The Young Riders

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The Young Riders was a television series created by Ed Spielman.
An Ogiens/Kane Production in asociation with MGM/UA television.

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Although it is no longer being made, The Young Riders has proven to be very popular on the web, and fan fiction about the show is in abundance (okay, there are probably more stories out there from Star Trek but there are more stories than I can count!!!)

Set in 1860, The Young Riders brought alive the world of the Pony Express, and the riders who made that venture possible. The episodes were filled with romance and adventure (sometimes at the same time) and while not entirely historically accurate, they still kept us enthralled.

This came as a total shock. Christopher Pettiet, who played Jesse James in the 3rd season of The Young Riders died at the age of 24.

Memorial to Christopher Pettiet

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Below are some stories written by fans of the show:



Below are my The Young Riders stories. The stories are roughly in chronological order.

Bookcover to 'A Riders Christmas Song'.
A couple of years ago I wrote a Christmas filk as part of a competition at the Buck Stop. I thought I'd post it here.

A Riders Christmas Song

Bookcover to the fic 'What's in a Name?
On a sultry night in October Buck is persuded to tell his friends a story... The story of how he came by the name Buck Cross.

What's in a Name

This lovely book cover was designed by Kirsten
The story of Ike's first love, before the Pony Express.

A Father's Wrath

This was written as the back story to The Locket.

Bookcover to the fic Who Wants to Live Forever?
A (not so) little story written for a Valentine's Day competition at the Buck Stop (way back in 1999 or 2000)

Who Wants to Live Forever

Bookcover to the fic 'A Romanian Tale'.
On the way back to Sweetwater, Lou, Kid, and Buck encounter some Gypsies with a strange tale...

A Romanian Tale

Bookcover to the fic 'Murder at the Pony Express'.
Teaspoon's investigating a murder, and it looks like his riders are the main suspects...

Murder at the Pony Express

Bookcover to the fic 'Almost Too Late
Set sometime between "Just Like Old Times" and "A Tiger's Tale", the Kid is caught in the wrong place at the wrong time; and the riders have to face the thought of losing another so soon after Ike. Lou is forced to face her feelings for him once and for all.

Almost Too Late


Lou and the Kid got married and moved to Lone Tree Valley with her brother and sister.

Read their adventures here


Or read stories written by other fans:

Melanie has written a story about a hitherto unknown sister of the Kid.

Broken Promises of Yesterday


More Young Riders fan fiction

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