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Provided by Sickilo (DBZ Ultimate Max RPG)
Earth - Mostly weak humans live here. Stronger warriors such as Saiyans now live here and protect it.

Namek - Fairly Strong Race. Almost all inhabitants are of the Namekian race. They live to protect each other. They rely on each other. They also feel a strong feeling to protect the the Guru which is the "king" of their race.
Arlia - Arlia is home to a insect like race. Vegeta and Nappa stop here on their way to Earth. The inhabitants of this planet are very weak and are not very aggressive.
Vegeta - Formerly known as Planet Plant. A very strong race. All saiyans are born evil. Goku the only true Sayin that is good . He became good when his "Grandfather" Gohan found him. He was evil then but after surviving a great bump to his head he became good.
Frieza Planet #79 - A fairly strong race. Made up of changlings. Named after the tyrant conqueror Frieza.
Makyo Star - It is inhabited by "aliens". This planet is very evil and all vie to control the cosmos. Home to Garlic and Garlic Jr.
Eviz - A variety of fairly strong warriors to some of the very strongest. Consists mostly of varied Ogres. Some Saiyans live here. Almost all here are evil. Most do not stray from their planet. Inhabitants of other planets think they are building a great army to attack. Evil usually does not stay home like this race does.