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Officer Articles from the Rimsholt Bolt - 1988
(note: all mundane names/personal address have been removed
or replaced by the generic Bob Robertson)

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January 1988

*** Missing Copy of the Bolt for this Month ***  See my "Wants / Needs / Desires" page

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February 1988

Knights Marshal: Marshal's Arena

Once again it is time to write an article for the Bolt - why? To take up a page? The question remains - why should a person who is barely literate be allowed a page to expound upon. I hate erasers, they allow you to change your mind and I get so confused so easily. (hey, I don't understand it either, I just type what he gives me. (ed.))

In this quarter's Tournaments Illuminated (Winter, A.S. XXII #85) is an excellent article by the Society marshal on "Authority". many people take being an "authority" to heart. I hope this article represents what a pain they have been in other areas.

New spear shafts have been authorized by the Marshallate on a trial basis. These are known as "linear fiberglass" or "poltruded nylon fiberglass" poles. Piping must be a minimum of 1 1/4 inches in diameter and not less than 1/8 inch wall thickness. The spear shaft should have a schedule 40 pipe cap with an internal diameter of 1 1/4 inch to fit the exterior diameter of the shaft. The thrusting tip would be placed over the cap and padded appropriately. I have an address from which shafts can be ordered in 100 foot lengths (minimum order) at $1.67/ft. Needless to say, if anyone can get smaller quantities cheaper, I would be interested in knowing.

All those interested in a per-Valentine's Day warm up contact me as soon as possible. Some try-out of armor and weapons should be attempted before than.

Deryk von Waldfrysk

Bum Rap: Lord Daibhre mac Coileain...

History of Three Walls - part 9

As you may remember from our last episode, boys and girls, it was A.S. XVIII. Our heroes had just laid the foundation for the infamous House Mendicus, and Their Majesties Eliahu had been crowned Tanist of the Midrealm (the first time). The story ended near the Christmas season of the year, and this, then, is what happened next.

As the Christmas season commenced, plans proceeded for the Baronial Border War. We established the first Border War Raffle, intending to raise money and public awareness. Also, Phillip the Pilgrim of Silver Swords (long-time friend of all) was married in Cynnabar in a wonderful ceremony. We met some folks there who hailed from the Shire of the Crossing of the Red Spears (Some time later, they made the great trek to our own humble valley for feasting and reveling.)

We celebrated our Christmas Feast in the Shire of the Shadowed Veil (near Roaring Wastes). There, we were treated to one of the greatest epicurean delights of our lives, and great storytelling from the famed weaver of poetic discourse, Svea Wartooth.

We set the date for the first Border War, to be held in mid-June of A.S. XIX. Our "stable core membership" consisted of: Daver, Hoger, Steffen (Moondog), and Cerdic. A small population for such an undertaking, but we had friends and casual members who would be part of the project as well.

Shortly thereafter, we attended 12th Night in Northwoods, and there were 10 of us from Three Walls! This was our greatest attendance at any one event outside the walls of my own manor! Among the crowd were Michel-Jean Gue with his new lady Amee. We were now beginning to feel that we were recognized as a group of some standing. The older, more established groups were beginning to take notice.

It was then that a Seneschal's meeting was held, with all the Regional Seneschals discussing event plans, common concerns, and mutual problems in the administration of the SCA. It was a great success, and I think it would be worthwhile to resume and continue the practice. The calendar for the ensuing year was well planned, and an air of cooperation and friendship began to take shape.

The springtime brought many more visits to area settlements, and many more enjoyable memories. Cerdic, who had gone off to school, rejoined our ranks. Dag moved to Three Hills, which weakened the ranks of Rimsholt.

Our revered mentor Baron Dur attended the Ceiilidh event in Cynnabar, bringing with him his new Lady/wife Elenor. Also, there was a very enlightening and enjoyable Collegium in Silver Swords that spring which still gets talked about to this very day.

We began to get more involved in the official workings of the SCA, partially to ensure support for our Border War project. We attended meetings of area groups, and everyone's encouragement helped to make the Border War planning more bearable.

As the new year A.S. XIX arrived, His Majesty Eliahu proclaimed that our Border War would be an official "War Maneuver" training site, lending a needed boost to the War's popularity. Even today we acknowledge the gracious support of HRM Eli for that declaration and many other supportive words he (and his lovely Queen Elen) have given our humble gang over the years.

Our Border war Bond Raffle had yielded some revenue to defray the cost of the project, at least for promotional expenses. The arrangements with the Mundanes were made. For theie openness and help, we extend our thanks. They needed some money ahead of time to reserve the site, which plunged the project into debt in one powerful stroke.

Next episode, I will render the memories of that first Border War, and some notes about the Pennsic War of that year as well. Thanks for reading.

Dias Duit!


Minister of Arts: The Arts

The easiest garb for the neo in the SCA to make is a T-tunic; it seems that this type of garb is or has been generic to everyone in the group at one time or another. As your familiarity increases, then you can branch out into more difficult or more appropriate garb.

When I talk about appropriate garb, I mean an outfit that reflects your personae and the medieval era where he/she originated. People long familiar with garb making can pinpoint a period in time, or a grouping of several periods, by a style and material of the garb. (Something I hope to do.)

Until you identify your persona, your choice of clothing can fit your budget, sewing level, mood or all these plus anything else pertaining to you.

When choosing your materials, stay with natural fabrics, cotton, linen, silk, wool. Velvets, upholstery and drapery materials often are fine. (Check your attic and nearby garage sales for good deals!) The colors that are appropriate cover a wide range. Please, don't use shocking blue, flamingo pink, or Inertia house orange!

Color of clothing often depicted the social class that you were a part of. (Because of the flexibility of personas and the nature of the SCA's members, the only social status is the one the individual chooses.)

In the Middle Ages, the rich colors - crimson, purple, deep blues and yellows were worn by the upper echelons - the nobility. The more subdued tomes - rose, mulberry, light blues and greens were worn by the merchant or middle class. Earthtones - russet, browns, grey, black, dark blue and green - were worn by all.

The final touch and the most difficult to complete is the trim. Finding medieval patterns and styles in trim is not easy in modern times. Bright and elaborate is the type of trim that will add that authentic touch to an otherwise plain t-tunic.


Chronicler: Editorial Epistle

Well, I "autocratted" (and "feastocrated") my first event and I am still alive to tell about it. I learned several important things.

1. Nothing ever goes exactly as planned.
2. It takes less cheese to feed 60 people than I thought.

3. You need a degree in psychology or social work to deal with some of the weirdo problems that are brought to you for you to deal with. (autocrats must be omnipotent, omnisicient & omnipresent)
4. Never try to cut up a haunch of venison with a dull knife.
5. Allyna and I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT work in a kitchen together. (and we're supposed to do BBW 5?)
6. Annette has the heart of a saint. The pudding was heavenly.

General Announcements

A. By general acclaim of some of the members, all meetings are to be in garb.
B. We will be merchanting at Val Day and other upcoming spring events to make money for BBW 5. Any contributions or willingness to help sell would be appreciated.
C. There is a videotape of Pennsic War available - produced by Korak. Contact Johann the Deaf for more information.
D. Please get your submissions in for the Domesday Book. I would like to have it out by the end of this month.
E. The new home of the Rimsholt SCA library is Iarlaith's basement. Harlen contributed a large number of books - very interesting. Come on over and take a look!
F. Next Meeting: 2/28 at Jay's grandma's house - Dance practice and potluck. Bring a dish to pass and something to drink. One main dish is being provided by Mathias. Starts at 12 noon.

Iarlaith ni Fionnallain

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March/April 1988

Knights Marshal: Marshal's Arena

Howdy campers! There's 10 minutes left on the dryers so I thought I'd try to transcribe an article for the Canton's newsletter . . . The point should be made to fighters, if you don't like something or someone's actions, point it out to the person involved or the Marshal in Charge. If you have questions, you may have to talk to more than one individual - but don't leave a question to conjecture.

Fighting practice is tentatively scheduled for Sunday afternoons/evenings. Probably at Iarlaith's considering the weather. Good Hunting!

Deryk von Waldfrysk

Herald: Heraldic Stuff


This is a reminder! Once again, at the recent Valentine's Day Massacre, I noticed that quite a number of persons in attendance paid little heed to the cries of "OH YEZ" coming from my fellow Heraldic types. Now, I don't intend to point fingers, or name names, or directly accuse anyone in particular. And, granted, the Heralds at Val Day were not the loudest I've encountered (Lord Cedric excepted). And, likewise, I noticed that there seemed to be quite a few new faces in the crowd as well. But, when the Heralds cry "OH YEZ!", that means he or she is about to speak WITH ROYAL AUTHORITY!

Paying no heed to this cry is showing disrespect for the crown, and you all appreciate how vile that is! I must say that it is particularly important to make a point of shutting one's trap when Neos are about. New comers should be impressed with these simple tenets of our group, and notice the respect which all pay the voice of the Crown!

Please remember that the words spoken by the Herald are first of all the words of Their Majesty's Authority, and secondly of import to those assembled, or they would not be shouted about! So, in closing, let me simply say that when one hears the "OH YEZ!", one should treat it as a respectful "SHUTUP!" from the very Throne of the Kingdom!

Until next issue, I thank you for your attention and remain yours in humble service,

Lord Daver - AOA/OGR/OSH/OPF

Bum Rap: Lord Daibhre mac Coileain . . .

"Man is nothing else than fetid sperm, a sack of dung, the food for worms. You have never seen a viler dunghill."
St. Bernard, Abbot of Clairvaux (1090-1153)

Hey, I hope you got the news about the Demo at Michigan Tech in Houghton, MI (U.P.) which will be on the 22nd and 23rd of April! It looks like it will be very successful! I hope you all can come 'round to share it with us.

They promise free Crash Space, but it sounds like sleeping bags on dorm-room floors. If that's good enough for you all, it'll be there. There's some rumor about sex-segregation because of dorm rules. We'll see.

There will be some kind of schedule for the activities on Friday, but so far the details are a mystery. It depends on who can get there when., particularly on Friday. We'll be driving all night Thursday, by the looks of things. If you want to coordinate travelling, either looking for a ride, a rendezvous, or a caravan, give me a call.

I'm counting on just making it a fun day full of SCA stuff. We've got demos lined up for Calligraphy, Brewing, Fighting, Dancing, Music, and Juggling. We will have display space available for everything else. There probably won't be room for Archery, but maybe some knife throwing competition.

Gaylin (our contact at MTU) says they have enough people ready and willing to start a Shire already. they're reportedly sitting there with twenty dollar bills in their hands waiting for us to advise them on how to get started! That's mighty encouraging, eh?

We know there's an event in Green Bay, Wis., on the 23rd, which may take some wind out of our sails. If you're heading to Green Bay from the North, maybe you can convince yourselves that Houghton will be just a "stop along the way". (Well, maybe that's stretching it a bit.)

The tough part is going to be getting everybody there at a "reasonable" time and in touch with the right people once you all get there. Here are some geographic directions for you:

The Highway to Houghton is M-41. Consult your Michigan maps.

If it's the middle of the night, stop at the CITGO station at the East edge of town and call her (555-5555).

If it's not the middle of the night, you can get to her place like this: (Again, these directions are given from the East.) As you enter the MTU campus on M-41 (I assume there's a sign), there is a large parking area on the right and two dorms on the left. She lives in the second (West) one. Just past the dorms is a street. Turn left, then left into a parking area behind the dorm. Enter by the first door and go left again and up one flight of stairs. this will take you to the 4th floor (the entrance is on the 3rd floor!?!?) Go "straight" down the hallway (?) to room 406W. There's a Koala on the door.

She (Gaylin) say's she'll put up SCA signs for us to help along the way.

If you have any other question, I probably don't know the answers. Good luck, and thanks for your support.

Vivat the Midrealm, eh?

Chronicler: Editorial Epistle

Well, it's prime S.C.A. season again. Polish up the armor, get out the lightweight garb, make sure the tent doesn't leak,make a list of things to take to Pennsic (of course it's not too soon!). I've been listening to "Not to Worry Mother . . . " and thinking about war a lot lately. I've already put in my vacation request at work and updated my computer file called "War Gear". Ah well, will August never come?

Later in this edition you will find a list of books of interest to SCAdians. If anyone out there wants to borrow any of them, please call me - I can always bring them to a meeting or make other arrangements to get them to you. If you have any books you would like to donate to the library or any you wish we had or can heartily recommend as good references, please let me know that too. We now have a librarian in our group and she has promised to help me get the library better organized.

Speaking of new folks - we have 5 new people who attended Ceilidhthing this past weekend. Judith sews and has been making wine for several years; Jenny and Jim have a lot of enthusiasm and had great garb for the weekend; Carol and Jim (Jenny's parents) are getting involved too - Jim wants to fight and Carol is doing a lot of research into period designs, naming practices, etc. (she's the librarian). We want to welcome all these folks to Rimsholt.

I heard from Brian (Big & Dumb) last week. He graduated first in his electronics class and will be taking an advanced class (Not-so-dumb). He won't be home for the BBW but should make an appearance at Pennsic. Hi Brian! I told you I'd write!

Well, I guess this is enough to fill the page Daibhre left me when he laid out the pages of the Bolt, so I'll chat with you again next month.

Iarlaith ni Fionnallain

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May 1988

Minister of Arts: To Trim or Not To Trim

Material for garb is relatively easy to find, trim is not as plentiful. Events are usually the best place to find suitable trim, with Pennsic being the best.

Since trim is so scarce, other options need to be identified. You could use decorative buttons, frogs, contrasting material or embroidery work. Embroidery work is time consuming and challenging depending on your pattern.

Areas for embroidery can be the collar, sleeves, bodice, back, hems, hats, veil or whatever. You can choose your pattern from entire designs or flowers, birds, etc.

Identify your pattern, trace it with tissue paper and transfer it to your cloth by tracing with a pen. If you are artistically inclined, you could draw your pattern freehand.

Use embroidery floss and you can interlace your stitches in an outline form - or completely fill in the pattern with the floss.

Some possible patterns are included in the "Knowne World Handbook", 2nd edition, pg. 57-59


Herald: Heraldic Stuff

Dear Friends,

There is not a lot to write about this month. I sit poised at the keyboard with a notion that you, the reader, are my best resource for heraldic stuff to write about.

If someone wants to know something about the S.C.A. office of "Pursuivant", they need only consult the Herald's Handbook, of which I have a copy.

If someone seeks information on naming conventions in particular periods and cultures, the specifics must be pursued by case-by-case research, with which I am only too glad to assist.

In being creative about composing a heraldic device, for an individual or other reasons, one-on-one consultation is called for.

If there is anything of a general nature you readers are interested in, I'll be very happy to write verses or profound prose to expound the facts and figure thereof. Let me know.

Lord Daibhre

p.s. I can only write this kind of non-informative article once a year without looking irresponsible. Next month, perhaps I'll include some real information.

p.p.s. The forms filled out recently have been submitted or re-submitted to the Heraldic chain of command. We'll see what gets through when. Meanwhile, don't hesitate to fly the colors you have chosen at your own (negligible) risk.

Bum Rap: From Lord Daibhre mac Coileain . .

Let me note that I'm as pleased as the rest of us at the success of the recent demo in Houghton. The people on the college staff, the student representatives, and the (very) enthusiastic students of MTU were more than gracious, an I thank them all.

Along with those thanks, let me extend very heart-felt thanks to our Ritter-Baron Aerdigwidder for being there at great risk and with no little personal investment. Also to our friends from Stormvale for their valuable support and help at the site.

The people at MTU will soon be selecting a name for their distant College of the SCA, and officers should be logging their first reports. This gives me a great personal satisfaction! I have wanted for years to extend our SCA borders to our North, and that effort has begun at last with a very promising start. Best of luck to our new fellow anachronisms.

A note to those of you who couldn't join us, for whatever reason: TOO BAD! It was a great time, and I've never seen so much response to a SCA demo anywhere before. If there was a "victor" in this battle for the North, it will be all of the SCA.

On another topic, let me attempt to comment without taking sides in an issue of censorship. Recently, an article in the Bolt was greatly shortened by the ready scythe of the editor due to temperament expressed. This was done, I believe, to protect the interests of the Canton in it's bid for officiality, and not to inhibit the rights of free press or the writer. I would suggest that the editor allow the opinions expressed in that article to be published, either in a future issue at less critical times, or in a revised form agreeable to both the editor and the author. I share the concerns of both parties, and believe that both can be satisfied. But leave me out of it. (Ha)


Chronicler: Editorial Epistle

The Demo at "Tech" was a resounding success!!
Not only did us Rimsholter's show up in force but we had 4 people from Stormvale and 2 from Midland - a total of 12 SCAdians. They have a lot of interest from their local people and I think they can get a strong and active group going. Korak did a talk on mead and wine making. There was a lot of fighting and I did a small calligraphy demonstration. They put on a pretty good medieval lunch feast and the facilities were good. We had two large rooms to ourselves and they were a good location for partying (which we did a lot of!)

Now, concerning our Demo at the Muskegon Mayfest: It starts officially at 11 am. We should be there at 10 a. to set up. Our location is outside and we will cancelled in case of rain. We are to be located on the "Main Lawn" near the Collegiate Hall or the Student Union wherever those buildings are! Plans include 2 fighting sessions, medieval calligraphy and medieval dancing. WE ENCOURAGE AS MANY FIGHTERS TO ATTEND AS POSSIBLE - IT IS OUR BIGGEST DRAWING CARD.
There will be a party after the demo at someone's home in Muskegon. More details later.

If you need directions, contact Allyna at 555-5555. If you need more info. or need a ride, contact Amber at 555-5555 or Iarlaith at 555-5555.

Just a reminder about the Rimsholt SCA New Years Party - Garb would be nice. It is BYOB and some munchies will be provided. It would help my budget if you brought a snack to share. The fun starts at 7 pm. (No Christian Brothers will be in attendance - I promise! but spoons will be in good supply.)


p.s. All future articles for the Bolt will be due on or by the 15th of the month.

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June 1988

*** Missing Copy of the Bolt for this Month ***  See my "Wants / Needs / Desires" page

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July 1988

*** Missing Copy of the Bolt for this Month ***  See my "Wants / Needs / Desires" page

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August 1988

*** Missing Copy of the Bolt for this Month ***  See my "Wants / Needs / Desires" page

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September 1988

Minister of the Arts: The Arts

Why were stews & mushes popular in the Middle Ages?

Have you ever wondered about this question? There are a couple of answers to this question.

1.) Meat was a rare commodity. Stews allowed you to have the flavor of meat, while requiring very little of it. At one time, animals would not be slaughtered for food until they had produced offspring.

2.) Forks were not a period utensil. Stews were easier to consume with the use of spoons. Forks became a popular item in the 16th century in Italy and Spain. It took another 100 years before Germany, France, England and Scandinavia began using forks. There is some evidence that Byzantine's were using forks as early as the 11th century but this was not a wide-spread practice.

How did forks change the Middle Ages?

1.) Using a fork enabled a person to be tidier and cleaner when eating.
2.) Larger pieces of meat could better be reduced into smaller and more suitable mouthfuls.
3.) You didn't have to tear the meat with your fingers and knife.
4.) You didn't have to use your fingers and make little balls out of your food.
5.) It decreased the laundry - you didn't need a clean napkin with every course.
6.) It added entrees to the menu other than stews and mushes.

Personally I'm glad to have the fork. (But I still use a spoon for stews and mushes.)

By Allyna MacCarthaigh   (adapted from "Joy of Eating" by K. Stewart)

Chronicler: Editorial Epistle

Desperately Needed !!
Articles for the Bolt!!

I can't produce a decent newsletter without articles from all of you. Please submit ANYTHING you think may be printable. (Editor retains the right to edit any materials).

We may have to change to an every-other-month format if there aren't enough articles to put one out every month. Please have any articles for the October Bolt to me by October 9th.

I am resigning as Treasurer of Rimsholt as of this month. I have held this position since Bret dumped it on me in January of 1986 (two weeks before the tax forms were due - I've still not forgiven you, Bret!). Elian of Colborne will be the new treasurer. Our current balance is over $750. Rimsholt is getting positively affluent!

If anyone has access to an Apple II computer with a working printer, please let me know. My printer has died and without it I can't print a mailing list of anything else. (The computer at work does a real good job though).

If you have any items that you think might be sellable at the Rimsholt merchants table, please get them to Amber or Allyna before Coronation. Allyna now has all the merchant stuff that resided in my garage for the past 2 years; (thank you for taking them, and no, I don't want them back).


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October 1988

Herald: Heraldic Stuff

We have some resources at our disposal to help people decide on a personae and to research names and arms. Most of these reference materials are in the Canton Library. Lady Iarlaith is in charge of the books, and a list was published in a past issue of the Bolt. In those books can be found historical fact and fiction from nearly every period and culture within the scope of the SCA. Just browsing across the book shelves is exciting.

The SCA has an "Amorial" wherein the names of SCA personae are registered. Your persona's name does not have to registered, but if you want to protect your uniqueness, this can be done through my office. I have a copy of the Armorial which is 4 years old. It serves to check the uniqueness of the name you have chosen, but it also is a great place to browse for ideas as well.

Arms, devices, and badges are also listed in the Armorial. Arms and devices are registered through my office, too - but only those who have been given "the right to bear arms" by the crown can register a coat-of-arms. Badges are reserved for groups, guilds, and households. The Armorial is a great place to gather ideas or such Heraldic symbols also, and the Library contains other books on arms and Heraldry, too.

As I've pointed out in the past, nothing can stop you from using a name or flying a banner with an un-registered device. The registration is a formality for the most part, but it assures you that your name or arms are unique. Should you be mistaken for someone else, it could be embarrassing - if not dangerous.

If you want some help with basic persona development, or more specifically with names or arms, call me, or get in touch with Lady Iarlaith to go through the books. And good luck.

Lord Daibhre mac so-and-so

Bum Rap: by Lord Daibhre mac Coileain . . .

We, like most small SCA groups, call each other by our mundane names more often than not. SCA names are used when we sign up for things, when we are listed in directories, and when we are introduced during events. In fact, I know the SCA names of people I have met at events, and the mundane names of people I have met elsewhere.

Some folks are always their persona: Dag, Gunnbjorn, Fumm, Thorvald, Johannes, Angelica, etc. Conversely, some folks never seem to be their persona. We don't necessarily put on our persona when we put on our costumes. Though we may lapse into character on occasion, we aren't very good at the task.

When Three Walls met for our bi-weekly Noble Court, we made every attempt to create an atmosphere wherein we could play our persona. It was difficult, but we nearly accomplished it. What many westerners call "the dream" was sometimes close, even though we played it like Monty Python.

During those meetings, it was literally against the rules (the "Lex Scriptorium") to act out of character unless the business at hand required it. We had penalties of varying degree for violations of the rules; sometimes a special fine or tax would be levied by the Mesne Lord (me), and other times the offender would be required to wear chains for each offense for the duration of the meeting. These chains could be worked off by special arrangement, but the Journal would always show the transgression in the record.

Of course, all this was voluntary, and, as I say, treated comedically. But we were not just a bunch of mundanes taking care of business - we were ROLE PLAYING. And through this role play, we felt much more substance in our persona. This is especially helpful, I think, the the Neos trying to figure out what all the fuss is about.

Saying "M'Lord" and "M'Lady", paying attention to the Herald, respecting the protocol of an open meeting, and creating an atmosphere of living history are habits we should all attempt to cultivate. Meetings in persona are, I think, the best way we can do that. Perhaps not every meeting, but it would be nice to resurrect that atmosphere.

I know others in the group feel the same way. Have any suggestions? Bring it up at our next meeting!

Dias Duit!

Chronicler: Editorial Epistle

Well, here we are again: the start of another winter season. Time to get out all your arts and science projects, practice calligraphy, make a new favor, repair that old armor, make mead or beer . . . WRITE AN ARTICLE FOR THE BOLT. I think that we have the best newsletter of any group in the Pentemere region. It can only be better by the addition of your creative talent.

I would especially like to see articles from some of the newer members of the group. There is a lot of talent out there and I know someone can come up with SOMETHING for the next edition of the Bolt.

Did you know? Have you heard? SLYME got his AOA! You should have seen it . . . he was dragged into court by some loyal retainers of King Reynard and Queen Brynhildr. These folks lost their grip near the throne and the valiant Slyme managed to get in a quite presentable grovel that did House Mendicus proud. The ever-vigilant guards protected the Crown with their pikes, not allowing this famous beggar to soil the royal couple with his proximity. King Reynard was liberal with his praise and then Master Vasil, Dragon Herald of the Middle Kingdom presented LORD Arnwyn to the populous. Great was the rejoicing of House Mendicus, great was the pride of the Canton of Rimsholt, and great were the cheers of those assembled for court!


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November/December 1988

Knights Marshal: Marshal Arena

Testing. Testing 1 - 2 - 3 Testing.

Does this thing work? I take Dirk's computer in hand to write this article. Aren't you surprised? Yah, it's got me all choked up too. Now that the shock is over, I need answers! Who is interested in fighting? What styles? When does anyone interested want to practice? Ya know, the stuff you do to try to become better. Finally, where can we practice? Who is going to be present? Why are toilet paper squares so small? Why are keyboards laid out so stupid? What do I mean by taking up your time like this?

We also need to gather to determine who need what armor to coordinate efforts with the canton armoury, (depending on your spelling of colours). I would like to have an attendance of more than 3 people to have fighting practice. So, please get in touch with me or my machine, the number is in the front of the Bolt.

If you are planing to authorize in the near future, do not call me the night before the event and ask to borrow armour you have never worn to fight in. This only results in both you and me looking foolish. Lord knows I do well enough by myself, thank you very much.

Lastly, as marshal and contributing writer to the Bolt, is there a topic you would like expounded on? ya know if you can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle 'em with bull cookies.

Deryk von Waldfrysk

Bum Rap: from Lord Daibhre mac Coileain . . .

So, You Want To Join The SCA (or, How to Freak Your Friends and Neighbors and Worry Your Relatives)

So, you are interested in joining the Society for Creative Anachronism. Well good for you. This is a short guide on how to go about making this decision that may change your life. (probably not but you never know).

It is very simple, just send $20 with a completed membership form to . . .

However!! Before you do this there are some other steps you might wish to take:

1. Have a genuine interest in something concerning the Middle Ages. This can be anything like the garb, arts (calligraphy, weaving, spinning, dyeing), sciences (mead making, brewing, armor making), the martial arts (fighting, marshaling) or anything else about the Middle Ages you find interesting.

2. Put your name, address and phone number on our mailing list. Our Seneschal (person in charge of the group) will get back to you letting you know when our next local meeting is and where.

3. Attend the local meeting. (If you can survive one of our meetings, you'll be ready for anything).

4. Borrow some garb from our Hospitaller (Lord Slyme). This comes in handy for #5.

5. Attend a real event. This will give you an idea of what the SCA is all about. There is a lot more to the SCA than what you see, but this will give you a general idea of what's going on.

If, after all this, you're still interested.
Congratulations! Send the money to the following address:

     The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.
     Office of the Registry
     PO Box 360743
     Milpitas, CA  95035-0743

If you have any further questions after this, please contact one of the officers of the group.

(this was written by Mathias the Hermit to be copied and handed out at demos, etc. Send all comments to the editor. IF there are no comments, we will have it printed up as it is. Thanks.)

Chronicler: Editorial Epistle

Several important items of information to impart to you this month. First of all please read the letter from the Crown found elsewhere in this edition.

Secondly, Daibhre is compiling a DOMESDAY BOOK. Please give him any information that you may want included on "your" page.

Thirdly, the Juvenile Diabetes Benefit. Daibhre has asked that I get this information to you as he is otherwise occupied and can't write an article this time.

1. Transportation of items to the site and setup will begin at the warehouse at 9:00 am

2. If you are from out-of-town, you can clean up and change afterwards at my place. If you need a place to stay the night, you can stay there also.

3. You should be at the Eberhard Center by 6:30 pm in garb with any appropriate props. (handwork, tourney chests, banners, etc.).

4. We will be "color" from 7-9 pm. After that, they will feed us. We can get our stuff out of the main hall about 11 pm.

5. Clean up of the site will be done on Sunday morning.

6. Sunday afternoon at 3pm is our Canton Meeting.

Daibhre wants to especially thank the following people who have helped with this benefit: Jim & Jennie, Amanda & Jeff, Dirk, Sylvia and Viola.


p.s. Allyna gave me an article but I can't find it. Arnwyn gave me an article but I can't find it either.

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