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(Previously at) Hopwood Hall, Middleton, Manchester, England

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This page was last edited on: Monday 3 February 2003.

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Similar to the Friendsreunited site but on a world scale.  To find De La Salle choose UK then England then Rochdale.  De La Salle and Hopwood Hall should then be on the left of the screen.  As at 13 January 2002 there was just one entry relating to Hopwood and that was for the present Hopwood Hall College.

Cardinal Langley RC School
The De La Salle Brothers were the original Trustees of this school.  Their most famous ex-pupil to date is Paul Scholes the England and Manchester United midfielder.

Catholic education and related web sites
List of colleges, institutions and agencies dealing with Catholic education and similar issues.

De La Salle Network
Leave your name and e-mail on the Hopwood Hall section of the network.

De La Salle, Pendleton, Salford
This site is dedicated to the old boys of the school which closed sometime ago.  The school site is now, I believe, being redeveloped for housing.

Find a schoolmate
Similar to the friendsreunited site.  To find De La Salle, Rochdale choose England then Manchester!  As at 13 January 2002 there was just one entry.

Use to contact old classmates.  You will need to search for De La Salle under Manchester and Hopwood Hall under Rochdale to find all students who have registered.  There are 298 DLS students listed in the former and 42 in the latter though some of these may be double entries.   The DLS in Rochdale listing seems to have been cleared of names. (Position as at 23 January 2002).

Hopwood Hall College
This is the page on the International Education Service site about the present college.

LaSallian people
The UK site for all matters to do with De La Salle.

LaSallian people worldwide
Associations and Federations registered on the World Union of Lasallian former students website.

Map from 1848
View a map of Hopwood Hall as it looked in 1848 on an old black and white map. You will also be able to see the clough and Hopwood Mill on the map.  From the home page type in "Hopwood" in the search box.  Then choose the correct "Hopwood" i.e. Lancashire & Furness. Click on the arrow keys around the map until the map is centred on the Hall which has a grid reference of 387488 408298.  You can then enlarge the map or view a modern map of the same area.

Middleton history quiz
See question 1 and 18 for pictures of De La Salle chapel and Hopwood Hall.

Middleton guestbook
View the entries and add your own entry to the Middleton Online site.

Read about Hopwood Hall's role as a satellite venue in Manchester's ultimately failed bid to host the Olympics in 2000.  The page is taken from the House of Commons debate.  Scroll down to column 1292 or do a search on "Hopwood" once the page is loaded.


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