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Majin Gogeta

Character Majin Gogeta

Majin Gogeta
Information Stats


Strentgh: 250,000

Speed: 273,000

Intel: 251,000

Hit Points: 250,000

Energy: 250,000

Ki: 751,000

Extra Points: 50,200

Name-Majin Gogeta

Status: Training for 10 days (5/10) 12,550 ppd

Planet: Earth

Job: Team Member and Planet Protector

Money: 2,000

Weapons: Shotgun Saber Gunblade-35% of Str/Int



Space Pod:


AIM: jstigerhawk/ Click here if you are using aol in order to see if I'm on

Trainer: None

Alignment: Neutral

Record-Wins: none Losses: none Additional Info: Has his tail



Punch/Kick- 10% of strength
Ki Control
Martial Arts
Magic Art
Power Up
Sword Control-10% added to Sword attacks
En-Rage-Doubles all stats except HP, Int, and ki
Power Transfer
Cheap Shot-10% of Str Stuns opponent for 2 turns can only be used 2 times
Solar Flare-Stuns opponent for 2 turns 25,000 ki
Moon Ball-13,000 ki
Dodanpo-25% Energy 14,500
Mouth Blast-15% Energy 12,500
Throwdown-20% Str 12,500
Leg Sweep-10% Str 12,000
Kamehameha-50% of Energy 30,000
Shiyoken-Doubles the amount of damage for the next attack and makes the next attack unstoppable
Dynamite Kick-48% of Str 20,000
Ki Barrier-Blocks any attack can only be used 3 times 18,000 ki

Gunblade Attacks:

Magic Attacks:
Wind-15% of Intl 5,000 Earth-15% of Intl 5,000 Poison Elemental damage-hurts the opponent for 15% Int for three turns 5,000 ki
Nature-opponent can't move or attack for 2 Turns 5,000 ki
Cure-20% of Intl 5,000 Fire-15% of Intl 5,000 Blizzard-15% of Intl 5,000 Thunder-15% of Intl 5,000 Haste-25% of Intl 10,000 Slow-Decrease opponent's speed by 25% of Intel 10,000 ki
Water elemental damage-15% of Int 5,000 Ki
Watera elemental damage-25% Int 10,000 ki
Waterga elemental damage-50% Int 15,000 ki
Meteor elemental damage-100% Int 100,000 ki
Water Blast elemental damage-125% Int 500,000 ki
Meteor Crush Non-Elemental damage-125% of Int Can't be Blocked or Dodged 500,000 ki
Meteo Non-Elemental damage-150% of Int Can't be Blocked or Dodged 1,500,000 ki