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In 1999, the SciFi Channel launched an innovative new series, Farscape. SG-1's Ben Browder starred as Astronaut John Crichton who was doing a sling-shot experiement when he was hurtled through a wormhole and ended up in the Uncharted Territories.

Literally a "stranger in a strange land" Crichton finds himself on the Leviathan Moya, a living ship, and spent the next four years making friends, falling in love, and battling enemies intent on using his obsession with wormholes for ill.

Farscape became so popular that when the show was canceled after four years (on a major cliff hanger no less) fans calling themselves Scapers lobbyied for an ending to the cliff hanger at least, until the mini series Peacekeeper Wars was made.

If anyone has any Farscape fan fiction they wish to submit, please feel free to email me at hopalong_pxp@lycos.com.
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Bookcover for the fic 'Just Like the Ones I Used to Know'.
It's Crichton's first Christmas in the Uncharted Territories, and John's feeling a little depressed. Not knowing what's bothering him, Zhaan and the others band together to try and cheer him up.

Just Like the Ones I Used to Know

Bookcover for the fic 'Crichton Musing'.
Crichton's thoughts after the events in 'DNA Mad Scientist' (1.09)

Crichton Musing

Bookcover for the fic 'Crichton's Guilt'.
Crichton's thoughts while he was waiting for the Diagnosian in "Die Me, Dichotomy" (2.22)


Bookcover for the fic 'Eroding Sanity'.
Solitude can do strange things to a man...

Eroding Sanity

Based on the episode 'Crichton Kicks' (4.01)

Bookcover for the fic 'Crichton's Regret'.
Crichton's thoughts when Aeryn left at the end of "Natural Election" (4.06)


Bookcover for the fic 'Never Again'.
Macton's thoughts concerning his sister's marriage to the Luxan Ka D'Argo, and her subsequent death.

Song fic based on the Nickelback songs "Never Again" and "Just For".

Never Again

Contains spoilers for the episodes 'We've Got a Secret' (1.10), 'Family Ties' (1.22), and 'Mental As Anything' (4.15).

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