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A Love For Gilead
This is an all new story written by yours truly! Here's the scoop on this one....
A city. Bright. Lovely. And full of diseases. The Diseases that your thinking cannot take the form of humans and make mindless zombies out of young women. Sadly for this town, theirs can. The Almighty, leader of the Elite Disease Council has placed top Diseases Kain Van Goeth, and Parafinnium Jacoba to keep the humans in line. When Kain decides to "Enroll," new members, the very willing twin brothers, Gimpy (Angel in his later years) and Genesis. Kain gives them a mission, they do, it until one mission nearly costs Gimpy his life. sad to say, his brother sacrificed himself to save Gimpy, and now Kain has to make him a member for his Dreaded mistake.
Before Genesis dies, of course, he tells his little brother to take this photo of a little girl, and protect her even if it ment losing his life. Gimpy does so. Watching her every night, he grows founder of her, the little girl named Gilead. But when he finds out that little Gilead is Kain and Jacoba's next target, Gimpy takes action. He makes Gilead their slave. They remove emotions, memories, and even the ability to cry, so that she would never argue with their wishes.
Gimpy is also faced with another dilemma. The man that so cruely murdered his brother, is now looking for him, and The Child of Purity. And what do you know? Gilead just happens to be just that. Gimpy, Gilead, and a very special friend of Gimpy's dead brother must fight to save Gilead from falling into the wrong hands. This is a story about real true love, and how far it will go to ensure that it never dies. Read, and witness "A Love For Gilead." (story is dedicated to Shu! You are awesome, girl!)

Chapter One: My Soul Mate

Chapter Two: A Reminder of What you Stole From Me

Chapter Three: Holding On
(Chapter Three Coming Soon....)

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