add`psy (6.6.28)


. this page is a collection of essays logging the thoughts I wanted to keep
about managing the emotional component of human existence .

psy/cognitive therapy/tell the children ( 2005.01.04 v 6.6.28 )

. as is typical of a schizo`delusional
I was haunted by a fear of  being suspected of
gossiping telepathically  ...

. my solution to this problem has felt somewhat similar to what christians might call
the virtue of being humble
for the most comforting response I could find was
"( tell the children ):
ie, I had in mind that there was no way I could save myself,
and the best I could do would be to warn others about hidden dangers in life .

. even without a schizophrenic problem,
you might find that your child-part has gotten your adult-part into a reputation that
makes your social worth very "(uncompetitive),
and then you may be tempted into maintaining relationships that involve
those who are actually only tolerating rather than appreciating you
-- and avoiding  any changes to either yourself or your evironment
simply for the sake of security (what else am I jumping into?!)

. even if you can handle this, and the health threat that it represents,
you might find that the devil
-- that side of your mind that is creating emotions rather than being subject to them --
could care less if you have security:
all it sees is that now it's riding an ass that's been reduced to a dog,
(ie, you may find yourself with an urge to jump up and down
when you know you should be walking on eggshells)

going nuclear -- the devil`s schiz'ic solution

. if  the stand off  between security and perfection goes nuclear
( the one between your devil`s need to progress,
and the human`s need for staying in a comfort zone )
you could find yourself with a schiz'ic reaction
-- where you feel as if the things you have thought
are just as known as something you shouted --
and then,
 you may find yourself working sweaty to ignore paranoia

managing the call to progress, and the paranoia of schiz'ia

. many times a christian attitude will work wonders:
"( turn the other cheek )
-- but not in the way that christ`s disciples expounded apon,
where being too accepting and tolerant
will actually "(heap coals apon the enemy`s head)
. it means being reflective, or self-critiquing;
you're well aware of how you feel from a messy relationship;
and a child`s first response is to label that feeling
as the problem in need of a solution;
but democracy -- and social interactions in general --
don't actually work without being a scientist,
ie, you can't make the write choice about system design
without thinking about how it will be handled by every part of that system
(a scientist would refer to this as
 being sure not to selectively omit any of the observations
that might disprove your current theory)
. a christian might sat that the crux of being a good scientist
is turning the other cheek:
constantly seeking to disprove one`s own opinion (the current theory)
. logicians call this proof by contradiction:
you are trying to proving that your opionion logically implies something that everyone knows
not to be true;
. the scientists are turning the other cheek  as if
their self was one cheek on the face of a problem,
and their relations were the other cheek
by asking:
what could my other be thinking to diminish the rightness of my position

. this also uses the principle of preoccupation:
when you keep busy with looking at all the angles that your problem could be viewed from,
it becomes a distraction from any pain that comes from your own mind
(ie, the process of solving problems and generating the images of a solution,
requires that any depressing or tiring thoughts be temporarily layed off )

. another quasi-christian message that works miracles on schiz'ia
"( only those who are willing to die
will be saved from death )
-- the key to paranoia is the assumption that what's most important in your agenda
is your own health;
and this natually leads to another christianism:
"( put your heart in things that last ):
. if you were to imagine that a god or the keys to luck and satisfaction
would show where the greatest value was
by keeping alive the longest,
then you would label the individual a fleeting concern
-- not a precious or special thing --
while culture would take geologic spans,
and civilization`s progress and survival even greater spans,
but finally,
only the diversity of perception or experience might be found to be truly everlasting
. if you did believe that
orders of longevity were any indication of true value,
then paranoia should not bother you in the least;
there may be times in your inner theatrics when the tele.fear makes doom certain
-- and the flow of adrenalin uncontrollable

. that is the situation when I need to ask myself: "(how did I get here);
and since the answer seems to be
"( choices my child-part made have forced me here ),
it seems natural to respond
"( tell the children .. how falling for my idea of heaven has lead to my idea of hell )

. you aren't giving up on yourself, au, contraire
you are simply acknowledging the real cycles of life
-- that children are the next "(you) --
and you don't want this to happen to you again!

. you realize that the only thing that could help you
is a society that helped guide children from falling over themselves

. even if no child ever hears you,
it brings resolution or peace of mind,
to know what the problem really is,
even if you are powerless to implement the solution
. and for a schiz'ic condition,
finding peace of mind is the name of the game .

. another take on "( tell the children ),
is that when you get in over your head,
there are scenerios which really have no solution,
and being able to solve the problem
really means simply avoiding it:
ie, trying to be jesus christ
will only get you nailed;
 knowing that your only hope is "(tell the children) -- this is god`s
angel of mercy introducing you to the idea that
many problems of this universe are solved only by
humble prevention
- - - - - - not a glorious saviour .