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Diablo from Diablo II

This page should really be called "Shawn's Homage to Console and Computer RPG's" because you will notice there is no information about pen-n-paper (PnP) RPG's anywhere on here; but as that name has proven to be quite a bitch to fit in the allotted space, what I have now will have to do. I know these games can't be considered "true" role-playing games as generally there is no one for you to role-play with and often you are only allowed a fixed set of answers/questions/actions etc., but since I have often found myself without willing PnP players I have turned to the next best thing...the comp/console and I have spent many enjoyable hours playing at the following games (plus many more not mentioned here). I hope that these pics will bring back memories of your equally fond moments, or lead you to try out a new (old) game. I will soon be making a page strictly for PnP RPG's so please don't give up hope all dice-rolling fans and GM's.

This is a Kick Ass Anime version of the Diablo II Sorceress done by Michael Dashow, one of the artists for the game. To the right is the Amazon in basic armor from Diablo II. I really enjoyed both versions of this game, and though it is not really an RPG (most would term it a hack-n-slash) I think most RPGers would enjoy it also.

The original is still the best in my opinion, but the fact it is still going strong shows how well the entire series has been crafted. I haven't had a chance to check out FFIX yet, but I have heard good things and am looking forward to playing it.

"Secret of Mana" is another SquareSoft title, which means another solid RPG and bestseller. It was aimed toward younger players, but was still a lot of fun to play. It also helped garner new RPG players and is therefore an important early console game for the genre. It came out on the SuperNintendo platform.

7th Saga also came out on the SuperNintendo platform, and was an entertaining RPG. You were able to pick from 7 different starting characters and choose an ally along the way. Often your "allies" would double-cross you and you would end up in a duel to the death. Esuna (right) was my favorite character.

If you are a DragonBallZ fan you might want to check out either of these online DBZ games One or Two . Both seem promising for fans.

This is a Dragon Warrior gif depicting the last battle (if you were fool enough to confront the Dragon-Lord too early that is). I ripped it from which is an EXCELLENT site. He also has clones (based on DW), more original gifs, links, and merchandise. If you've ever played the game this little icon (right)should bring back loads of memories. Remember, he was the motherload...the gold golem.

For those with a yearning for some nostalgia, try downloading the free (non-nintendo but equally as good) version of Zelda from File Planet. It takes less than 5 minutes to download and is only a 1.5mb file, but it is complete and tons of fun to play. Just go to the RPG section and look to the left where the "top downloads" are listed. You should see it there.

Check back soon for new pics and links. Also, check out my link pages to find out more info on any of these games or to find more FREE game downloads.

That's all folks!

Diablo and Diablo II are registered trademarks of Blizzard games. Final Fantasy and Secret of Mana are registered trademarks of Squaresoft. Dragon Warrior is a registered trademark of Enix. Zelda is a registered trademark of Nintendo (I think). All rights belong to their respective owners....blah, blah, blah...legalese is not my strong point. I am not making any money from these pics and I hope it is ok that I use them.