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Officer Articles from the Rimsholt Bolt - 1989
(note: all mundane names/personal address have been removed
or replaced by the generic Bob Robertson)

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January 1989

*** Missing Copy of the Bolt for this Month ***  See my "Wants / Needs / Desires" page

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February / March 1989

Knight's Marshal: Marshal's Arena

This months topic is safety. This subject can take many forms: I will expound on 2 basic issues; adequate protection and precautions.

We who fight in the SCA are all aware of the required areas of protection & the amount of padding & rigid material. Most of us follow these rules in tourney & practice fighting. We feel that head, neck, kidney, elbow, knee and groin protection is a necessity. In addition, shin, thigh, and rib protection come in handy. Forearm and wrist protection is a must in some weapons styles. The point being, when working on armor, keep in mind what you want to fight with in the future & and allow yourself the flexibility to accomplish it.

Examples of this are the quick cop for elbow protection to fight sword and shield but future provisions for forearm and shoulder protection to fight bastard sword and polearm. Another overlooked area is the top of the shoulder.

Generally, thigh protection comes up to the top of the hip. Unfortunately, the leg piece is usually heavy & slides down. This is usually the time your opponent makes contact with your hip bone with a shot that would drop an oak. Effective body armor is a must when fighting with a 2-handed weapon. Keep this in mind when deciding between protection, mobility and authenticity in that order. Remember - Blood, Bruises & Broken Bones are period but not practical!

Most of us are in good shape for fighting. However, there may be gaps between practices & tourneys. Activities besides sofa spud with 12 oz. curls might help you stay in shape. An activity with strengthening & cardiovascular workout properties would be ideal. I take karate. It seems to provide the needed workout.

One final point to consider: Prior to fighting is stretching. Many pulls & strains could be avoided by proper warm-up before fighting. It is often difficult to loosen a cold muscle - especially before a tourney that you've traveled 2 or 3 hours to reach. Walk out the kinks & do some general stretching. These should cove the legs, back & groin areas. Make sure the neck is loose & moves freely along with the back. As most fighting is done from a squatting position, the groin & thighs should be stretched & warm. Hurdler stretches, butterfly's, waist rotation all help to loosen various muscle groups. Other techniques are available and I would suggest vigorous research into these areas.

Remember, we want to keep people interested in fighting & staying injury free help to keep this a sport, not just a bunch of weirdo's getting together to beat each other to death.

Deryk von Waldfrysk

Chronicler: Editorial Epistle

Did you think the Bolt went out of business? Well, we're still here. Sometimes the mundane world interferes with our SCA lives. Let me tell you the latest news:

Lord Daibhre is now Baron Daibhre, He was made a Baron of the Court at our own Winter Revel.

We were made an official (no longer incipient) group. This also happened at Winter Revel. See what you missed by not being there?

Our next meeting is at Bob's place. Directions are as follows *** snipped for privacy reasons ***. Meeting starts at 3 pm. Bring a munchie and your own beverage. main dish is provided.

Winter Revel Statistics
81 people attended. For 41 of them, this was their first WR. We made a profit of about $66. Everyone enjoyed themselves except for the (marzipan) pig that was "ritually sacrificed".

Please note the postcard from James Foxton that is elsewhere in this issue.

Anyone who would like to submit an article will receive my undying gratitude. If you are not from Rimsholt, you will also receive the Bolt free for a year if the article is printed.

We have again been asked to participate in the Muskegon County Mayfest. It will be on May 20.

Contact Lady Amber for more info.

Iarlaith ni Fionnallain

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April / May 1989

Knight's Marshal: Marshal's Arena

I suppose it's time to write an article or the Bolt. I know you're all thrilled. So, what's the topic - the suspense must be be killing you. Well, here it is - fanfare, please, drum roll would be good . . . PRACTICE! Yes, this article is devoted entirely to practice. Whew, glad I got that off my chest. Boy, I feel better. Well, until next month, fight chivalrously and don't worry, be happy.

What, what's the problem? Oh, there's as much article as practice - that's the problem. O.K. - practice at Iarlaith's Tuesday at 6:30 pm - alternate on Sunday at 3:00 pm or Kalamazoo at 2:00 pm. Contact me for further details, caravaning, etc.

Deryk von Waldfrysk

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June 1989

*** Missing Copy of the Bolt for this Month ***  See my "Wants / Needs / Desires" page

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July 1989

*** Missing Copy of the Bolt for this Month ***  See my "Wants / Needs / Desires" page

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August 1989

*** Missing Copy of the Bolt for this Month ***  See my "Wants / Needs / Desires" page

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September 1989

Knight's Marshal: Marshal's Arena

"Testing - Testing - 1 - 2 - 3 - Testing"

Tap, Tap, Tap - "Does this thing work?"

I take my pencil in hand to write this article - aren't you surprised? Yah, it's got me all choked up, too.

Now that the shock is over, I need some answers. Who is interested in fighting? What styles? When does anyone interested want to practice? You know, the stuff you to try to become good! Finally, where can we practice?

We also need to gather to determine who needs what armor, so that coordination can be done with the canton armorer/armory through Lord Johan. I would like to have an attendance of more than three people to have fighting practice so please get in touch with me or my machine (phone number on officer's page).

If you are planning to authorize in the near future, do not call me the night before the event and ask to borrow armor that you have never worn to fight in. This only results in both you and me looking foolish and, Lord knows, I do well enough by myself, thank you very much.

Lastly, as marshal and a contributing writer to the Bolt, is there a topic you would like expounded upon? You know, if you can't dazzle them with brilliance you can baffle them with bull cookies!

Deryk von Waldfrysk

Chronicler: Editorial Epistle

Allow me to introduce myself - your new chronicler Caillin the Nameless (still)

Any submissions to the Bolt should be sent to me at:
123 Anystreet
Kentwood, MI 49546

In about five weeks this address will change to:
456 Anyother Street

If you have any ideas for the Bolt, please contact me, I'll need every one of them!
As for deadlines, I would like to have as much information/articles as possible at the meetings so I can spend the end of the month working on the Bolt and then mail it by the first of the following month. Hopefully, this will work; I think it will give people a chance to plan ahead more.

As Bartles and Jaymes say, "Thank you for your support."

Caillin the Nameless

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October 1989

Knight's Marshal: Marshal's Arena

Hello - it's hard to believe another month has passed so quickly. Yup, time for another marshal's letter. Most of my avid readers are wondering "What he is going to babble about this page?"

We attended one event, Merchant's Return, in Silver Swords and made up one-fourth of the composition. We also finished in the lower one-fourth, for those of you who keep score. Same old problem, no time available for practice. We couldn't even challenge Otto or Richard, neither bothered to don armor. The mud and the rain won so we didn't practice afterwards.

Enough old business. New business . . . I have been informed of a demo on November 11th for Wyoming schools. I have no idea if I am attending - it's in the middle of Bambi, er I mean, DEER season and on a Saturday so I will have to see what's hanging.

With the changing weather the armor will be cleaned, repaired and put away. Maybe a trip to Kalamazoo on an open Sunday for practice. Otherwise, it's hearth and home. Therefore, I hereby announce spot inspections of weapons and armor, including projects currently underway. (Hint, Hint, - Baldr the Directionless.)

Deryk von Waldfrysk

Bum Rap: By Lord Daibhre mac Coileain . . .

Winter Revel - By Invitation Only!

When the first Winter Revel was conceived several years ago, the idea was to have a party - none of the trappings of an "Official Event" would apply; no tournament fighting (special challenges would be entertained, however); no troll (donations heartily accepted, site paid for by us - essentially a free activity); winter games and lots of spontaneity.

The idea (discussed by us at Pennsic - a productive discussion) is to return to the party atmosphere, and collect suggestions from our members for whom to invite. The idea is (so far) to ask each member to compile a list of ten persons they would invite to the Revel, then get together to sum up the lists, eliminate the redundancies, then send out invitations. We guess there will be a lot of overlap in the lists, so that we would be inviting perhaps 100 souls and perhaps 50 will show up.

Over the years, the Winter Revel became a Kingdom Event, with a listing in the Pale. The major problems was conflicts with Twelfth Nights and other winter traditions. Now, however, I think we've established ourselves (this will be the fifth such event!) If we ask for $5 to cover the site and a stew feast, we should be in good shape financially.

The only concern that we've encountered is objections from those who are not invited, or those who think such private parties are somehow not in the spirit of the SCA. To them, we say, "Go ahead and come on over! Have fun! But realize that this is NOT a SCA Event - the Society bears no responsibility nor any bureaucratic involvement in this event! Party at your own risk!" How can anyone argue with that?

Our next meeting will be held at Iarlaith's house (see calendar). We will discuss this issue there and take a vote. If you feel strongly about this make sure that you show up to vote! We will make a decision this week. Before you know it, the leaves will be a-turning and the snowflakes a-flying!

Dias Duite!

Chronicler: Editorial Epistle

edit:                1. to prepare an edition of
                      2. to direct the publication of

editor:           1. one that edits

publish:        1. to produce or release for publication
                      2. to put out an edition

publisher:     1. one that publishes

Nowhere in Webster's does it say that the editor/publisher drives allover town to pick up articles. So, this editor is going by Webster's. DEADLINES are meeting dates. Therefore, this month's deadline is October 22nd. If this is not enough time, too bad. Start writing now!

Thank you.

Caelainn the nameless

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November 1989

Bum Rap: By Lord Daibhre mac Coileain...

The founding fathers of our great nation, among their other remarkable leaps of foresight, incorporated into their great manifest for this "democratic experiment" something known as limited terms of office! Intending no reflection on the incumbent officers of this Canton (who have served us well these past years), it has occurred to me that we have not had any change of administration in quite some time. New officers are generally good for an organization, and I wonder if it may be time to open the floor for discussion of the matter at some future meeting of the Canton. Our organization has no predefined terms, and it seems most SCA groups tend to "play it by ear" when it comes to administrative attrition.

Well? What do you all think? Write an article on the subject, and/or talk about it at our next meeting!

Dias Duite!

Chronicler: Editorial Epistle

Thanks to those who turned in an article this time. Remember, your next deadline is November 19th.

Results of our vote on Winter Revel -

Winter Revel will be a regular SCA event, with attendance limited to 80 gentles. We intend to have flyers ready to send to our special friends before anything is published in the Pale, so that every opportunity is available for them to get their money in first.

Feastocrats for the event will be Ysabeau and Raven. Let's all be ready to give them any help they may need so that everything will go smoothly, OK?

Also, our apologies to anyone who attempted to come to last month's meeting and only found an empty house. Iarlaith's mundane life called her away at the last minute and not everyone was notified.

Caillin the Nameless

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December 1989

Bum Rap: By Lord Daibhre mac Coileain...

So where's all the new members? I remember people occasionally dropping by. Sometimes one o two recruited from demos, occasionally a crowd. I remember several folks who came along with Krake and Dietrick to a meeting. Where are they now? How did we fail? Do we see it as a failure on our part, or as simply a mismatch of personalities?

When recruiting new members (spouses and family notwithstanding) is our intent to further the causes of the SCA, bring new devotees of medieval history into fellowship with others of like interests, or are we perhaps more interested in finding people who fit into our club - which is only loosely bound by our vaguely medieval activities?

On the one hand, of course, potential SCA members may not be potential Rimsholt members - know what I mean? Persons who may be very dedicated members of the Society, extremely interested in things medieval, and valuable assets to the educational or esoteric causes of SCA may not fit in well with the personalities and attitudes of our core group here in Rimsholt.

It appears that the new members we have assimilated over the years have very strong personalities of their own, or are drawn into the fold by purely familial ties. Those who have come 'round following their interest or curiosity but who do not have strong personalities generally are left behind, or perhaps driven away by the strength of our own.

These comments come from observations over the years of being intimately involved in the formation of two new SCA groups; Three Walls and Rimsholt. I have also watched many other groups evolve, growing through sparse times and prosperous, times of conflict and tranquility. I have come to believe that much of this conflict is basic to all organizations and may be cause for concern in our own group.

The question I put to you is this: Are we interested in recruiting new members for the sake of the Society and to satisfy the interest of anyone who might find an interest in medieval living history, or are we interested in slowly building a club made up of people who fit in?

Every SCA group and every chapter of every organization has its own personality. In larger groups, more variations in personality can survive in a kind of mini-society. If I may, let me analyze our own group in this regard.

Everyone in our group is here because of one of three things: 1) They are "charter members" (or nearly so) and have shaped the group from the very early years, 2) They are related to members who are in the first category (being spouse, close friend, or offspring), or 3) They are of such powerful personalities themselves that they are not intimidated or will not allow themselves to be alienated by the overall personality of the group ("We're here and you can't keep us away!")

I'm not intending to pass judgement on any persons or point fingers at any given causes - I think the situation is too subtle for that to be done. What I'm asking for is a clarification of our objective in recruiting members. I'm hoping that we can clarify this and avoid any conflicts. I think it's a tribute to the group that we haven't suffered any serious breaches in the group over the years (close maybe, but not lasting).

When I invite someone to a SCA event or talk to someone at a demo it would be of great help to me to know what I'm after. I may talk to a history buff who likes the idea of putting on a costume and becoming an authentic-as-possible 13th century Italian scribe and who has a timid manner or preconceived notion of the SCA that does not match the Rimsholt mold. This person will probably not survive in Rimsholt. They will show up to a couple meetings, maybe an event, and then be gone.

If, however, this same person is very outspoken, "hits it off" with the group personality and starts taking down phone numbers - this person will probably become a Rimsholt member by force of will, and matching the group's image well enough to fit in.

So, are we a large enough group to try to pursue a second set of members - the quiet ones who need to be coaxed in, constantly reassured that they are valuable members and accommodated by the rest of us because they won't force themselves in? I think we need to address this topic seriously. Ask around - do other people see this, too?

If anyone should respond to this idea, either with discussion or an answering article in the Bolt, I'll tell you my opinion on the subject!

Dias Duite!

Chronicler: Editorial Epistle

Well, for those of you who don't get a Pale, the next King and Queen of the Midrealm will be:

          Comar gry Mirand and Lisa Dolorosa

There really isn't a lot to say. In case you've noticed the rather dubious dating system (or lack thereof) that the recent Bolts have had, sorry. I started off with the wrong month - then, when I figured that out it dawned on me that the year was probably wrong, too. C'est la vie! I assume that all of you knew when it was.

Remember, I'll take any articles, etc. that people want to send. Here's your chance to see your work in print!


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