7.3.11: fin/mobi
(financing self-empl' with an economical mobile office)


. mobi is a pedal-powered  mobile office
. the vehicle`s chassis is composed of the dahon`folding.bike modification, and the harbor freight` trailer mod';
. the  chassis supports the cabin which contains the office and the bathroom .
. surrounding the driver is the dog.guard, and hopefully also an insect.guard at some point
. details that involved much revision or sweat include
 steering, braking, insulating,
 committing to an architecture
staying within the law,
and finding easy-to-reach places to boondock around a very hilly region
. the rationale for going mobile  examines how the seeking of solitude is treated in english literature .

page contents


. the primary feature of the mobi is allowing the use of human power to carry a cabin
so that after a refreshing cycle -- safe from the attack of loose dogs --
one has use of a mobile office and bathroom;
hence the name mobi .
frame onlywith steering
 . this version of mobi is a trike,
made by having something like a unicycle holding up the boom of a trailer
(so depending on whether the trailer wheels are leading or following,
the mobi can be either a frontwheel-drive delta trike,
 or a rearwheel-drive tadpole trike )


.  as a glossary of mobi`s current design
here's a survey of the possible trike architectures:
. the essential feature of a trike is that there is a centered wheel
that is pivoted to a pair of dual (side-by-side) wheels
shows a pivo`angle of 2 o'clock. if the trike is facing rightward,
then the typical pivot angle  5 o'clock,
though on a child`s trike it might be 6 o'clock
and the culti`s pivot`angle is 2 o'clock (pictured left)

. a trike can be directed with either the centered wheel leading (the popular, delta style)
or following (the tadpole way, which is less likely to turn over during quick turns)
. the fastest trikes are tadpoles that have pivoting dual wheels;
but, the most important key to speed is being a recumbant with fairings (eg, $3,400 greenspeed gtr )
since wind friction is by far the greatest drag unless the terrain is hilly .

. the pivot can be anywhere between the axis of the centered wheel, and the axis of the duals
(eg, a child`s pivot is over the centered wheel`s axis, a workbike`s can be halfway between axes,
and culti`s pivot appears to be under the driver`s seat,
however,  in a pivot angled like the culti`s,
the  pivot placement is virtually wherever the bend in the forks is  )
. the  pedals can be transmitting power to either the centered wheel or the duals .
.  the trike transmission can be either a modern transmission with
gears, a freewheel, and manual disk brakes;
or, simple and direct like the sawyer`quad (shown at right)sawyer`s treadled quad
using treadles (a pedal mechanism that looks like cross-country skiing)
connected to wheels directly (without a freewheel or gears)
and thereby allowing pedal rotations to serve both acceleration and braking
. modern unicycles and children`s trikes have a direct transmission .

. the mobi is like the sawyer`quad in that the pivot is vertical,
but also like Poreski`s culti, (shown above)
in that power is applied to the centered wheel rather than the duals .


1999.10.31: the office mission (american dream doc's)

adds (knowledge engineering):
. insulating users from limitations of the mind and the enviro .
addx (os):
. insulating users from variations and limitations of objs' msging systems .
adda (meta.programming language):
. insulating prog'ers from variations in msg'ing system .
addm (virtual machine)
. insulating obj's from variations in computing machinery .

2000.05.10: project"mobile`s mission

. project"mobile has the primary goal of not being bound to my current situation  by unreadiness; 
the idea of mobility was encouraged by the portability of today's computing,
and the idea of having a million sq.ft pine-panelled office space .

0.5.10: mobile`s finance plan


. the idea for a mobility plan was prompted by a rent increase;
but, being mobile does not necessarily mean
being homeless ( who are easy prey to cops, bum bashers, loose dogs,
and even the predatory, homeless young)
. it can mean reducing ongoing costs if needed
(eg camping while paying a renter for weekly kitchen, shower, and batt recharge)
--maybe legal camping situ's that allow shr&toilet
. also bike trailer w miniature mobile home.

0.5.10: budget -- save more to retire earlier

renter psychology
. how do I get my pack-rat to move to a cheaper apt? I dread moving all this stuff!
. be a model renter: be prepared to move quickly, to avoid the pall of thinking of it as a huge expense
. dont let furnishing designs depend on apt peculiarities, stay modular .
spending less
. rely on internet or library for news .
. a bike trailer would be unpacked to access waterworks and a cot.tent (a cot that has a built-in tent)
. the trailer would be left by the roadside, while the cot.tent could be easily taken to shady spots .
. the plan is to live cheaply so that one is able to support self-employment earlier
. boondocking would be done out of a backpack
. a backpack.able toilet is possible using disposable bags
. a storage rental would contain tools and supplies
  (2006:  a bank`box contains hard-to-replace documents and data backups )
 . mailbox rental provides a legal street address (for banks, credit, non-welfare agencies),
. a diet of eggs, nuts, and vegetables can be done without cooking or refrigeration

0.10.22: researching retirement funds: roth vs traditional ira

. since you already payed tax on the principle of a roth acct,
 you can withdrawal that money at any time without penalty;
and earnings are tax free even apon withdrawal if  the acct is atleast 5 years and you are 60 years
. the down side to a roth
is that you pay taxes when you are working
rather than when retired and your income would be lower;
imagine living on less than $6k/yr :
 with the non-roth you can actually pay no taxes
-- unless health fails or the min'distribution at 70 is above $6k
. the fool.com  calculator showed that
those who are retiring early would be better with the traditional, deductable ira
rather than the roth or the non-deductable .

0.11.19: my employer assembles portable toilet kits for the military

 here is how the kit is assembled:
. carefully open the toilet bag (there are fragile welds on the sides that could rip)
. check underside for major holes
. drop a tbsp of 10parts polymers and 1part secret powder;
fold it up with an anti-septic wipe packet and an 1/4 inch stack of tissue paper;
wrap a disposal bag around it all; and, place in a ziplock kit bag .

0.12.7: layered mobility

. the plan comes in layers, so that if some things fall through, there are still backups:
0: boondocking with  mailbox, storage`box, and bank`box rentals
1: boondocking with occasional hotel rentals -- for projects that use much electricity or nursing of wounds
2: hotels that share bathrooms -- for if having problems renting seasonally or when cheaper than combined box rentals

01.12.30: mobility problem & solution.ideas
. shower at 24hr fitness or ewu
. wash at laundrymat or charity house
. store backup supplies at storage rental
. use a suite box as an address; then use that address as a residency for ID
. cell phone (do they all need a wall outlet to recharge or can they use disposables?)
. wireless laptop to internet or use lib for research and phone for banking

1.12.29: issues of boondocking

. mobile might be one way to control rents,
tho' there is the hazard of getting stuck by bureaucracy for not having a real residence;
and the crime & police harrassment are more likely;
also, there may be alternatives;
like the gospel mission`s new life program
or sharing a room to control rent costs
(there are also much cheaper apartments;
but they are likely to fold -- causing expensive moves more often --
or, you may find security so lacking
that you really need to spend more rent for a mailbox
and may also have to pay for a better lock box or renters insurance . )

00.5.20:  wooden scooter -- first embarrassing transport project

. I bolted some slotted angle iron into an L-shape,
then a wooden handle was screwed into place
and a pair of 3'' dolly wheels were bolted on
to give a functionality of something between
a sideways dolly and a Razor skate with steering .
--. appears pathetic and got embarrassing comments while being tested on sidewalk:
. it uses a lot of energy, is very loud, and trips over cracks,
but would be good for upping the commute` pace
and can be used as a push-cart for heavy loads .

2001.2.3: proj retirement

1.2.3: research finance

ewu/winter camping, backpacker's guide, (gv198 ..200)

aarp.org .. retirement savings and income:
. under the new ira rules, you can save the full 2000 ira limit even if you have a pension plan at work
(the 3rd leg of retirement financing -- social sec benes -- might not be paying in full soon and shouldn't be counted on)

. if you want to retire early then save money in the long run by spending on a tax consultant .
irs.ustreas.gov ira
. the key is to save some money outside of ira's for the early years .
... or with a roth, you pull out everything but interest, since you already paid the tax on the principal .

web yahoo( best places) -> money mag's best city finder ( crime, health, transport, cost of living, etc )
money.mag accurate? their "affordable" housing doesnt include rentals;
  transport doesnt include bus -- since spokane got a low mark though elsewhere gave their bus high marks .
[7.5.16: perhaps when capitalism doesn't run smoothly, the press still comes through ... ]

1.2.4: the wilderness guard

. the easiest way to be mobile is nixing the trailer,
by having the cot.tent double as backpack`frame .
-- mobile trailer avoids bug fevers --
. one way to avoid bugs is to make a mobile trailer
 that lets you sleep parked on the side of the road
. worried now about police, transients, and parasites that can get through mosquito netting .
todo.ask police:
. is it legal to sleep in a trailer parked by the side of the road? 7.3.18:
can't be done in many cities, and county expects road-side parks to leave their parking lights on .

1.12.30: micro.mobilehome

. have a folding bike for getting from campsite to bus/work
. box on wheels with long handle suitable for attaching to bike
.  the box is something to put the bike in so you can lock it up from vandalism;
and, when weather is bad then put bike in box and walk .

2.2.10: pocket c programming on the palm pda

. starting to develope software for a pocket computer
. it plugs into a keyboard, which I strap to my waist,
so I can typewrite while I walk;
during the winter I do most of my programmer-pacing at the library or at a nearby mall
". it must be fun to be mobile;
I would be much more productive if I could find quiet in the safely of a vehicle .
[7.5.28: I eventually gave up on programming this platform, because PocketC for Palm was too buggy;
now I'm looking into Python on windows`CE (pocketPC) ]

2002.7.25: the mobi`electric co.

. having an exercise machine running a generator
could be a valuable source of self-employment (making energy,
and being a preventive healthcare provider)
. live in a car or a porta-apt that can be towed by a bike
. do library research of mobile lifestyles .

2003.8.7: cheapskating around vagrant law

2.8.13: vagrancy: it's a holy thing!

. found that bible`revelations.21`s idea a holy city is one with a mobile temple!
. this may not seem a good omen, since the mobile hebrew of the Bible`s Exodus
was a genocidal maniac; but I think the author had victims in mind,
since it was likely a lamentation about their holiest temple getting burned to the ground
and how permanent mobility (hey, the american way!) could've avoided that .

. one way to house-car is on highway claiming behind-wheel nodding forced sleep;
7.5.22: the only stipulation to that is being out of a city, and keeping your parking lights on .

03.11.21: mega.roommate partitioning

. a modular minimobile home (one that could easilly be disassembled and carried indoors)
could also serve as insulation from a roommate [ or dozens! ]
. by using a micro.mobiles, dozens of people could share the same apartment or house,
by using it as just a place to restock rather than live
--. needs diplomacy to deal with looking like crack-house traffic .

2004.10.24: New Hampshire residence?

New Hampshire was the state chosen by signed FreeStateProject participants in a 2003 vote
. it has the lowest state and local tax burden in the continental U.S.,
the second-lowest level of dependence on federal spending in the U.S.,
a citizen legislature where state house representatives have not raised their $100 per year salary since 1889,
the lowest crime levels in the U.S., a dynamic economy with plenty of jobs and investment,
and a culture of individual responsibility indicated by, for example,  a lack of seatbelt and helmet requirements for adults.

2005.10: self-employed

. I was not that good at saving while employed,
as my rent remained high, and I splurged on comfort-food, office-related, etc;
but, I can still afford to be self-employed now -- even after paying off college loans --
because I got lucky with the stock market, and a 401k matching plan,
so now I'm burning up a roth ira
. my first job will be find a comfortable way to follow the plan .

5.12.23: euro.residence? spend your dollars in the usa

  www.velomobileusa.com : . As a result of the U.S. budget and trade deficits
the dollar has declined to the point that it now costs almost 40% more (as of 5.01.20)
to import European goods than it did three years ago.

5.10.1 ... 6.11.9: mobi`architecture groping

5.10.1: pre-mobi: mobilehome#compact
5.10.29: micromobilehome is renamed mobi
. refer to the micromobilehome as "(mobi) since it sounds like the famous whale "(moby dick),
and while the whale of jonah was nameless, "(mobi) is also a homey name for "(mobile)
. being my office, the "i" in mobi reminds of info as in the mac series "( ipod, iphoto, ...) and ai (Aritificial intel.)
. "(mob-i) also reminds that rv life is an obvious solution for dealing with the mob, as in the overpopulation problem
5.12.15:  mobi#in-line bike trike
6.1.22 mobi#[bike n trailer]
6.8.1: mobi#lite
6.10.22: delta.trike with rear-wheel steering
6.11.8: mobi#sawyer
6.11.9: req" long is better than tall .

5.11.04: test-drive bike

. get accustomed to bike riding in the street
having given up on bikes for years when the city outlawed bikes on sidewalks,
and years of high caffeine and experience with accidents
had left me jittery about riding in the streets .
 . get a feel for the livability of the centenial trail
. follow a path in the park that I thought was the trail;
. a sign in a centenial tourist parking lot
said that you should take all your things with you
because the tourist parking lots were infested with thieves who will not hesitate to break a window;
 and they often get the credit cards and checks spent very quickly
-- even before the victims get back to their cars!
(that's the time a victim would get on their cell phone to call the banks)
. when I got to that sign, it was almost sundown,
and that's when I read that everyone has to be off the trail by dusk
and so I started to bike through an unfamiliar neighborhood;
but then I thought it would be nice if I had mobi right now to protect me from any loose dogs,
so I raced home on the trail
. getting over the absurdly steep foot bridge reminded me I might need a
winch for towing mobi through some hilly spots .

2006.02.26:     finding a local  trailer.kit dealer

www.banditalley.com/trailers.html  advice that mentions harbor tools:
"( . The various Chinese origin,
bolt-together kits from Northern Tools,
Harbor Tools,
Sams Club, and others,
will work well for occasional use, if assembled properly, and inspected (bolts tightened,etc) between uses. )

. I've already tried northern tools (online-only); is there a sams club nearby? membership-only;
harbor tools sounds vaguely familiar as a local?
google harbor tools spokane:
Local results for harbor tools near Spokane, WA - 10 miles E - Harbor Freight Tools USA Inc

6.11.18: prioritized"mobile dogguard and lockable storage

. don't spend time on how to cleverly fit everything in;
find a way to trike with a dog guard and a lockable storage area .
. steering is another major design thrashing -- and the first hurdle to get over .
 . don't spend time trying to get the cabin secure
danger is just getting to that sweet spot;
. after you get past the neighborhoods,
things get much safer,
and there's no need for an ax-proof cabin .

6.11.22: mobi#gym`pivot design is scrappeddahonrecumbent.jpgv0.1` pivot

. pictured is a mid-project experimental version
where the dahon would be used as supine recumbent,
and the steering pivot would come from a weightlifting bench
(the pivot was part of a built-in spotter mechanism) .

6.11.23 website begins

. the first page, "finhpv,  has the title hpv/mobi#sawyer`trike

6.12.8: cabin idiot 1.0 causes a work delay

7.3.1: cabin idiot 2.0 arrives with cookie-cutter injury
. 10 days later, the quick.glue surgery was found to be a success .
7.3.11: . cabin idiot is moved to the safeconstruction page .

2007.1.20: chassis completed

6.11.22: bike-connect selection -- sawyer`trike with  dahon`pivot
6.12.19: trailer`boom-connect selection -- angled boom connect (trailer.mod` v1.0 )
7.1.28: bathroom 1.0 --. the chasis is extended to accommodate a bathroom

7.2.6: reprioritize

. the greatest obstacle now is not dog.guard but legals, esp'ly brakes?
. buy an axle that fits the disk or drum brakes .
. solved instead by quelling fears about following code,
by calling police and asking about code, and also resolving to drive slow and test brakes on current conditions .

7.3.11: webpage conversion of log notes

. start organizing note with webpages
for showing the documentation along with the highlights
. separating my log from project documentation makes it easier to organize
since I can toss more without worry about what to keep .
. I'm starting to think of vehicle engineering as being
no different than any software project:
the hallmark of a good product is one built to the specifications of
good documentation .
. rationale for going mobile 
. the notes are all included, and the rest of documenting time is spent proof.reading,
and filling holes in the design .