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About Me..
As you have noticed...I am a very abstract person. I think for myself, dream about death often, and love the most weirdest people. I am very out going, and I am very loveable. Infact, I havent met a person who has totally hated me. I love reading, writing, playing video games, and listening to my friends. My best friend is Vicki, who I love enough to want to kill everyone if her life depended on it. I love my little sisters Sierra and Samantha, who I am proud to have them follow the path that I have paved for them. I love my parents too. The ones who have guided me through hell and made my life seem more valuable. I also have extremem love for many people, who will be listed in my friends page....later...
I have blond hair and green-yellow eyes. I am 5'1", and weigh 124lbs. My best feature would have to be either my eyes, brain, or heart. Each equal in beauty. I dont think I have any more beauty than that......as you can see, i do not find my self attractive or pretty. Which is okay with me. and...thats all I can say for now...
And by the way....this is one of my favorite songs..It's called, "No Rain," by Blind Melon...really old song....but it really reminds me of....well...ME!!

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