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      Upon arriving home, the Sun Demon kills a rat and hides in the basement closet and changes back to his human form. Here is he discovered by the gentle and steadfast Ann, whose tearful entreaties finally convince Gil to allow another doctor to examine him.
      Dr. Hoffman**** examines Gil, and asserts that the situation is not hopeless; however, Gil must refrain from going outdoors at all, as additional transformations may result in only the Sun Demon remaining. Ignoring this advice, Gil returns to the bar to see Trudy, who is holding a grudge after being deserted on a beach to find her own way home. George and his friends take Gil outside for a beating, which becomes excessive; Trudy, taking pity on Gil, brings him to her home to recover. The next morning George arrives and upon finding Gil in Trudy’s apartment (with curtains and shades drawn), a fight breaks out but George gets the upper hand by reaching for his gun.

****(billed as Fred LaPorta, this was Fred Pincus, a glassware maker for hardware stores, tapped by Clarke for the role because of his German accent).

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