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Officer Articles from the Rimsholt Bolt - 1990
(note: all mundane names/personal address have been removed
or replaced by the generic Bob Robertson)

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January 1999

Forgery: by Johann the Deaf

I'm back - did you miss me? Well, who cares what you think!

This month I am delaying my article on the crossbow once again, to write in response to Lord Daibhre's last two articles.

First, "Elections". I must admit I wondered what was on your mind when you wrote this one and my first thought was "Who else will take the offices?" It seems in SCA you have two types of people, the "doers" and the "let's hang around and see how much fun the doers can provide for us" people. The latter don't make good officers and it seems the "doers" are all in office at this time. Perhaps you were suggesting a trade? At any rate, I was ready to discuss it but you didn't come to the last meeting.

This leads me to my opinion on your last article, "New Members".

I note your concern for new members, but, if you look back over the past two years you will see that we have many new good ones, all "doers" I might add. I'm afraid I can't bring myself to feel bad if some new people choose not to come back. Rimsholt offers something for everyone. Most of it's current members are quite friendly and, as far as I can tell, are always willing to help.

No, we don't do all the work for other people. No, we don't feel obligated to spend all our time entertaining someone because they are new or have a weak personality. No, we are not babysitters. And, no, we don't worship people just so they will come back. Should we?

This is for fun, we don't get paid. To do the above-mentioned would have to start with a large pay increase for me! I will never turn anyone away. I have always helped new people (just look at my basement!) but I will not spend all my time to give someone else a good time.

I have a suggestion! If the topic truly concerns you, perhaps you should take the recently vacated Hospitaller position.

I'm sure we will talk of this face to face, but let's keep it light - OK bud?

Johann the Deaf

Chatelaine: Editorial Epistle

Just some miscellaneous thoughts and questions...

Everyone should make sure to read the Northern Highlands' newsletter. I thought it was well done and I should like to discuss some ideas it gave me, namely going to a different size newsletter. Have we tried any other format than the current one? Let me know.

Also, and don't take this personally anyone, am I the only one who cares when the Bolt is published? If so, I'm going to stop worrying about it when it is late. If not, help me! Thank you.

Does anyone have any good pictures that I can use for filler items when there is a blank page?

One thought that was suggested for the Bolt was to have a monthly column introducing everyone in the group to each other's personas. Is anyone interested in this? It would be interesting for those of us who are relatively new to see what other people have come up with. Even a discussion of how you picked your name would be something if you don't really have a developed persona.

Lord Daibhre - it would be easier to help some of the new people if they were willing to help themselves. It's hard to do something for someone who doesn't want to be helped, taught a dance,etc. As a relatively new member myself I don't remember being snubbed by anyone in the current group.


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February 1999

Minister of Arts:

If anyone is interested is assuming the office of M.O.A., please contact Allyna at 555-5555. The official requirements are few:

1. Paid member of the S.C.A., and
2. Written reference to the Kingdom M.O.A. from myself or our Seneschal.

I have enjoyed this office tremendously and it has enhanced my appreciation of the S.C.A. I would like to see others have the same opportunity and give the Canton the chance to benefit from their knowledge and experience.


Exchequer: From the Treasurer...

The S.C.A.'s Chancellor of the Exchequer will be conducting yearly audits of each branch so - I will no longer be able to accept makeshift receipts (i.e., statements of expenses incurred). Below is an excerpt from the Fiscal Policies for the Middle Kingdom, dated January 1, 1990.


The Chancellor of the Exchequer of each Region will be responsible for conducting an annual audit of each branch in their region. This audit shall consist of verifying compliance with the Laws and Fiscal Policies of the Kingdom.

EACH and EVERY disbursement of Society funds shall be made ONLY against a RECEIPT evidencing that an actual expense exists. If there is no receipt, there is no reimbursable expense. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule and no infractions will be tolerated. If a person incurs an expense on behalf of the Society and cannot produce a receipt, that person has just made a donation to the Society. All receipts will be retained by the branch chancellor of the Exchequer and made available at the time of the annual audit.

I will be following these rules absolutely, so be warned and SAVE YOUR RECEIPTS!!!


Knight's Marshal: Marshal's Arena

Hi - I'm back. I won't ask if you've missed me. I know many of my loyal fans wonder what happened to me and what they can do for me. Deryk von Waldfrysk. Well, I'm glad you asked.

In February is St. Valentine's Day Massacre, where wild persons from all around gather to thrash about with rattan and cause many discourteous arguments and bruises. Highborn and knave alike will set aside their stations and sink to the lowest of the low. Complete disregard for chivalry and sportsmanship will reign and, in the end, only the thick-skinned  and skulled will survive.

Most will view this article as the ramblings of an eternal loser in the lists. On Val Day I will most likely join again these ranks, without violating my concept of the dream.

Earlier, I asked "What can you do for me, Deryk von Waldfrysk?" I ask only this, social pressure be applied to persons, high or low, who trespass upon the rules of the lists and the conventions of combat of the Middle Kingdom. I do not ask anyone to be discourteous or Unchivalrous to anyone, but the violation of the rules of the list should not be praised.Perhaps a sign should be posted at the list table, "Please don't feed the Rhinos".


Chronicler: Editorial Epistle

I'm told that Winter Revel went very well, in spite of the dismal weather. Our seneschal reports that there were 70 people on site, with 48 feasters. Although this was not as many as we had planned we still made a profit. Congratulations to Ysabeau and Raven for a fine feast!

Also, I would like to enthusiastically thank everyone for getting their articles for this issue in early. I can't tell you how much easier it is this way.

To those of you who sent in your persona summaries, I plan on beginning that series soon. There was so much information this time that I decided to save them for later.


Bum Rap: By Lord Daibhre mac Coilean...

Over the past several months I have been writing some provocative articles for the Bolt. These have been points in a continuing process. My thoughts have evolved as the articles have been published. I'm not done yet, and here are some more comments to let you (and I) know where my thoughts are going.

This morning, I was going through the day's plans with the dear wife and I waxed emotional a bit and said, "I'm wondering what to do with the S.C.A. as a member." In essence, what I meant was, "I enjoy it a lot more when I'm involved, but that means I have to be RESPONSIBLE and make time for it, and be somewhat disciplined."

IN one recent article I brought up the idea of group growth, involving group personalities and the "mission statement" of the group. Briefly - "Are we interested in recruiting new members for the sake of the Society or are we interested in building a club?" I got exactly what I wanted - response!

Johann wrote a great response from the forge, pointing out the "doers" we have gained lately (welcome, and thank you!) and the viewpoint that we are not in this to "worship new members just so they'll come back." Most significantly, those words were followed with the question, "Should we?", which is exactly what I'm asking.

Other comments were, "Thank you for writing it" and "I'm still out here" and "We need to take the time to nurture the neos". Again, Johann made an excellent point - "If the topic truly concerns you, perhaps you should take the recently vacated Hospitaller position."

So, back to my conversation with my spouse, it came to me that Johann is exactly right. Each office has it's function, and that of nurturing new members or keeping in touch with occasional enthusiasts fall to the Hospitaller.

Remembering the "good old days" of Three Walls - we arranged the meetings so that they were participatory, so that even the visitors felt they were really playing a role in the meetings. There was a focal point. Everyone had an assigned thing to do. Some of them screwed up miserably when the meetings were over and we returned to "mundania" (always a bane to the harried Seneschal!) but, during the meeting at least, we did our things and it worked. (My role now is that of Court Baron to their deposed Majesties rather than Lord Seneschal. This makes me the rankest noble - the weight of which tolls heavily on my countenance.)

I'm not advocating giving everybody an office, but this reminiscing reinforced the fact that the offices are roles, too. Slime understood it very well when he became Hospitaller for Rimsholt - he just couldn't be there to fulfill the role the way it need to be fulfilled. The Hospitaller needs to be the "babysitter". If this means surrounding himself with others of like mind in a concerted effort to bring in and keep new members, then so be it.

So, I find myself with three topics this time. Their order in this list is not one of importance, they go hand-in-hand.

One - I miss the meetings of the Three Walls days. Perhaps we can return to those thrilling days of yesteryear by adopting the format of "Baronial Court" for each meeting, where the Seneschal has a prominent role to play in court, but I (Ego? What ego?) run the meetings from my Baronial throne.

Two - I feel that the office of Hospitaller must be filled by a person who can be there for the neos and the occasionals, to support them, remind them, help them, "baby-sit" them sometimes and help to integrate them into the group as they wish to be integrated.

Three - I wrote an article about having elections and I'm glad to have heard some feedback from that article - all very valid. The major offices (Seneschal, Treasurer, Chronicler, and I think now, Hospitaller) must be filled by doers, regardless of the "personality" of the group. The other offices (Herald, Knight's Marshal, Minister of Arts and Sciences, Steward, Scribe, Chatelaine, Sergeant-at-arms, Keeper of the Sacred Pillow, etc.) are what create the personality of the group.

So, I think I'm a doer and, with the best interests of the S.C.A. and Rimsholt at heart, I'll run for the office of Hospitaller. (Of course, as Court Baron to their Majesties Reynard and Brynhildr I could probably appoint myself as such.) (Ego? What Ego?) And, I wish to solicit discussion from the membership concerning Baronial Court.

Thank you for your time and comments. Dias Duite!

p.s. Someone will have to take the role of Herald! Any nominations?


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March 1990

Chronicler: Editorial Epistle


Border War is drawing near and it's time to think about getting organized. Lady Iarlaith has graciously agreed to be in charge of Troll - she will still need volunteers to help man (or woman) the booth. Troll will be a little different this year, due to the fiasco of determining the number of tents we paid for last year. NO ONE WILL GET IN WITHOUT PAYING. All people entering the park will pay before parking their cars and before setting up camp, much like Pennsic.

Ysabeau will be out feast coordinator. The current plan is to have different members of the group contribute a little of their time and effort in order to produce the entire feast. Ysabeau will be in charge of coordinating our efforts, i.e. getting our bids consolidated, making sure we all produce, etc. We've already had some preliminary talks that resulted in the following:

    Allyna - salad
    Lady Iarlaith - dessert
    Ysabeau - hot dish
     Caelainn - veggies

I can't remember if these were certain or if we just used them as an example. If you find your name on here and it is a complete surprise to you, don't worry, we'll take care of it at our next meeting.

Elian and Caelainn will be co-autocrats for the festivities. If you have any suggestions, or wish to volunteer, think about contacting one of us.

Lady Amber started us out with the following jobs that need to be done,and we have volunteers for some already. Please consider doing something about those that are still empty.

    Showers - Lord Deryk, Lord Johann, Baldr
    Archery (including hay bales) - Glen
    Porta-potties - Lady Amber
    Contest & prizes - ???
    Kids activities - Baron Daibhre (You said we could volunteer you. We also volunteered you to do anything that required contacting the ranger, since it's not long distance for you.)
    Tent tags - Lord Deryk,Lord Johann
    Site fee tags - Glen, Caelainn

The tent tags will be two different colors,one for each night the tent is at the park. These will be used to determine the number of tents that we have to pay for.

If anyone has any bright ideas regarding the whole thing, please show up at the next meeting so we can discuss them as early as possible.

Also, just because an event already has one volunteer doesn't mean that the person wouldn't like help!


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April 1990

*** No Officer Articles this Month ***

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May 1990

Chronicler:  Editorial Epistle

Border War Notes

Due to crowded schedules there will be no May meeting. Therefore, anyone who is cooking for the feast MUST have their requirements to Ysabeau (555-5555) no later than May 23rd. She will be coordinating the shopping and making sure that we stay within our projected $300 budget.

We need water bearer volunteers. Also, please save your plastic milk/juice jugs so we have water containers for the fighters.

Volunteers for servers are also needed, especially as so many of out group are already working on the feast.

Mr. Ranger will handle the camping for any early arrivals, however, you MUST see us for Friday and Saturday, as we will be collecting camping money, along with site and feast fees.


Bum Rap:  By Lord Daibhre mac Coileain . . .

Here is my acceptance speech upon the event of my election/appointment/usurpation of the office of Hospitaller (Chatelain) for the Canton of Rimsholt.

Not meaning to brag, but to evoke understanding - I'm a busy guy. But I deem it of fairly high importance that those of you who are new to the SCA are brought into the fold, or at least helped to fulfill your expectations of the Society (if possible). I want to meet you, to talk with you, to get introduced to you. If you are brought to an event or meeting by a friend, ask "Who's this Baron Daibhre who wants to meet me so much?" (That's pronounced DAY-ver or DAY-ber, depending on your preference.)

My job, besides getting you in touch with information and people you seek within the SCA, is to keep the collection of "community property" that can be loaned out to new folks. This includes clothes and feast gear. In this regard, if you'll be expecting to go to an event and are in need of such things, CALL ME! If I'm not going to said event, I'll be sure to do everything possible to get what you need to you.

Generally, if you need reference materials, Lady Iarlaith is in charge of the Canton's library, but I know a lot of stuff, too. Just ask me. Trust me - I'm your friend. Besides, it's my job.

Until the next issue - Dias Duite!

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June 1990

Chronicler: Editorial Epistle

Border War Notes

We need water bearer volunteers. Also,please save your plastic milk/juice jugs so we have water containers for the fighters.

Volunteers for servers are also needed, especially as so many of our group are already working on feast.

Mr. Ranger will handle the camping for any early arrivals, however you MUST see us for Friday and Saturday, as we will be collecting camping money, along with site and feast fees.

The site fee tags are nearly complete, the porta-potties are taken care of, the lodge has been paid for - how is everything else coming??

Lord Gundric Fawkes of Roaring Wastes has agreed to come teach dancing in the afternoon on Saturday and to lead the dancing at night.

Also, for some reason as yet unknown, our ad was NOT in the June Pale.

Please - bring your articles to our meeting - I won't be able to fill up the next issue with Border War stuff anymore! Thanks


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July 1990

Miscellaneous Stuff:

Congratulations to Lady Allyna, Lady Caelliann and Lord Baldr on receiving their AoA's. Also, congratulations to our new fighter, Lord Baldr.

Border War was a success, in spite of the weather. We made approximately $250 profit!

Special thanks to Lord Gundric Fawkes of Roaring Wastes for his teaching of dance in the afternoon and for leading the dancing at night.

Special thanks also to Lord Ivar Nottjager of Silver Swords, who ran the archery contest for us, after we had given to the weather.

We really appreciated your help, and that of all others who gave their time and efforts to make our event a success.

There will also be a demo on August 7th, from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm at the Middleville Library. The lady will take anyone and anything we wish to do. So far we only have three people available, so please think about coming!

Oyez, Oyez...: Script for a Baronial Court

As mentioned before, we tried having a Baronial Court for our meetings, where Baron Daibhre presided and there was some structure to be followed. It seemed to work well, we accomplished our business in a short time and then went on to socialize and have a generally pleasant time. Below is a script that Baron Daibhre has put together, outlining this concept. He humbly begs us to read it, think about it, and not be intimidated by it. At the next meeting, we can discuss/vote on this idea.

SCRIPT for the commencement of general meetings of the Canton of Rimsholt presided by Baron Daibhre mac Whatsizname, and written by him 6/12/90 C.E.

Section one: The reason and justification for this document -
Know these things:

Section two; General principles of meeting decorum -
The primary intent of this procedure and the role of the presiding officer(s) described herewith is to give order to the meetings aside from the official duties of the elected officers, to maintain and encourage order and discourage the fragmentation of attention during meetings. As a means to this end, the Presiding Noble may rely roughly on Parliamentary Procedure in spirit if not in detail. This means:

  1. Each attendee should pay heed to the voice of the Presiding Noble,or the person recognized by the Presiding Noble as having business before the Canton except when open discussion has been invited.

  2. Each attendee should strive to "stick to the subject at hand". Id a subject has been "closed" (as in, "we've done talking about that now"), an attendee with more to say on that subject should attempt visually to be recognized by the Presiding Noble, then proceed accordingly.

  3. Should a subject be inappropriate for discussion in an open meeting, the Presiding Noble may opt to defer discussion to a later time & place. "Inappropriate" subject include (but are not limited to) topics of interest to a very few members in attendance, topics having nothing to do with SCA or Canton activities, topics which will entail long and arduous discussion which would jeopardize the other business on the agenda, or topics that are of a volatile nature best discussed in another venue.

  4. Comments from the floor in regard to the above points shall be entertained without discrimination as they arise "out of turn". This means: If things feel like they're getting out of hand, say something about it - and address these concerns to the Presiding Noble, not to the speakers in question.

  5. Such frivolity as the Assigning of Chains, the Levying of Fines, and the Recording of Specific Comments or Events are at the discretion of the Presiding Noble, but the populace in attendance is encouraged to participate enthusiastically.

  6. All business outside the regular reports of the Officers shall be registered with the Recording Scribe before the meeting commences, including topics to be covered by the Seneschal. This assures that the business will not be skipped, and that equal time is given to all voices of the populace. If overlooked at this time, or delayed due to tardiness, the business shall be entertained when the Recording Scribe calls for "Any Other Business".

  7. All attendees should strive to use their SCA names, and if possible to act according to their SCA personae when it befits the subject at hand. It is encouraged that we use the designations "M'Lord" and "M'Lady" whenever appropriate, and attend the appropriate courtly courtesy to each other during the meetings.

  8. The wearing of period garb, and the use of period accoutrements is encouraged also, though it is recognized that this is very difficult in some environs.

Section three: The duties of the Recording Scribe -
There shall be a Recording Scribe, and this shall logically be the Chronicler of the Canton, unless another shall be selected, whose duties shall be as follows:

  1. To record the proceedings of the meeting and maintain record of the specific events so noted by the Presiding Noble.

  2. To announce the Orders of Business to be discussed during the meetings at the direction of the Presiding Noble.

  3. To collect from the populace Special Business to be discussed at the meeting. This shall be done before the meeting commences, and arranged in a somewhat logical order to aid the flow of the meeting and the information shared there at.

  4. To report the record of the pervious meeting, and record any comments or corrections related to that record for posterity and future reference.

  5. To maintain a list of "Action Items" for the record, and to whom each action has been associated, including those of the the Officers within the scope of their respective duties.

  6. To repeat the "Litany of the Noble Court" as described in Section 4 herein, with suitable dignity and decorum.

Section four: The Litany of Noble Court, as proscribed by Baron Daibhre -

  1. Upon the direction of the Presiding Noble, the Recording Scribe shall call the meeting to order thus:
    "Oyze, Oyze! Please take your seats! The meeting shall now come to order..."

  2. As the populace in attendance has settled down, the Recording Scribe shall continue:
    " direction of Baron Daibhre (or whomsoever presideth in his stead), Presiding Noble, this _____ day of ____ during the reign of ____ and ____, and by whose grace we serve. M'Lord Baron..."

  3. Upon the direction of the Presiding Noble, each Order of Business shall be addressed in the following order of precedence:
    A. Exchange of greetings with visiting guests or greetings and messages from the Crown, as appropriate.
    B. The Record of the Previous Meeting.
    C. Recognition of Awards received and given.
    D. Reports of Travels and Events Attended (as appropriate).
    E. The Treasurer's Report.
    F. Reports from any other Officer(s) (sans the Seneschal) who may have something to report.
    G. The Seneschal's Business.
    H. Old Business - unfinished according to the Record.
    I. Special Business from the Populace.
    J. Any other Business not on the agenda.
    K. The Calendar - Upcoming Events
    L. The Agenda, Date, Time, and Place of the Next Meeting.
    M. Anything not covered in the above list.

  4. Upon the direction of the Presiding Noble, the Recording Scribe shall announce:
    "No further business appearing, and by the direction of His Excellency Baron Daibhre, I now declare this meeting adjourned until ____ (time of next meeting).  Vivat Rex!

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August 1990

*** No Officer Articles this Month ***

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September 1990

Bum Rap: Lord Daibhre mac Coileain. . .  .

Heraldry - Must We?

Having served in the office of Herald Pursuivant for some time (with varying degrees of attentiveness) I have tried on several occasions to dispel some of the anxiety that many gentles feel about Heraldic Displays and such. Besides the use of identifying marks - to find a persons campsite,location at an indoor event, or identifying a lost/found item - SCA heraldry means as much as you want it to mean. Registration of names and heraldic devices is pretty much required when higher levels of SCA rank are attained, by "peer" pressure and much as bylaws. In the commoner ranks of the general membership, however, it's one of those pursuits that is elective. Some see it as part of the "hobby" as medievalist esoterica. Some see it as a challenge - can I design something that College of Heralds will pass? For some, heraldry is an integral part of fulfilling their persona. (This I regard as the single greatest reason to register arms.) Some do it out of a sense of gratitude - having been recognized by the Crown with an AoA it would be an insult to that most sacred recognition not to have Arms to display.

I don't care what your attitude towards heraldry might be, but I might express a little opinion where your persona is concerned. I am an Ulsterman of the 9th century. There was not much heraldry going on in those parts then, and my persona generally regards it as a pompous continental preoccupation of dubious import. However, my persona is now living in the Known World of the SCA and, therefore, the rules differ.

My name is registered. For me, it was an easy step. My objective was to create some authentication for the name I chose, and the best resource for that was the College of Heralds. Once the research was done, it was a matter of a form letter and a few bucks to go the rest of the route.

The badge of House Mendicus is registered. This was, again, in pursuit of authenticity. Beggars and vagabonds of various period societies were duly registered and/or sanctioned and an identifying mark was applied to their clothing or worn about their necks. I am always indebted to Their Graces Eliahu and Elen for their recognition of House Mendicus as officially having a right to exist in our great Kingdom.

My own arms (vert, on a Saltire argent, a chalice azure and a bordure counterchanged) are registered mostly because I'm a busy-body and like to do stuff like that. My persona would probably not even know what heraldry was in Ulster, but would have accommodated the Known World's idiosyncrasies by registering. I think I did it to follow through - I was bestowed with the right and recognition of the Crown and it was incumbent upon me to respond with Arms to bear (I feel there are too many AoA's around, which cheapens the honor of Royal Recognition - and those of you who know me know that that's not a conceited opinion. Perhaps another article someday...)

Anyway, if it's your thing to do heraldry, do it. If it's your persona's thing to do heraldry, why haven't you done it yet? Don't be pressured into it, of course, or be anxious about it. Let's get together and fill out the forms someday.

Dias Duite!

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October 1990

Seneschal: The Seneschal Speaks...

To all members and friends of Rimsholt come greetings from Lady Iarlaith ni Fionnallain, new Seneschal of the Canton of Rimsholt:

Well, I'm not sure how this happened . . . when I went to the last meeting I had ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTION of ending the meeting as your new Seneschal. (I'm not even sure I know how to spell the word; it took me two years to be able to spell chirurgeon correctly!)

I guess it had to come sooner or later; I (1) have held every other position in the group except Marshal, (2) have a full shelf of SCA-related books, (3) have a drawer in a file cabinet full of SCA-stuff, (4) have a garage full of SCA-stuff, (5) have a yard perfect for fighting practices and most importantly (6) have enough trim to outfit the Known World.

I would like to thank Lady Amber de Chersey for her years of loyal (and often thankless) service to our Canton. She has done an admirable job. Please let her know that you appreciate all that she has done. Lady Amber has agreed to be our new "Demo Chairman" - that is to coordinate with schools and other institutions any demonstrations they want from us.

Please note on the inside of the front cover the new roster of officers. Thanks to Lady Caellainn the Willful for taking on MOA in addition to Chronicler and to Elian of Colborne for assuming the duties of the MOS in addition to her activities as Treasurer.

We have had a number of new people interested in the Society in the past few months. Lets all try to go out of our way to make them welcome. If you can't help them with what they need or don't have the information they want, please refer them to the appropriate person; often Baron Daibhre, our Hospitaller, or our MOA or MOS. I do have the Rimsholt library lodged in my basement which can be used for reference material, Baron D has an extensive library and our MOS, Elian, is a librarian! We are probably one of the most resource rich groups in the Pentemere region. Remember to avail yourself of those resources!

I would especially like to welcome Squire James Foxton and his lady, Susan, to our Canton. For those of you who may not know Foxton, he is squired to Prince Dag. His other claim to fame is the "Todd Plate". Ask any of the Rimsholt fighters for details!
Remember to attend our October meeting. You will find details elsewhere in the Bolt. It should be an exciting time.

In Service to the Midrealm,


Chronlicer: Editorial Epistle

O.K. people. Because La Chatelaine de Vergi has been completed and I have a hard time collecting articles for the Bolt I have an idea. How about if we cut down on the number of issues, so that what we do put out has some substance? In the in-between months I could publish a calendar of events, so that we will all still know when (and where) meetings, events, demos, etc. are.

If you would like any input into this decision, please show up at the October meeting or call me.

Thank you.

By the way, congratulations(?) to our new officers.

Also, we will be doing a demo for the Caledonia High School 10th graders in February, probably on the 23rd.

And, someone who is going to coronation should contact Katya of Shadowed Stars regarding the presentation of travel money to their Majesties, (they will be by then) Dag and Ilsa. (HINT: Daibhre,we figured you could do this, since you speak so well in public. We hope you're planning on attending!)


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November 1990

*** Missing Copy of the Bolt for this Month ***  See my "Wants / Needs / Desires" page

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December 1990

*** Missing Copy of the Bolt for this Month ***  See my "Wants / Needs / Desires" page

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