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Seashore memories  The memory of a sand grain Wandering seasons About the rose's thorns The silent words
Journey to the end of the rainbow Dedication to the quiet The waltz of the birch leaves Sunset The summer's message to the fall
Apple trees by the sea Letter in a tree The moon core Frozen trees The perfume of the lime flower
My father, the oak A green willow in March Nocturne August night The last yellow dream
Letter to Santa Claus Loneliness The lost hour The cherry blossom's dream The silence
A water drop Winter dream Tears from the sky Snowfall on the beach Seagulls and tears
At the edge of the time Coming back cranes Of broken shell Apple halves Time and the sandclock
 White Wings and leaves Frozen soul Mist shapes Letter for later
To the face in the mirror The dream of a crystal Lines to the leaving one The moment of a snowflake Thoughts by the edge of the sea
The princess of the rainbow Wonderland  The spider web The blue god's story The theater of masks
The firefly Summer night dream The Heaven's garden The guardian of the desert Colorless butterflies
Portrait February The forbidden island The words' grave The evergreen fir tree
Teddybear Christmas Frozen window Fountains and mirrors The sandman Summer night
 The cosmic pilgrim The fisherman Footprints on the snow Nobody's land Roads
The bone violin The last petal of light The dream A moment in the storm Rainfall in the city of angels
Talking to a thought Tracking the chimera Mist on the mountains White stones Measuring eternity
Land of oblivion The shadow's revolt      

I am hidden inside this shell...

Open it if you want to find me !

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(my dearest friend :)) 
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(Whimsical poetry)
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(Romanian only)
Costin Vasile
(Romanian only)

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