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          I've been asking myself why I love you like I do?
          Why do I love you like I've never loved anyone before?
          I never wanted to want what I knew couldn't be mine.
          I can't have you,
          I know that's true,
          But I've never wanted anyone more.

          When I'm with you I feel like I'm where I always should have been.
          When I'm not with you an ache in my heart begins.
          Wanting you the way I do doesn't feel like a sin.
          I feel closer to you,
          As each new day begins.

          I feel like I'm part of you and you're part of me.
          A part I never knew existed here before.
          And when I'm not by your side,
          I feel an infinite emptiness inside.

          It's not just a sexual craving that I'm guilty of.
          I know it's much more than that, something called true love.
          It's like every fibre of my being was designed -
          To be entwined,
          With every fibre of yours.

          I`m not young and sometimes you notice the lines in my face.
          But I hope you see so much beyond that: A man of grace.
          For I see a young woman in blue jeans,
          Still in her teens.
          And I feel like a young man finding love for the very first time.

          Why do you do this to me?
          This isn't supposed to be.
          Is this someone's idea of a practical joke?
          Well, there ain't nuthin'practical about it.
          And, it ain't all fun.

          Life shouldn't be so unkind,
          That something so "right" should be such a crime.
          It hurts to meet a soul-mate,
          That you can't share your life with.

          It would hurt even more to think that
          I could never ever run into your arms again;
          To never speak to you again,
          To never hold you again,
          To never have you in my sight,
          Even though it may not be "right".

          Some think there's only one kind of perfection -
          That's absolute perfection.
          But perfection is only perfect speaking relatively,
          And all I know is that there's nothing about you that isn't perfect to me.
          Yes, everything about you is perfect to me.

          There's nothing I could ever want more than I want you
          Except for you,
          To have everything you need.
          And most of all for you to be healthy and happy.

          Where did you come from?
          Why are you so special?
          What is it about you that makes you so irresistible?
          Why do I love you?
          Still, I really don't know.
          I guess it's only because you're you.

          Please, don't ever leave me.
          Don't ever go,
          No matter what that means.
          Where were the both of us before our lives took their separate paths?
          Why couldn't we have known each other then?

          Everyone should love someone they feel as close to,
          As we two do.
          Closer than even the very best of friends,
          And then everyone would know what true love was meant to be.

          I didn't know how empty my life has been until now,
          Now that I know you and can't understand how.
          How I managed without you for all these many years,
          And to think about the way I crave your company.

          Knowing that between us is an attraction,
          That's as strong as any can be.
          And knowing that attraction,
          Won't find the satisfaction,
          That it longs for so naturally.
          It just brings me to tears.

          There's nothing about you that I don't love.
          Even every little imperfection seems perfect to me.
          It's like the two of us were custom-made to be together.
          For it's not anything to be analyzed,
          Or criticized,
          Or categorized.

          It's nothing more than love to the ultimate degree,
          That this has happened to two persons like you and me.
          Is still hard sometimes for me to believe.
          There was nothing that we knew to be missing in our lives,
          Until we found each other and then we realized
          What true love was meant to be.

          How was I to know that life would be so kind;
          That it would bring you to me?
          How was I to know that life could be so cruel -
          To bring me such a jewel.
          To make me love you the way I do?

          Yes, there's nothing about you that I do not love.
          Everything about you fits me like a glove.
          Every square inch of you is something to be loved.
          Every facet of your personality,
          Captivates and mystifies me.
          And no matter how much of yourself you share with me,
          You're the one I could never get enough of.

          So, why do I love you?
          The reasons are many.
          How do I love you?
          I could never count the ways.
          The reason that I love you and that I know I always will,
          Is not at all complicated; it's really very simple still.
          The reason that I love you and I know I always will,
          Is because I know, no matter what, you will always be you.

          With Love and respect.

      ©April 2000Cherie

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