choice is the modern way

. the transcending msg of { mercola, sears, atkins } was that
-- regardless of what food you choose --
the essential ingredient to health is keeping the hormones"{ cortisol, insulin }
in the zone of moderation

the TG/HDL hormone zone test

. the greatest contribution of dr.sears was his
guide to cheap hormone monitoring:

you can test the health of your diet by watching it`s effect apon insulin levels,
which are monitored by
the ratio of triglycerides
to HDL (helpful) cholesterol

. when my diet was high in eggs and olive-oil,
and had no sugar, flour, or starchy vegetables,
I had a perfect TG/HDL ratio of around 1/1 !
( a typically horrible ratio is 4/1 )

the meat controversy

. protein such as meat is often encouraged in the diets of { mercola, sears, atkins }
because it does tend to be the easiest way for a doctor
to keep most of us sinners in the hormone`zone of moderation
. this is because meat is a convenient and fun source of protein,
and not only does protein makes little demand on insulin,
but also,
 after the last meal`s glucose supply falls off,
protein hormonally encourages the liver to keep producing brain fuel [dr.sears]
-- essential for keeping down another insulin raiser: cortisol
. however,
meat and saturated fats do decrease your ability to
use insulin (they cause insulin resistance);
so, mixing meat with sugar, flour or other things that need insulin,
will result in the diseases typically attributed to meat-eating
. meat is also a comfort food, and people tend to abuse it,
adding to it`s notoriety
( . how can protein be abused ?
it has to be drip-fed just as carb's do,
because just as a carb-rich diet increases your need for the dangerous insulin,
a high-protein diet decreases your ability to respond to that insulin,
thus forcing levels dangerously higher when the meat is mixed with carb's
. and what comfort seeker doesn't mix carb's with their meat ?! )

the perfect hormone-zone food" legumes

. the safest way to get protein and carb's is the legume
simmered in spiced monounsaturates:
the fat further slows the digestion of the carb's,
and keeps the vitamins fresh
by separating them from oxygen which is esp'ly volatile during the heating processes

. for example,
my routine diet is
lentils, rosemary, and olive oil in a blender;
but people in other cultures
do the same thing in a longer amount of time
-- and likely in a more effective but less convenient way --
by adding the spiced oil to the simmering vegetables in the pot
. the classic spice is oregano -- the one with the greatest anti-oxidant value --
but rosemary nearly as powerful .

. legumes are the best source of protein and carb's because they have
a very unique combination in the world of foods
they are both very fiberous, and very high in protein;
and this feature provides
a drip-feed mechanism for both the protein and the carb's
-- one that duplicates the function and healthfulness of
 dr.sears` zone diet
( that is, the revised zone diet, detailed in his later books,
which is more about hormone-zone theory
than carb-protein-fat ratios . )

a good diet starts in the womb

. staying in the hormone zone is especially important for young girls
as this will dramatically reduce their risk as adults
for breast cancer, and painful endometriosis
-- not to mention life-threatening diabetes during pregnancies
which not only threatens the mother
but also puts the infants at risk of being
out of the hormone zone all their adult lives . 

the exercise choice

. since vigorous exercise can substitute for insulin atleast in the function of controlling sugar levels,
it can make diet-watching less important;
but if you want a finer hormone test than the presence of obesity or psychiatric disorders,
 a simple cholesterol panel will give you those TriGlyceride and HDL numbers,
and provide you with that modern dream
of having choice (in diet) while knowing good from evil
(a good lifestyle does not cause evil feelings or medical bills
later in life, or in the lives of the next generation ) .

bullies are fattening

. good supervision of children can help too,
since fear raises adrenalin,
which causes alarming dips in the level of brain fuel,
which raises cortisol
-- cortisol is a natural steroid that the body uses to suppress insulin sensitivity
 in order to starve the body of blood sugar (glucose)
and thereby insure that most of the glucose is reserved for the brain
. cortisol also supresses cancer-fighting immune activity
in order to feel less tired during emergencies
. if the diet contains carb's that require insulin,
then the insulin-resisting cortisol
over-raises the insulin
-- thus it is the use of sugar as a comfort food
that is most responsible for most modern diseases
since it is high insulin that acts as a growth hormone
that feeds the arterial plaques and cancers .

drugs that are out of the hormone zone

. many drugs that are meant to
cure heart disease, high blood pressure or cholesterol levels,
ironically cause the very insulin resistance that causes all these things
. perhaps the reason these drugs work for some and not others,
may have something to do with how carefully these patients use foods that either
 require insulin, or further aggravate insulin resistance .
. caffeine, and many other popular drugs for performance or recreation
will raise cortisol and cause insulin resistance .

modern foods that are out of the hormone zone

. trans fats (from hydrogenated oils, vegetable shortening,  and margarine)
are the major cause of insulin resistance in drug-free, unstressed  individuals
. these are typically -- and catastrophically -- mixed with high-fructose corn syrup
which contains mostly dextrose and fructose
. table sugar is safer than this because it bonds these two molecules together,
which slows down their absorbtion a bit
. a fast-entry dextrose immediately jumps the blood sugar levels,
and creates a powerful need for insulin
. meanwhile, a fast-entry fructose is causing a sharp rise in
triglycerides (the part of the hormone zone test that should be low)
. this is because the body cannot use fructose until the liver converts it to
triglycerides (an edible or atleast storable fat )
. triglycerides cause insulin resistance,
so eating a lot of of fructose is the same as saying
"( if I eat a lot dextrose too, may it blow my insulin through the roof
-- or atleast out of the hormone zone ! )
. so that is exactly what we get with high-fructose corn syrup:
very high insulin levels, as verified by an amazing increase in obesity
that has occurred since soda manufacterers replaced sugar
 with high-fructose corn syrup to cut their prices in half  .