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      Dr. Stern explains that sunlight was the catalyst, causing Gil to evolve backwards to a reptile. Placing him in a darkened room allowed Gil to turn back into a human. Gil's future is looking, quite literally, none too bright. Dr. Stern explains that Gil will no longer be able to be exposed to the sun or go outside during the day, restricting his movements to night. Otherwise, except for this "terrible sensitivity to sunlight" and being depressed about the situation, Gil is fine and can leave the hospital.
      Gil resigns from his job at the lab and relocates to a house overlooking the ocean, where he proceeds to drink and mope himself into a deeper depression, in between poring over books on evolution. A suicide attempt is thwarted when Gil notices youngsters playing on the beach below, so instead he hops in his car and drives to a bar, where he first lays eyes on the abundantly charming Trudy, who plays piano and sings in the bar. Gil returns a few nights later to watch Trudy sing, and at the end of her song ("Strange Pursuits" written and sung by Clarke's sister-in-law Marilyn King), Trudy joins Gil at his table for a drink. Trudy's boyfriend George, a tough mobster type, shows up and takes exception to Trudy's new friend. George and Gil end up in a fist fight, Gil knocks out George, and Gil and Trudy jump in his car and head to the beach.
      When Gil and Trudy arrive at the beach, they enjoy a quick drink from the convenient car mini bar, before heading down to the beach to frolic.
      Gil awakens on the beach in the morning sun; he abandons the sleeping Trudy, jumps in his car and races home, transforming into the Sun Demon along the way. Upon arriving home, he hides in a darkened basement closet.

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