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It's early on a Friday night and Scott just finished a hard week at work. He is preparing for a weekend of desire and fantasy. After his shower, he puts on a khaki-coloured sweater and a pair of jeans, combs his hair and takes a good look in the mirror. All set and ready to go…

    Scott climbs into his truck and begins his long drive. He is finally going to see the love he has dreamed of holding and caressing all this time. Cruising down the road with the windows down, the music is loud - perfect mood. He sings along with the songs on the radio, his voice in beautiful form. If Love saw him now, she would like that his hair is being blown by the wind and that his charming blue eyes keep glancing up at the stars at every opportunity. He is thinking of the amazing pleasure he will experience when he finally sees his true love face to face.

    After a few more hours of driving, he pulls up to a station to fill up the gas tank. He decides it is time to call Love, as they planned. "Hello Love, I'm coming soon. I can't wait to be with you and to smell your skin, hold you in my arms…" The phone call went wonderfully. She is so amazing, the sound of her voice, soft and sensual. Yes, this would be the meeting of a lifetime.

    Love thinks the same thing. After Scott's call, she is very excited knowing he is so close. She runs to the bedroom mirror and makes sure everything is perfect. She brushes her long brown hair and touches up her makeup, applying lipstick onto her sensual lips that will taste Scott. Quickly, she slips into a white T-shirt, which accentuates her supple breasts, and a black leather mini-skirt. Both will be perfect with her matching black bra, g-string panties and garters. The scent of her soft perfume is sure to excite him, she smiles.

    She looks around the bedroom to make sure everything is in place. She bites her bottom lip at how inviting those white satin sheets on the bed appear. Oh my! She sees the truck slowly drive in. It's Scott ! He gets out of his truck, walks to the door and knocks. He can hear the sound of her feet quietly rushing to greet him. They are both feeling an adrenaline rush, a little nervous. The door opens as he observes her from head to toe. His breath catches as he takes in her beauty. He is not disappointed. He knows he is staring at her but finds the words to finally greet her. "Hello Love. I am Scott; the one who has written to you for the past year and the one who has dreamed of this moment for as long." He grins and presents her with a beautiful red rose bouquet.

    She's very nervous now. She smiles as she looks upon him and says to herself "God, he's so handsome. He is the sexiest man I've ever seen !" She steps closer to him and gives a gentle kiss on his cheek and replies, "Hi Scott. I am Love, the one you dream of." She holds out her hands and notices that his hands are shaking. She invites him to come in. She leads him to the living room where there is soft music, candlelight and a bottle of champagne with two glasses on the table. They sit on the couch as she looks into his charming blue eyes. She tells him how she enjoys his company and he smiles at her. Through his nervousness, he replies "Love, it seems like forever since I have wanted to see your beautiful green eyes." Her body shivers all over. They sit side by side listening to the soft music and looking deeply at each other. The emotion swells as they both take pleasure in this tender moment.

    Love serves Scott another glass of champagne as they talk for awhile. She desperately wants him to kiss her as she edges closer to him. She gently puts her hand on his leg so that it is dangerously close to his growing desire. She gives him a soft kiss on the cheek, rubbing his chest and asking, "Do you know how long I have been waiting for this moment?" He replies "Yes, but tonight it's true… I'm here with you, Love, and I want to be closer to you."

    She helps him remove his sweater. Scott feels his pulse accelerate rapidly. He looks at her and says, "You make me feel wild - I want to taste your skin." He gets up and offers his hand. He wraps her in his arms and holds her tightly to make sure he can feel her body against him. He starts to caress her body with his tender touch, his hand massages gently down her back with his tongue slowly licking and savoring her neck. Each caress and every touch makes her desire him more.

    She feels his fingers making their way underneath her T-shirt. He expertly removes it from her body. She closes her eyes as the tigress inside her loses control. She starts to lick at his cheek and at his lips. Their tongues dance sweetly together. She can feel her honey being released, moistening her secret tunnel for him. He can see the affect he has on her. She wants him so bad and he is teasing her and loving every minute of it.

    She leads him to her bedroom. The air is intoxicating with the romantic fragrance of a vanilla candle burning. The passion and desire is so intense. He cannot wait any longer, he must touch her. He puts his hand on her breast, he feels her hard nipples and squeezes them slowly with his soft fingers. He slides his hands down her entire body, making her tingle all over. He slips her leather mini-skirt off her hips as it falls to the floor. She likes the way he looks at her body. She craves his erotic touch. She can feel how excited he is now. In a husky low soft voice he whispers, "Love, you look so sexy." His hands continue to caress her breasts and with his thumbs he pulls down the straps of her bra. Then, he slowly lets his hand go down between her legs. He discovers her wet spot with his finger and caresses her sweetness as he licks and kisses her on the neck. Her uncontrollable passion makes the waiting unbearable. She must kiss him again. She turns her body in toward his to taste his hot lips. Their tongues meet again, kissing passionately. They part for a single moment to find each other's eyes. They are filled for desire for one another, as they sit there on the side of the bed.

    Scott positions himself between her long sexy legs. With her legs slightly spread, she starts to unzip his tight jeans. She pulls them down, pushing him back on the bed. She admires his sensual naked body as she places her legs slowly on either side of him. Manipulating her breasts with his fingers, he squeezes her nipples. She can't wait to feel his mouth suck them and his tongue tease them. She lifts her breasts closer to his mouth. With the tip of his tongue, he starts to lick at one as he teases the other nipple with his fingers. Her lips are so hungry to taste each part of his body that she starts to kiss him softly on the neck, allowing her tongue to lick at his skin. She slowly makes her way down his chest. Scott is enjoying this pleasure. He grabs her hair and pulls her towards him. After a moment of pleasure, he gently guides her back to his chest as she continues to kiss and lick his soft skin. She tells him, "I'm enjoying the taste of you on my lips." The fire is ignited and Scott loses control and takes possession of her body.

    Scott sits up so he is face to face with his "Love". They look into each other's eyes which are full of desire and passion. He runs his hand gently through her hair, touching her face and slowly massaging her shoulder and, then her breast. She is about to speak but Scott puts his index finger onto her lips and says, "Shhh Love, let me admire your beauty…feel your sensuality." She closes her eyes and she gives herself to him. He watches her spasm with pleasure. He pushes her down gently onto her back as he tightly holds her arms above her head, pinning her to the mattress. Scott starts to slowly penetrate her tunnel of love. The heat increases as their bodies become one. The sound of their breathing excites them as the pleasure mounts. Scott's body moves faster and deeper. Love gasps, "Scott, you feel so good." Scott echoes her voice by responding that she is a part of him now. They both reach total ecstasy as they are only beginning their evening of lovemaking together.

    The next morning she opens her eyes and looks at the one who gave her such tender passion all night long. She moves quietly out of bed, to make sure not to wake Scott. She doesn't realize that he isn't sleeping. He is watching her beautiful body and her sensual walk. She slips a blue satin nightdress over her head as it clings to her body. She goes to the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee. It is a nice morning and the sun is shining through the windows. She decides to take her coffee outside to wait for Scott to awaken. A few minutes later, Scott gets out of bed, puts on his jeans and goes to join her. He sits down in front of her and gazes into her eyes. He asks her how she is this morning, with a slow assured grin. She replies, "Very well." She is beaming. They spend a wonderful hour, talking and laughing, forgetting the time.

    Scott realizes the time and sadly says he must go home. "I have a long drive ahead of me, Love. I have to take a shower before I leave." Suddenly the room goes quiet. He knows it will be hard to leave. He silently gets up as Love's eyes stare straight ahead. He walks to the bathroom and turns the shower on. Undressing, he leaves his jeans on the floor beside the tub and steps in. The water runs down his back. Just then, he notices that Love has come to join him. She is naked and steps into the spray of the shower. She says, "I want to spend the time that is left with you, Scott." He takes the soap and his hand starts to run down her body. Then, Love takes the soap as it is now her turn. She starts to massage Scott with the soap. She enjoys this moment because she knows it's going to be a long time before she feels him next to her again. He turns to look at her. He puts his hands on her hips and she just wraps her arms around his neck. She knows he will be gone soon.

    He is sorry that he has to leave but she knows he must. He turns off the water, dries off and gets dressed. He is all packed and ready to go. She follows him to the door. He looks at her, "Love, this was a tender time of passion with you. I will never forget this time with you. You are forever and always going to be in my thoughts. When I return home, I want you to know that hearing from you and writing to you is going to be the most important thing to me. You are my secret love." Love smiles back at him and whispers, "I want to remain a part of you, Scott." They embrace and kiss. Scott promises Love that he will come back to her one day and she says in a committed, breathy voice, "And when that day comes again, I will be all yours..."

    ©April 2000Cherie

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