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Dizzy's Questionaire

This Questionaire is to well....know a little bit about my visitors. can check if you want to be on my Friends page. Whelp...just answer the questions the best you can....thanks...!

Your Name Please?(first and Middle only)


Date Of Birth

Do you have a WebSite? If so...type it in the space below!

Do you have an E-mail address? If so...type it in the space below!

What do you think of this

Tell Me something Interesting About Yourself?

What are your favorite movies and T.v Shows?

Favorite Book, music, band, singer?

Tell me about Your Family, good and bad?

School Life

Which Game System Do you Like? Playstation 2
Game Cube
Im a complete dummy...I have no idea what your talking about
I suck at video games ::cries::