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        Tracy is a thirty-four year old woman with a very sensual look. Her dark tanned skin, deep green eyes and shoulder length brown hair, make her very attractive. The beautiful images painted onto her body gives her a unique style all of her own. At the age of fifteen, Tracy discovered two passions, one for playing pool and the other for those elegant iron horses called Harley Davidsons. In her deepest dreams she sees herself just riding and riding on an adventure with her powerful dark purple Harley. Some dreams may take a lifetime to fulfill, yet the passion is always there.

        One day, while walking in the woods with her dog, she came upon a hidden pond and decided to stop and rest for awhile. Lying on a rock near the pond, she slowly started to drift, making dreams almost turn into reality. Tracy saw herself on her Harley, hair floating in the wind, heart beating faster and faster - a feeling that is difficult to explain. She forgets where she is from or where she is going, feeling no danger, only the adventure itself. Riding into the sunset, it seems she has been driving for hours and hours only listening to the noise of her engine; that noise has always excited her.

        Arriving in a small town, Tracy slowly gets off her bike and heads for a bar. After all those hours of riding, a cold beer would be nice. As she walks into the bar, heads turn to notice her elegant walk and that sensual look. She spots a table in the corner, takes a seat and waves to the waiter so she can order a nice cold beer. While sipping on her beer, a stranger walks over and asks her if he can join her. Tracy nods and the stranger sits down. A few hours later and a few beers later, the stranger suddenly starts flirting with her.

        Tracy just looks at him and smiles with her sensual lips. Then, she calmly tells him this is not what she is looking for and that he is not her type. Tracy quickly gets up and once on her Harley again, speeds away. Driving again for a few hours, fatigue overcomes her, so she decides to stop and sleep awhile, lying on a park bench with only a pillow and a blanket. Tracy admires the stars and her Harley before falling asleep.

        The next morning Tracy wakes very early. After such a long night driving, her eyes open slowly. Tracy stretches and yawns and realizes she would love a nice hot coffee. Fully awake and ready to start her day, she sets to leave. She hops onto her Harley and slowly cruises down the main road for a cozy place to have breakfast. Tracy parks her bike and follows the aroma of fresh coffee and bacon. She sits down and orders coffee and toast; something light so she can get back on her Harley and cruise on down the highway. It’s a hot sunny day and she wants to be able to experience it all.

        Tracy drives into a small country town. She notices a nice lake and thinks how lovely it would be to take a swim. There doesn't appear to be anyone around just now, so she decides to stop and have that swim on such a warm day. Tracy finds a perfect spot to stop, parks the bike and admires the nature in front of her. She looks around one more time, sees nobody and begins to remove her leather boots. She removes her tight jeans and the white shirt which molds to her firm breasts. She slowly walks onto the beach and into the water. It is the first time in a long time. She can feel the water on her completely naked body and, after a few minutes, she emerges from the lake and lies on the sandy beach to dry off.

        At that moment, Tracy feels an intense urge to have a man close to her. She closes her eyes and imagines the hands of a man caressing her wet body, touching her breasts, fingers running down her stomach. The mere thought of it and she feels excited. Tracy suddenly awakens and with a soft smile, slowly rises and rinses her slightly sunburned face. Once dressed, she climbs on her iron horse and rides for a few more hours. Adoring the trees and the birds in the sky, even the small animals that cross in front of her on the road, making her swerve every now and then.

        Tracy notices a few old houses and many open fields. With the sun in her eyes and the wind flying wildly through her hair, she tells herself that no one can understand how she feels at this moment. The feeling inside that she loves so much; her eyes lower to notice her fuel is getting low. She pulls into a small gas bar, refills the gas tank, buys a coke and off she goes again.

        A few miles later Tracy feels hunger pangs and decides to stop for some nurishment. She pulls into a small restaurant and passes some local town folk chatting outside the restaurant. She smiles as she can see their heads turning to stare. Tracy parks her bike and listens carefully to the comments whispered about her:…a girl on a Harley...look at the way she's dressed…she has tattoos!A tiny grin adorns her mouth as she finds a table and sits down. She lingers over a slow meal so she can relax. It's getting late, she thinks, she must go back home. Tracy walks to her bike, looking at the people watching her closely.

        She smiles and gives them a wink. Tracy kick starts her Harley and opens the throttle which allows a rumbling sound to escape. She then elegantly climbs aboard her bike, slaps it in first gear and speeds away along the country side riding towards the sunset. After a few hours, she stops to stretch her hour glass figure, arching her back and pressing down on her tired, but sexy legs. Through the sunglasses, Tracy squints from the burning sun to see something off in the distance. Is it a bar? She is hoping it is because she needs to quench her thirst!

        Tracy gets back on her iron horse and heads towards the image in the distance. Upon reaching her destination, she realizes it is a bar! And, to her surprise, there are more iron horses parked in front. She parks with the other bikes and climbs off. Looking at the bar's entrance, she muses to herself how nice it looks from the outside and that she could probably fit in nicely with the crowd. Walking across the floor with her own elegant style, heads turn to check her out. She chooses a small table and motions to the waiter so she can order a cold beer.

        While waiting for her beer, Tracy heads for the bathroom to fix herself up. Looking in the mirror, she fluffs her dark brown hair with her hands and applies some lipstick onto her hot lips. Her cold beer is waiting back at her table and she knows it will satisfy that building thirst. She notices a tall handsome man with charming brown eyes and brown hair. He is wearing a leather vest and leather pants which is molding his well-built frame. There are tattoos on his arms, he is the just the kind of man she desires. He is walking towards her! He stops at her table, leaning in close to her. He gently whispers, "A game of pool, lady?".

        She looks at him and thinks about his hands rubbing her body. After a few seconds of dreaming, she looks right into his eyes and heads over to the pool table. As he walks behind her, she can feel his eyes probing her. "You start, baby," he tells her as he picks out a cue. She leans over to play her first shot. She sees him looking at her firm breasts. Tracy lifts her green eyes and gives him a seductive smile to show him it pleases her. Tracy breaks the triangular formation of the balls on her first shot, they spread evenly. Ricky smiles and approaches the table to take his shot. They play for awhile, each one examining the other as they shoot. Ricky asks Tracy politely if she wants a beer? Tracy smiles and nods walking towards the table. He holds her around her waist, pulls out her chair and they both sit down.

        They talk for awhile, sipping their beers. Ricky asks, "Where are you going?" Tracy smiles and says, "I'm just cruising across the countryside with my hog, riding into the sunset." He replies, "I live just a few miles down and I'm here every night." The evening flies by and it's time for Ricky to leave. He kisses her on the cheek and whispers, "Good luck, be careful, maybe we will meet again?" A tear stings her eyes as she adds, "I will remember you." She watches him leave and tells herself, "I should follow him!" Suddenly, she jumps up, and rushes outside to fire up her Harley and speed after him. After a long drive, she realizes that she has lost him and finds a place to park for the evening. She settles down for the night by staring at the stars up in the night sky and wonders if she will be able to be away from him because this is the first time she has ever felt this way for a man.

        Tracy is up early the next morning, walking around the park. She has breakfast at the small diner, waiting for the day to pass. As evening approaches, she gets ready to head back to the bar. Hoping to see him again, she drives up and sees his elegant Hog. Excitement fills her heart. Tracy parks and slowly walks into the bar. He's there watching the door and catches a glimpse of her immediately. Their eyes meet and Tracy feels her heart beating fast and her legs go numb. Ricky gives her a wink and pulls back a chair. He looks at her and softly says, "I thought of you all night". Tracy blushes and smiles, then looking into his eyes she asks him what he is thinking? Ricky looks back and says, "I will fulfill your dreams." They each have a beer and Ricky whispers to Tracy, "follow me".

        Tracy beams at the thought of riding side by side, wind in her hair, the powerful feeling of a Harley in her hands, feet high on the pegs roaring down the road beside the kind of man she always dreamed of. After a few hours he brings her to the beach to walk barefoot in the sand. He leads her towards the waterfront. Ricky sits and pulls her down holding her tightly. She looks at him, feeling his strong arms draping her. She tells him that she wants to be his. They make passionate love. The soft breeze wisps through and around their bodies as the sound of the waves hitting the beach excites Tracy's senses and desires. They spend the rest of the night next to each other, talking and laughing. As the morning approaches, Ricky kisses her and says, "Your dream is about to be fulfilled". Tracy looks at him, smiles and tells him, "My dream has already been fulfilled."

        ©March 2000Cherie

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