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Officer Articles from the Rimsholt Bolt - 1997
(note: all mundane names/personal address have been removed
or replaced by the generic Bob Robertson)

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January/February 1997

Seneschal:   Greetings unto the snowbound Canton of Rimsholt:

With the holidays behind us and more time for indoor projects, start thinking of those arts and science projects that are easiest to finish in these cold months before the spring thaw invites us back outdoors.

A&S Faires are in the spring . . . both regional and Kingdom Faires will be in Michigan this year. If you need help with documentation see Lady Hanna Lore.

Thank you to those who helped with the Montcalm College feast demo last month. The college seemed to enjoy the skills you showed them.

Tuesdays will continue at the storefront (which may move inside the mall after the first of the year) in North Kent Mall. Fencing and middle eastern dancing practices will both be from 7-9. The weeks with an instructor will have a small fee for dancing.

Thursdays will be heavy weapons practice from 6-9 at North Kent Mall. Dancing will be Jan. 23 & 30 and February 13 & 27.

Our populace meetings will be Jan. 5 from 4-5 and February 2 from 4-5. A&S classes will be the same days starting at noon. January Baron Benedict of Beverly will be doing a class in SCA 101 . . . teaching the awards, the officers and their crowns and basic courtesies. February's class will be on basic calligraphy and scrollmaking. Lord Garth of the Crags will be there for instruction and hopefully Mistress Ariake will be able to add her talent to this class as well.

Prince Edmund and Princess Katerynh have found a site for their coronation in Ohio. They did want to thank us for our efforts on their behalf to find them a site and recommended that we keep it in mind for a future crown or coronation.

There will be many events in our area over the next few months . . . some with royalty. Now is the time to take pen to paper and let Their Majesties and Their Highnesses know who may be deserving of an award because of talents or service. If you need help making a recommendation see me or any officer.

Our congratulations to Lady Brighid the Ageless and Lord Thorfinn Grimkelsson (Bob Robertson and Bob Robertson) on their marriage. We wish them many years of happiness together.

It is a new year with a new calendar of of events already filling up. More and more is happening in the SCA, you may want to start to put things on your 1997 calendar so that you will remember all the dates to enjoy spending time with your friends. It is that time of the year again to forgive old hurts and leave them in the past and to greet new friendships with enthusiasm . . . a fresh start in the new year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the hard working officers of Rimsholt for their many hours of dedicated service to make the dream a reality for all of us. Without them we would not be the Canton we are today. Thank you very much.

My wishes for each of you that 1997 will be a blessed time in your lives.

In Service to You and the Crown,

Marshal of Fence:   Greetings to the Gentles of Rimsholt from Benedict of Beverly, your Marshal of Fence,

As of my Domesday report sent in the month of November the Canton had a total of 32 active fencers attending practices in it. Rimsholt has four full Rapier Marshals and two marshals-in-training. We have had a chance to show our stuff to the public with the great North Kent Mall site.

Our loaner gear will now allow us to fully suit up three new fencers at any one time, in addition we have loaner daggers, bucklers and cloaks so you can try out all those advanced styles. Just a side note on loaner gear, it is intended to allow *new* fencers to play. The loaner gear should always go to the newest fencers first with preference to those trying fencing for the first time. If you are planning on fencing for any length of time I encourage you to invest in your own equipment, this will allow you to practice that much more.

A recap on the Earl Marshal's letter in the January Pale. Effective immediately before any fencing can occur at a SCA practice a full Rapier Marshal *must* be present (MOFIT's don't count), all equipment must be inspected by a Marshal prior to use and all participants must sign a waiver before practice. As the North Kent Mall site is an official practice this means that no rapier fighting should take place unless there is a Marshal present. The Rapier Marshals in Rimsholt are myself, Baroness Emma de Winter, Lady Brighid the Ageless and Lord Alexander Blackram. Unless one of these gentles are present and acting as Marshal (not just at the mall) please do not start fencing. I plan on once again having the group waivers for everyone to sign.

Everyone keep your blades clean for there are several events coming up in the near future, including Val Day and the Baronial Championship. May everyone play safe.

Benedict of Beverly, Baron Andelcrag
Group Marshal of Fence, Canton of Rimsholt

Chronicler:   Greetings unto the good people of the populace:

Well the new year has finally arrived. I hope that everyone is well and in good health now that the flu season has hit us all very heavily. I just wanted to let you know and remind you that the deadlines are for the rest of the year. I need to have stuff in in time if I am to get everything ready and mailed out by the 1st of the month's next issue.

Deadlines are as follows from each officer and anyone else who wishes to place an item or two in:
Feb 15th for the Mar/Apr issue
Apr 15th for the May/Jun issue
Jun 15th for the Jul/Aug issue
Aug 20th for the Sep/Oct issue
Oct 15th for the Nov/Dec issue

Remember this is for everyone and I have hopes that we all can make this one of the best canton newsletters in our area. I have also invited other areas to add to ours if they so wish. So, please try to help out and get those articles, advertisements, jokes, reviews of good books, music, videos, etc, flyers for upcoming events and so forth.

May the new year bring all everyone hopes for in joy and happiness and such.

In Service to our Dreams
Rhiannon Duncan

Chatelaine:   Greetings to the populace of Rimsholt from your Chatelaine, Lady Emma de Winter, Baroness Andelcrag;

I don't know if this is good news or bad news but I have no demos scheduled for the months of January or February. But, the group in Big Rapids has asked for our help with a demo on January 25 from Noon to 3 pm with a feast afterwards. the handout in included in the Bolt.

Thank you to the 22 gentles who came to the demonstration at Montcalm Community College in December. I got positive comments from everyone at the college, and an invitation back next year. Thank you especially to Lords Alexander Blackram and Joseph for putting on their dancing shoes for the demo.

Far off future dates to think about.
The Kent County library system wants us for four demonstrations this summer. These will be at the end of summer reading club parties and will have between 250-1000 people at each. the reading club theme this summer will be the middle ages and the library system is very excited about having us. The dates are July 26 1-3pm in Comstock Park, July 29 6:30-8:30 pm Cascade, July 31 6:30-8:30 pm Kentwood, and August 5 6:30-8:30 pm. I know these dates are very close to Pennsic. Please try to get your Pennsic preparations done early and go to as many of these demos as possible.

The Grand Valley Ren Fair is going to be October 4, and I have been contacted about us participating again this year. When I get more definite plans I'll bring this up at a meeting. I think we got a lot of good exposure last year at this demo.

Yours in Service,

Misc. Letters:   Last minute note from the Seneschal.

For those who would like a recap of 1996 as it was reported to Kingdom . . .
We have 70 members, 38 sustaining and 32 family and associate members. I figure we also have about 20 non-members who regularly attend meetings and events.

We had 2 events and helped with the Baronial Fum Day. We did 10 demos that raised $950.

We have 32 active fencers . . . 28 are authorized. 18 in more than one style, 9 in schlager. We have five marshals of fence and 2 more marshals in training.

We have about 12 people in heavy weapons. Three people from our area authorized this year, while two more moved into the area from outside of our kingdom.

Our finances stand at about $2,928 in checking and about $1600 in savings.

My full seneschal's domesday report will be available at our North Kent mall location. Feel free to take a look at where our Canton has gone over the past year.

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March/April 1997

Seneschal:   Final greetings to the glorious Canton of Rimsholt from Lady Alessandra l'Amour:

It has now been my pleasure to serve you and the Crown as seneschal for three years. The time has come to pass my office on to someone new with a love equal to mine for the SCA and our Canton.

I am happy to say that your next seneschal, Lady Alaina Blackram, is ready and willing to step in. I am confident that she will be an excellent officer to help lead our Canton. Please extend to her the same courtesy and willingness to help that I have always found abundant in our populace during my time as seneschal. Thank you to all of you who helped make this office so enjoyable to me. I look forward to working with you in other ways now.

Our North Kent Mall site remains open through the end of 1997 every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. If we follow all the rules and continue to respect this site we are sure to have a great practice site in all weather conditions (remember the mall is air conditioned in the summer too!) Thank you for all your help here and continuing to eat on the tile space only.

Thursdays will be fencing practices and middle eastern dancing practice with every other Tuesday taught by a teacher with a minimal fee. Site is open from 7-9 pm.

Thursdays will be heavy weapons practice. There are pole arm limitations due to ceiling height. Dancing will be March 13 & 27 and April 10 & 24. The site will be open from 6-9 pm.

The first Sunday of the month will remain the date for arts & sciences classes from 12-4 and the populace meeting from 4-5 pm. The other Sundays are available for extra classes, fabric swaps, and fighting or fencing only with a marshal present and acting as marshal. The Marsh 2 class will be on documenting arts & sciences projects for A&S competitions taught be Lady Hana Lore an dem Fenn. The April 6 class will be on early period men's garb to look at , suggested fabrics and accessories to complete the garb taught by Lord Thorfinn Grimkelsson. See the calendar at the mall for classes and events other Sundays in these months.

Regarding A&S . . . please see Lady Hana Lore if you have a talent that you would like to share with the populace. On a larger level, if you have a skill you would like to share with the Kingdom, Lord Conall mac Aodhhain is looking for teachers for Pentemere RUM at Oakland University (Pontiac) on April 12. Her phone numbers is (555) 555-5555 an her email is someone@somewhere,com She will need a complete list of teachers by March 1, 1997 . . . so contact her immediately.

We have a daytime demo on Friday March 7 for St. Isadore's school from 1:30-3pm for dancing and fencing. Let Baroness Emma know right away if you can come help at this demo.

Our thanks to Lord Garth of the Crags (and Jervisa and Moragh) who did a class in February on calligraphy/ It was well attended and informative. The interest in calligraphy and illumination will probably lead to another class at a future date. Thanks also to Baron Benedict of Beverly for walking those newer to the SCA through the basics of awards, crowns and court courtesy. I trust you all had a chance to practice your new skills at Val Day.

Congratulations to Avelina Clarice and Gilbert d'Dijon! For everyone who did not attend Val Day's court, Gilbert renewed his love and commitment to his wife by replacing her lost engagement ring at court. I love stuff like that! My best wishes to the couple for continued happiness in the future years of their marriage.

Once again thanks to all of you for your service to me during my time in office and to our Canton.

I remain in service to You and the Crown;

Greetings unto the populace of Rimsholt,

As of April 1 of this year, I will change from Deputy Seneschal to Seneschal. Much to Alessandra's delight.

I request that all phone calls to me house be before 9pm/ I frequently work early and need to get to bed at a reasonable hour. I also work evenings and weekends. (everything but 3rd shift) I do not have a set schedule. At this time we will continue to have the populace meetings on the first Sunday of the month. When my weekends switch around to the first Sunday, I will make arrangements to have the meetings at other times or have someone stand in for me.

A little bit about me. My scadian name is Alaina Blackram, I sew, embroider, spin wool, stained glass, tat, fence, etc. At this point I do not brew and I am not so good at dancing. I encourage people to enjoy the arts and sciences as well as fighting and fencing. I would personally like to see more entries from this region. Personally I will be trying for Pentathlon this year at Regional's and hopefully Kingdom.

Congratulations are in order for Alessandra Mae l'Amour achieving a Willow at Val Day 24, Yippeeeee! Welcome to the order, (AB, GC, KG).

Events you might want to check out in April:
Andelcrag Baronial Championships - Arranged by our own Dijon
- lots of fighting, fencing and A&S
Royal University of the Midrealm (RUM) Oakland Univ. Detroit
- lots of good classes on things medieval and renaissance
- a chance to find out other people's interests and perhaps find a new one.

Thinking ahead to May:
Crown Tournament - if you have never seen one, this one's is close (not as close as we wanted it), Ann Arbor
Cotehardie party part deux - duct tape patterns for cotehardies (14th century) or bodices at my house. Fencing in the backyard weather permitting.

Thinking ahead to June:
Border War - ask where you can help, I know they would appreciate many volunteers.

In service of the dream,
Alaina Blackram CW

Minister of Arts & Sciences:   News from your Canton Arts & Sciences Minister:

By the time you get this Bolt, the Canton's Arts & Sciences library will be fully operational. (I had to say it that way . . . makes me feel like the Emperor from Star Wars!) The library is located in the store we're supposed to be having as our site. You know the one; it's got a lot of Rotary Club miniature golf holes all over the floor. Well. in the back of that store, among other things is the Canton Library. It's against the wall between the sewing room and the bathroom. You may peruse the stacks and check out books or periodicals as you wish. There is also a card catalog of our entire collection.

Each book or periodical has a white index card just inside it's cover. Sign the current date and your real name and telephone number and plan to return the book or periodical within the next few weeks. If someone has an item out an excessive length of time, or if someone else wants that item before it's returned, I'll give you a call and see what we can arrange. Let me know if you have any questions. We also always accept new donations to the library.

A special addition to this library is the lists of what other people have at their homes that they are unwilling to part with but want to share with the rest of the populace. I have a couple of list's of people's collections so far, and would appreciate getting more. I'll be happy to help you make a list of your home collection if you wish.

Thorfinn will be using the class time before the April populace meeting to explain early period men's garb. He'll bring examples of appropriate clothing; fabrics and materials; and accessories. I hope you will be able to attend.

I also hope you'll give serious consideration to attending this year's Royal University of the Midrealm (RUM) on April 12th in Hawkland Moor. Check your Pale for more information. Several of our canton members will be teaching classes there, including Keziah Gildea and myself. It's a terrific opportunity to get to know another aspect of the Society and maybe even do some hands-on work.

The Regional Arts and Sciences Faire may have found a location and date by the time you read this. If not, please ask me or Lady Anisah, our Baronial Arts and Sciences Minister, for more information.

I am working with officials at the Grand Rapids Art Museum to gain regular access for our populace to their extensive (and terrific for documentation and ideas) library. At this time, their library is located in the basement of their building, which is also where the Museum keeps it's unexhibited artwork and has offices. Therefore, one normally needs a special appointment to go to their library. Also, while a black and white photocopier is available for only 5 a copy, there is no color copier and, more than likely, the library does not allow it's collection to leave the building. But, as I said, I'm working on it.

I'm also working on arranging a "field trip" to the University of Michigan's library, which Lady Alessandra can't say enough wonderful things about as far as it's documentation sources go. Please let me know if you are interested. I'm thinking that a Saturday in May will probably be the most likely time we'll go, since April is full up with events every weekend.

Keep working on your projects and remember to tell me what you're working on. From your mouth to the ear of the Kingdom Mistress of Arts and Sciences.

Most humbly yours,
Hana Lore an dem Fenn

Archery Marshal:

Archery practice will continue every other week at King Archery on South Division through April. Hope to see you there. Be sure to mention you are with the SCA when paying, we do get a small discount.


Chatelaine:   Greetings from your Canton Chatelaine, Emma de Winter;

A slow time for demos after our busy fall. We have one daytime demo coming up. March 7th, following is the "flyer" . If you are attending, please note the time change, it is from 1:00pm to 2:30pm, not 1:30-3:00. Thanks to all who are demonstrating at this. I know that it is hard for most of us to get to daytime demos.

Demo at St. Isadore's School
625 Spring NE Grand Rapids
March 7th 1:00 - 2:30 pm

Take Michigan to Diamond, turn north. Take Diamond over the expressway to Malta, turn right. Take Malta to Spring and turn right. The school is on Spring, south of Malta. Go in the front door. ask directions to the gym.

We will do three half hour demonstrations. One for middle school students, 6th - 8th grade, that will include fencing and English country dance. We will do two for 1st -5th grade that will just include dance. Craft demonstrators encouraged, please contact me. They don't want any heavy weapons demonstrations.

Any questions, contact me.
Emma 555-5555

I am talking to a school in Gratten about doing an evening demo in late April. More information on this later, if it works out. Our library demos and Grand valley demos are still far off, but are pretty sure things. Keep those dates in mind. Library, July 26, 29, 31 and August 5. Grand Valley, October 4.


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May/June 1997

Seneschal:   Greetings Rimsholt,

Spring is upon us an outside fun is at hand. May brings a few demo's for us as well as Regional Arts and Sciences competition (May 5. Saginaw). Crown Tourney and Midrealm Fencing Championship (Mem. Weekend/Ann Arbor) are also occurring this month.

June will be a busy month for us all. Border War is coming up June 14, and following volunteer positions are available. Troll (see Adalicia), cleanup crews for the park and post feast, waterbearers, and security. there will be other areas open for volunteers, but these areas are initiating their request for volunteers.

New this year will be a shuttle service between areas of interest. We will also have paramedics on hand during Saturday's events. Picnic areas will be open for camping, the major rule for these sites is no ground fires. Also this June will be Baronial Championships. Fencing and Heavy weapons will be at Consort Tourney (June 7) and Archery will be at Border War. All are encouraged by our new Baron and baroness to attend.

At the April canton meeting, it was decided to rent a tent from Medieval Misc. for Pennsic this year. If it is what we are looking for, we can purchase a new or used one next year. The cost outlay for a pavilion new or used is phenomenal and a decision must be made with forethought and knowledge. For those going to Pennsic this year, I have a mission for you. Find pavilions already up, find out where they got them, how they like them, what they dislike, etc. I would like to see post-Pennsic input on this matter.

We have an opportunity to expand our visibility to the public without doing an actual demo. The Wyoming Public Library has a locked display case which can be used for 2 weeks this summer. there will be an estimated 1100 people passing by this display daily. Wow. Let's get some things together to put a great show on for these people. Contact Baroness Emma de Winter for more details.

For those going to Pennsic, your pre-registration MUST BE TO PENNSIC BY JUNE 1. If you want to camp with the Barony, you must pre-register with the Barony. Use the per-filled application blank found at the mall site. The application, along with the $60 pre-registration payment and a self-addressed postcard must be sent directly to Pennsic. We have no one sending in a mass mailing of applications. Camp fee for camping with the Barony will be 8$. Do not send this 8$ to Pennsic, this goes to Keziah Gildea.

For those concerned with the new regulations on fencing, you may be pleased to hear that the Canton has purchased three loner schlagers for use at practice. I hope that all were able to make it to Schlager Sunday in April to be authorized in schlager before the new rules start June 1.

Have fun in the coming months. There is much to do.

In service of the dream,
Alaina Blackram CW

Herald:   Greetings unto the Gentles of Rimsholt from Isabelle of Leith,

Tis Spring!! -- so the calendar says. And this means . . . another season of outdoor activity. The slap of banners and pennants standing strong in the breeze, the cries of heralds resounding through out the Knowne World, and foes meeting each other in honorable combat. Wouldn't this be a great time to display your personal or your canton's device wherever you go?

I have six device submissions and five name submissions that have been turned in for me to send in. This I feel is a very good start. Last year at the Great Pennsic War we had eleven submissions, so at this time we have tied last year's submissions number! (As of this writing all of the submissions from Pennsic XXV have been accepted!).

For Awards last year Rimsholt did not fair nearly as well as the previous year, although the awards given to those Gentles of Rimsholt were higher than last year. This past year Rimsholt residents received a total of 4 AoA'a, 2 Purple Frets, 1 Willow and the granting of Lord Benedict of Beverly and Lady Emma de Winter the Barony of Andelcrag to call their own. Hoobahh to all!

So far this first quarter of the year there has been one award granted to a Gentle from Rimsholt. At Val Day Lady Alessandra l'Amour was given a Willow by Their Majesties. Theit Excellencies Baron Benedict and Baroness Emma have also deemed three Gentles in Rimsholt worthy of Baronial Awards. At their court during Winter Revel in January Their Excellencies made Lady Alessandra l"Amour a member of the Order of the Salient Hart and Lady Rhiannon Duncan was given the Charge of the Gardent Ram. At Val Day Baronial court Their Excellencies made Lord Garth of the Crags a member of the Order of the Salient Hart.

For those Gentles who wish to still work on a name/device to submit please let me know if you would like any help. I have left a copy of the Rimsholt Order of Precedence at the storefront should anyone like to see it. This is the listing of the persons with awards and their rankings according to Middle Kingdom Law. This is all for now.

In Service,

Minister of Arts and Sciences:   Good Tidings from the A&S Office!

Greetings unto the good gentles of the Canton of Rimsholt from your Minister of Arts and Sciences, Hana Lore an dem Fenn,

Spring is the time to begin thinking about the regional and kingdom Arts & Sciences Faires. If I've done my job at all I've pestered you endlessly about how you ought to consider entering a project in an A&S Faire. Well, that time is almost upon us. The Regional A&S will be held at Vikings Go Home, which takes place May 3rd in Burton, Michigan (near Flint). (Please forgive my lack of SCA cartography; I cannot remember the name of the group sponsoring the event.) Kingdom A&S will be in Cynnabar the weekend of Memorial Day. Neither of these is more than a few hours' drive and I strongly encourage you to attend to see how appropriate your crafts and creations would be at such competitions. Remember, you're only competing against the Criteria of the Arts and Sciences Handbook, not against anyone else. Please consider entering. I'll of course be happy to help you with anything you need, including documentation.

For our April A&S Class, Thorfinn Grimkelsson's Early Period Men's Garb, went over very well. Thank you to Thorfinn for taking his time to pass on some of his considerable knowledge on Vikings. Thanks also go to Rhiannon Duncan for arranging to have a friend of hers teach a class on making corsets. Her friend makes garb for Civil War reenactors and simply modified the Civil War era corset for Medieval considerations. It was well attended and I appreciate this initiative in organizing A&S type classes. Hoobah!

Preceding the May 4th populace will be a class on Medieval and Renaissance Art taught by Caitlin of Greencastle. She will have just returned from an expedition to the Detroit Institute of Arts, having gleaned a wealth of information from their Medieval and Renaissance Art exhibit. Keziah Gildea is tentatively scheduled to teach a hands-on class on bread making at her home for the June A&S class. Look for further information at the mall meeting place on this , or contact me directly.

I attended a meeting of A&S officers at the Royal University of the Midrealm on April 12th in the Riding of Hawkland Moor. Our regional Minister of Arts and Sciences, Lady Arianna Lloyd, filled us in on the current plans for A&S at Pennsic. Foremost among these is the possibility of being able to view a full-scale reproduction of the Bayeaux Tapestry rendered by a good gentle of Ealdermere. Lady Arianna is justifiably concerned about having this piece on display at Pennsic - the opposite of a hermetically sealed environment, which is how this should be presented - so it would be shown only during the A&S competition in the Barn.

We also learned that the Pennsic A&S classes will start the Wednesday following land grab and be held daily, excepting Sunday, through the following week, ending on Saturday at noon. The tents in which the classes will be taught will be arranged together, except the Middle Eastern tent, which will be off to one side (due to the drumming!) Lady Arianna is hoping to schedule classes much like a RUM; further information on that as the time nears. She did ask that any gentles who wish to volunteer to help with A&S - manning a tent for a few hours, setting up chairs and tables, starting fire pits in each tent daily - may sigh up at the A&S table at Troll when they arrive. Please consider lending your support.

I had the opportunity to meet with several of my peers at this RUM meeting and exchange information. Duncan Murray, Baronial MoAS of Northwoods, said he had many gentles interested in learning and working on calligraphy but needed someone to teach them. I offered to speak with Garth of the Crags, to find out if he would be willing to teach a class in Northwoods and he said he would be happy to. I think this "sharing" of our area's talents with each other is very important and needs to be further explored. For instance, we might be able to get some Laurels to teach classes at our Canton's meeting place from time to time, since our Canton has no Laurels presently.

I also shared with my A&S peers the plans Lady Arianna and I have been making for gentles from the Canton of Rimsholt to visit the University of Michigan's library. Lady Arianna stated that the people of Cynnabar are so excited about the opportunity to host us that they wish to hold a revel following our studies at the library. Duncan Murry, the Northwoods MoAS, said he knew of several people in his Barony who would want to join us. I plan to invite our neighbors in Three Hills to join us as well, when I go to their populace meeting. There is no firm date yet for this, but the last Saturday in June currently appears to be the best date for this. Let me know whether you are interested and, if so, whether this date sounds best for you.

Lastly, I wish to point out that our Canton Library has grown. I added the historical fiction books donated to the library to our stacks in the hopes of increasing circulation. Only one book has been checked out so far. Unfortunately, someone removed at least one book without bothering to check it out. Remember that most of these books are irreplaceable. Do not deprive others of perusing these books. If you have any problems with our check-out procedures, let me know. I am also looking for someone who would like to claim the title of Official canton Librarian. In the meantime, may your Arts and Science endeavors encourage you to further your talents and abilities.

Hana Lore

Chatelaine:   Greetings from your Canton Chatelaine, Emma de Winter

First of all, thank you to all the good gentles who came to the demos in the past month or so. We did 3 daytime demos, 1 night school demo and an unofficial demo at the RPG convention. Thanks especially to my husband Lord Benedict and to Lady Adalicia who made it to every official demo!

We have one demonstration in the months of May and June scheduled. Please try to make it to this one.

Daytime Demo
May 13th, Tuesday from 12:30pm to 1:30 pm
At St. Anthony's School
2510 Richmond NW.  Grand Rapids

Directions from Downtown Grand Rapids. Take Leonard west turn left on Oakley. Oakley curves and turns into Richmond. The school is on the left. Take the second driveway. Ask directions at the school office.

This is a group of sixth graders who finished a unit on the Middle Ages a month ago. Any fencers, heavy weapons fighters, dancers and craft demonstrators would be greatly appreciated. This is the last daytime demo for many months. Please try to make it.

Keep in mind the library demo dates that are approaching soon and Grand Valley, that's still far off. Library, July 26, 29, 31 and August 5. Grand Valley, October 4. It looks like we will be doing a demo for the Lowell Arts Council on October 26th in the evening. I'll have more on this later.

Yours in Service,

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July/August 1997

Seneschal:   Greetings Rimsholt,

Many events have occurred recently and many awards have been awarded to people in out canton. If I miss anyone please let me know and I will recount your award in the next Bolt.

The earliest event was Regional A&S competition in Flint. We had many entries from Rimsholt. Most were in the brewing category, Baron Benedict received a one and a two on his meads, Gilbert Dijon received a one for his mead, Elric der Bar received a two on his mead. All of these entries went on to receive honors at Kingdom level A&S in Cynnabar.

The new Middle Kingdom Rapier Champion is our own Thorfinn who also became a Dad on may 1.

During a beautiful day at the Baronial Championships Michael AuCulin became the Heavy Weapons Champion, Alexander Blackram became the Fencing Champion and Joseph became Andelcrag's Archery Champion. Please congratulate these champions at your earliest convenience.

The next in a series of events was Baronial Border War. As I was busy on the fencing list most of Saturday, I need updates of other occurrences that happened that day. All I currently have is happenings at court, Chiurgeons report, and happenings on the fencing field.

Please congratulate the following gentles at your earliest convenience. The following gentles received their AoA from His Majesty King Edmund. Gilbert Dijon, Avaline Clarice, and Caylis Tiri.

Baron Benedict was entered into the order of the Willow for his mead making and Alexander Blackram entered into the order of the Silver Oak for his woodworking. Lest I forget, our own Garth of the Crags was awarded a Purple Fret for his service, AND inducted into the Red Company for his tireless service to the teaching and assistance of keeping heavy weapons alive in the Rimsholt area, as our only heavy weapons marshall for miles and miles. Cynfyn received a Purple Fret for his years of service as Baronial A&S officer. For these gentles please help me in giving them a great Hoobaaaa!

Recently we have had the addition of two more worthy gentles as marshals. Thorfinn received his paperwork and is now the second warranted heavy weapons marshal in the Rimsholt area. Anthony Navarre received his paperwork and has become the newest fencing marshal in Rimsholt.

Hopefully we can have a brief respite in our journeys to other events and can take a quick breath before the next set and then on to Pennsic. Rumor has it there may be a question and answer session coming up for those people who are going to Pennsic for the first time. More will be posted later, probably at the store.

Events for July have been switched around a bit and these are the following changes. The July meeting will be 6:30 pm at Riverside Park on July 1. The mall site will not be open on July 4th weekend. The mall I'm sure will be, but we will not be there. The canton fencing championship usually set for the July meeting will be held then. For those of you not aware, heavy weapons and archery have moved to Garth's home in Caledonia of Thursdays for the summer. Consult the calendar for times. Fencing is still at the mall on Tuesday evenings from 7-9 pm. Due to mall regulations we cannot fence out in the parking lot. Meetings will be at the mall at the regular dates and times unless previously announced at the monthly meeting before.

In Service to the Dream,
Alaina Blackram

P.S. I am currently taking bids for next years Baronial Border War. I am asking for a written proposal for the event (i.e. why you should be autocrat, etc.) and ideas you have to make it even more fun. I would like to have this before Pennsic. The previous autocrats are not making the decision on next years co-autocrats so please do not bother them. They are still recuperating. Thank you

Minister of Arts and Sciences:   Good Tidings from the A&S Office;

Unto the good gentles of Rimsholt come warm summer greetings from Lady Hanna Lore, Minister of Arts and Sciences. Pennsic fast approaches and for those fortunate gentles among us who may attend, I hope you consider attending a class or two this year. Classes this year go well beyond the bounds of the Arts and Sciences and include:

- Administration  

- Archery

- Arms & Armor  

- Astronomy

- Beadwork  

- Brewing & Vinting

- Calligraphy & Illumination  

- Candles

- Children  

- Clothing & Accessories, Middle Eastern

- Clothing & Accessories  

- Clothing, European

- Dance, European  

- Dance, Middle Eastern

- Dyeing  

- Embroidery & Needlework

- Equestrian  

- Events and Competitions

- Fiber Arts  

- First Aid

- Games, Juggling & Storytelling  

- Heraldry

- History  

- Lacemaking

- Life in the SCA  

- Literature

- Mathematics  

- Meetings

- Metal Work  

- Miscellaneous

- Music, European  

- Music, Middle Eastern

- Music, Non-European  

- Newcomers

- Non-European Culture & Influence  

- Persona Development

- Poetry  

- Research

- Sign Language  

- Theatre

As in the past. all A&S submissions/performances may be for competition or for comment/display only. The performing arts may be added to the Pennsic A&S Competition and Display this year. There will probably also be a display of Middle Eastern dance. I'm sure this appeals to many from our group. There is no A&S War Point this year, however guests from all Kingdoms are being encouraged to enter and show off their fine workmanship. As last year, the work will be guarded while on display.

As ever, Lady Arianna Llwyd, our Regional Minister of A&S and the good gentle in charge of Pennsic A&S this year, seeks volunteers to assist with the various Arts and Sciences departments, from tending fires in the tents to assisting instructors. No matter your experience level, you can be a part of things, let me know if you wish to contact her.

Along with classes and competitions, watch for the Fool's Parade (contact Midair MacCormaic or me if you are interested in participating in this) and the Chirugeon's Drag Race.

Beyond Pennsic is the Coronation of Their Highnesses Palymar and Aislinn on September 20th in the Barony of Rivenstar (Lafayette, Indiana). The Lady Clare Hele is planning an A&S competition of sorts. It's more of a critique so Artisans and Performers can receive feedback. This is something along the lines of a "Laurel Prize Tourney" or "Queen's A&S Tea". They do not happen very frequently but provide an excellent opportunity for you to exhibit your skills and receive useful feedback. Although the site is dry as dust, brewing and vinting provisions are being worked on.

Yours in Service to the Dream and the Arts and Sciences which are It's Foundation,
Hana Lore

Marshal of Fence:   On to the fencers of Rimsholt does Blackram send greetings,

As of June AS XXXII, I have taken over the position of Group Marshal of Rimsholt from Baron Benedict. Please join with me in thanking Benedict for all of his hard work in bringing fencing to Rimsholt and creating what is now the largest fencing group in the Middle Kingdom. Thank you Benedict.

The new fencing rules have been published, see me for a copy. With the new rules comes a new position, Constable of Fence. This position will be like Marshal with the exception of participating in authorizations. Constables will be able to run practices and tournaments. If interested see me. Also as all of you probably know, schlagers is the now standard weapon, epees are no longer allowed in practice or tournament.

The Defender of the Canton tournament will be held on Tuesday, July 1. It will be held at Riverside Park and begin after the Canton meeting (about 7pm). This tournament will be a round robin style with a vote of the fencers deciding the victor. To participate in this tourney you must be a authorized fencer in Rimsholt.

Congratulations to Thorfinn, the new Kingdom Champion of fence. He will represent fencing well.

Yours in Service.

Chatelaine:   Greetings from your local Chatelaine, Lady Emma de Winter, Baroness Andelcrag

First I'd like to thank everyone who helped out at Mayfest, and did our last school demo. After a months break from demos, finally  the library demos are here. These people are really thrilled to be having us help out at the summer reading club parties. Please, please attend as many as you can. The kid demos are the best in my opinion. They get into everything we demonstrate.

Here are the dates and libraries. Basically we do the same thing four times in four different places.

Krause Memorial Library
140 E. Bridge St., Rockford, Saturday, July 26th, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

The library has us scheduled for             1:00 - 1:15 Heavy Weapons Demonstrations
p;              1:30 - 1:50 Middle Ages Dances
p;              2:00 - 2:30 Fencing Demonstration

Cascade Library
2870 Jacksmith Ave., Cascade, Tuesday, July 29, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Kentwood Library
4700 Kalamazoo Ave., Kentwood, Thursday, July 31, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Walker Library
4293 Remembrance NW, Walker, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

The libraries have us scheduled for  6:30 - 6:45 Heavy Weapons Demonstrations
p;              7:00 - 7:20 Middle Ages Dances
p;              7:30 - 8:00 Fencing Demonstration

Craft Demonstrators are welcome. I'll ask the libraries for tables. Let me know if you can attend, and which demo, especially if you need a table for your crafts. These are outside demos and there are no rain dates. This is a part of the end of summer reading club program parties. Let's make sure these are great demos. The library system moved the dates of the parties up for us so they wouldn't interfere with Pennsic. Please come and help us out.


Misc. Letters:   Thanks from the Border War Autocrats

Now for some public thanks for the people who helped out at Border War from Lord Garth and Baroness Emma;

To Lord Alexander, thanks for running the Light Weapons list, a good time was had by all,
To Lady Anisah, thanks for running the waterbearing,
To Lady Alessandra, thanks for being Chirugeon in Charge,
To Lady Keziah, thank you for heading up the crew for a delicious High Feast,
To Lady Isabelle, thanks for what was reported to be a delicious Low Feast,
To Lady Adalicia, thank you for the enormous task of organizing Troll,
To Lady Brigitta, thank you for running the best attended Merchant area ever,
To m'lady Madelaine, thank you on behalf of all the children who enjoyed the activities you planned,
To John Patrick, thanks for heading up Security,
To Baron Dabur, thank you for all your help with arrangements,
To Lord Tys and Lady Annabelle, thank you for the great site tokens.

To those who helped set up and tear down, our gratitude is without measure. Thanks Duncan, Joseph, Alexander, Gilbert, Adalacia, Slyme, Baron Dabur and Alexius. The people who helped during the event are too numerous to mention, but you know who you are and thank you. I'm sure I'm leaving somebody out. It's the Monday after the event and I am still recovering. Remember, it would not have run half as well without you.

Emma and Garth

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