff to do this. Only under special circumstances will this occur (e.g. you can only train with King Kai if you die and go to King Kai's Planet)

Absent Training - If you are going away for a period of time and are worried you will slip behind too much while you are away please let me know. You will receive a standard 2% gain per day for the period you are away.

Self-Training - This can be done here! Just use the box below and click send. A member of staff will decide if you are entitled to the relevant gain. The more complex your training is the more chance there is you will gain. You can also just e-mail your training to: Only ONE TRAINING ITEM IS TO BE USED IN ANY GIVEN TRAINING SESSION. There is no limit to the amount of training that can be done in one day (within limits of course) and a gain of 20% will be given for a training session. A session must be at least 15 lines long.
If you are Training your KI - you will get 5 KI for every 15 lines of training you write, you must describe PROPER KI training describing how you focused you KI etc.

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