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I close my eyes,
I can see you.
I scream your name.
I can feel the magic floating in the air.

In my mind,
I can feel your breath.
I can feel your sweetness.
My body responds to your desires.

I want to smell you.
Closer, closer, to me.
The full power of your body;
The erotic masculine scent of you.

I want to touch you.
I can feel your sensuality.
I can feel your caresses so intense.
I can feel your body so excited.

I want to taste your body;
The salty taste of your sensual flesh.
I want to taste each part of you.
I want to enjoy the taste of your saliva.

Yes, Baby, I want to feel your body,
Closer to me.
Take me in your arms,
Anywhere, anytime.
You caress me, kiss me, squeeze me.

Your touch calls to me -
OHH!! Honey...come closer, closer.
I want to satisfy your desires.
I want to make your dreams come true.
I want to inhale you.
I want to feel your body in esctacy.

I can hear only contented sounds escape your lips.
You look wonderful, Honey...
...AHHHHH...Yes! What a delight...mmmmm...
A woman is not capable of feeling more than I do right now.

©April 2000Cherie

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