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      Gil flees, running down an officer while making his escape. A dragnet is organized, and the search is on for the “weird killer.”
      We next meet a mother and her little daughter, Susie *****, who live in a home at the edge of an oil production field. Susie heads outside to play in an oil derrick shack, where she discovers and befriends Gil. Susie offers to bring Gil food, but her mother foils her attempts to take some cookies, and eventually Susie confesses to her mother that her new friend is a strange man hiding out in the shed. The mother, having heard radio reports about the fugitive, calls the police.
      The police arrive and the chase is on, forcing Gil back out into the sunlight and transforming him once more into the Sun Demon. The Sun Demon kills one officer and then heads up a massive gas storage tank, with a second officer (played by costume-maker Richard Cassarino) hot on his heels.

*****Clarke’s real-life sister-in-law and niece.

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