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Wants - Needs - Desires
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This is a work in process. As you can imagine finding and chronicling decades of history is a large task.

The Canton of Rimsholt started in the early 1980's and I am looking for anything from that time.
Specifically I am looking for:

Copies of the Rimsholt Bolt:
Any of the early Bolt's from the early to mid 1980's
Here is a listing of what Bolt's I have and which I am missing - bolt_index.txt

Pictures of Canton Members:
I am looking for pictures showing Canton members, events, demos and such.
I am not really interested in pictures of mass battle scenes, there are plenty already on the web
Here are links to a couple:

The Ultimate SCA Battle Page
Scenes of the Known World

That's not to say that I wouldn't like pictures of Rimsholt members in armor, just please no Pennsic Field Battle pictures.

Stories about Rimsholt:
Any stories or tales you may have regarding the Canton of Rimsholt I would dearly love to have.

If you have any of the above mentioned items please get in contact with me at


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