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Welcome to my links page. This page will be exclusively dedicated to RPG (CRPG and PnP) links. The rest of my links can be found on the second page. These two pages have complete listings of all links listed elsewhere on my site, plus a ton more. they are broken down according to genre, with subsections accorded to each game in the CRPG section. Due to the cross-reference system I have chosen, some links will be in more than one section. For space considerations I have tried my best to narrow each CRPG section down to three of the best links I have personally visited. These links are just to get someone started and each of the below sites has many, many links to other related sites. I hope you will find these links informative and helpful. If you have a URL you would like me to list under one of these sections, please sign my guestbook and I will set up a link to your page. Enjoy!

PnP RPG Links: Computer/Console RPG Links:

Check back soon as I will be adding links for the folowing CRPG's in the very near future.

Plus many, many more!

Check out my second page of links...full of Free Games, MtG, Pbem, and Miscellaneous links!

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That's all folks!