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PBeM: Play by e-mail. PBM: Play by Mail.

GM: Game Master or Game Moderator. DM:Dungeon Master or Dragon Master. All titles are the same as far as game play is concerned; they stand for the person who is running the game and to whom all questions/concerns/requests should be sent to unless specifically stated otherwise.

How do PBM or PBeM games work? Generally you mail in orders to a game moderator (can be a computer) at agreed upon intervals. The GM then sends the game turn results back to you. A PBeM game can be as simple as a person running a fantasy role-playing game, or a lengthy computer program that moderates the fantasy role-playing or strategic war games with hundreds of pages of rules and instructions. (Not all PBeM games are Fantasy/RPG but the majority seem to be. If unsure read the rules and FAQ's carefully and it should become apparent what type of PBeM it is).

Lurker: Lurkers are people that some PBeM GM's allow to follow along by reading the game's mail. They do NOT participate actively in the game, they do NOT play characters. A Lurker is similar to a fan watching any game; they look, but they don't play with the 'pros'. Lurking allows interested players to follow the game's story-line or sample a game's format to learn how it works prior to joining the adventure. Sometimes GM's will request that any players looking to join their game Lurk first to make certain they are really interested. This is to the benefit of both the player and the GM. Lurking is especially useful if you are not certain whether a game is right for you. If unsure of a game, ask to Lurk, most GM's do not mind and it will help you not make the same newbie mistakes you would if playing a game sight unseen.

Any other Questions? If you have any questions not answered here please e-mail me or sign my guest book and I will answer as soon as possible.

I hope you will visit some of my favorite pbem sites (I am currently involved in both of the following games):

Lunar:Chapters of the Moon is a somewhat new pbemgame, and the GM's are currently still accepting new characters if anyone is interested in joining. It is set in the world of Lunar (a popular console RPG that first came out on Sega and was later released as a Spec. Ed. on Playstation). No knowledge of the console game is necessary to play (in fact I have never played it myself) though it does help. Lunar: Chapters of the Moon is a pbem that strongly stresses writing/story-line and has fantasy RPG elements. Posts are made regularly, sometimes as much as several times a day. It is an open-ended game (no definite ending point, will go as long as the characters are still alive and willing). Lunar is completely free to play. (My character is Lani). **Update 5/17/01** This game appears to be on hiatus for an indefinite period of time. If interested go ahead and contact the GM's...perhaps the game will start back up soon.

WoW:War of Wizards 2.0 is less story-based than Lunar. It stresses strategy elements in a fantasy setting. You are a Wizard bent on dominating the world. You may strike up alliances with fellow players or go it alone. It runs once weekly. It is a close-ended game and each game usually lasts for several months. WoW offers playtest positions (free to play) to all new players, or you may join in one of their commercial games for a very modest fee (less than $1 week US money). All pertinent information can be found at the site. (My character is Belgaria in Game #113)

Both links can be found below, along with some other interesting PBeM's.