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On a hot summer's night, Lea and Pete are reading, slowly turning the pages of their books one by one. Lea is thinking and trying to concentrate on her reading. She looks at Pete out of the corner of her eye and can't stop thinking about the foolishness she almost committed. Pete suddenly looks at her and asks, "It doesn't seem as if you are reading, my love?" Lea quickly answers, "I'm thinking about this book." Lea's heart starts to beat faster. Her heart is split in two! One half is sad for Pete, for he is unaware of what she almost did. And, the other half is thinking about "Ricky", the man she met at the restaurant.

Sometimes, when Lea wants to relax and unwind, she goes to the restaurant (by herself) for a quick coffee. But this one evening, while Lea is sitting watching the flame of the candle light, she feels as if someone is watching her. Lea quickly looks around and realizes that the man sitting at the table across from her is watching silently. It feels as if his baby blues eyes are probing her slowly. He runs his fingers through his light blonde hair and gives her a smile...Lea looks back with redness overcoming her face and thinks he is very handsome, with a body to crave - just like Pete, her husband.

Lea looks down, then slowly raises her eyes back to meet his. She suddenly realizes that there is something special about him...the eyes of desire. She thinks how said it is that Pete has lost that look in his eyes for her as she realizes that this blonde stranger is looking right into her eyes! She has mixed emotions. One part of her feels very embarrassed, but the other part is loving it so much her emotions are scaring her. Lea gets up off her chair, pays for her coffee and leaves. Even as she leaves the restaurant, curiosity and intrigue almost convince her to stay. Over the next few days, she goes to the same restaurant for lunch and she sees this handsome stranger again and again!

She feels drawn to this man, so she decides to go back to the restaurant in the evening. Sitting there, deep in thought staring at the candle's flame, she sees him coming toward her. "Should I get up and walk away?" she thinks to herself. Instead, she feels frozen as he approaches her. The man gently asks, "Are you alone tonight? May I sit with you for a while?" Lea looks deep into his charming blue eyes. Something stirs inside her. She doesn't know what it is, but it feels good. He sits and starts a conversation. They talk about the good and not so good parts of their respective days. And, after a few hours they both have to leave. The man gets up off his chair and says goodbye. He kisses Lea on the side of the neck, whispering that the next time they meet it will be better.

Shivers suddenly run down Lea's spine as she wonders, "How did he know exactly where I love to be kissed??" She finds him very seductive. As Lea drives home from the resturant, she feels confused and still in a kind of a trance. As she walks into the house, Pete is waiting for her. He kisses her lips tenderly and tells her there is a hot bath waiting upstairs. Later that night, as Lea and Pete read in bed, Lea can't stop dreaming about the man who seduced her earlier. Pete has to ask her twice to turn the light off. Lea is so afraid that he will notice her daydreaming.

The next morning they kiss good morning and finish their coffee on the drive to work. Lea thinks to herself how wonderful it would be if Pete could make her feel hot and sensual the way that Ricky did yesterday in the restaurant. Lea is very confused knowing that Ricky makes her feel like a real woman. Arriving at work, Lea's secretary tells her someone called and left a message and it is on her desk.

As she walks into her office, Lea is very surprised to find that the message is from Ricky. How did he find her and how did he know where to send the message? The message read: Hi babe, ready for a special lovers night? Are you hot and nasty? Meet me at the motel on Friday night - Room 421 at 7:OOpm. Lea feels very excited; her heart is beating fast, her legs feel so shaky she has to sit down. Just then she realizes that her secretary knows about the message! Lea is somewhat embarrassed, but trusts her secretary Julie, who is also a close friend. As Lea leaves her office, Julie winks and asks if Pete is in a romantic mood? Lea smiles and jokingly tells her that something must have happened to him!! As Lea leaves the office, all she can think about is this man called Ricky and how he makes her feel. She decides that she will meet him on Friday.

It is Thursday night and the week is almost over. As Lea and Pete prepare for bed, she knows she has to tell him something so she will be free to meet Ricky in the Motel tomorrow night. Lea looks at Pete and kisses his lips. She tells him that she is going out with some friends tomorrow night. He looks at her and tells her that works out fine because he will be working late anyway. Lea explains she will be late and that he should just go to bed and not wait up for her. Pete nods and turns out the light saying, "Sweet dreams, my love". Lea can't sleep. She's thinking of Ricky and how his eyes probe her own and how his hand touches her. She fantasizes about his tongue licking her as she falls into a light sleep.

The sound of the alarm wakes her. It's Friday and tonight is the night. Lea is very nervous all day at work and before she knows it, it is quitting time...four o'clock. She knows she has little time to go home and get ready for her night with Ricky. As Lea arrives at home, she runs into the house and jumps directly in the bath. She is a little more relaxed knowing that Pete has to work late tonight. Getting out of the bathtub, she styles her hair very nice, puts on her makeup and nail polish. She slides into her long, black dress which molds to her perfect body. She lightly applies some perfume and steps into her three-inch heels. She looks at her watch and anticipates she is about to experience something very special tonight.

It is now 6:45pm and Lea drives faster. The rendezvous is scheduled for 7:00pm. With only thoughts of Ricky on her mind, she walks into the motel and makes her way to the fourth floor. Lea takes a deep breath and knocks on the door. She hears no sound and no movement except for a tender voice calling gently, "Come in, my love". Lea then turns the door handle and slowly walks in. The lights are dimmed. She can't see very well but there is someone in the room - she can feel it.

She walks up to the table in the middle of the room. There is a note on the table. It says "LEA". Next to the note is a satin scarf. Lea looks up toward the dark figure in the room. "Is this for me?" she asks. He replies, "Yes, and put it on." Lea suddenly feels chills running down her spine. She feels very nervous knowing she would be blinded by the scarf. Obediently, Lea slowly takes the silk scarf and places it over her eyes and ties it tightly behind her head. Standing completely in the dark, Lea feels a gentle touch and feels kisses on her neck. She feels the shoulder straps of her dress falling down her arms. Pleasure overcomes her and she starts to feel hot. Her dress gently falls to the floor.

Lea is left standing in the darkness realizing all that she is wearing is a light blue negligee. She feels eyes probing her body from a man she hardly knows. She manages to stay calm as she feels him encircling her; his breathing increasing rapidly. She tries to speak but as her lips open two fingers quickly cover them. She understands now. She has to give herself as he pleases. His hand brushes through her long, dark hair and his lips gently touch her. Lea is slowly guided into another room. She feels something against her legs. Lea reaches down to feel the side of a bed. Suddenly, she feels herself pulled forward and falls onto the bed. He holds her tightly as she feels imprisoned in his strong arms.

The man slowly goes beyond the fabric of the negligee and exposes her breasts, caressing her nipples gently. Lea writhes and shivers with passion as he kisses her on the neck. The mysterious man whispers. Lea stops and reaches to pull her blindfold off. The man quickly grabs her wrist and holds it tightly. Lea whispers, "Please let me see your face". The man releases her gently. Lea slowly removes her blindfold, rubbing her eyes. The man's face comes into focus. Lea screams out in surprise, "You! But, how? Why?" Lea looks down and tells him she doesn't understand. She tells him how much she loves him, but has to ask "why" again. She needs to know who was the man in the restaurant. He answers, "He is a friend...a good friend. This was all my idea." Lea looking so confused asks the same question again, "Why?" He looks deeply into her eyes and lovingly answers, "Because, I am your husband and I realized that the special magic between us was going away...I wanted to be the one to satisfy your needs." Lea looks him in the eyes and kisses him passionately, pulling him towards her. They collapse into each others arms and they make love all night long.

©January 2000, Cherie

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