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Last Updated: July 27, 2005


The posts have been drawn from all of the threads for this endeavour, though mostly from the mirror thread. Attempts have been made to put them in the right chronological order according to storyline terms, so there may be changes in the ordering of posts. Times of posting have been included in case you're interested in the orginal posting order. Also, these are *purely* posts about the storyline. No "OOC" comments, unless they pertain critically to the story, have been included.

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On 5/16/2004, an accidental purging deleted all the on-going threads on the CBR forums. Earlier, a crash on my own computer had deleted a lot of the backups I had made of the threads. Therefore, pretty much 3 to 4 months of writing was lost.

All that remained were a few rough drafts and snippets that I had saved on my online journal account. From those I have endeavoured to rewrite the storyline up to where we had left off before the board crash. As such, I'm not including the posting times and authors as if the middle of Chapter 44. The narrative will be done entirely by me to the best of my recollection, with perhaps only a few changes on those pertaining to my own characters.

The Main Story

1) Beginnings on Earth 2.0 (Various)
2) Ravenloft I: New Beginnings (Various)
3) The Plot Thickens (Various)
4) Ravenloft II: Comings and Goings (Various)
5) Ravenloft III: Invasion of Ravenloft (Various)
6) Ravenloft IV: Fall of the Black Tower (Tanith, The Temptress, and Shadowalker)
7) From Anime to Asgard (The Meddler, Genma, Tanith & co.)
8) Have At Thee! (The Meddler, The Watcher, Tanith & co.)
9) The Z-woman Arc (Z-woman, Z-man, Tanith & co.)
10) The Rise of Alternate Earth (DarthVegita and The Watcher)
11) Fluff and Filler (Nobody & co., Tanith & crew)
12) DWFBH I: The Dread Warlord (DWFBH, The Meddler)
13) DWFBH II: Attempts at Godhood (The Meddler and DWFBH)
14) Calamity on Mirror Earth (Necro and Sinister Sandman)
15) The Chaos Bringer (CBYeoman)
16) The Dysfunctional Duo (The MunchKING, Cody and Seth)
17) Another One Bites the Dust (Blacksand/Darksand)
18) DWFBH III: Growing Threats (DWFBH, Trickster God)
19) Methods of Madness (Lord Darkwolf)
20) DWFBH IV: The Fall of DWFBH (DWFBH, The MunchKING, etc.)
21) Sovereign Worlds (CBY, Pellicia)
22) Branching Paths (Various)
23) Char and Hyrule (Rimfitzrik, Pellcia)
24) Shadows on the Hellmouth (Jaffa, Tanith, Z-man, etc.)
25) The Razing of Sunnydale (Mg_knt, CBY, Tanith, etc.)
26) Preludes and Buildup (Various)
27) Tournament I: Opening Rounds (The Real Nemo, Genma, Pellcia)
28) Tournament II: Fun and Plans (The Real Nemo, Genma, Seth)
29) Party Time!! (Various)
30) A Fist Full of Bakas (Various)
31) Tournament III: Interruption & Interlude (Pellcia, Seth, The Real Nemo)
32) Tournament IV: Darkness Looms (The Real Nemo, Genma)
33) Tournament V: Crisis (Genma, The Real Nemo, The Meddler)
34) Tournament VI: Showdown (Genma, The Meddler)
35) LOTR I: Many Meetings (Tanith, Z-man, WriterBoy, CBY, Mg etc.)
36) LOTR II: Council and Departure (Tanith, Mg, Watcher, etc)
37) LOTR III: Forth Eorlingas! (Mg, WriterBoy, Watcher, etc)
38) LOTR IV: The Seige of Gondor (Watcher, Mg, etc)
39) LOTR V: The Spawn of Ungoliant (Tanith, CBY, Manuel, etc)
40) LOTR VI: The Hour of Doom (Tanith, Mg, etc)
41) LOTR VII: Loose Ends (Tanith, Z-man, etc)
42) Multiple Digressions (Various)
43) Afterlife I: Into the Abyss (Tanith, CBY, FBH)
44) Afterlife II: Fire to Ashes (Various)
45) Afterlife IIII: Games of the Gods (Tanith, CBY, FBH)

Side Stories (in semi-chronological order)

Worlds Away (Parallax vs Mirror-Parallax)
Exile on Athas (Cheeks)
Arcadian Masque (Arcadia, daughter of M-Tanith and Shadowstalker)
Questing (Lord of Nothings)
The Great Pokemon Battle (Z-man vs. Z-mage)
Khazan Challenge (David Deas vs. The MunchKING)
Year Fifteen Update
Searching for Ishtar (Chroniclers fanfic crossover)


The Ultimates, pt. I (2.0 spinoff)
The Ultimates, pt. II (2.0 spinoff)
The Ultimates, pt. III (2.0 spinoff)
The Changeling (Animal Thread spinoff, featuring Tanith and Locke)

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