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Officer Articles from the Rimsholt Bolt - 1996
(note: all mundane names/personal address have been removed
or replaced by the generic Bob Robertson)

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January 1996

Seneschal: From the Seneschal

Here begins another new year together;

GRCC Thursday Schedule (7:30 -10)
Jan. 4 closed for Christmas break - no SCA
Jan. 11 short meeting for Winter Revel and Heavy Weapons
Jan. 18 Heavy Weapons
Jan. 25 Dance Practice

Call for Monday belly dancing and fencing is still Tues. 7-9pm

Congratulations to Lord Armand de Chartres, Lord Benedict Beverly, Lord Eoin O'Seagdba, Lord Garth of the Crags, Lady Isabelle of Leith, Lady Keziah Gildea & Lord Reynard d'Avignon, all had their name pass.

Lord Eoin, Lord Garth, Lady Keziah, Lord Reynard and Lord Malcolm Donnelly passed their personal heraldry and Fum passed his ice cream shield as a badge!!!

Thanks to all who participated in the Madrigal Feast demo. It was fun but it takes time. I am taking opinions regarding doing it in the future. Let me know who you feel.

Wed. Jan 24 from 6:15 - 7:30 we will be doing a demo at Aquinas college in the Wege Center cafeteria (same as last year). Dinner is included so I need to know in advance 1 week if you will attend. The group will get $200. They want dancing, fighting and fencing and crafters are invited to come early and show the students medieval skills. See you there.

Be sure to lend a hand at the upcoming multitude of events . . .  the autocrats will love you and the old saying many hands makes light work still applies. Thanks.

See you soon - Alessandra

Herald: Unto all Gentles of Rimsholt;

Greetings, tis not often that you hear from your local herald, in the next few issues of the Bolt I will remedy that - space permitting. In February, I will be introducing the basics of how to research a name and/or device (your personal coat of arms). If you ever have any questions please feel free to ask me and I will help you in any way that I can if I am able. For this month I offer NEWS from on high, you know from Kingdom - via the PALE - that we have had names & devices of local gentles PASS. Hoo-bah!!!! This is the first time since becoming your local herald last year that I can say that. These gentles from Rimsholt have been most patient. The majority - if not all - of these submissions were made during Pennsic XXIII (1994). Those approved were: Armand de Chartres - Name; Benedict Beverly - Name; Garth of the Crags - Name & Device; Keziah Gildea - Name & Device; Reynard d'Avignon - Name & Device; and Isabelle of Leith - Name.

Congratulations to these patient Gentles

In Service,

Chronicler: Just a quick note of greetings to all. I'm already behind on my own schedule, with the holidays and the nasty sick bugs around. I'm planning on getting back to things so very shortly.

Hope all is well for each and everyone. Just a reminder. Have you renewed your subscription yet?
Remember - offer your help for Winter Revel & they are looking for items for auctioning off for Travel Fund (Royal). See ya at Winter Revel.

In Service

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February 1996

Seneschal: From the Seneschal

Grand Rapids Community College - Thursdays in room 200 of the Music building (Ransom & Lyon)
All Meetings are from 7:30 - 10:00
Feb 1 Heavy weapons practice
Feb 8 Populace meeting
Feb 15 Heavy weapons practice
Feb 29 Officers meeting

Tuesdays from 7 - 9 at the Marine/Naval Reserve Center on Monroe (near Ann) is fencing practice.

Mondays are belly dancing - come dance or drum. Contact the Chatelaine for days and directions.

Thanks to everyone who helped at the Aquinas demo. The canton raised $200 and the students enjoyed the entertainment. Look for the same thing next year.

Congratulations to Lady Brighid and Lady Kathryne for a wonderful Winter Revel. Lord Anthony's stew dinner was tasty. . .  non-formal fest has it's advantages. Hope everyone enjoyed the indoor and outdoor games.

See Lady Alessandra or Aleksandra for helping at Fum Day (March 23) or to be on the list for presenting gifts to Fum. See Lady Brighid for helping serve feast. Also Border War isn't too far away to think of ways to help . . .  see Lady Adalacia or Lady Emma.

We have several schools interested in having us help them with their medieval units in school. Let me know what days you are available and how far you are willing to travel if you are interested. Also the Rockford library wants us to do a dance, fencing and heavy weapons practice on their lawn for the public three separate nights this summer. They are willing to pay us $200 for the demos and we practice anyhow . . . why not!?! I'll let you know exact dates soon.

Aleksandra has been kind enough to make a preprinted form to register for Pennsic War this year. Pre registration is required for camping space this year . . . along with money (at least $37.00 for the last weekend). The difference for the number of days you stay will be paid when you arrive. I repeat . . . you must pre register for War this year and include money for camp. Because we all have to register under the same camp name if you do not use the form provided be sure to register under the same camp name as you see on the top of the form. Return forms and money to Aleksandra before May 31. Due date at Cooper Lake for pre registration is June 22 (in their hands not the mailman's). Checks made to Cooper Lake Campground. See Jan. '96 Pale for further details or talk to me. Fees are per person and less for kids. There is also medical info needed with the per registration. We will be doing group single camping this year. Shower and sink will be provided. We are looking for a few people who want to do land grab weekend (gas will be paid). You don't need to stay all week . . . See me if you are interested.

See everyone soon,
Alessandra l'Amour

Chronicler: It's so hard to believe it's February already. My how time flies already. It's great that the events are starting to be closer together so we can join in our friends who are farther away from us and those that we hardly ever see who live near us. May it be happy times for all of us. Don't forget Val Day in Feb. & Baron Fum's Birthday Bash in March. Hope to see you all soon.

Deadline for March - 20th. Cheers

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March 1996

Seneschal: Greetings to the Canton of Rimsholt as the spring begins to shine on us.

Meetings in the month of March will be as follows:
Tuesday fencing practices will continue at the Marine/Naval Reserve Center from 7-9 pm.

Thursday practices at the Grand Rapids Community College will be in room 200 of the Music building. Spring break is March 7 and you can contact Lord Garth for information on whether the college will be open. Otherwise, the first & third Thursday is heavy weapons. 2nd is populace meeting and 4th is dance practice.

Thank you to the people who helped at the boy scout demo. We have lots of demos coming up in the near future. There will be a daytime demo at Thornapple-Kellogsville Middle School. Contact Lord Benedict for more info. Mayfest is May 18. We will be doing two demos for the Krause Memorial Library in Rockford on June 12 (Wed.) for fighting and fencing and July 17 (Wed.) for dancing and crafts. Both will be from 6:30 - 7:30 pm. A home school has asked us to do a demo for them at Bella Vista Church on Fri. May 31 at 6 pm. All of these demos are paid demos ranging from $50 to $200. See you there!

Birghitta is composing a list of people available to do demos both days and evenings. Please contact her at (616) 555-5555 to let her know what days and what areas of interest for demos you are available for.

Pennsic forms will be available at the populace meeting. This year to camp at war there is a pre registration fee from the Cooper's of $37.00 and some paperwork. If you might have time to leave early for land grab, let me know. The Canton will provide gas money.

The Canton would like to express it's heartfelt thanks to Lady Iarlaith ni Fionallain for her long service to our Canton as seneschal, exchequer, chirurgeon, chronicler and many other duties. We will miss her as she moves but wish her all the best. See you at War Iarlaith.

While on the subject of officers, I would like to thank Lady Emma de Winter for coming forward to my requests for someone to train as seneschal. I will be leaving this position after 3 years on 4-1-97. Emma will be my deputy seneschal for this coming year. Thanks!

Congratulations to Lady Aleksandra of Prague for receiving her AoA at Val Day! Hoobah!!!

Congratulations to everyone who authorized in fencing at Val Day!!!

Year end information from the domesday report is that in 1995 we did 3 events, sponsored in our Canton two Baronial events, did 12 demos and have 46 paid members as of 12-31-95. I think we have closer to 60 members who have had paid membership or will again soon but still are very active.

Fum Day is closing in on us, and I am sorry to say that it will be our last one because Fum is moving April 1, 1996. Please help us make it a very memorable day for Fum. We will be presenting gifts at court. If you want your name on the list of people to be called to court to present a gift . . . please call (616) 555-5555 and talk to Scott or myself. Any volunteers are always welcome. See Lady Brighid to serve feast and either Lady Aleksandra or myself to help in any other ways. Thank you.

I have been receiving questions about how the next Baron &/or Baroness will be selected. At first there was talk of the people nominating individuals or couples but this idea has bad problems and will not be used. rather, Fum, knowing the responsibilities of the job, has selected a few couples and submitted them to the regional seneschal and Royalty. They will review the choices and decide the one that they feel will best suit our Barony. Then that nominee(s) will go before the paid membership populace of the Barony for a yes, we want them in office or no that is not our choice poll. If yes, the decision is made. If no, they will reconsider the other nominees. Please do not disturb Fum with your ideas or opinions on this subject . . . the choice is in process already and you will get a vote. I have every confidence that we will be well represented.

See you Soon

Herald: Good gentles of Rimsholt, Greetings from your Canton Herald

Last year was a bountiful one for awards in our Canton. Totals were Dragon Treasure - 1, Awards of Arms - 17, Purple Frets - 5, Cavendish Knots - 4, and Willows - 2. During last year there were 9 submissions from Rimsholt and 9 submissions were accepted.

Now onto a trip into the world of choosing a name for yourself. You can, of course, go by your mundane name until you pick your SCA name. But don't wait too long because there is a chance that your name will be chosen for you. All of the guidelines that I am including here come from the MIDDLE KINGDOM PURSUIVANT'S (Heralds) HANDBOOK. The end result if these guidelines are followed will be that your name can be registered.

The first step is pick a name that you like. Because most of the time you will be called by this in the SCA. Science Fiction/Fantasy names rarely - if ever - get registered. A name should consist of two parts - a given name and a byname. The given name is a first name. The byname can be a "child of" name (James son of Henry), a descriptive name (the Short), a job classification name (Tanner, the Tanner), place name (of London), or a true last name (Goughe). The only true last names that cannot be used are those of royalty or ruling houses (Tudor, Medici, Plantagnet, etc.). A first or last name may be a combination of languages such as Scottish & French, but don't go overboard. You can't register a Welsh/Chinese/Hebrew name.

How do I find documentation on a name? Easy - take a trip to your local library. Check out their history section, encyclopedias or name books. A word of advice - AVOID BABY NAME BOOKS. They are NOT a source to use for documentation. Anything you document, must be prior to 1600. Get copies of the page the name is on and a copy of the the title page of the book. One of the Herald's favorite books to use is THE OXFORD DICTIONARY OF ENGLISH CHRISTIAN NAMES by E.G. Withycombe. There are many books out there to help you. If you cannot find what you are looking for, ask the librarian to help you. Tell them what you would like and see if they can borrow it through Interlibrary Loan. Most libraries do not charge for this service, if they do and you cannot afford it - let me know I will see what I can do through the library I work at. But be patient, sometimes Interloan can take some time. Or if you do not want to do this, or can't find what you are looking for - let me know. That is part of a herald's job to help those gentles of the SCA to document their names and/or devices. There are many more rules and ideas than I have had room to include here. If you would like to know them please let me know. My number is in the front of the Bolt. Please call me before 10 pm.

Next month - space permitting - I will continue this with how to design a device.

In Service

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April 1996

Seneschal: May your spirit be refreshed as the flowers bloom and the earth renews.

Meetings for the month of April will be as follows:
Tuesday fencing practices will continue at the Marine/Naval Reserve Center on Monroe from 7-9 pm.

Thursday practices in room 200 of the Music building at GRCC will be as follows. 1st and 3rd Thursday will be heavy weapon practice. The 2nd Thursday will be our general populace meeting. All three will be from 7:30-10. The 4th Thursday dance practice will be moved to another room at GRCC. Room # will announced at the populace meeting.

The first Friday of the month will be an unofficial archery practice with Ivar Forkbeard at King Archery (5010 S. Division N of 54th) starting at 7pm. Rate is $3 per hour. This may move outdoors later this summer when heavy weapons practice does. Good shooting.

A special thank you to everyone who came to Fum Day and made our beloved Baron Fum's last Middle Kingdom event a really great one. He received a wide variety of wonderful gifts to bring with him to the East. Thanks to Lady Brighid for the great German feast and my co=autocrat Lady Aleksandra for helping keep the fires burning bright and the event running smoothly.

Also thanks to all those who helped at the Boy Scout or Thornapple/Kellogsville Middle School demos. The kids, as always, really seemed to enjoy all the action.

If you missed those demos, fear not, you'll have lots of opportunity to make the next few. April has no demo scheduled. May 31 (Fri) at 6pm we will do a demo for about an hour at Bella Vista Church (on Belding road) for a group of home school families who are completing a medieval study unit. We will be fighting, fencing and dancing. Mayfest is also May 18. I'm waiting for further information from Dun Traigh if you would like to go help them. June 12 (Wed) from 6:30-7:30 we will be doing a fighting and fencing demo at Krause Memorial Library in Rockford. Grandville Library might also want a demo late in June. July 17 (Wed) will be a demo at the same time and place at the Rockford library for dancing and craft display. Next fall the girl scouts are interested in having a demo of fencing and fighting with hands on activities in dance and crafts to earn badges. If you have a skill that is easily transferred to hands on for girls in the 7-12 age range, let me know. We will be doing a demo for 40,000 people at the Red Flannel Festival in Cedar Springs on Main street. The demo will be for about an hour at 11 am on Sat. Oct. 5. Lots of demo opportunities for teaching about the middle ages and new membership. See everyone there.

I had some concern regarding the Pennsic Andelcrag camp expressed to me at Fum Day. It seems that some people want simple single person camping with no frills and less work, while others want to keep it very similar to last year with the gate, walls, torches and the extra effort they take for the nice atmosphere they provide. Camp forms and a vote may become available through all seneschals in the Barony to get a Barony wide opinion of what everyone wants and how much effort they are willing to make to see their vision of the perfect camp become a reality. I'll keep you posted as I know more from Lady Jervisa.

I have no further information of the selection of the next Baron/Baroness yet. Look here next month.

Baronial Border War is only 2 months away. Contact Lady Emma or Lady Adalacia for volunteering help at Border War. Let Lady Aleksandra know if you can help at Troll. Let Lady Keziah know if you want to serve high feast. Lady Hanna Lore is the contact for helping with low feast. A couple hours from everyone will help the event run smoothly and give everyone time to enjoy it. Thanks for helping.

Congratulations to Lord Cynfyn ap Rhiwallon for passing his name in the Pale. Name and device have been passed for Lady Alessandra l'Amour and Lady Hanna Lore an dem Fenn. Hoobah!! You can do the same. Ask Lady Isabelle of Leith if you need help.

Alessandra l'Amour

Herald: Greetings from Isabelle of Leith,

As thoughts turn to warm weather - they also turn to the many outside events and demos that are fast approaching. A few thoughts at the April populace meeting turned to personal banners - or lack thereof. So a banner (device) making session - in three parts - was set up. Those gentles who would like to make a banner are welcomed with open arms to any or all of the sessions. Fabric will be provided, unless you prefer to bring the fabric you want your banner made of.

The first part - making of the templates needed - will be at House Navarre (616) 555-5555. Date is Sunday, April 28th, 1:00 pm.

The second part - the designing of the actual banner - will be at the home of Garth of the Crags and Keziah Gildea (616) 555-5555. Date is Saturday, May 11th, noonish. You are invited to bring whatever you would like to grill and a dish to pass. There will be many heraldry books and design forms there if you lack ideas before hand.

Part three - the actual cutting and sewing - will be at the home of Birghitta (616) 555-5555. Date is Friday, May 17th starting at 4pm.

Should you have a need for directions - please contact those gentles kindly opening their homes to us. Thank you so very much for doing so.

See ya there,

Chronicler: Greetings unto the people of Rimsholt:

It's so hard to believe that the winter months are still trying to hang onto us a little while longer, but it doesn't seem like it these last few days. Is it Spring yet!!

It seems that March and April have been a time of sorrow for some of our people in the populace. Our condolences to Lord Hogan, Lord Benedict and Lady Emma, Lord Cynfyn and Lady Alessandra, Lord Ty and Lady AnnaBella. Our wishes go with you all in your time of need.

By the calendar it seems like our weekends will filled once again with demos and events. Can you believe it?

Well, it's time to get the Bolt off to you all so you may enjoy our news and updates. If you wish to put something in please let me know. (All are welcome to add a column, article, ad, etc.).

In Service to our dreams;
Rhiannon Duncan

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May 1996

Seneschal: Spring greetings to Rimsholt and all our friends!

Meetings in the month of May will be as follows:
Tuesday fencing practices will continue at the Marine/Naval Reserve Center on Monroe from 7-9 pm. If weather permits we will be fencing outside more often between the river and the parking lot. This will continue to be held through the summer in addition to other changes in our meeting schedules.

Thursday practices in room 200 of the Music building at GRCC will be as follows: 1st and 3rd Thursdays will be heavy weapons practice. The 2nd Thursday will be moved to room 300 of the Music building for the general populace meeting. The fourth Thursday will be dance practice in room 200 again. An officers meeting will be held at my home on the 5th Thursday of the month. Feel free to bring the whole family. All meetings are from 7:30-10. This will be the end of our meetings at GRCC for this school year.

Our new schedule of outdoor practices will begin in June. Heavy weapons, armor making and archery shooting will be at the home of Lord Garth on Thursdays from 7-9 pm. There will also be Sunday Baronial Heavy Weapons practice. Call Garth for details (before 9 pm). Fencing will resume at Riverside park. Day and times are still being worked out. I should have more information by the populace meeting. Dance practices will be twice a month . . . more details at the populace meeting. The populace meeting will be held once a month with the Riverside Park fencing practices for the months of June, July and August.

Friday May 3 will be an unofficial archery practice at King Archery (5010 S. Division N of 54th St) starting at 7 pm. Rate is $3 per hour. This will move outside to Lord Garth's home weather permitting and for sure starting in June. Call Ivar Forkbeard for details at 555-5555.

Sat. May 11 we will have a day of planning heraldry for new banners for the Canton. Forms with heraldry outlines will be provided for you to color in. Once we know the ratio of colors we need we will be getting some felt to make the banners on Friday May 17. Feel free to add your ideas or personal heraldry to the Canton banners. May 11 will be at the home of Garth and Keziah starting at about noon. Bring food to grill and a dish to pass for dinner. The night to make them on the 17th will be at the home of Birghitta at 7pm.

Demos in May will be Mayfest at Muskegeon Community College with Dun Traigh on May 18 from 9-4. Come early to help them set up if you can. Friday May 31 at 6pm is the demo for the home school families at Bella Vista Church. It will be about an hour and include fighting, fencing, dancing, teaching dancing and any crafts you want to bring.

Put on your calendars the following dates for demos: Wed 6-12 6:30-7:30. Wed July 17 6:30-7:30. Sat 10-5 from 11 to noon. Sun 10-6 the people at Grand Valley are hosting their own medieval fair and want us to join in. More details later.

Be sure to get your prepaid Pennsic War camping fee to the Coopers or to Aleksandra by the end of the month. The group mailing goes out June 1. Include a self addressed, stamped post card if you want confirmation from the Coopers that your mail was received. Either way you mail, the person running the camp will need to know how many are camping so be sure you let him/her know.

It's time to volunteer for Border War. Be sure to find a place where you can help. Its fun and it makes the weekend long event less work for everyone. See Lady Aleksandra for troll. Lady Emma or Lady Adalacia for general help. Myself for waterbearing and Lady Keziah or Lady Hanna Lore for help with high and low feast.

Congratulations to everyone who entered A&S!!! Its an accomplishment just to have created the projects each of you did. I will have a list of the awards given in the next months Bolt. I hope to see many of you advance to Kingdom A&S.

Our busy season is upon us . . . be seeing everyone more than once a week for the next few months!!!


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June 1996

Seneschal: Warm greeting to Rimsholt and our friends:

If you have not been to a populace meeting lately you have probably missed our new meeting schedule. Here it is.

Tuesday at the Marine/Naval Reserve Center on Monroe from 7-9 pm is still the same. Most practices will be outdoors on the lawn near the river.

Monday from 7-dark will be dance practice at the Riverside Park on Monroe starting in June. Join Lady Gwen to learn dances new to our area. Please come in garb is you have it.

Wednesday nights after 7 the populace is invited to go to Hana Lore's home for any A&S project or research. See officer page for address and phone.

Thursday night from 7-9 pm will be heavy weapons practice, armor making, and outdoor archery practice at the Lord Garth's home. See officer page for address and phone. No calls after 9 pm please. There will also be heavy weapons practice on Sundays throughout the Barony. Call Garth for details.

Sunday afternoon from 3-7 will be fencing practice at Riverside Park by the Boat Launch 2 driveway from 3-7 pm. Practices will be held in garb with all loner gear going to the newest people coming to try fence. Our "Defender of the Canton" favor will pass on to the new defender on June 9 at the fencing practice. As before, you need to be an authorized Rimsholt fencer and it is an election by your peers based on honor, courtesy and style.

The populace meeting will be the first Sunday of June, July and August at Riverside Park at 7 pm after the fencing practice.

We did not get a good turnout for our heraldry planning day. If you have an idea for heraldry you want to submit for a banner give it to myself or Lady Keziah.

The Canton is invited to Birghitta's home the Saturday before Border War to use the serger, learn to sew or just work on your garb with company.

Border War is here. Please call Lady Emma or Lady Adalacia to find a place to help.

If your Pennsic form is not already in the mail with the Cantons you are too late to mail it with us. Be sure to get it in the mail to the Coopers right away. Include a self addressed stamped postcard to confirm your $37 was received.

Thanks to all those who helped with Mayfest and the home school demo at Bella Vista Church!

Upcoming demos at Krause Memorial Library in Rockford are Wed. 6-12 & 7-17 from 6:30-7:30 pm. The June date is heavy weapons and fencing. The July date is dancing and a craft demonstrations. There should be a large crowd at both. Sat. and Sun. 10-5&6 we will be at Grand Valley State University at their Shakespeare festival. Lots of area high schools and college students will be attending.

I know of five entries from the Canton of Rimsholt for A&S. If I missed yours please let me know. Lord Benedict entered three meads and placed first. Lady Alaina entered her beautiful Elizabethan garb we all saw at Val Day and to nobody's surprise also placed a first. Lady Keziah took on the difficult duty of entering a multiple course food category where she placed second. All of these scores are wonderful! They could each go on to Kingdom level competition if they wanted to. Take the time to congratulate them for their accomplishments. HOOBAH!

Hanna Lore is starting a Canton Library. If you want to you can donate any medieval related books to the Library and check books out that interest you from the library. See Hanna Lore for details.

See everyone a lot more often!
Alessandra l'Amour

Chronicler: Wanted!

Future articles, design artwork, items of interest. Even silly or funny tidbits. Editorials, advice, helpful home hints or cartoons.

Please see the Chronicler.



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July/August 1996

Seneschal: - Summer greetings to the Canton of Rimsholt

Summer meeting schedule:
Monday dancing schedule will move to twice a month at Riverside Park in the hopes of a better turnout for less frequent meetings. July meetings will be 7-9 & 7-29 from 7-dark.

Tuesday fencing practice continues at the Marine/Naval Reserve Center from 7-9.

Wednesday evenings from 7-11 are still available for the populace to do A&S research (or whatever) at the home of Hanna Lore & Anthony.

Thursday will be divided:
even Thursdays (7-4 & 18) will be archery practice at the home of Lord Garth
odd Thursdays (7-11 & 25) will be available for armoring, fighting & archery targets will be available.
All Thursdays will be from 7 - 9

Sundays at Riverside Park . . . near the front entrance will be in garb fencing and heavy weapons fighting practices from 3 - 7 every week. July 7 will be the populace meeting from 7 -8.

The Polls for selection of our next Baron and Baroness should have been in your mailbox by Border War. They were due in for count of vote on June 30. I hope that you will support either candidate with the kindness and love that you showed to Baron Fum so that our Barony remains the fun place we all enjoy.

Congratulations to Lady Emma de Winter and Lady Adalacia the Serene for the great success of Border War. We had over 450 people in attendance and 120 tents. I would also like to thank our feastocrats Lady Keziah Gildea and Lady Hanna Lore an dem Fenn for collectively feeding 150 people great food. It is to all your credit that I have heard only positive comments about the whole weekend.

Congratulations to Lord Ivar Forkbeard for receiving his AoA at Border War. Congratulations to all of the Companions of the Defender of Andelcrag as well.

Hoobah to you all!

Because Mort was able to help us find extra camping space as we needed it, and can do the same with even more space available next year we are planning to keep the current site of Bertha Brock Park for the next years Border War. Keziah and Hanna Lore have both expressed an interest in repeating their skills at feastocrating. I do not have autocrats for Winter Revel yet, which I want first, and then I will be looking for autocrats for Border War. The Winter Revel feastocrat is Lady Rhiannon. I suggest co-autocrats for both events . . . it helps when things begin to get overwhelming. Both events require an autocrat on site from Friday to close on Sunday. For Border War I want to see at least one experienced autocrat who has run a Border War in the last 5 or so years . . . its a really big event and experience really helps. I also suggest no more than one autocrat with small children . . . illness can happen at the least convenient times. Border War approvals for autocrats (and any other big decisions) will be by both me and Lady Emma, who will be seneschal by Border War next year. Contact me if you are interested.

Thanks to the folks who can to the Rockford Library fighting and fencing demo. The kids loved it and we were in the Grand Rapids Press.

Upcoming demos are at the Rockford Krause Memorial Library on Wed. 7-17 from 6:30-7:30. We will be doing both arts and sciences and dancing . . . please come help.
Put on your calendars Oct. 5&6 for our demo at GVSU.

If you do not have your pre registration in to the Coopers for this years Pennsic War yet, you are too late. At the gate you can pay your fees and choose a single camping site, however. The fires of Andelcrag are always welcome to everyone to enjoy, so don't be a stranger just because you aren't in the camp.

Congratulations also to Lord Benedict and Lady Alaina for both placing firsts at Kingdom level A&S. This is a proud accomplishment for our friends! Hoobah!

See you in sunshine;

Chronicler: Late Notes:

A great Hoobah to the following:

Lord Alexander Blackram for winning the new Defender of the Canton of Rimsholt for the next six months.
Lord Reynard d'Avignon for tying first place for the chivalry part of Border War fencing tourney.
Lord Ivar Forkbeard for receiving his AoA.
Lord Volkardus for receiving his AoA.
Lady Alessandra l'Amour for receiving her Purple Fret.

--- A POEM ---
Monday's Troll

Monday's Troll is mean and Rotten
Tuesday's Troll is Misbegotten
Wednesday's Troll is extra smelly
Thursday's Troll is a baggy belly
Friday's Troll is short and crabby
Saturday's Troll is short and slimy
But Sunday's Troll is crabby, cross and full of sour applesauce.


Misc. Letters: From the autocrats of Border War:

Even though Border War seemed like chaos to the Autocrats, I heard enough people say "Thanks for a wonderful time" to believe it was a success.

I would like to thank the many people who helped out with Border War. First my co-autocrat who worked hard along with me. Thanks Adalacia.

To the high feastocrat Lady Kassia, I heard many wonderful comments on your feast. Thank you so much for cooking and organizing such a great feast. To the low feastocrat I offer the same words. I heard many good comments on your feast. It was nice to have two very capable people in charge of the hardest jobs. (In the opinion of a horrible cook)

To the two marshals from this area, Lord Garth and Lord Alexander. Thanks for two well run lists. I heard nothing but positive comments on the fighting. You two also helped in many, many other small ways. Thanks again. I couldn't have done it without you two.

To Lady Alessandra, thank you for doing a fantastic job chirurgeon'ing the event, along with running the waterbearing. I know this was a hard job on such a hot day. Hoobah for keeping the fighters watered.

To Lady Aleksandra, thank you for handling the task of staffing the troll table for two days. I know you scrambled to fill the last few shifts. Thanks again.

To Lady Gwen, thank you for running the dancing at Border War. I was sorry I couldn't dance, it looked like everyone was having a great time.

Last, thanks to everyone who helped set up and take down, ran an errand for us, sat a shift at troll, was a waterbearer, helped with a fighting list, or any small job, thank you. It takes many people to run such a big event.

Thanks, Emma

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September 1996

Seneschal: Welcome home to Rimsholt:

I hope that our brave fighters, fencers and archers all return home from War unscathed to once again enjoy their homeland of Rimsholt. Those of us who remained kept our land from being pillaged so that you may enjoy a comfortable bed on your return. We look forward to tales of your adventures over a mug of mead at the next fire.

Our congratulations go out to Lady Emma de Winter and Lord Benedict of Beverly who will become the next Baron and Baroness of Andelcrag. Their Majesties King Edmund of Hertford and Queen Kateryn Bronwen of Glouchester will grace our Barony at Pirate's Armada on September 21 in the Canton of Three Hills. Their court will include the investiture of Baron Benedict and Baroness Emma. There will be time for gift presentations at court for Their Majesties or Their Excellencies. See everyone there.

Congratulations to Lady Alaina Blackram for receiving her Willow for sewing and Lord Benedict of Beverly for his Purple Fret at Battle of the Inland Seas. Hoobah!!

Thank you to Lady Alaina Blackram for volunteering as deputy seneschal for our Canton. She will take over my office on April 1, 1997. See her for any questions that will happen after that date.

Our meeting schedule through September and into October as far as weather permits will remain the same.
Monday dance practice will be at Riverside Park from 7 to dark on Sept. 9 & 23.

Tuesday fencing practice will be at the Marine/Naval Reserve Center on Monroe (near Ann) from 7-9 pm. Come to fence or just enjoy the good company.

Wednesday evenings are still available at the home of Lady Hana Lore for Arts and Science documentation. Start thinking about doing the paperwork for your next project now and you will still have half a year before fair to complete your masterpiece. We are still building a library for Canton access. If you want to donate a book to it or make any part of your personal collection available let her know.

Thursday will be fighting and archery practice at the home of Lord Garth of the Crags from 7-9 pm.

Sunday at Riverside Park near the main entrance from 3-7 we will continue fencing practice and fighting practice. The populace meeting will be September 8 from 7-8 pm due to the holiday weekend. Loaner gear will be available for newcomers and garb is encouraged.

Lots of things happening in the months ahead as we prepare for snowfall to come again. We are demoing Friday night and Saturday during the day on Oct. 4&5 for Grand Valley State University in exchange for weekly meeting space for the school year of 96-97. We will be dancing, fighting and fencing. We have been given the opportunity to demo at Media Play on Alpine on Sat. Oct. 12 from noon to 8 for $200. I need to see if I have enough interest for this demo following two weekend events and the GVSU demo before I accept their offer. More information at the populace meeting. Please put these dates on your calendar.

Many members of our area turned in name and heraldry registration at Pennsic War. Watch on the internet for acceptance starting in about nine months. If you have not done this yet, and would like to, I have the forms needed. See me anytime.

If you are new to our Canton, or just have not found a "spot to call your own" in our Canton, consider the following. We could always use more marshals . .  . of fencing, heavy weapons fighting, archery and thrown weapons. See the current marshals to find out how. If you do not want to be on the field you could chirurgeon (first aid) by getting a current first aid and CPR card. See me if you want to know more. If these are too much just take the time to help waterbear or do a shift at troll. All these things will help you meet more people from all over the Middle Kingdom while doing a valuable service to our Canton.

In Service to You and Our Kingdom

Chronicler: Greetings unto you all.

It has been suggested that the Bolt change to every other month. Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, etc. We would still keep the cost at $6 per year having more items in each issue, or take the cost down to $.75 per issue with no free issues given out to interested parties. Right now we give out 10 - 15 free issues to interested parties plus 8 - 10 free issues to Royalty, chroniclers & such that have to be done. So my point: 20 - 25 are paid subscriptions, 25 free non-paying issues are going out, so funding is at a very small sum to get each issue out I'm told. Besides I'm not receiving items from the lot of you except by 2 - 3 people. October & November's populace meetings we can all go over this and decide together.

I hope all that went to Pennsic had a great time and all. I'm proud of all who won & pass in their chosen event and to those that found all their treasurers with the merchants.

In Service to the Dream

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October 1996

Seneschal: The cold winds of winter are coming to Rimsholt . . . find a warm person to spend the cold days with in your war secured keep, be sure your larder is filled with winter supplies (and mead), and secure your livestock.

Winter is making it's presence known and we are changing our outdoor meeting spaces as a result of that. With sincere thanks to Lord Garth of the Crags we now have a new indoor winter site. He spent a lot of time talking with the management at North Kent Mall and the SCA insurance folks. We now have a store front in the mall for the Canton's use. We will be there for all our winter practices and meetings. I might add that this storefront is very nice and we have room for heavy, fencing and dancing as well as a children's room for the kids to play in. Our use of this room is dependent on or respect for the room and the mall in general. There will be no live steel in the mall or in the mall parking lot. Please keep your children with you at all times. The children's area will be manned by the parent's who have children there that day taking turns watching the kids. We want to add a positive element to the mall shoppers so that the mall will allow us to continue to use this space . . . a privilege that can be taken from us. Remember to always leave the building in as good or better shape than when you arrived. Here is the meeting schedule. All meetings are in garb and loner gear will be available for new people to use.

Tuesdays from 6-9 pm will be fencing and Middle Eastern Dancing practices.

Thursdays from 6-9 pm will be heavy weapons practice. On 10-3 & 17 will also be English Country Dancing practices. Both will be cancelled on Halloween. 10-31

Sundays will continue to be a combined practice from 12-5 during mall hours. First Sunday of every month starting in October will be the populace meeting. Populace meeting will be at 4 pm so everyone has time to make it and attend. Arts and Sciences classes will start anytime from 12-4 at the teachers preference. If you have an idea for a class you would like to teach please see Lady Hanna Lore to schedule a date. The first (10-6) Arts and Sciences will be used for a clean up time of the store front. Feel free to bring your vacuum and an extra bag for it as well as dust rags and cleaning gear. The more hands the faster the work. The November class will be on heraldry and we will be making nice felt banners to display in the store permanently. Bring your heraldry ideas.

Wednesdays are the only days that remain the same. Lady Hanna Lore still extends her home and the Canton library for Arts and Sciences research and projects.

READ THIS there will be NO more meetings at Riverside Park or the Marine/Naval Reserve Center any day or times. Those meetings are now at North Kent Mall. The Mall is on Plainfield and five mile. The shop we are using is next to K-mart on the side nearest Plainfield. See you there.

Congratulations to Baron Benedict of Beverly and Baroness Emma de Winter on their coronation into office. It was a memorable day for our Barony and I'm glad I was part of it. Congratulations also to Lady Siobhan O'Riaghain and Lord Joseph of Rimsholt on their Award of Arms. I would also like to congratulate Elric for authorizing in heavy weapons. Hoobah!!

Lady Keziah Gildea is looking for a deputy exchequer (treasurer) to train during the next year on how to do the Canton funds. Call her at (616) 555-5555 before 9pm if you are interested.

If you have books in your personal library that you would be willing to let people see in your home, please give a list of them to Lady Hanna Lore for her Canton Library.

Our Gold Key could use any old garb you have for loaner gear. Look through your closet and see what garb you have replaced with something nicer and you might no longer need or use. It would be perfect for someone just starting out.

Our next demo is with Grand Valley State University on Saturday October 5 from 11-7. there will be maps available with scheduled times for dancing, fighting and fencing. You may unload gear from 9-10:30 in the area where we will be and there is a designated area for parking. Get the map at any fencing or fighting meeting. See everyone there for this paid demo to raise funds so we have more stuff to have more fun with.

Winter Revel is going to be here soon. Contact Lord Ivar Forkbeard and Caylis Tyri at 555-5555 or   Gilbert d'Dijon and Aveline Clarice from 3:30-10pm at 555-5555 or for ways to help volunteer. See Lady Rhiannon to help serve feast.

In Service to the Middle Kingdom

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November 1996

Seneschal: Greetings unto the Canton of Rimsholt on these crisp autumn days:

For those who have not been attending meetings lately we have changed meeting sites. All dancing, fighting and fencing are now at North Kent mall. The mall is located at the corner of Plainfield and five mile road about 2 miles from the Plainfield exit off 96. Our store is nearest K-Mart on the same side as Plainfield. All practices are in garb.

Tuesday will be fencing practice from 7-9 pm at North Kent Mall. Middle Eastern dancing will be in the back room at the same time with a teacher (cost $7) every other week. Child care available to those who help take a shift.

Thursday is heavy weapons practice from 6-9. November 14 & 28 will be dancing practice in the front of the store with heavy weapons still happening in the back. Nov. 7 & 21 the back of the store is available to spread out your sewing patterns, or any other arts and craft. Day care arrangements are the same as Tuesdays.

Populace meeting will be the first Sunday of November, the 3rd. From noon to 4 we will be working on heraldry to hang in the store. Bring sharp cloth scissors if you can. It will only be felt and fabric glue so anyone can participate. Populace meeting will follow from 4-5. Among the topics of discussion will be a portable water tank and new bolt ideas for the 97 mailing year.

Congratulations to Prince Edmund of Hertford and Princess Kateryn Bronwen of Glouchester on the beginning of Their second year as our royalty. Hoobah!!

Thank you to those who helped with the clean up at the mall and the demo at GVSU. Both went great. If you missed us on the front page of the Sunday paper look at the article at a meeting.

Our gold key loaner gear in is the closet area of our mall space. Feel free to bring any loaner gear to add to it. Our Canton library is also on the shelf there. You can look at it during meetings and return it but it is not ready for checking out to take home yet. We welcome new books to be added to the shelf too.

Our next demo is at Media Play on Alpine on Saturday November 9 from 4-8 pm. We will dance, fence and fight and make another $200. See everyone there.

In Your Service

Archery Marshal: Archery news

We have an archery practice on November 15 at King Archery at 5010 South Division, 7-8. The range is 20 yards. It's $3.00 to use the range. If you need to rent a bow, arrows, arm guard etc. it's $5.50. Please join us. New and experienced archers welcome.

I'm talking to the owner of King Archery and should have a regular night for monthly practices in the winter, I'll have more news next month.

Yours in Service

Chatelaine: A note from your Chatelaine:

Thank you to the 25 good gentles who helped out at our demonstration at GVSU. We received many compliments from the students running it, a invitation back next year and several interested students. I consider this demo a success, thanks again to the fighters, fencers, dancers and craft demonstrators.

Please consider this demo too, it's shorter, so I hope we won't get as tired out

Media Play Demo, November 9th, 4pm-8pm
Canton of Rimsholt

3410 Apline NW, in the northwestern part of Greenridge Shopping Center.
From downtown Grand Rapids, take 131 North to 96 West, immediately exit on North Alpine (may be called North 37) Media Play is on the north end of the really big shopping center on the right.

We need fighters, fencers, dancers and crafts people. Bring your banners and anything else like A&S projects you'd like to display. I think there will be room to demonstrate crafts, call for more information. This was really popular at Grand Valley. I'd like to see more. This is an indoor demo in the back of the store, so you don't need to dress warmly.

Any questions, Contact me.

Lady Emma de Winter, Baroness Andelcrag

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December 1996

Seneschal: Christmas Greetings Unto All of Rimsholt:

I hope you will all have a very happy holiday time with your family and friends and I wish you a blessed new year to come.

Our meeting site at North Kent Mall has moved once more to the fourth storefront from Wards on the back side of the mall. We will retain this space through the holidays because it is not a rental space. We will likely move into one of our first rooms after the Christmas stores move out in January. In the meantime our space is more limited for dance, fighting and fencing. I would like to remind everyone that children belong in the space where the adults are. Food and beverages cannot be in the storefront. We are not allowed back by the storage space toward the back of the room therefore, we must use the front mall entrance for our activities. Please continue to remember these courtesies so that we can renew our agreement with the mall management. Thanks.

Tuesdays will continue to be fencing and middle eastern dancing (cost $5 & $7.50) from 7-9.

Thursdays is heavy weapons practice 6-9. December 5 & 19 will be dancing practice. Lady Gwendolyn has left for warmer climes and we wish her and her family well, and thank her for her service to our Canton. Lady Brighid is teaching dance until a replacement instructor can be found. If you are interested please contact me or Lady Brighid. OYEZ! There will be no practice on Thursday December 26 due to the Holidays.

Our populace meeting will be December 1 from 4-5. I will be teaching a blackwork class on the same day starting at noon. I will provide the linen and thread for those interested.

There will be no day care arrangements at all meetings until further notice. Each parent will have to be responsible for his or her own children.

There are a wide variety of colors of felt at the mall space for the cantons use of making new heraldic banners. Please help yourself and make our meeting space more period and colorful.

Our medial play demo was cancelled due to a death of someone at the store. It is not rescheduled as of now. Our next demo is with Montcalm College on Saturday December 14, 6-7 pm there will be fencing heavy weapons and craft display. There will be a 25 minute set of dancing during the dinner which runs from 7-9.

Spring Crown Tourney will be in Cynnabar. Their Highness' Edmund and Kateryn have expressed an interest in our hosting their coronation in the spring, however. The same autocrats are currently looking into that possibility.

Now that winter is upon us thoughts turn toward indoor projects. Keep in mind that regional A&S is only 3 or 4 months away. It will be hosted by the Shire of Stormvale in late Feb or March. Lady Hanna Lore will be teaching a class on A&S research on January 5. Think of what you could contribute to the talents of the Middle Kingdom.

In Your Service - Happy Twelfth Night

Archery Marshal: Archery News

Our next practice is at King Archery, 5010 South Division on Friday, December 13th from 7-8 pm. Starting in January we'll be practicing every two weeks until it's warm enough to practice ourside again.

It's $3.00 to use the range and $5.50 to use the range and rent a bow, arrows etc. make sure your points are glued on tight, we lost quite a few last month. The hay bales are tightly packed.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the range this month.


Chronicler: Season's greetings unto the Rimsholt populace:

The sky is now clouded over and the snow comes gracefully down to earth, to cover the ground in a lovely white blanket. To let you know that winter has arrived once again.

The sweet aroma's come slowly out the kitchen door filling the room with it's fragrances. The sweet aroma's bring to mind the memories of the seasons that have past.

The memories of the good times with friends of old and new. It is a time to reflect the good times spent, as well as the sad times of those we've lost, to know that in our heart's that they are safe and loved.

It's time to warm our glasses by the hearth's in front of the roaring fires. Drink a cup of cheer to those of old and of new, to wish them joy and good health. I drink to you.

May the new year bring the joys and promises of each of your wishes. may the new year bring us all the love and font of wishes . Here's to yee all. In the spirit of us all. A good season's greeting!

With the Holiday Spirit,
Rhiannon Duncan

Chatelaine: Greetings from your Group Chatelaine Lady Emma de Winter

We are doing a demo (really this time) at Montcalm Community College, December 14, from 6-9 pm. They are holding a Madrigal Feast and it will be very similar to what we did at GRCC's madrigal dinners. From 6-7 we need fighters, fencers and especially craft demonstrators. The more fighters, the less work for all who are there. The contact person at the college really wants crafts demonstrations. This will be in a gymnasium as the people enter for the feast. From 7-9 we will be dancing during the feast. Dancers only will be allowed to sit at a special table (in the hall, but not with the paying customers) and eat.

I have two new flyers for newcomers. They are Foreward Into the Past, a newcomers guide to the SCA, and the new Chivalry Sports catalogues. If they are not out at the mall, just ask me for one.


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