about dr.addn

. "DR.ADDN" --  Discussion Recommended . Americium Dream Doc's Networker --
is my brand name for on-going doctoral work, concerned with surveying literature
and then writing enhancements, clarifications, and applications .

Philip M. Torrance III (Spokane, Wa., USA)
B.A. Math & Comp.Sci EWU 1990

the Americium Dream Documents project 

. the time I spent at ewu -- majoring in math with a minor in computer science --
was intended to be a foundation for my childhood dream of being a robotics engineer;
  while struggling through college (after a lack-luster prep-schooling)
I became interested in computer-aided learning,
the automation of prep-schooling,
and finding ways to interest children in learning
by associating it with the power of having perfect control over computers .

. after graduating,  1992, ... 2005, I worked a labor job for seed money,
and continued to study cyberspace engineering,
intending to use my savings for self-employment at the Americium Dream Documents project
. I helped the employment-challenged at Nova Services
by doing the difficult, odd, or trial jobs within subcontract assembly
. during this labor, I often listened to audiobooks (health, religion, psy., phi.)
and to talk radio (consumer advocacy, religious studies., and politics.)
. as a volunteer, I contributed toward enhancing Nova`s web presence,
and designed a more reliable method of personal protective equipment
to deal with their heavy involvement in under-ventilated silicates at the time
(laundry soap, pottery, burr grinding, paint sanding, and bagging of sterilized (micronized and respirable) sand ) 
. I also produced several reports that increased staff awareness of silicates
as a representative for labor on Nova`s safety committee .

. after graduating,  I worked a labor job and continued my studies for Americium Dream Doc's or preventive health
intending to use my savings for self-employment at the ADDs project

. since being self-employed, my primary occupation has been
building a mobile office that is also a human-powered vehicle.