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I have been slacking and haven't played much lately, but what I have seen of 7th edition appears really nice. I will hopefully have more time to play soon. I have done some work on my deck lists...but none are perfect yet and I don't want to put them up till they are. Hopefully soon though...(5/17/01)

7th Edition has now arrived! (4/2/01)

Hi, thanks for visiting. There's not much here yet but I plan on making this a great resource for MtG players or anyone wanting to learn the game. I will soon be adding my own personal deck lists and combo's, so check back soon for more/better info. To start with, here is my personal MtG history and then some of my favorite Magic the Gathering links. (3/20/01)

My MtG History:

I began playing Magic in mid 1997 during the Weatherlight expansion. I became an instant junkie and have played ever since. Though sometimes I will go a few months without picking up a deck I will always come back to the game because it is the best thing around. I am currently teaching my boyfriend how to play and he's catching on quick, so hopefully we'll be able to play soon.

My favorite colors to play are White and Green; most often together. I do have quite a few mono-black decks also. Blue I don't play often and I never play red- mostly because I hate burn decks. I sometimes play red as a second color...but not often. I have always been preferential to White and have many mono-white decks and many white-green decks. I have a few mono-green decks; mostly elf decks and one really fun saproling deck. Black is my next highest mono-colored deck color...I have a few discard decks made up, a recycler deck, a gravepact deck, and a big-old-flying-meanie deck, plus a few others.

I have only one straight blue deck...and it is a pinger deck not a control deck. I made up a really good control deck for my boyfriend that he likes to play a lot. Other than that, the only blue deck I have is more an artifact deck with some blue thrown in...but boy does it kick butt in multi-player games. It is a complete lockdown deck and I once fended off 12 people who were all trying to kill me b/c my deck was screwing with them all...I finally managed to kill them all off, but it took a long time (longest game I ever played).

When I first was introduced to Magic I refused to play in tournaments and preferred multi-player games to one-on-one (something which is extremely rare to see these seems no one ever sits in groups and plays anymore). Then I entered a sealed-deck tournament and became instsntly hooked on the tourney thing (it didn't hurt that I placed first in it). I do best in sealed deck and Type I, but I do enjoy playing in Type II also, and have placed as high as 2nd in area tournaments. (I have won first in both Type I and sealed-deck...though not on a consistent basis).

I now own well over 25,000 cards and seldom trade for cards. I prefer to buy packs or singles. This is the more expensive way to go about things, but I have found every time I trade away a card it ends up being the exact card I need for the next deck I make...and then no one will trade it back to me, or even sell it. So now I only trade away cards I have more than four copies of and buy the rest.

I pride myself on being one of the few girls who plays Magic on a regular basis (at least around my fact I am the only one that I know of in Pensacola that plays regularly...and not b/c my boyfriend plays...which he doesn't..yet) and often guys will underestimate me because I am least for the first game. Then they see I am out for blood and they treat me the same as anyone else, which I prefer.

I've only played in one non-local tournament and that was at Georgia Music in Atlanta. It was a sealed-deck for the release of Nemesis. I made it past the first few rounds but then lost badly. One of the guys with us ended up winning the tourney though, so it was still a good time (and we got a peek at the cards before you could buy them which was pretty cool).

Glen at Heroic Images (where I most often play) finally got DCI sanctioning for his tourney's last year so I may one day go to a State tournament. I heard from a friend that just a few months ago a girl placed in the top (I think 3) at a pretty big tournament...and I want to say it is about time! Hopefully I will be the next one to prove Magic isn't just a man's game!


Coming soon!

  • MtG World: Artwork from the MtG cards. Includes wonderful thumbnails and pics of cards as well as the artwork itself.
  • Official website: The official MtG website. Check out the 7th edition cards!
  • KSB's Magic Page: A great compendium of MtG information. Good site for newcomers to begin with.
  • The MiG Outpost: Has deck lists, combos, and general info on the game.

These are some pics from the new 7th Edition cards. I haven't made it to my nearest friendly Magic retailer yet (Glen at Heroic Images) so I haven't seen any of the cards as of today. But I will put up my personal faves once I get a peak. (By the way...WotC is re-releasing some of the oldy but goodies such as Serra and the Djinns so watch out TypeII!) To check out more 7th Edition cards make sure you visit the official MtG page.

That's all folks!

All artwork/card names are the sole property/copyright of Wizards of the Coast (or Hasbro)....blah blah blah...legalesque is not my strong point. I am not making money from this site so hopefully it is ok for me to use these pics.

Pictures: Top Left; Lotus Vale (from Weatherlight) Top Right; Thundermare (also from Weatherlight).

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