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Chapter Two: A Reminder of What You Stole From Me

"Death is God's gift to us, And love is his punishment" -Mitch Highman

The night had come and went, and Angel had not slept as peacefully as he hoped. His dreams were clouded with thoughts of Gilead. She was addictive, a drug, a habit that he could never break. The mere presence of her got him so high that no drug would ever compare. He laid back on his arms and stared into oblivion. “Why does love have to be this complicated? I mean, mortals spend their days wanting it, and spend their lives dieing in it once they have found it! I will never understand this...” He rolled over to his side and gazed out over the horizon. The sun had not peeked over the hilltops, leaving the sky a midnight blue, which closely resembled velvet. And then she crawled back into his thoughts once more. “This is crazy! Why am I feeling this way? Just like Kain said, she is only a human. Powerless. Mortal! And yet, she has this power that has been destroying me ever since I laid eyes upon her,” he thought, loudly, so loud, that his brain began to ache. He had to see her; it was the only cure to his melancholy.
The floor was cold, as he walked along the wooden hallway on his bare feet. His ebony hair swayed back and forth along the skin of his back. A jolt of intense heat shot through his entire body, and it felt as though her hands were caressing every nook and cranny of his body. He felt her everywhere and he loved it.
He reached the end of the hallway, and halted. This was Gilead’s door, and he gave it a soft push. Inside, the white silk curtains blew wildly in the morning breeze. He gazed at her bed, the white canopy curtains reveled that she was no longer sleeping, as he was so certain she would be. Angel was frantic; she would never leave her room unless she was needed... Kain slept peacefully in his black silken bed, on top of him, Jacoba, who had certainly spent the night with him. Kain awoke instantly when Angel busted open the door.
“Where is she?” His voice cruel and demanding. “Do you know how rude it was to barge in here like that? And whom are you speaking of?” Kain asked sweetly, Jacoba stared blankly at him, unable to speak, her bare skin shinning like gold in the sun’s rays.
“Do not play the fool, Brother! Just tell me, what did you tell her to do?”
Kain stared at him, leering. He was disgusted with I’m. It wasn’t like Angel to lash out at him like he had done. “You’re a little low on the evolutionary latter to be making orders, little Brother.’ Kain retaliated, and Angel hated it.
“Listen, ‘Big brother,’ have you been so foolish to forget that The Predator is still looking for us?” Angel asked turning to reveal a large red scar painted across his back. “I wouldn’t want you to make that same mistake again, Brother.”
Kain lowered his head. He remembered very well what had happened the first time. That time that had forced them into hiding amongst mortals. It was when Angel lost his twin brother, due to Kain’s fatal mistake...
Angel sat on the ground, tied back to back to a man who had so distinctively looked like him. That same ebony hair, those beautiful gray eyes. There was just one distinct difference; this man had one long strip of his hair dyed red.
“Hey...Gimpy...wake up!” He said. He nudged Angel with his elbow the best he could. “Come on... we have to think of a way to get out of here! They are going to kill us, doesn’t that mean anything to you?” He asked, this time more frantic, and horrified.
Angel just lowered his head deeper. His spirit had been broken, and there wasn’t any amount of ambition left in him. “We lost, Genesis, it’s over. If they kill us now, we are lucky…” he paused, appalled by the whole situation, and sound of his voice was so different, he hadn’t the slightest idea who he was anymore. If he had ignored Kain and Jacoba, and all of their stupid tests all to be just like them, things would be different. “Look, I’m sorry I got you into this... I never ment for anything to happen to you.” He tried desperately to look into his brother’s face, but found this task a difficult and painful experience.
“Hey! Forget about that! Come on, I’ve gotten you into worse situations! Besides, this isn’t the worse thing that could happen.” Genesis smiled, and his words warmed Angel’s heart. Here they were, soon to die, and he spoke so beautifully about Brotherhood. “By the way, if... I don’t get out of this…
I want you to look after this..”
Before he could finish, two men hooded in black robes barged through the doors. They waited patiently; bowing the most fake curtsey they had ever seen. Then the sound of heavy footsteps filled the room. Genesis and Angel glared at him.
“So... this is the end, is it?” The man’s deep voice, though exotic it was, had sounded more devilish and evil, and Angel would have nothing more than his head mounted on a wall. The man was beautiful, sexy if you will. The long blond hair that swam around his face was a yellow as the sun; enhancing his beauty by a thousand.
“You son of a bitch! You can’t defeat us by yourself? Have to have us tied down, so you can carve yourself a reputation out of our hides? Your no better than a Follower!” Genesis screamed, as he spat towards the stranger, but missed.
The man laughed, but shortly. “On the contrary, I can defeat you. Trust me, my powers are already far beyond that of yours. But why waste your deaths on just me?” He shot them a wicked smile, which made Angel cringe. “ You see, my friends, I have something very special in store for you. And you are lucky, having the best seats in the house.” He gave them both a playful wink, and turned away flipping his hair, and left.
“What do you mean, ‘best seats in the house’?” Genesis asked. Angel knew he already knew, but he too wanted to hear it strait from the “master,” himself. It was the satisfaction and reassurance that they longed for.
“Just trust me, what you are about to witness is to DIE for.”
Emphasizing the last part of his sentence only made it clearer than it had pertained to be.
The two hooded men grabbed hold of their shoulders and forced them to their feet with such force that Angel nearly fell foreword. Angel heard Genesis growl under his breath, and felt him struggle with the man’s massive hands. Genesis had always hated to be touched, especially if he didn’t like the person who was touching him. The guards untied them, and retied their hands separately.
“Walk!” Yelled the man standing beside Genesis. “Don’t tell me what to do asshole!” Genesis kicked the man in the genital areas, and he man clenched between his legs and let out a faint girlish cry. A fast reaction emerged from the other guard, and Angel heard a cry emanate from Genesis. The second guard had hit him on the side of his face with his fist causing him to kneel on the ground.
“Don’t do anything funny or we’ll kill your brother where he stands! You puny piece of nothing!” The men helped Genesis to his feet. (Though it was more like forcing him to his feet) Genesis looked at Angel in the face, and smiled the most heart-warming smile Angel had ever seen.
“You put as so much as one FINGER on him and I’ll rip your fucking guts out,” he told them jokingly. But Angel knew his brother very well. They had been born from the same genetically engineered womb. Though they were only seconds apart, Genesis had treated him as if they were years apart. Always looking after him, protecting him like a father would do to his son. Genesis would have given Angel his still beating heart from his still living body, if he needed it.
“Whelp, let’s go and see what MAGICAL things they have in store for us, eh?” He stepped closer to Angel, and bent down far as to whisper something in his ear. “Let’s go!” Yelled one of the guards. “You can hold your fucking horses.” Genesis leered. “Listen, whatever happens I want you to know something. I love you dreadfully.” Genesis lashed out to Angel and kissed him. Angel was awe struck, but embraced his twin as tears rolled down his cheeks; but these tears were cried for love, not agony.
They were both “handsomely,” escorted to a center platform in a perfectly symmetrical round room. From here, they were tied, once again, back to back.
“You have a plan?” Angel asked in a hushed voice. All around, hooded figures in thick black robes stared down at them, an Angel was beginning to believe that there may not be a way out of this; that they were surely about to die. “It’s too early to develop a plan, I don’t know what they are trying to do in the first place. I’m starting to believe that they are going to stare at us to death.” Genesis stared back, long and hard. Angel could feel his body tense up, and his back tighten. He knew that Genesis was ready for anything, which boosted Angel’s confidence and his hopes of getting out of this hellhole alive.
Loud footsteps, like the ones that they had heard entering the holding cell, filled up the room, and the murmurs from the black hooded figures died down. Everything was silent, a no man’s land kind of silent, and Angel felt a cold breeze brush by making the hairs on his arms stand strait up.
The man that Angel and Genesis had met in their holding cell, emerged from a catacomb just three feet above them. Everyone in the room got to their knees and bowed a most “humble,” bow.
Genesis rolled his eyes. “Give me a fucking break...” he whispers into his brother’s ear.
“My subjects...” he began, and the room seemed to move in an upward motion as all heads lifted to hear their master speak, like dogs in training waiting eagerly for their treats.” It seems as though out Lord’s most common enemy, The Almighty, has sent his henchmen to kill me...” He paused, allowing a most people in the room, except Angel and Genesis, to laugh. It was Satan’s holy chorus, if you asked Angel. “It is sad to say that their own Lord has sentence them to death!”
Genesis stared at him, eyes fixed on his. There was a long moment of silence, as they fought each other in a battle of stares.
“Genesis...” Angel began. “What’s he talking about? The Almighty never sent us, were just after Zchechev!”
‘Well, isn’t this a delightful turn of events! You see, your Master has deceived you yet again, for I am the one you seek! Ever since you chose to absurdly show up in my cave, you have dug your own graves. I am the direct representative of thy Lord himself! I am far beyond the likes of you, and yet you Lord has still sent YOU to defeat ME. What kind of leader does he stand to be? But, it is a pity that death has to be wasted on you. I will give you this much, not many people have ever made it this far, and I am in a giving mood. You sell your souls to work for me, and I will spare you from you eternal fate. This is all your choice.”
“He’s playing with us like were are his puppets! He has the power to what he wills with us if we sell our souls, if we die, he will steal our souls AND our memory and he can do whatever he wants then too, either way...we lose…” Angel’s thoughts enraged him, and he began to sweat from his anger.
“I’ve got a better deal than that!” Genesis declared, as he turned to look at Angel.
“Oh, and what deal could possibly be any more better than the one I have presented myself?” Zchechev sounded taken aback, as though no one has ever defied his will, and yet, he seemed amused, for this new form of defiance aroused him.
“Let my little brother go. Let him leave far from here, for he is too young to cause you any more trouble. And...” he looked to the ground. “Don’t you even think about it Genesis, you hear?! If we are going to die, we die together!” Angel began to struggle.
“And... You can have me, to do, as you will. I will serve you as your slave, but please, spare me my brother, the only thing I will ever ask of you.” “You drive a hard bargain... it will be done!” Zchechev ordered the two guards to untie them, and they did, without question.
“No! You bastered! We are in this together! How could you!” Angel screamed, and once untied, he stared, hard, deep into his brother’s eyes. But Genesis could no longer stomach the sight of his younger brother’s beautiful face, which was soiled by his tears.
Genesis embraced Angel, who fell limp in his arms. “Please, don’t be sad. I know, we will meet again, somewhere, sometime.” Genesis smiled as he was torn from Angel’s hungry arms.
“No! You sons of bitches! Let him go!” Angel screamed, crying so hard that it was difficult to understand his words. He wanted to run to stop them from taking Genesis from him, but was retained from doing so by two new guards, and one hit him hard in the stomach; Angel fell to the floor in pain. “Strip him!” Zchechev demanded.
“WHAT? You are not allowed to defile him, you sick assholes!” Angel yelled, but there was no stopping them. He watched in horror as the reduced his brother to nothing, leaving him naked where he stood. He was lowered to a level that Angel could never even THINK of going, and yet he kept his head high. Smiling, as if the sun had just peeked over the hills lighting the whole room.
Angel hated him. He had always been strong. Even now, knowing very well that he was either going to die, or spend the rest of his life being defiled by that Basterds hands. Angel watched as he was brought strait in front of Zchechev.
Zchechev pulled him closer, running his hand down his back, stopping softly on his left cheek. He bent his face down close to Genesis’s, who just stared back, not blinking.
“It’s too bad that you have to could have had me…” He whispered into his ears.
Angel watched, in angered anticipation.” What are you going to do you sick fuck…” he spoke quietly to himself.
“But what’s even worse…is after your dead…your darling child brother is going to have the time of his life.” He spoke loudly.
“No! You…” but before he could finish or react, Zchechev drew his sword and thrusted it through Genesis’s heart.
It was dark. Everything pulsated like the last beats of an old heart. The room was filled with excited roars, but Angel heard nothing. The only sound that was heard was the sound of Genesis searching for breath, and him softly call out his name. It was over, everything. There was nothing left in this world to live for. The only thing that ever mattered to him was lying on his killer’s bloody sword, dieing. His thoughts were driving him insane. What had he done? What crime had he committed that would cause the Heaven’s to take away the only thing that was ever worth anything to him? Why had it to have been his beautiful brother? Why couldn’t they have taken him instead? Zchechev pushed Genesis’s naked body off of his sword, and held him by his neck over the catacomb walk way.
“No!” Angel yelled, as he grabbed the two guards by the neck and slammed their heads together so hard that their skulls were crushed on impact, and them men died instantly.
Zchechev let go of Genesis’s still live body, and Angel caught him mid air; he held him closely. Blood poured out of Genesis’s body as if it had longed to be free, and Angel only holding for about a minute was swimming in it. “Gimpy... I’m sorry... I never ment...” Genesis reached up and placed a bloody hand upon Angel’s face.
“Don’t be, Genesis, were brothers...remember? Plus... you’re going to be all right. We are going to get out of here and go home, so...” Angel could not finish; in fact, he could barely say a word due to his reckless tears as they flooded his beautiful saddened face, soiled by his brother’s blood.
“Do one thing for me...Brother.” Genesis broke off the locket he had always worn around his neck, and it was now, that Angel wondered why he hadn’t looked in it sooner. “Please, keep her safe...she will be very important to the Almighty, and to you... if you let her…”
Angel lowered his head, and his lips entrapped his brother’s. The hand that had held onto his face, fell, limp, and did not move. He was dead. Angel would not believe it, he couldn’t be dead... this wasn’t over, not now, not when Angel needed him the most.
“Genesis? Genesis?” Angel shook him, but Genesis did not move, and he would never again. “GENESIS!” He screamed and slapped the side of Genesis’s stiff face. “Wake up you stupid bastered! You aren’t allowed to die without me! Don’t you remember? We are supposed to make decisions together, and I did not agree to this! Come back, please come….ba…ck!” Angel fell and buried his face in Genesis’s chest. It did not protrude and release like it had done when he was breathing, he cried. There was a long silence in the room, all but Angel’s loud crying, which made everyone shift with fear. What had they done? Or more so, what had they helped do?
Angel took out his knife, and cut off strands of Genesis’s hair, and placed them gently into his pocket. Then, he stared down at his brother’s dead body, sadness turning to pure rage. His anger burned inside him, devouring every drop of blood as it spread further and further into his system.
Zchechev put a hand on his shoulder. “Do not worry my little will forget about him soon enough.” But Angel would never forget, not until the bastered’s head was shinning in his blood stained hands. He deserved t o die, Angel turned around, blade in hand, and sliced open the side of Zchechev’s face; blood poured out like rain on a winter’s night. He let out a loud cry of pain, and held his face.
“You insignificant little fool! How dare you raise a weapon to me! I thought you a smarter man, but I thought wrong!” Zchechev yelled and proceeded to kill Angel where he stood, but lucky for Angel his reflexes were much more equipped than Zchechev or even himself, imagined. But he was not faster, and Zchechev’s sword cut deep into Angel’s back painting a long red line, which oozed with blood. Angel shrieked, but did not falter. There was no way that this ass hole was going to kill him.
“Perhaps I was wrong about you once again! You shit faced little brat. And perhaps your brother HAD died for a true cause after all...but too bad it’s all going to be for nothing once I add your blood to my sword!” He said, still holding his bloodstained face.
Angel looked around franticly, there had to be some way out, and sure enough, there was. On a far side of the cave, there was a mountain of rocks supporting the roof up above. If he could just get on rock to move, then perhaps, he would have a chance to get him, and his brother’s body out of this cave.
Angel threw his knife, and it flew right by Zchechev, who had not bothered to turn around.
“You missed! Is that the best you’ve got?” Zchechev asked, mad as Angel had ever seen him.
“Not quiet…” Angel responded smugly, in a menacingly evil voice. The ground began to rumble, and rocks fell from the roof. People all around scrambled to the nearest exit.
“You little bastered!” He screamed in pure unretainable anger. Angel picked up his brother’s body as gently as possible, and smiled. “Yah, I know. But being a bastered has its good points. Somehow, someway, they always end up winning……..I’ll be seeing you later.” Angel jumped onto the ledge where Genesis was murdered, and ran through the catacomb opening.
“Just you wait! I will hunt you down, and then rip your pathetic heart from your chest! Mock my word!” He screamed after him
“Yah...right.” He said, and left the cave with a brand new mission…
“Yah, I remember... no need to remind me again...”Kain sat up in his bed, and stared at the ceiling.
“It was your fault that he died, do not let it be your fault, if Gilead dies that same way.” Angel waited patiently for Kain to answer him.
“I am very sorry that your brother died, and I take full responsibility for it. But as ironic as this sounds, I haven’t sent her anywhere.” Kain looked down at Angel, but he had already left the room.
“He goes crazy over nothing sometimes.” Jacoba added stupidly.
Angel raced through dressing and ran out of the double cedar doors. He searched. Walking as fast as his legs could take him. “Why did you leave the house, Gilead? You know that it is dangerous!” Angel thought angrily and concerned to himself.
He stared around the town once more, and took a turn down a long tunnel, and had thought his eyes deceived him.
Gilead lay, unmoving on the ground, and over her body, a women in white clothing stared at him.