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Power Level: 100
KI: 100
Zeni: 500
Character Name: Bulma
Race: Human
Alignment: Good
Age: 22
Hair Colour: Sea Green
Home Planet: Earth
Finishing Move:
Attacks: Body Attack, Ryuken, Punch/Kick/Headbutt, Energy Attack, Renzoku Energy Dan
Abilities: Regeneration
Bio: Bulma loves to make things taking after her grandfather. She makes alot of scientific stuff BUT one inparticular is her armband she wears, it had the blood of goku in it to help her fight along side the z team but something went horribly wrong she fused with the armband and now inherited gokus powers somehow but she strives to train and keep up with the team and her armband allows her to learn new moves and/or other peoples should the need arise
Special Notes from Owner: This character is a human BUT is played as a saiyan due to the armband (see bio). This DOES NOT GIVE THIS CHARACTER AN ADVANTAGE IN ANY WAY. IT JUST ADDS TO THE EFFECT OF RPing. If anyone does not understand please speak to me and i will personally explain

ScreenName: TigressMaya