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I am islamic christian
islam/ 2nd coming

jesus christ/ house divided can.t stand
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  • a nation divided cannot stand
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    god/ can he speak audibly?

    tarot and the occult schools

    . the intelligent supernatural force, or god in our lives,
    is the same as that in the knowledge and writings of the ancients
    . the knowledge of ancients may not have been quite an icon of critical thinking,
    and our treatment of secret teaching and the tarot
    may be tainted by a reveling in, or revulsion of, the supernatural;
     the tarot is still of interest in the study of religion,
    as an account of what knowledge
    the ancients perceived as being of god, or a source if personal power .

    world's religions/a continuum

    . if the months were actually lunar, there would be 13 of them;
    I used this hypothetical occassion to
    modernize the naming of  our calender's months:

    1 hinduber -- hinduism: the oldest religion with many gods
    2 judeber -- judaism: one god for the chosen
    3 christiber -- christianity: one god for all
    4 islamber -- islam: one god without a son
    5 humanber -- humanism: sensible rationalism

    6 democraber -- democracy: popular rationalism
    7 hedoniber -- hedonism: asocial rationalism
    8 chaotiber -- chaos: survivalist rationalis
    9 nationaber -- nationalism: solidarity in wars
    A recober -- reconstruction & reconciliation

    B automaber -- automation: peace through cybernetics and robotics
    C transolber -- star migration for eternal civilization
    D dreamber -- the dream: full bionics with cybernetic dream synthesis

    I am islamic christian

    . or was that a christian muslim? an islamic christian is one who believes that,
    although there was a supernatural event that surrounded and used christ,
    he was not a supernatural being
    . the islamic christian sympathizes with christ's desire to see a return to
    religion serving the people rather than the elite;
    one that cares for those that cannot care for themselves,
    and one who believes that
    everyone should treat community members as self
    because eternal community is everything
    . but the islamic christian's unique purpose is to
    uphold science and critical thinking;
    to tell us what is wrong with the theories of early christians;
    thereby sustaining the flame of science in the matters of religion
    . indeed, just like early and traditional christianity has been a spoof of judaism,
    islam has been a spoof of christianity,
    and a reaction against it's militant invasiveness
    . the muslim's basic question was:
    "( traditional christianity is obviously wrong; so then,
    what is right? ) .
    vice versa:
    . a christian muslim is one who does to their own muslim religion what christ did to his own jewish religion:
    he pointed out how they had lost sight of the original vision
    . the purpose of religion was to save man from nature;
    but the jews of christ's time had created
    a jungle of bureaucracy that served not man,
    but the social class of theocrats
    . a christian muslim believes that muslim's rightly point out
    how christians have really gone off the deep end
    with their interpretation of christ's story,
    and that the muslims really needed their own religion
    to give them the social cohesion necessary to fight the christian invasions;
    . but a christian muslim also reinterprets islamic documents,
    believing istead,
    that to be honest, we must admit
    although humans can know that revelation is of the supernatural,
    man cannot know what is of god; ie, what is good;
    eg, if intuition is supernatural,
    and all supernatural communication is of god;
    then what does thoughtless or impulsive mean?
    only science and critical thinking can determine what is good;
    eg, science can tell you that it may be fine and necessary to
    insulate your people from technology and mass media;
    but, it will also tell you that if you do not nurture a technical class
    then technically adept aliens will overrun your sovereignty

    . a christian interpretation would suggest that
    if mohammed's messages were from the christian god,
    then god's style of writing should be considered spoof:
    ie, his literal "(this is the way it should be)
    actually means
    . this is the way it already is;
    have you really stopped to look at what you are doing?
    . is everyone aware that it is "(normal)
    for men to treat women like cattle?
    that christians and jews are derided as infidels?
    that jews are less humble than christians?
    -- . pretty banal stuff for a universal god,,
    don.t you think? unless it.s god pretending to be pretty banal you !
    . a christian muslim doesn.t discount the possibility that
    god may be a very sophisticated testing program;
    one that is constantly trying to fool us in order to
    develope our ability to detect and avoid foolishness .

    islam, the beautiful
    . so much of islamic culture is beautiful,
    and the christian muslim preserves this culture in a christian way;
    . everyone is encouraged to wear a burka
    -- clothes that make it difficult for predators to
    tell the short guys from the women and children
    . a trip to mecca is treated with respect;
    and it happens without starting tent city fires or stampede killings
    . the rule against charging interest for a loan
    is interpreted as applying only to social services
    (student training, shelter building, and other charitables ),
    and not to business ventures
    . others of the same religion are treated as self;
    we share the same house with several other families
    rather than tempt the devil with power differentials
    that occur when one man is left alone with one woman and some children .

    islam/ 2nd coming

    radio preacher:
    . the shiite's 12th Imam al-Mahdi [pronounced by the preacher as mat-tee]
    has a function similar to the christian's christ:
    a holy man that now lives in a supernatural domain,
    and is the promised one whose 2nd arrival will bring justice to the world
    . I thought it significant that his name sounded like mathematics,
    because that is the foundation of automation,
    which is going to be our only chance at justice
    in a world in which power corrupts many living judges .

    jesus christ/ house divided can.t stand

    . when jc was accused of being a witch casting out self, he responded that "( a house divided can.t stand )
    . this doesn.t make sense to a strategist of spiritual warfare
    ( 2004.08.21:
    obviously you would need to cast out devils if you want to
    give people the impression you were working for the other side
    regardless of which side you are really working for;
    undercover agents have had to commit some heinous crimes
    in order to keep their good cover from being blown
    . but jc does make sense from other angles ...

    house of god-is-omnipotent

    . proves bad actually not bad in the end; [2004.08.21:
    according to the Dream theory,
    there exists a collective subconscious mind with god-like powers
    whose job it is to accellerate technological evolution among the humans
    who would otherwise be rational => peaceful => slow to evolve technologically =>
    suffering a loss of eternal life when available technology fails to
    get humans off the planet before the sun reaches old age and becomes unusable;
    a house divided cannot stand means
    god cannot be both omnipotent, and not in control of the demons:
    how can anyone be of the devil -- and not of god --
    when god is always in control,
    using the bad to force the good to evolve ?

    house of theocracy

    theocracy ponders:
    . perhaps those who cast out demons can do so simply because
    they are on the dark side,
    and by cooperating with the dark side, they have control over the demons?

    jc responds:
    . theocracy believes that demons are sent by god to punish sin;
    which implies that only godly force could cast out the demon;
    the house of theocracy is thus divided if they also suggest
    that demonic powers could cast out the demon

    house of a sinful world

    . (divided houses can.t stand) is proof jc is good,
    because his work is causing a division in the entire house of humanity -- a house lost in sin;
    so, when the jc's division brings down the house,
    it brings down the sin,
    which is by definition godly,
    and jc is shown to be of god in his intentions . ]

    a nation divided cannot stand

    [2004.08.21: how convenient it is for a nation to be structured as a federation of states:
    if there is a divisive issue, then we can let the states decide
    . I don.t see any real division in the hypothetical case of
    an evil jc casting out evil;

    in fact, the jewish theocrats of jc's time thought it was obvious:

    evil comes down in buckets,
    while the evil jc is calling back evil only one drop at a time
    --jc's talk would make sense if he had used godly powers to heal all the sick globally,
    and then went on to teach his descendants how to do the same
    ( in fact, he did start this global healing process
    by debunking the theocratically enforced myth
    that scientific exploration was not needed because we already knew everything! )
    . the theocrats used the sin-causes-disease theory as an opiate
    for a time when their sci&tech. was too weak to do anything about the sick,
    and here was this jc guy who was deliberately removing
    the demons that god inflicted on the sinners,
    not to put a real dent in the poverty problem (there will be poor always, jc reassured us),
    but simply to disprove the sin-causes-disease theory

    . if jc had been more honest or less deluded, he would have admitted that the devil
    is simply an arm of a god that plays both sides of every good-vs-evil war,
    and this time the devil&god was having fun telling Israel to stop resting their sweet, fat ass
    on the pillow of that ridiculous sin-causes-disease theory
    . instead, jc got caught up in that debate over whether his deeds were of the devil
    or of god,
    and he could honestly say
    that he was on the side of good
    which is by definition god's side,
    and then every curious mind has to find a theory for why jc has this power and others don.t;
    and, the notion of being god's son becomes pretty straightforward
    . in that case,
    jc must either claim a special relationship to god,
    or seek permanent residence in the temple or some other place where the poor cannot be found . ]

    christian/ bible-based christianity

    . a bible-based christianity would not make up the wild theories
    that today's radio preachers insist are the definition of christianity:
     "( ressurection, being saved believing his murder washed away our sins
    just like the jews believed animal sacrifice washed away the sins )
     . the bible gives us a historical acct of supernatural activity,
    and documents the theories that christ and his followers had
    explaining christ's powers
    . the bible does not contradict physical facts by
    trying to prove either apostolic theories or the ressurection;
    rather, it paints a picture of a trouble-maker who had alot of popular support among real christians
    (those who supported a kinder, gentler judaism that did not condemn the poor and sick as sinners)
    but who was confused about what his power meant,
    and was beligerant enough with authorities and other devotees of traditional judaism
    to get put through an obviously mock crucifixion
    . the bible plainly states that he was not given the usual treatment
    of having his legs broken on the cross and then left to the dogs;
    rather, he took a puncture to the gut which many people have survived,
    and was soon-after placed in a cave with preservatives
    to avoid leaving him hanging from a tree during a jewish holiday;
    so, this treatment was indeed harsh,
    but, it gives us every reason to believe that jesus did not die,
    nor did the authories intend to kill him;
    rather, the guards were paid to say his body was stolen by christ's followers as they slept,
    when in fact, they most likely imprisoned him to stop any further rebel-rousing .
    . subsequent acct.s of christ's activity have him walking through walls,
    ascending into heaven, etc; and this could be documenting several things:
    the most likely is that this was reporting a rumor that was spread by apostles
    in order to inspire others to "( allow christ to walk through the wall)
    of abduction by carrying on his mission of
    not allowing the power-freaking, religious psuedoscientific's
    to mistreat the crippled and mentally ill
    . less likely is the possibility that the disciples were reporting what they actually hallucinated
    . bible-based christianity carries on the spirit of christ -- not judaism ! --
    we are not interested in how he or those around him explained how he got his power,
    or how it fits in with jewish prophecy;
    rather, we acknowledge that there will always be those that try to keep their own power over us
    by keeping us in darkness, and that we should always strive to
    triumph over the tyranny of these dark powers
    by holding up the true way, the light way
    . a bible-based christianity, interprets the bible using the lit path to truth,
    which admits that we cannot know the truth of a system we did not create;
    and that the best we can do is to pick our theories by what best predicts the future,
    or atleast by what creates the brightest future
    . the current christianity, rather than bringing us the brightest future,
    is guaranteed only to create divisions by the same I.ll-know-the-truth-for-you mentality
    that christ so fervently fought against as he blasted the religious hypocrites of his day .

    christian/ soul

    . the primary developer of christianity has been the english-speaking cultures,
    and english has a word "(sole) that sounds like "(soul)
    . what do { sole (bottom of shoe), soul (spiritual force that animates life) } have in common?
    . notice that you are actually 2 minds: the self, and the subcon.mind that creates the self
    . another model is that god's are directing the mortals,
    like they are the real life, and our life is but the sole of their shoes
    . therefore, we can see { soul, sole } as being the interface between god and man;
    sole is god's interface with man, and soul is man's interface with god .

    jesus christ/ pornography

    . pornography; what filth
    . the jewish leaders had their hands full of filth too:
    "( what to do with all these sick people among god's chosen people? )
    . the jewish leaders responded to this sick-jew filth
    the same we respond to our porn.ic filth:
    they just outlawed it!
    they said sickness was not a problem to be cured,
    but a solution to the problem of sin
    "( if you get sick, you will be tossed on the trash heap of
    sinners who are being punished by god )

    . christ died because
    when he was given the power to cure these "(sinners)
    he was laughing at the pathetically weak theories of the jewish leaders;
    and they in, in turn, were delighted to expose christ's weakness:
    even the best psychiatrist can.t cure a genuinely physical problem

    . I believe jesus is a libertarian;
    he would have characterized pornography as being yet another addiction,
    and the cure would have involved something to transform the person's mind
    (such as always doing things communally )

    . the jewish leaders of christ's day would have
    said that porn was sinful, and would try to outlaw it,
    rather than finding the human solution,
    that of admitting that children are always being mentored
    -- if not by adults, then by the devil
    . as my cousin, El says "( We had the river. ):
    if you look at the really big picture ( of runoff, evaporation, rain )
    then you know
    that the water under the bridge always comes back

    . next time you go barrelling through a green light
    because it feels like the right thing to do,
    ask yourself
    "( did jesus really cure anything, if he didn.t prevent everything? );
    he had the river .

    jesus christ/ poor always

    . when jesus said there would be poor always,
    he was assuming that his audience was following the 10 commands which tell us
    that we do not kill community members,
    not even the disabled ones bringing economic hardship
    --( not until now did I understand jesus on this point;
    at one time I thought his expectation of eternal poverty was proof that christ was a son of
    the devils that are bent on us with overpopulation;
    but now I see that even with democratically communistic parenting,
    and infinite societal wealth,
    there would still be poor individuals who remained dependent on others until death
    . another angle is that poverty is not the main point here:
    they were on a mission of curing the poor when
    one of the crew lost the forest for the trees,
    inflicting emotional poverty on a girl who was
    consuming a large amount of poverty aid in a sign of affection
    towards the magical poverty cure-master
    . jesus noted that with poverty aid like this,
    there will be no end to poverty
    -- the poverty aiders will have become just like
    the impoverishing jewish leaders they were replacing !

    god/ can he speak audibly?

    . can god speak audibly?
    . if I were the bible answer-man, I would have replied:
    . god is the sum of the rules of psychology;
    you are nothing but a stream of dreams,
    and nothing from the physical world makes an impression apon these dreams
    without first going through the rules of psychology
    . in other words, every audible voice is god's voice,
    because every reality is just god's painting .
    . now, to answer the question in a practical way,
    can a supernatural entity have an audible voice?
    yes, in 2 ways:
    (1) a supernatural being can possess a person and use their voice to do it's will;
    (2) an audible voice is a physical process,
    but equivalently, it is also a perception (a state of dreaming or experiencing);
    a supernatural entity can design the content of halucinations,
    which can include delusions of hearing an audible voice;
    thus god can be an audible voice in a dream,
    and can delude you into believing that the dream reflects reality,
    when in fact,
    the dream reflects only the will of god, or one's own subcon.mind .

    for militant muslims,
    zionism -- not judaism -- is the problem (2004.07.10)

    [ my summary ( 2004.07.10 ):
    . the Torah Jew waits for the Messiah to bring everyone to Zion? the messiah they seek
    is the technology that builds robocop;
    and ironically, it is the pre-messianic ruling of Zion
    -- the heresy of Zionism --
    that will ensure the creation of this messiah
    . a terrorist war against Zionism, based on suicide bombers,
    will force the usa and others to quickly develope our own mechanical version of
    suicidally heroic soldiers and spies ]

    israeli palestine crashers are not true jews?
    {G. Neuburger [@]
    , Neturei Karta [@] }:
    A Jew is anyone who has a Jewish mother
    or who converted to Judaism in conformity with Halacha, Jewish religious law
    . The Jewish nation was born on Mount Sinai when the Jews by their response,
    "let us do and let us hear," adopted the Torah given to them by G-d for all future generations
    . `This day you become a people," though valid still today, was spoken thousands of years ago.

    According to Jewish tradition, there are seven Noachide laws which apply to all human beings
    . Then there are the Ten Commandments which form basic standard of morality and conduct
    for adherents of all monotheistic religions
    . In addition to these, there are 613 laws obligatory for Jews,
    and every Jew has to observe those which are applicable to him or her according to Halacha
    . It is the carrying out of these mitzvoth, "commandments,"
    which constitutes the essence of being Jewish,
    It is not my purpose to detail how Zionism should be dealt with
    . Let me state, however, that isolated or spontaneous acts against individuals
    or the mere adoption of resolutions in the UN or elsewhere
    are not effective means of bringing an end to Zionism
    . Let me state also that the battle against Zionism must be waged first,
    not on the shores of the Mediterranean,
    but in Zionism's most powerful bastion -- the USA

    As an usa citizen,
    I deplore that our government and our politicians have adopted an attitude
    that is in complete contradiction to the advice of the father of our country George Washington
    . Instead of shying away from foreign entanglements and permanent alliances with foreign powers,
    the establishment in Washington has embraced Zionism so wholeheartedly
    that ... the docile usa media do not dare speak out against such an absurdity
    [ comment 2005.07.04: in addition to being a accelerant of robot evolution,
    zionism is also presented by fundamentalists as an icon of democratic values ]

    Unfortunately, thus far, each year sees
    still further gains in influence by usa Zionists.
    Our short term plan is to lesson [ lessen | criticize for wrongdoing ] somewhat
    the anti-Jewish sentiment which Zionism has created
    around the world and particularly in Islamic countries

    . We seek to inform the nations of the world
    (1) that the dispossession of the Palestinians
    -- which exploded in 1948 but which had really been taking place since the turn of the century --
    was wrong
    (2) and that Torah Jewry had no part in this evil action

    In the long run, Zionism is nothing but a passing aberration in the long history
    of the Jewish people and of the world
    . We pray for a peaceful dismantling of the state

    Let us take faith and hope in the certainty that
    prejudice, hatred, and injustice will disappear,
    and the prophecy will come true
    that all nations of the world will participate in the pilgrimage to Jerusalem
    "for My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations" .

    wikipedia` zionism

    . The issue of Zionism was once heavily divisive in the Jewish community
    . Secular non-Zionists believed that Jews should integrate into the countries in which they lived,
    rather than moving to Israel;
    religious non-Zionists believed that the return to Israel could only happen with
    the coming of the Messiah,
    and that attempting to re-establish Israel earlier was disobeying God's plan
    . After the painful events of the twentieth century,
    such as World War II and the Holocaust,
    secular anti-Zionism has largely disappeared;
    however some Hasidim are still opposed to Zionism on religious grounds
    . One specific example is the Neturei Karta.