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Hideous Sun Demon One sheet poster

Cast: Robert Clarke (Dr. Gilbert McKenna), Patricia Manning (Ann Russell), Nan Peterson (Trudy Osborne), Patrick Whyte (Dr. Frederick Buckell), Fred La Porta (Dr. Jacob Hoffman), Peter Similuk (George Messorio), William White* (Police Lt. Peterson), Robert Garry (Dr. Stern), Donna King** (Suzy's Mother), Xandra Conkling (Suzy), Del Courtney (Radio Deejay), Richard Cassarino (Barfly/Man on Beach with Kids), Cass Richards*** (Policeman), Pearl Driggs (Convalescing Woman on Roof), Ron Honthaner (Cop killed by sundemon in warehouse), also Daryl Westbrook, Bill Currie, Fran Leighton, Bob Hafner, John Murphy, Tony Hilder, Chuck Newell, David Sloan, Anna Cain, Helen Joseph, Doug Menville, Robin C. Kirkman

Directed by Tom Boutross and Robert Clarke; story by Robert Clarke and Phil Hiner; additional dialogue by Doane R. Hoag and E.S. Seeley Jr.; Produced by Robert Clarke and Robin C. Kirkman; Original Music by John Seely; Cinematography by Stan Follis, Vilis Lapenieks and John Morrill; Edited by Tom Boutross; Art Direction by Richard Cassarino (as Gianbattista Cassarino); Makeup by Richard Cassarino (as Ben Sarino); Production Manager: Robin C. Kirkman; Assistant Director: Tom Miller; Sound: Doug Menville; assistant to producer: Richard Cassarino (as Gianbattista Cassarino); continuity: Deanie Follis; assistant editor: Ron Honthaner; composer: song "Strange Pursuit": Marilyn King; monster costume: Richard Cassarino (uncredited). Running time: 75 minutes. Distributed by Miller Consolidated Pictures; released on the lower half of a double bill with A Date With Death by Pacific International. Alternate titles: Blood On His Lips, Terror From The Sun, The Sun Demon.

* William White used the name Bill Hampton in the movie credits
** Donna King was listed as Donna Conkling
*** Richard Cassarino also portrayed a Policeman under the name Cass Richards.

The Plot:
      Dr. Gilbert McKenna (Robert Clarke) is a research scientist who is exposed to dangerously radioactive materials at an atomic power plant. The radiation causes McKenna to mutate into a strange and murderous half-man, half-reptile when he comes into contact with the rays of the sun. Depressed that he has to avoid the sunlight and stay inside in darkened rooms, he begins to drink and forgets about his loyal girlfriend Ann Russell (Patricia Manning) and starts taking up with blonde bombshell Trudy Osborne (Nan Peterson). After terrorizing a community, he is cornered atop a large tank and shot by a policeman, falling to his death.

      The Hideous Sun Demon (1959) opens with scientist Dr. Gilbert McKenna being rushed to the hospital after a laboratory accident exposes him to a new type of atomic isotope. A perplexed physician, Dr. Stern, informs Gil's supervisor Dr. Buckell and Gil's lab assistant Ann that Gil seems to be unaffected by the exposure, and there are no signs of radiation poisoning. However, the doctor wants Gil to stay at the hospital a little longer for further observation and testing.
      A nurse wheels Gil out to the roof of the hospital to an area where patients can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, and leaves Gil in his wheel chair near an elderly lady (Clarke's real-life mother-in-law Pearl Driggs). He dozes in the sun while the lady is engrossed in her magazine. She looks up to ask Gil a question and to her horror sees he has morphed into a reptile; he jumps up and runs into the hospital building where a mirror confronts him with his horrible reflection.
      Dr. Stern meets again with Dr. Buckell and Ann to share the latest development. Dr. Stern sketches out a very brief explanation of the evolutionary process, talks about experiments with insects and radiation, using pictures from books and slides to illustrate his points.

(Page descriptions taken from Elizabeth Haney's summary at Creaturescape)

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