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The Dragonballs

The Dragonballs are orbs which, when all seven of one particular set is collected, can be used to summon the Dragon using the correct password. There are currently 2 sets of Dragonballs, Earths Dragonballs and Nameks Dragonballs. The Earth Dragonballs will grant the user 2 wishes and the Namek Dragonballs will grant the user 3 wishes. The Dragons power DOES HAVE LIMITS. You CAN wish for IMMORTALITY however be aware that if you do wish for immortality then you cannot increase your PL. Being Immortal does not mean you are invincible so you can be incapacitated i.e. beaten to a point that you cannot move with every limb broken. Being Immortal simply means you cannot be killed. You may wish for an increase in PL but the maximum you can ask for in one set of wish is 1,000,000 (You CANNOT use the Namek Dragonballs and wish for a 1 million increase 3 times). You may wish people back to life. You CANNOT wish for the death of a character.

If you have any queries regarding the use of the Dragonballs then please contact a member of staff who will clarify it for you.

PLEASE NOTE: Obtaining the Dragonballs will be no easy task so you cannot just send an e-mail describing how easily you got one. Remember also there are seven of them. To obtain a dragonball you will almost definately have to fight for it. To find the dragonballs you must first got to the planet with the dragonballs then locate them. E-mail staff to fight for dragonballs. A challenge for a Dragonball MUST be accompanied with a detailed description of how you managed to locate the Dragonball and what you had to do to find it.
The Application box for finding a Dragonball will be up soon...