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MAD LIBS [17 episodes]
Terrific kids show with wacky stunts and word guessing.
-July 1998-PREMIERE!!! A.J. & Dana vs. Jaque & Dustin. Original commercials, including an Off The Wall promo! (JP3.7)
-July 1998 (same day as premiere)-Second episode! Stephanie & Terrance vs. Lisa & Jared. Original commercials, including an Off The Wall promo! (JP3.8)
-1998-Eric & Julie vs. Chynna & Travis (JP10.8)
-1998-Robert & Shakeh vs. Skylar & Jason (JP12.12)
-1998-Michael & Lindsey vs. Sarah & Chris (JP12.13)
-1998-Ryan & Paige vs. Gabby & Christopher (JP12.9)
-1998-Josh & Jessica vs. Jun & Brandon (JP10.6)
-1998-Chris & Casey vs. Ashley & Brad (JP10.7)
-1998-Lee & Sarah vs. Veronica & Joshua. Two not-very-bright teams today (JP10.9)
-1998-Nick & Shannon vs. Kelly & Mahyar. Tiebreaker played (JP10.10)
-1998-Jason & Jenny vs. Olivia & Jeff (JP12.10)
-1998-Jesse & Kerri vs. Shanon & Lee (JP12.11)
-October 1998-Justin & Katrina vs. Ashley & Aaron. Original commercials (BS2.10)
-October 1998-Halloween episode! Chris & Tiffini vs. Jenny & Eric (JP12.14)
-December 1998-Holiday episode! Jamaal & Annalyn vs. Melissa & Ellis (JP10.11)
-December 1998-David & Whitney vs. Jeanette & Rene. Original commercials (JP3.9)
-Dec. 1998 or Jan. 1999-Josh & Meghan vs. Savannah & Colby. Original commercials (BM.8)

The pinball aspect is pretty cool. Shame the frontgame was far from magnificent.
-July 10, 1975-Episode #4! Florence Henderson & Roddy McDowall. Gary vs. Bobbie. Average video (RW4.1)

MAJORITY RULES [3 episodes]
The game is pretty much decided by the audience, and the format keeps changing. Aired on only 2 stations!
-August 1996-Opening rounds: Sharon Lyn vs. Janeese, Lavinia vs. Melanie, Alex vs. Steve, Richard vs. Nancy. Dec. 1996 repeat with commercials, contestant plug, question plug, and a poll to pick the favorite set of rules (sigh...) (AW.3)
-October 1996-Opening rounds: Suzanne vs. Scott, Ann vs. Pete, Danny vs. Diane. Champ: Roberta. Original commercials (AW.2)
-Oct. or Nov. 1996-From 70s Week! LaShell vs. Ron vs. Rosanna vs. Linda. Special appearance by Jimmie Walker! Original commercials (AW.1)

MAKE ME A MILLIONAIRE (Local CA Lotto Show) [10 episodes, 1 clip]
Flamingo Fortune for West Coasters, with a few cool new games and a great set!
-January 17, 2009 (Taped 12/14/08)-PREMIERE!!! Lucky Penny: Oscar vs. Carlos vs. Ignacio. Safe Cracker: Tammy vs. Raymond. California Cool: Ronnie (RI18.4/5)
-March 21, 2009-Lucky Penny: Kim, Lori, & Hazel. Safe Cracker: Garrett vs. Maryann. California Cool: Casey. Original commercials (NP4.2)
-August 22, 2009-Lucky Penny: Mary, Yvonne, & Sam. Safe Cracker: Rupa vs. Michael. California Cool: Stanley. Original commercials (NP4.3)
-September 12, 2009-Lucky Penny: Jesus, Milton, & Charlie. Safe Cracker: Zeke vs. Bill. California Cool: Spencer. Original commercials (NP4.4)
-October 17, 2009-Lucky Penny: Frank, Maximo, & Chris. Safe Cracker: Victor & Suzanne. California Cool: Fermin. Original commercials, slight glitches at times (NP4.1)
-January 2, 2010-Lucky Penny: Maria, Santos, & Helen. Safe Crackers: John vs. Martin. California Cool: Stephanie. Most original commercials (NP26.1)
-January 23, 2010-Lucky Penny: Hilda, Vicki, & Jesse. Safe Crackers: Sharon vs. Connie. California Cool: Declan (NP26.2)
-May 8, 2010-Clip of a contestant going for $3 million! Slightly glitchy (NP26.3)
-May 15, 2010-Lucky Penny: Sean, Julio, Janet. Safe Cracker: Felix vs. Vicky. California Cool: Ana (NP26.4)
-June 5, 2010-Lucky Penny: Walter, Anita, & Jerry. Safe Cracker: Bill vs. Artak. California Cool: Eric (NP26.5)
-July 3, 2010-Finale. Lucky Penny: Magaly, Joel, & Maria. Safe Cracker: Barbara vs. Luis. California Cool: George. Original commercials (NP26.6)

MAKE ME FAMOUS, MAKE ME RICH (Local Ohio lottery show) [5 episodes]
Made me baffled, made me bored. So bad that the Ohio Lottery brought back the show it replaced!
-October 7, 2006-Premiere. Woo. First Team: Monica, Janice, & Veronica. No commercials (RI3.11)
-January 6, 2007-First team: Marc, Rowena, & Linda (RI6.1)
-March 17, 2007-First game: Lettie, Wanda, & Nancy vs. Kelby, Stephanie, & Kevin vs. Keith, Helen, & Mario vs. Jeana, Jeff, & Mary vs. Ben, Larry, & John (RI.13)
-July 7, 2007-First team: Florence, Tony, & Tonya (RI6.2)
-September 29, 2007-Finale. First Team: Sandy, Jim, & Charles. Includes a Cash Explosion promo! (RI3.12)

MAKE ME LAUGH (1958) [1 episode]
The fascinating origin of the late 70's laugh-fest.
-June 12, 1958-Finale. Louis Nye, Orson Bean, Joey Carter. Contestants: Rocky Graziano, Kim Hunter, Skip Henderson, Greta Huxland. Original commercials (LS8.12)

MAKE ME LAUGH (Synd., 1979-1980) [5 episodes]
Stakes are pretty low, but it's got some great comedians and an awesome set.
-1979-Aired pilot. Johnny Dark, Bill Kirchenbauer, Roger & Roger. Contestants: Pamelia, Edward, Sharon Lee. Contestant plug! No credits (CN3.19)
-1979-Roger & Roger, Joe Restivo, Mike Binder. Contestants: Sandy, Patricia, Christopher, Jaye P. Morgan. Contestant plug! (LS8.10)
-1979-Garry Shandling, Bruce Baum, Roger & Roger. Contestants: Becky, Betty, Pamela, Jonelle Allen. Ticket plug! (JW3.4)
-1979-Garry Shandling, Bruce Baum, Roger & Roger. Contestants: Leigh, Deborah, Bert Convy. Ticket plug! Rough spots in first segment (CN6.5)
-1979-Steve Bluestein, Bruce Baum, Bob Saget. Contestants: Janice, Sandy, Tiny Tim. Ticket plug! (CD3.5)

MAKE ME LAUGH (Comedy Central, 1997-1998) [1 episode]
Good format, and Ober's a bright spot, but seems to be missing something.
-1998-Sue Kolinski, Jon Manfrellotti, Frank Coniff. Jamar vs. Patrice vs. Steve. Original commercials (SI3.4)

An OK panel show where they try to find the connection between two people.
-July 28, 1955-Betty White, Dean Claven, Gloria DeHaven, Eddie Bracken. Special Guest: Diana Lynn (913.2)
-August 11, 1955-Betty White, Gene Clavin, Gloria DeHaven, Eddie Bracken. Special Guest: Hoagy Carmichael (BTC4.2)
-August 18, 1955-Betty White, Gene Clavin, Laraine Day, Eddie Bracken. Special Guest: Buster Keaton (BTC4.3)
-September 8, 1955-Betty White, Gene Clavin, Gloria DeHaven, Eddie Bracken. Special Guest: Sam Levenson (BTC4.1)
-September 29, 1955-Finale. Betty White, Gene Clavin, Barbara Britton, Eddie Bracken. Special guest: George Jessel (541.1)

MAKE THE GRADE (Schnieder, 1989-1990) [51 episodes]
My least-favorite Nick game show. I can't stress enough how badly the Fire Drill ruins the game.
-1989-Andrew vs. Luni vs. Daniel (JP42.12)
-1989-Rebecca vs. Ryan vs. Marisa. Early episode with red nametags. Game ends in a tie! (JP16.5)
-1989-Cori vs. Greg vs. Evan. Early episode with red nametags (JP16.6)
-1989-Alison vs. Keisha vs. Matt. Early episode with blue nametags. Features a game show question and a Fire Drill with nothing up for grabs (JP16.12)
-1989-Ben vs. Mallon vs. Abbie. Early episode with blue nametags (227.4)
-1989-Matt vs. Carrie vs. Louie. Early episode with blue nametags (166.7)
-1989-Cheryl vs. Matt vs. Kerry. Blue nametags (BS17.7)
-1989-Samantha vs. Jay vs. Nicole. Many jokes are made about Lew's pink ensemble! (BS17.6)
-1989-Matthew vs. Stephanie vs. Paul. Lew is wearing a really cool sweater! Early episode with blue nametags (246.12)
-1989-Robert vs. Lynn vs. Mark. Game show category in the Honors Round! (280.8)
-1989-Julie vs. Maria vs. David. Julie is playing the game with a broken arm! Another cheap win (212.4)
-1989-Scott vs. Kamia (who is really bad!) vs. Darren (200.9)
-1989-Damon vs. Dylan vs. Laura (210.8)
-1989-Kurt vs. Maria vs. Matt (187.2)
-1989-Janelle vs. Frank vs. Liana. Includes mall tour clips! (JP3.10)
-1989-Michael vs. Elizabeth vs. Jeremy. No Fire Drills found (yippee!) (JP3.11)
-1989-Jordan vs. Chudney vs. Angelo (JP16.4)
-1989-Sean vs. Danny vs. Vera (JP16.7)
-1989-Laurie vs. Kyle vs. Erik (JP16.9)
-1989-Jesse vs. Kristopher vs. Stephanie (JP16.10)
-1989-Jennifer vs. Barry vs. Ron (JP16.11)
-1989-Doug vs. Jaime vs. Marisa. Includes mall tour clips! (JP16.13)
-1989-Corey vs. Tara vs. Scott (JP87.3)
-1990-Garfield vs. Allison vs. John. Lew REALLY screws up the beginning (209.2)
-1990-Ragan vs. David vs. Assaf (224.7)
-1990-Nick vs. Stephen vs. Diane. Cheap win (205.2)
-1990-Kevin vs. Jamie vs. Donna (211.5)
-1990-Kathy vs. Gerard vs. Jaime (196.3)
-1990-Kendria vs. Colleen vs. Eric (210.3)
-1990-Steven vs. Chris vs. Jennifer (226.9)
-1990-Nicole vs. Jessica vs. Jeff. CLOSE Fire Drill! (227.6)
-1990-Felecia vs. Joe vs. Pamela(203.3)
-1990-Jennifer vs. John vs. Terry (who has cool hair!) (271.8)
-1990-Alana vs. Ian vs. Bernadette. University Round Played! (308.2)
-1990-Maureen vs. Mike vs. Cindy (218.5)
-1990-Patty vs. Chris vs. Jill. One original commercial (JF52.2)
-1990-Jennifer vs. Chris vs. Sean (JP16.2)
-1990-Chris vs. Jaime vs. Alex. Audio loss from when Lew reads the categories to the second question (JP16.3)
-1990-Craig vs. Janeen vs. Matthew. HORRID Honors Round! Glitches coming into Honors Round (JP16.8)
-1990-Kevin vs. Jamie vs. Donna (JP42.13)
-1990-Greg vs. Jaime vs. Alex (JP42.14)
-1990-Steven vs. Chris vs. Jennifer (JP50.17)
-1990-Kenneth vs. Lauren vs. Joey, then Mark vs. Chrissy vs. Jim. Nick edited these two episodes together, due to both games ending EXTREMELY early (DC22.6)
-1990-Todd vs. Robyn vs. Jesi. Bad tracking at times (SD7.3)
-1990-Sarah vs. Mike vs. J.P. (SD7.4)
-1990-Adam vs. Kelly vs. John (BS11.5)
-1990-Chris vs. Dimal vs. Jessica (BS12.1)
-1990-Jeff vs. Brian vs. Leslie (BS12.2)
-1990-Christine vs. Jeff vs. Colleen (JP87.1)
-1990-Keri vs. Jimmy vs. Janelle (JP87.2)
-1990-Rob vs. Andy vs. Jessica (JP85.5)

MAKE THE GRADE (Morris, 1990-1991) [55 episodes]
New host and new graphics? Fine. Adding new, less-managable Fire Drills? Not fine.
-1990-Matt vs. Carrie vs. John. A large number of Lose squares are hit. Slightly glitchy before Honors Round (192.7)
-1990-Pam vs. Tom vs. Jodi. Slight glitch in round 2 (272.8)
-1990-Mark vs. Megan vs. Frank. You can blame this episode for all my hatred of Make the Grade. Audience game played! Glitches at the very, VERY end (204.2)
-1990-Heather vs. Vince vs. Allie (200.5)
-1990-Sabrina vs. Andy vs. Shari. Funny moment after the Honors Round! (207.1)
-1990-Tadd vs. Sharon vs. Robbie (207.6)
-1990-Jimmy vs. Megan vs. Tom (206.7)
-1990-Nic vs. Joanne vs. Chaz (517.8)
-1990-Jay vs. Sylvia vs. Wes. One Fire Drill takes FOREVER (JP42.15)
-1990-Mike vs. Missy vs. Brian (DC22.7)
-1990-Andy vs. Josie vs. Nick. Another episode that shows why I hate the Fire Drills (DC22.8)
-1990-Wayne vs. Joey vs. Jason. No Fire Drills, and an INSANELY EASY Honors Round! (DC22.9)
-1990-Marc vs. Heather vs. Brian. Audience game played! (GG13.12)
-1990-John vs. Heather vs. Adam (GG13.13)
-1990-Jenny vs. Richie vs. Rena (GG16.4)
-1990-Danny vs. Nicole vs. Jon. Two particularly frustrating Fire Drills today (GG17.1)
-1990-Danny vs. Katie vs. Brian. No Fire Drills, and the audience game played! (GG17.2)
-1990-Chris vs. Clayton vs. Susan (GG17.3)
-1990-Mike vs. Donna vs. Ben (GG25.1)
-1990-Billy vs. Megan vs. Greg (GG25.2)
-1990-Todd vs. Allyson vs. Kevin (GG25.3) (SR4.2)
-1990-Christi vs. Josh vs. Kelli (GG25.4)
-1990-Hoze vs. Kerry vs. David. Audience game played! (GG26.1)
-1990-Scott vs. Sandie vs. Jordan. Begins during Jordan's contestant interview, jumpy video (GG29.1)
-1990-Ian vs. Noelle vs. Marc. Jittery video, some brief cable glitches (GG29.3)
-1990-Tom vs. Kenya vs. John. Audience game played! (BT38.1)
-1990-David vs. Cathy vs. Mike (BT39.5)
-1990-John vs. Jenny vs. Vince. Original commercials (BT39.6)
-1990-Judy vs. Jimmie vs. Heidi. Robb really stumbles in this Honors Round. Has GaS Garage segments! (AK2.1)
-1990-Kevin vs. Leigh vs. Chris. An incorrect Honors Round answer is accepted as right. Has GaS Garage segments! (AK2.2)
-1990-Luis vs. Carrie vs. Pat. Batman is the elective category, and a question is misspelled! Has GaS Garage segments! (AK2.3)
-1990-Andy vs. Lindsey vs. Ken. Has GaS Garage segments! (AK2.4)
-1990-Josie vs. Brent vs. Toyia. Has GaS Garage segments! (AK3.1)
-1990-Amy vs. Jason vs. Becki. INSANELY EASY Honors Round! (SR.1)
-1990-Emily vs. Josh vs. Gretchen (SR.2)
-1990-Jaime vs. Pat vs. Jenny (SR.3)
-1990-Liz vs. Sam vs. Chrisy (SR.4)
-1990-Jenny vs. Alon vs. Ti (SR.5)
-1990-Natalie vs. Daniel vs. Pat. Audience game played! (SR2.1)
-1990-Sara vs. Rex vs. Darcie. Part of round 1 cut due to cable glitches (SR2.2)
-1990-Seth vs. Kathy vs. Jeff (SR2.3)
-1990-Stacey vs. John vs. Lissa. A previous Honors Round winner comes out to give the champ some advice! (SR2.4)
-1990-Steve vs. Jenny vs. Marc (SR2.5)
-1990-Brian vs. Erica vs. Jeff. Brief video dropout in round 2 (SR3.1)
-1990-Brian vs. Noelle vs. Bri (SR3.2)
-1990-Brock vs. Yvonne vs. Mark (SR3.3)
-1990-Cliff vs. Amber vs. Mike (SR3.4)
-1990-Daryl vs. Kim vs. Matt (SR3.5)
-1990-Ed vs. Diana vs. Rick (SR4.1)
-1990-Matt vs. Tara vs. Mike (SR4.3)
-1990-Mike vs. Beth vs. Kevin. Brief video dropout in round 1 (SR4.4)
-1990-Joey vs. Danielle vs. Adam. A contestant inadvertedly gives a profane answer for a Defense Secretary question (SR4.5)
-1990-Mike vs. Shana vs. Ben (SR5.1)
-1990-Rob vs. Chris vs. Bobby (SR5.2)
-1990-Ryan vs. Lisa vs. Jimmy (SR5.3)
-1990-Shivy vs. Abby vs. Shaun. One contestant gives a profane answer (SR5.4)

MALL MASTERS [4 episodes]
An OK mall-based show that really smacks of Shop Til You Drop.
-January 28, 2001-PREMIERE!!! Kat vs. Luke vs. Ryan (SI5.1)
-2001-Scott vs. Monica vs. Ricardo (GG8.7)
-2001-Sarah vs. Alonzo vs. Jill (GG24.3)
-2001-Lisa vs. Ivan vs. Emily (GG55.4)

MASQUERADE PARTY (Synd., 1974-1975) [1 episode]
A game of well-costumed celebrities. Very enjoyable.
-Taped 7/10/1974-Bill Bixby, Lee Meriwether, Nipsey Russell. Slate! Time code on bottom (CN6.6)

MASTERS OF THE MAZE (Roth, 1994) [9 episodes]
One of my favorite kids shows, which had some great technology for '94!
-1994-Early episode. Janna & Janelle vs. Robert & Bill vs. Katy & Harrison. Original commercials (DC8.12)
-1994-Marina & Mark vs. Jordan & Daniel vs. Lauren & Hayden. Includes promos for Lopez’s Masters Of The Maze and That’s My Dog! (DC8.9)
-1994-Frankie & Ernie vs. Marc & Robert vs. Fallon & Mary. Some weird contestants today, and J.D. misspells "yellow"! Includes promos for Lopez’s Masters Of The Maze and That’s My Dog! (DC8.10)
-1994-Sean & Elan vs. Michelle & Kamal vs. Jimmy & Jay. A technical error costs one team the game, so J.D. announces they will be back on a future show. Original commercials (DC8.11)
-1994-Josh & Janine vs. Brianne & Dani vs. Brandon & Augustine. Possible pilot with different scoring system. No credits (DC15.1)
-1994-Joseph & Brian vs. Dani & Joyce vs. Matthew & Jamil. Jamil later played Gerald on "Hey Arnold!" (DC15.2)
-1994-Peachie & Joy vs. Ben & Sam vs. Raheem & Brian (DC15.3)
-1994-Jonathan & John vs. Louis & Josh vs. Brooke & Michael (VM6.2)
-December 1994-Melanie & Stuart vs. Matthew & Mikey vs. Danielle & Ian. GREAT original commercials! (DC4.5)

MASTERS OF THE MAZE (Lopez, 1995) [13 episodes]
Roth was the better host, but everything else got VASTLY improved!
-October 1995-From Mario’s first week! Jeremy & Travis vs. Samantha & Kristin vs. Steven & Andy. Original commercials, part of credits cut (AS.10)
-October 1995-From Mario’s first week! Greg & Brian vs. Heather & Megan vs. Deran & Reilly. Original commercials, no credits (AS.11)
-November 1, 1995-Debbie & Becky vs. Erin & Lyndi vs. Jared & Bethany. HORRID first maze time! GREAT original commercials, including Family Challenge and I’m Telling promos! (DC4.6)
-November 2, 1995-Kyle & James vs. Heather & Scott vs. Perry & Brandi. Original commercials (DC15.4)
-November 3, 1995-Nick & Keyah vs. Harout & Jack vs. Maya & Andrea. Original commercials (DC15.5)
-November 16, 1995-Josh & Jason vs. Demetrius & Travon vs. Lisa & David. Original commercials (DC15.6)
-November 18, 1995-Ben & Mike vs. Becky & John vs. Mike & Justin. Original commercials (DC15.7)
-November 20, 1995-Amanda & Jenni vs. Leeor & Seth vs. Jeneatha & Tanya. Mario's hosting is quite bad in this episode, and he costs one team 8 seconds! (maybe one of his first taped?). Original commercials (DC15.8)
-1995-Scott & Michael vs. Jennifer & Amber vs. Jodi & Sara. Original commercials, part of one question cut (CC3.4)
-1995-Monica & Brandi vs. Kari & Brad vs. Shariar & Arash. CLOSE game! (VM4.8)
-1995-Jeremy & Charles vs. Alex & Theod vs. George & Roni (VM4.9)
-1995-Dan & Justin vs. Michael & Brian vs. Omid & Vince. Omid was also on Jeopardy in 2002 (VM4.10)
-Taped 6/27/95-Parisa & Amir vs. Greg & Alex vs. James & Eric. Studio Master with slate! (VM6.4)

MATCHES 'N MATES [1 episode]
Memory and knowledge are put to the test in this great show! Now if we could just unearth a full episode...
-1967-Martha & Herb Blondheim vs. Faye & Jim Snyder. Ends during game 4 (DC20.11)

All versions of Match Game have their own page

A great concept and spectacular presentation, but poor execution of the HS segment really hurt it.
-October 31, 1983-PREMIERE!!! Skip Stephenson, Alison Arngrim, Jimmie Walker, Twyla Littleton, Phil Proctor, Tom Villard, Barbi Benton, Bill Daly. Laurie vs. David. Designated Champ: Stacy. Original commercials, including ones for Wheel Of Fortune & Go! (DT3.13)
-November 3, 1983-Skip Stephenson, Alison Arngrim, Bill Daily, Twyla Littleton, Phil Proctor, Tom Villard, Barbi Benton, & Jimmie Walker. Conny vs. Laurie. Champ: Gary. Original commercials (JB7.1)
-November 10, 1983-Shannon Tweed, Charles Nelson Reilly, Ed Begley Jr., Arsenio Hall, Nedra Volz, Eddie Mekka, Bonnie Urseth, Fred Travalena. Pat vs. Diane. Champ: Joseph. Original commercials, very jumpy video (JD21.2)
-November 11, 1983-Ed Begley Jr., Shannon Tweed, Fred Travalena, Nedra Volz, Charles Nelson Reilly, Bonnie Urseth, Arsenio Hall, Eddie Mekka. Lisa vs. Mary. Champ: Joseph. Original commercials (JD21.1)
-January 31, 1984-Marty Cohen, Tom Poston, Alan Thicke, Constance McCashin, Fern Fitzgerald, Stephen Schnetzer, Gloria Loring, Nipsey Russell. Janet vs. Laurie. Champ: Ron. Features one heck of a Telephone Match plug! Original commercials (DC19.11)
-February 1984-Larry Manetti, Charles Nelson Reilly, Marcia Wallace, Helen Reddy, PAT SAJAK, Tim Reid, Sally Julian, Bruce Baum. Denise vs. Sandi. Champ: Adrienne. Original commercials, begins at round 2 (JD22.1)
-February 13, 1984-Richard Kline, Bill Daily, Leonard Frey, Nancy Stafford, George Gobel, Tom Wiggin, Elaine Joyce, Jimmie Walker. Mark vs. Kari. Champ: Desiree. Original commercials, video pixely at times (RI32.2)
-March 2, 1984 (Taped 2/19/84)-Ted Knight, Nancy Dussault, Lydia Cornell, Deborah Van Valkenburgh, Jm. J. Bullock, Elyse Knight, Arsenio Hall Bart Braverman. Mike vs. Michele. Studio master with slate! (RS78.2)
-March 5, 1984-BOB EUBANKS, Martha Smith, Christopher Rich, CHARLES NELSON REILLY, Fred Travalena, James Sloyan, Erin Moran, Nancy Frangione. June vs. Sylvia. Champ: Charlotte. Few original commercials (JF17.1)
-April 23, 1984-Rene Enriquez, Richard Kline, Abby Dalton, Phyllis Diller, Charles Nelson Reilly, Chuck Wagner, Lydia Cornell, Leonard Frey. Sibyl vs. Patti (BS22.3)
-May 1984-Leann Hunley, Dierdre Hall, Wayne Northrop, Marcia McCabe, David Forsyth, John de Lancie, Nancy Frangione, Christopher Rich. Martha vs. Juli. Contestant plug! (BS22.1)
-May 1984-Salute to the Fifties! Jay Leno, Fabian, Troy Donahue, Elinor Donahue, Angela Cartwright, Bob Denver, Edd Byrnes, David Nelson. Steve vs. Charisse. Champ: Maria. Rich Jeffries announces. VERY HIGHLY recommended! (RS6.1)
-May 29, 1984-Michael Winslow, Mindy Cohn, Eddie Mekka, Nedra Volz, Lynda Goodfriend, David L. Lander, Lauri Hendler, Erin Moran. Lisa vs. Anne Marie. Champ: Karna. $30,000 loss! Original commercials (RS9.7)
-May 30, 1984-Erin Moran, David L. Lander, Lauri Hendler, Michael Winslow, Nedra Volz, Lynda Goodfriend, Mindy Cohn. Clayton vs. Joann. Champ: Lisa. Original commercials, including a Hot Potato promo! Few brief weather bulletins (not during gameplay) (RS9.8)
-June 29, 1984-Jamie Farr, Heidi Bohay, Linda Dano, McLean Stevenson, Arsenio Hall, Paula Kelly, CHUCK WOOLERY, & ARLENE FRANCIS! Joe vs. Kris. Champ: Nancy. Gene trashes the format during one of his questions (JF13.1)
-July 26, 1984-Charles Nelson Reilly, Fannie Flagg, Roxie Roker, Barry Gordon, Leonard Frey, Roger E. Mosley, Phyllis Diller, Constance McCashin. Karen vs. Tara (BS22.4)
-July 27, 1984-The unannounced finale. Phyllis Diller, Constance McCashin, Roger E. Mosley, Charles Nelson Reilly, Fannie Flagg, Roxie Roker, Leonard Frey, Barry Gordon. Angela vs. Sallie. Champ: Tara. Original commercials, great video but bad audio (PD2.1)

MATCHMAKER [1 episode]
An interesting dating show where two people are brought together by "The Matchmaker".
-1988-Today’s players: Debra, Shea, Sharon, Mark, Jill, & Scott. Dave’s daughter appears in the beginning! (TW.7)

MAXIMUM DRIVE [7 episodes]
Teams of kids drive ATVs to victory on this little-known, but very cool show!
-1994-Bulls vs. Wolves vs. Pythons. Ends during credits (LA)
-1994-Bulls vs. Tigers vs. Jaguars. Few original commercials, ends during credits (LA4.2)
-November 14, 1994-Day 1 of the two-week playoffs! Cobras vs. Hawks vs. Lions (TW2.3)
-November 15, 1994-Day 2 of Playoffs! Bats vs. Raptors vs. Wolves (LA4.4)
-November 22, 1994-Day 3 of Quarterfinals! Wolves vs. Rams vs. Lions. Original commercials, no last segment (LA3.1)
-November 23, 1994-Semi-finals! Lions vs. Bobcats vs. Cobras. Few original commercials (LA2.2)
-November 25, 1994-Championship Game! (And last episode of the series) Cobras vs Lions vs Sharks. Includes a That's My Dog promo! Ends during credits (LA4.3)

Nick special with BMX stars, in-line skating, and huge plastic orbs.
-February 16, 2002-Team Otto (with Brian Howard & Tim "Fuzzy" Hall) vs. Team Reggie (with Jesse Fritsch & Ronny Chalk) vs. Team Twister (with Sergie Ventura & T.J. Lavin). GaS commercials (CD2.1)

MEGA MESS-A-MANIA [4 episodes]
-1995?-Kings Dominion venue. Hosted by Jennifer. Runs 34 minutes (LB38.1)
-1995?-Unknown venue. Hosted by Kat Masterson. Runs 38 minutes (LB38.3)
-September 10, 1995-3pm show, hosted by Matt Peers. Runs 34 minutes (GM4.2)
-1996?-Universal Studios venue. Hosted by Phil Moore! Runs 44 minutes (LB38.2)

Merv's final game show...if only it wasn't astoundingly broken.
Format 1 (Getaways, No sponsored Extras)
-September 10, 2007-PREMIERE!!! Neville vs. Pam. Spoilers: Richard, Rami, & Scott. Two copies: Original commercials (598.6) or RTV repeat (1008.10)
-September 11, 2007 (dr)-Jeff vs. Lucinda. Spoilers: Roger, Elyse, & David. RTV repeat (916.2)
-September 12, 2007-Paul vs. Janet. Spoilers: Joe, Susan, & Doug (598.12)
-September 14, 2007-Fish vs. Wendy. Spoilers: Marc, Carol, & Kevin. Two copies: Original commercials (JP23.3) or 3/20/12 RTV repeat (1008.11)
-September 17, 2007-Christopher vs. Natalie. Spoilers: Jeopardy champion John Beck, Angie, & Steve (600.1)
-September 18, 2007-Brian vs. Stephanie. Spoilers: Peter, Robbi, & Barton (600.2)
-September 19, 2007-Alonso vs. Corrin. Spoilers: John, Janne, & Robert (600.3)
-September 20, 2007-Ralph vs. Chanel. Spoilers: Marjorie, Eric, & Suzie. Another episode that clearly shows why I don't like this show (600.4)
-September 21, 2007-Buddy vs. Chace. Spoilers: Erin, Steve, & Gerri. First ever tie! (600.5)
-September 24, 2007-Mitch vs. Janet. Spoilers: Joel, Adrian, & Terry (600.6)
-September 25, 2007-Kevin vs. Susan. Spoilers: Curtis, Donna, & Ed (600.8)
-September 26, 2007-Pavlin vs. Abigail. Spoilers: Rabia, Brad, & Linda (600.10)
-September 28, 2007-Phil vs. Megan. Spoilers: Ellie, Tody, Diana. RTV repeat (918.4)
-October 2, 2007-Peter vs. Monica. Spoilers: Kate, Alex, & Dele. Monica was also on Jeopardy in 2009. Two copies: Original commercials (1021.2) or RTV repeat (916.11)
-October 2, 2007 (dr)-Philip vs. Carolyn. Spoilers: Johnathan, Lori, & Scott. Some hilarious wrong answers! (JP27.9)
-October 3, 2007-Kent vs. Ronna. Spoilers: Parvaneh, Richard, Marilyn. RTV repeat (946.4)
-October 3, 2007 (dr)-Mark vs. Sharmagne. Spoilers: Warren, Robin, & Kim. Kim and Warren are both Jeopardy champions! RTV repeat (918.8)
-October 5, 2007-SCOTT HOSTETLER vs. Susan. Spoilers: Nerre, Neil, & Karyn (JP25.1)
-October 8, 2007-Mark vs. Cathy. Spoilers: Nan, Jeremy, & Lynnette. RTV repeat (946.1)
-October 11, 2007-Tom vs. Cheryl. Spoilers: Jon, Nousheen, & Chris. RTV repeat (941.2)
-October 16, 2007-Bruce vs. Jenny. Spoilers: Jim, Jill, & David. RTV repeat (918.11)
-October 19, 2007-James vs. Elena. Spoilers: Mike, Bonnie, & Rob. 11/22/11 RTV repeat (908.10)
-October 30, 2007-Jack vs. Arika. Spoilers: Ari, Margaret, & Richard. 11/22/11 RTV repeat (908.11)
-January 1, 2008-Lee vs. Suzi. Spoilers: George, Linda, & Michael. RTV repeat (945.10)
-January 3, 2008-Mark vs. Geralyn. Spoilers: Tom, Elisa, & Larry. RTV repeat (945.1)
-January 18, 2008-Mark vs. Melissa. Spoilers: Amy, Christopher, & Isabel. RTV repeat (938.2)
-March 11, 2008-Joe Van Ginkel vs. Pam. Spoilers: Steve, Desiree, & Charles. RTV repeat (945.8)
-March 18, 2008-Mike vs. Rebecca. Spoilers: Brendan, Melissa, & Bob. Brendan was also on Jeopardy in 2007. RTV repeat (941.4)
-March 26, 2008-Evan vs. Sheldon Spoilers: Scott, Petey, & Bob. RTV repeat, part of open cut (945.3)
-April 1, 2008-Tim vs. Pam. Spoilers: George, Catherine, & Michael. RTV repeat (945.9)
-April 7, 2008-Rocky vs. Paula. Spoilers: Mike, Liz, & Doug. RTV repeat (918.12)
-April 22, 2008-Jeffery vs. Shirley. Spoilers: Andy, Michele, & Jim. RTV repeat (945.4)
-2007-Andy vs. Nina. Spoilers: Komal, Mike, & Cathy. RTV repeat (946.2)
-2007-Tom vs. Cheryl. Spoilers: Jeff, Angela, & John. RTV repeat (946.5)
-2007-Jim vs. Janet. Spoilers: Eddee, Elliot, & Celia. RTV repeat (945.2)
-2007-Vance vs. Diana. Spoilers: Peter, Mary, & Mark. RTV repeat (945.5)
-2007-Brad vs. Catherine. Spoilers: Beth, Tony, & Robin. RTV repeat (945.6)
-2007-Carl vs. Jennifer. Spoilers: Michael, Tom, & Mark. RTV repeat (945.7)
-2007-Otis vs. Rhoda. Spoilers: Emmett, Beth, & Scott. RTV repeat (918.3)
-2007-Andrew vs. Jennifer. Spoilers: Kirven, Nan, & John. RTV repeat (918.7)
-2007-Lawrence vs. Leigh. Spoilers: Art, Carla, & Tim. RTV repeat (916.8)
-2007-Ray vs. Gerrie. Spoilers: Toby, Beth, & Todd. RTV repeat (916.12)
-2007-Gregor vs. Ellen. Spoilers: Daniel, Cathy, & Mort. RTV repeat (918.9)
-2007-Brian vs. Allison. Spoilers: Tom, Elizabeth, & Ron. RTV repeat (918.10)
-2007-Mitch vs. Carrie. Spoilers: Bill, Janet, & Al (1047.5)
-2007-Peter vs. Nikki. Spoilers: Tim, Alison, & Michael (1047.6)
-2007-Alan vs. Maribeth. Spoilers: Tiffany, Timothy, & Lydia. 11/29/11 RTV repeat (930.10)
-2007-Paul vs. Melodee. Spoilers: Jody, Barbara, & Bruce. 11/29/11 RTV repeat (930.11)
-2007-Ben vs. Tan. Spoilers: Stew, Diadra, & Ron. RTV repeat (939.1)
-2007-Charles vs. Brandi. Spoilers: David, Beth, & Paul. RTV repeat (941.1)
-2007-David vs. Quinn. Spoilers: TBA. RTV repeat (939.2)
-2007-Greg vs. Sultana. Spoilers: Eric, Cynthia, & Doug. RTV repeat (941.7)
-2007-Marty vs. Heather. Spoilers: Ben, Shannon, & John. RTV repeat (941.6)
-2007-Tod vs. Maria. Spoilers: Bill, Cheryl, & Gary. RTV repeat (941.3)
-2007-Tom vs. Julie. Spoilers: Jef, Sue, & Dave. RTV repeat (938.1)
-2007-John vs. Barbara. Spoilers: Robyn, Martin, & Terry. RTV repeat (1008.9)
-2007-Eric vs. Andrea. Spoilers: Anne, Phillip, & Meg. 3/20/12 RTV repeat (1008.12)
Format 2 (No Getaways, Sponsored Extras, Ty intros Spoilers)
-November 29, 2007-Mike vs. Bethany. Spoilers: Andrew, Harriette, & Alan. 1/24/12 RTV repeat (941.9)
-December 4, 2007-Scott vs. Emme. Spoilers: Michael, Halli, & Paul (615.14)
-December 5, 2007-Contestants & spoilers TBA. School closure notices throughout (615.15)
-December 10, 2007-Rob vs. Rochelle. Spoilers: Andy, Elaine, & Michael. 1/18/12 RTV repeat (939.8)
-December 12, 2007-David vs. Suzanne. Spoilers: Hobart, Diana, & Norman. 1/19/12 RTV repeat (939.9)
-December 14, 2007-Linwood vs. Sascha. Spoilers: Scott, Ed, & Bruce. Seemingly the last-taped episode with the XBOX 360 sponsorship. 1/25/12 RTV repeat (941.10)
-January 9, 2008-Alan vs. Jeanney. Spoilers: Mike, Trina, & Richard. 1/8/12 RTV repeat (945.12)
-March 3, 2008-David vs. Tina. Spoilers: Miles, Irina, & Robert. 1/18/12 RTV repeat (939.7)
-March 6, 2008-Jack vs. Heidi. Spoilers: Will, Beth, & Jerry. 1/17/12 RTV repeat (939.5)
-March 19, 2008-Johnny vs. Hannah. Spoilers: Priya, Steve, & Joe. 1/17/12 RTV repeat (939.6)
-March 20, 2008-Michael vs. Kimberly. Spoilers: Craig, Jeff, & Alan. 1/20/12 RTV repeat (939.12)
-March 25, 2008-Lee vs. Christopher. Spoilers: Mark, Jeff, & Paul. 1/8/12 RTV repeat (945.11)
-March 27, 2008-Gary vs. Jeanne. Spoilers: Mitch, Jonathan, & Stephen. ALN repeat (882.6)
-2007-Kevin vs. Holly. Spoilers: Adam, Janet, & Jonathan. ALN repeat with commercials (917.2)
-2007-Andy vs. Rob. Spoilers: Mark, Alan, & Steve. No intro, ALN repeat with commercials (929.5)
-2007-David vs. Wendy. Spoilers: Paul, Lynda, & Bob. 1/16/12 RTV repeat (939.3)
-2007-Joey vs. Kelly. Spoilers: Erico, Rose Ann, & Keith. 1/16/12 RTV repeat (939.4)
-2007-Paul vs. Jerry. Spoilers: Richard, Peter, & Fred. 1/19/12 RTV repeat (939.10)
-2007-Ken vs. Rosalee. Spoilers: Johnny, Jean, & Dave. 1/20/12 RTV repeat (939.11)
-2007-Paul vs. Alex. Spoilers: Michael, Alan, & Reggie. 1/24/12 RTV repeat (941.8)
Format 3 (No Getaways, No Sponsored Extras, Ed intros Spoilers)
-December 17, 2007-David vs. Megan. Spoilers: Dean, Cathy, & Julius. 2/16/12 RTV repeat (954.4)
-December 18, 2007-Paul vs. Jo. Spoilers: Greg, Nancy, Michael. 2/28/12 RTV repeat (961.4)
-December 19, 2007-Paul vs. Lesli. Spoilers: Matt, Andrea, Michael. 2/29/12 RTV repeat (961.5)
-December 20, 2007-Chris vs. Amy. Spoilers: Jason, Susan, Delano. 2/27/12 RTV repeat (961.2)
-December 21, 2007-Kevin vs. Doreen. Spoilers: Gary, Marylin, Chris. 2/28/12 RTV repeat (961.3)
-December 24, 2007-Boris vs. Carol. Spoilers: Dave, Debbie, & Steve. 1/31/12 RTV repeat (938.11)
-December 25, 2007-Richard vs. Vimala. Spoilers: Julie, Don, Carolyn. 2/2/12 RTV repeat (946.8)
-December 26, 2007-Steve vs. Joy. Spoilers: Ron, Mark, & Ira. 1/30/12 RTV repeat (938.10)
-December 27, 2007-Armando vs. Janet. Spoilers: Kevin, Karin, & Wenzel. Wenzel was also on Win Ben Stein’s Money. Two copies: ALN repeat (882.12) or 1/27/12 RTV repeat (938.5)
-December 28, 2007-Richard vs. Kathy. Spoilers: Zach, Roxy, Bert. 1/31/12 RTV repeat (938.12)
-December 31, 2007-Robert vs. Barbara. Spoilers: Joel, Evelyn, & Jerry. 2/15/12 RTV repeat (954.1)
-January 8, 2008-Martin vs. Julie. Spoilers: Dan, Freda, & Randy. 2/10/12 RTV repeat (949.2)
-January 11, 2008-Rob vs. Mara. Spoilers: Michael, Stacey, & Damien. 2/20/12 RTV repeat (954.7)
-January 14, 2008-Nick vs. D. Ann. Spoilers: Jason, Christine, Dennis. 2/2/12 RTV repeat (946.9)
-January 15, 2008-Joe vs. Kelly. Spoilers: Eric, Judy, & Richard. 2/10/12 RTV repeat (949.1)
-January 16, 2008-Adam vs. Joanne. Spoilers: Mark, Jenni, & Dave. 2/15/12 RTV repeat (954.2)
-January 17, 2008-Grant vs. Bonnie. Spoilers: Tony, Tron, & Julio. 2/17/12 RTV repeat (954.5)
-January 21, 2008-Jerry vs. Shelley. Spoilers: Ryan, Valeria, Louis. 1/30/12 RTV repeat (938.9)
-January 23, 2008-Joel vs. Hannah. Spoilers: David, Laura, & Larry. 2/20/12 RTV repeat (954.8)
-January 24, 2008-Last-taped episode. Don vs. Polly. Spoilers: Marty, Kimberly, & Steve. 2/29/12 RTV repeat (961.6)
-January 25, 2008-Josh vs. Jamie. Spoilers: Barrett, Mary, & Rick. 2/17/12 RTV repeat (954.6)
-January 28, 2008-Duke vs. Sandra. Spoilers: Ryan, Mary, & Craig. 1/26/12 RTV repeat (938.3)
-January 29, 2008-Gregg vs. Stacy. Spoilers: James, Mimmy, & Charlie. 2/21/12 RTV repeat (954.10)
-January 30, 2008-Chris vs. Margy. Spoilers: Antonio, Eugenia, & Andy. Absolutely nothing is won! 1/26/12 RTV repeat (938.4)
-February 4, 2008-Chicago episode! Steve vs. Erin. Spoilers: Mike, Jocelyn, & Craig. 7/21/10 ALN repeat (959.5)
-February 5, 2008-All contestants are from Chicago! Doug vs. Jackie. Spoilers: Ann, Roland, & Barbara. 2/22/12 RTV repeat (954.12)
-February 6, 2008-All contestants are from Chicago! Jeff vs. Ilene. Spoilers: Mary, Andy, & Amy. 2/22/12 RTV repeat (954.11)
-February 11, 2008-Brennan vs. Sherry. Spoilers: Ozzy, Karen, & Henry. 2/16/12 RTV repeat (954.3)
-February 12, 2008-Julian vs. Taffy. Spoilers: Benjamin, Nina, & Steve. 2/14/12 RTV repeat (949.9)
-February 13, 2008-Mick vs. Erika. Spoilers: Chris, Maryn, Blair. 2/1/12 RTV repeat (946.7)
-February 15, 2008-Thad vs. Karen. Spoilers: Gary, Sally, & Rich. 2/24/12 RTV repeat (953.9)
-February 18, 2008-Jason vs. Gina. Spoilers: Charlie, Ilse, & Todd. 2/14/12 RTV repeat (949.10)
-February 19, 2008-Dave vs. Catherine. Spoilers: Rob, Sandy, & Allen. 2/21/12 RTV repeat (954.9)
-February 20, 2008-Steve vs. Angela. Spoilers: Mark, Toy, & Paul 2/24/12 RTV repeat (953.10)
-February 21, 2008-Bill vs. Gretchen. Spoilers: Caryn, Dan, Edith. 2/3/12 RTV repeat (945.11)
-February 26, 2008-Daniel vs. Janice. Spoilers: Paul, Ashley, & Steve. 2/27/12 RTV repeat (961.1)
-February 25, 2008-John vs. Tara. Spoilers: Dawn, Bob, Jacquelyn. 2/3/12 RTV repeat (946.10)
-February 29, 2008-John vs. Leanne. Spoilers: Louie, Claudia, & Joe. 2/1/12 RTV repeat (946.6)
-March 28, 2008-Mel vs. Veronique. Spoilers: Arlo, Pat, & Bruce. 1/27/12 RTV repeat (938.6)
-2007-Gordon vs. Amanda. Spoilers: Dave, Kathleen, Ray. Unlike others, the Extras are sponsored. ALN repeat with commercials (917.9)
-2007-Vince vs. Jessie. Spoilers: Karl, Randy, & Steve. Seemingly the first episode without the XBOX 360 sponsorshop. 1/25/12 RTV repeat (941.11)
Format 4 (Getaways, very different Extra rules, bonus round words $100 each)
-2007-First-taped episode! Ira vs. Jean. Spoilers: Gerald, Julie, & Ivan. 3/1/12 RTV repeat (961.7)
-2007-Brian vs. Melissa. Spoilers: Laura, Tim, & Ivy. Melissa Skirboll was on Greed! 3/1/12 RTV repeat (961.8)
-2007-Andy vs. Jessica. Spoilers: Steven, Sally, & Michael. 3/2/12 RTV repeat (961.9)
-2007-Kurt vs. Michelle. Spoilers: Vicki, Steve, & Adriane. 3/2/12 RTV repeat (961.10)
-2007-Trevor vs. Pam. Spoilers: Marjorie, Ron, & Nikki. 3/5/12 RTV repeat (961.11)
-2007-Matt vs. Annie. Spoilers: Dara, Peter, & Catherine. 3/5/12 RTV repeat (961.12)
-2007-Chuck vs. Liz. Spoilers: Janice, Dave, & Deborah. RTV repeat with contestant plug (1008.1)
-2007-Jack vs. Jesica. Spoilers: Gordon, Laura, & Tim. RTV repeat with contestant plug (1008.2)
-March 26, 2008-ROBERT WARGO vs. Dawna. Spoilers: Ryan, Heidi, & Ali. Two copies: Repeat from 7/7/08 with commercials (709.10) or 3/7/12 RTV repeat (1008.3)
-2007-Patty vs. Paula. Spoilers: Bruce, Andrea, & Mike. 3/7/12 RTV repeat (1008.4)
-2007-Alex vs. Linda. Spoilers: Gwen, Eric, & Sharon. 3/8/12 RTV repeat (1008.5)
-2007-Mike vs. Julie. Spoilers: Peter, Kathy, & Brian. 3/8/12 RTV repeat (1008.6)
-2007-Ed vs. Diane. Spoilers: Dana, Michael, & Laine. RTV repeat (1008.7)
-2007-Daniel vs. Raina. Spoilers: Matt, Ana, & Bob. RTV repeat (1008.8)

A pretty lame, badly-produced call-in.
-August 28, 2006-Premiere. First game: All Mixed Up. Special appearance by Phyllis Diller! (731.1)

An enduring classic throughout the 50's was this simple charades show.
-June 23, 1950-Teams TBA (RW4.6)

-November 27, 2011-Season (series?) finale. Today's team: Pub Quiz team. Brad Rutter is a contestant! (NC21.2)

-January 6, 2011-First contestants: Sherman & Omar (NC3)

An ambitious, but very badly-formatted live quizzer. Pretty cool set, though.
NOTE: All episodes are an hour-long unless otherwise noted.
-September 9, 2013-Premiere. Begins with Brandon vs. Barry (NC45.1)
-September 10, 2013-Ep. 2: Begins with Roger vs. Jason
-September 11, 2013-Ep. 3: Begins with Katie vs. Mike
-September 12, 2013-Ep. 4: Begins with Ashley vs. Hayley. The game is played indoors due to inclement weather
-September 13, 2013-Ep. 5: Begins with Laura vs. Nathan
-September 14, 2013-Ep. 6: Begins with Clarice vs. Cheryl
-September 16, 2013-Ep. 7: Begins with Rishi vs. Sophy
-September 17, 2013-Ep. 8: Begins with Eric vs. Kelly
-September 18, 2013-Ep. 9: Begins with Justin vs. Clarence
-September 19, 2013-Two-hour finale! Begins with Yobob vs. Cheryl. Who will win over $2,000,000? (1002.8)

MIND OF A MAN [20 episodes]
-January 8, 2014 (a)-PREMIERE!!! Deon Cole, Bethany Dwyer, Alex Thomas, TED LANGE! Erica vs. Cimanique. Special guest is Jesse Williams
-January 8, 2014 (b)-Dean Edwards, Sarah Tiana, Damien Dante Wayans. Tahera vs. Ginger
-January 8, 2014 (c)-Skyler Stone, Kym Whitley, Alonzo Bodden, TED LANGE! Lauren vs. Jessica. Skyler was on the premieres of Dog Eat Dog and Whammy!
-January 8, 2014 (d)-Finesse Mitchell, Bethany Dwyer, DoBoy. Yatoya vs. Ariel
-January 22, 2014 (a)-Alonzo Bodden, Kym Whitley, Bret Ernst, TED LANGE! Angela vs. Jasmine
-January 22, 2014 (b)-Tone Bell, Jodi Miller, Deon Cole. Tammy vs. Breauna
-February 5, 2014 (a)-Alonzo Bodden, Christina Pazsitzky, Damon Williams. Maggie vs. Genise. A Mind of a Man commercial's slate is accidentally shown!
-February 5, 2014 (b)-Alonzo Bodden, Jill-Michele Melean, Sydney Castillo. Jennifer vs. Sahndra
-February 12, 2014 (A)-Flex Alexander, Leslie Jones, Mo Mandel. Deene vs. Ebony
-February 12, 2014 (B)-Leonard Robinson, Toccara, Mo Mandel. Venice vs. Kady
-February 19, 2014 (A)-Leonard Robinson, Toccara, Mo Mandel. Amanda vs. Monica
-February 19, 2014 (B)-Dov Davidof, Bresha Webb, Corey Holcomb. Deenah vs. Stephanie
-March 5, 2014 (A)-Flex Alexander, Leslie Jones, Mo Mandel. Talia vs. Dawna
-March 5, 2014 (B)-Alonzo Bodden, Julia Lillis, Na’im Lynn. Olivia vs. Morgann
-March 12, 2014 (A)-Gary Owen, Nicole Byer, Tony Rock. Kamilah vs. Natalie. Theme sounds slightly different
-March 12, 2014 (B)-Ray Grady, Brooke Hogan, Alonzo Bodden. Riannah vs. Dessie
-April 9, 2014 (A)-Maronzio Vance, Bethany Dwyer, Alonzo Bodden. Jelena vs. Renee
-April 9, 2014 (B)-Alonzo Bodden, Julia Lillis, Na’im Lynn. Mariah vs. Taylor
-April 16, 2014 (A)-Flex Alexander, Leslie Jones, Mo Mandel. Chenale vs. Vicki
-April 16, 2014 (B)-Lavar Walker, Sarah Tiana, Al Jackson. Lauren vs. Amanda

MINDREADERS [2 episodes]
This is easily Mark Goodson's worst show; a so-so ESP game poorly executed.
-August 15, 1979-Patty Duke-Astin & Nipsey Russell. Brendan, David, & Leonard vs. Jan, Barbara, & Catherine, Game 3. Original commercials (which are better than the show itself!), average quality (BB.10)
-December 13, 1979-Joyce Bulifant & Jack Jones. Elizabeth, Ray, & Julie at Celebrity Turnabout, then vs. Pete, Larry, & Ralph, Game 2. Original commercials (BB2.8)

MINUTE TO WIN IT (NBC, 2010-2011) [4 episodes]
-August 17, 2010-Begins with Nathan & Chelsea at "Play it by Ear"
-August 24, 2010-Begins with Erica & Melissa at "Paper Dragon"
-August 3, 2011-Begins with Amanda & Tim at Level 4, Nut Stacker
-August 31, 2011-Begins with Shannon vs. Marc, best of 3

MINUTO PARA GANAR [2 episodes]
The spectacular Spanish version of Minute to Win It!
-2013-Begins with Gloria & Valerie (GR40.3)
-February 13, 2013-Begins with Agny & Kadyr at $10,000 (GR36.1)

THE MOMENT OF TRUTH [4 episodes]
People with no shame bare all their secrets for money. Whee.
-January 30, 2008-Begins with George Ortuzar (1061.4)
-June 10, 2008-Begins with Aaron Dunbar. Storm warnings occasionally pop up (673.1)
-August 28, 2008 (A)-Begins with Quincy Villanueva (1021.8)
-August 28, 2008 (B)-Begins with Brad Martin (1021.9)

THE MONEY LIST [2 episodes]
From the ashes of FOX's failure comes one of GSN's best, yet shortest lived, originals.
-June 13, 2009 (Taped 8/27/08)-PREMIERE!!! Harriett & Scott vs. Judith & Spencer (761.5)
-August 15, 2009-Unannounced finale. David & Karen vs. Ben & Lorelle (943.6)

MONOPOLY [*Entire Run*]
Fun, albeit kinda complicated board game adaptation. Put back in the box after just 12 playings.
-June 16, 1990-PREMIERE!!! Patrick vs. Rebecca vs. Mike (BS17.1)
-June 23, 1990-Matthew vs. Sharlene vs. Jeff (SC.9)
-June 30, 1990-Barry vs. Bonnie vs. Peter (SC2.8)
-July 7, 1990-Brian vs. Shellie vs. Mark (BS17.2)
-July 14, 1990-Carol Anne vs. Harvey vs. Linda (BS17.3)
-July 21, 1990-Rick vs. Celeste vs. Tom. Celeste was also on $ale Of The Century in 1984. Original commercials, ends during credits (DC14.4)
-July 28, 1990-Lori vs. Michael vs. Diane (DC14.5)
-August 4, 1990-Chris vs. Helen vs. Victor (GG18.3)
-August 11, 1990-Mica vs. Marisa vs. Ross. Shaky video (DC14.6)
-August 18, 1990-Malcolm vs. Theresa vs. Kerry (DC14.7)
-August 25, 1990-Robert vs. Diane vs. Ken. Two copies: Original commercials (SC2.7) or studio master with slate (CD8.2)
-September 1, 1990-Unnanounced finale. Tom vs. Debra vs. Tripp. Original commercials (KK.10)

-March 28, 2015-PREMIERE!!! Games: Electric Company (Waltriessa), Ride The Rails (Brock), Block Party (Kendall), No Vacancy (Tom), Advance To Boardwalk (Travis)
-April 18, 2015-Games: Park It (Patricia), Block Party (Nelson), Community Chest (Jack), Electric Company (Paula), No Vacancy (Bill)
-April 25, 2015-No Vacancy (Crystal), Bank Buster (Dante), Park It (Rick), Electric Company (Walt), Community Chest (Carlyle)
-May 2, 2015-No Vacancy (Bacilio), Electric Company (Keshauna), Park It (Nancy), Advance To Boardwalk (Bob), Community Chest (Kevin). No intro
-May 9, 2015-Ride The Rails (Lisa), Block Party (Timothy), Community Chest (Matthew), Electric Company (Susan), Park It (Tracy)
-May 16, 2015-Ride The Rails (Joe), Advance To Boardwalk (Lottie), No Vacancy (Joe), Bank Buster (Pam), Park It (Charles)
-May 23, 2015-Park It (Gary) Bank Buster (Karen), Ride The Rails (Judy), Community Chest (Tim), No Vacancy (Nina)
-May 30, 2015-Block Party (Alan) Community Chest (Cheryl), Bank Buster (Richard), Advance To Boardwalk (Thomas), Ride The Rails (Ruben)
-June 6, 2015-Bank Buster (Richard), Community Chest (Dianne), Electric Company (Linda), Block Party (Lynne), Park It (Tammy)

MOOLAH BEACH [1 episode]
-September 15, 2001-Episode #2. Original commercials (FoxKids.5)

THE MOVIE GAME [1 episode]
A movie trivia game played against movie stars. Not bad.
-Taped 8/25/1971-Richard Crenna, Shelley Winters, & Roscoe Lee Browne vs. Fernando Lamas, Della Reese, & Kurt Kasznar. Slate and contestant plug! (BB.7)

A rare TCM effort into the game show field, this ended up being Gene's final show.
-August 2, 1989-PREMIERE!!! Peggy Cass vs. Clive Barnes vs. Kitty Carlisle. Original commercials (DD34.2)

MR. PERSONALITY [2 episodes]
A reality show with a good concept, but abysmal execution.
-May 5, 2003-Third episode (349.10)
-May 19, 2003 (my 16th birthday)-Fifth and final episode with the (totally expected) conclusion (105.8)

MUSICAL CHAIRS [1 episode]
Lively music show, with a great set!
-1975-Carole vs. Steve vs. Ronnie vs. Gerri. Musical Guests: Irene Cara, Mary Stuart, & The Spinners. Most original commercials, possibly only existing episode (BB.14)

MUSIC BINGO [1 episode]
I really like this one; very good format.
-1958-Hein vs. Cheryl. Original commercials (JL6.1)

It's like Family Challenge on steroids. Sent to its room after 8 episodes.
-February 25, 2008-Stephenson vs. Li vs. Sass vs. Kabat (1068.2)
-March 10, 2008-Grayston vs. Martin vs. Basile vs. Avila (662.10)
-March 17, 2008-Hastings vs. Bligh vs. Curtis vs. Chang (629.8)
-March 24, 2008-Johnson vs. Leon vs. Epperson vs. Banjoko (720.10)
-March 31, 2008-Walewski vs. Trevino vs. Di Benedetto vs. Escalante (1055.10)
-April 7, 2008-Unannounced finale. Boger vs. Boger (not a typo, the two families are related) vs. Burrus vs. Eisler (1052.9)

MY FAMILY'S GOT GUTS [20 episodes]
It borrowed a few pages from Gladiators' rulebook, but the finished product is so awesome you won't care.
First Season
-September 15, 2008-PREMIERE!!! Quarterfinal #1. Chastain Charge vs. Sherry Storm (721.3)
-September 16, 2008-Quarterfinal #2. Cyclone Jones vs. Hurricane Hutagalungs (680.12)
-September 17, 2008-Quarterfinal #3! Rojo Grande vs. Eichen-Splat (1050.10)
-September 18, 2008 (Taped 8/5/08)-Quarterfinal #4. Lowe Riders vs. Howlin' Howells. I WAS AT THIS TAPING! (690.12)
-September 19, 2008 (Taped 8/4/08)-Quarterfinal #5. Dionne Dash vs. Gahres G-Dogs. I WAS AT THIS TAPING! (688.11)
-September 22, 2008-Quarterfinal #6. Kickin' Johnsons vs. Richards Riptide (689.11)
-September 23, 2008-Semifinals #1! (722.2)
-September 24, 2008-Semifinals #2! (683.8)
-September 26, 2008-Road to the Aggro Bowl; Recap show covering the three champion teams (JP44.5)
-September 27, 2008-The hour-long Aggro Bowl! Which of our three remaining teams will win the championship? (JP45.4)
Second Season (did not air in the US; all airings are off Nick Australia)
-2009 (Taped 2008)-Quarterfinal #1. Ballantine Bruisers vs. Burns Body Slam. Australian commercials, first few minutes cut, begins at second half of event 1 (LB11.1)
-2009 (Taped 8/4/2008)-Quarterfinal #3. A-Game Andersons vs. Smith Party of 6. I WAS AT THIS TAPING! (LB11.2)
-2009 (Taped 8/5/2008)-Quarterfinal #4. Burnham Killer B's vs. Green Machine. I WAS AT THIS TAPING! (I can even be seen at one point!) (LB11.3)
-2009 (Taped 2008)-Quarterfinal #5. Jones Attack vs. McLean Dream Team (LB11.4)
-2009 (Taped 2008)-Quarterfinal #6. Wailin Laylands vs. Phillips Phury (LB11.5)
-2009 (Taped 2008)-Semifinals #1! (LB12.1)
-2009 (Taped 2008)-Semifinals #2! (LB12.2)
-2009 (Taped 2008)-Semifinals #3! (LB12.3)
-2009 (Taped 2008)-Road to the Finals: Recap show covering the three champion teams (LB12.4)
-2009 (Taped 2008)-Hour-long finals! Who will win it all? (LB13.1)

MY GAMES FEVER [3 episodes]
A goofy PlayMania clone only aired by 10 stations. My My20 affiliate was one of the lucky (?) ones.
-January 19, 2007-First game: TBA (539.1)
-February 5, 2007-First Game: Find The Word (565.9)
-February 12, 2007-First game: Complete The Movie Phrase. Features a $10,000 bonus game! (561.5)

MY GENERATION [11 episodes]
Awesome music trivia show, which plays sort of like Remote Control. Also boats a weird, computer generated set.
-March 1998-One of the first episodes! Class of 1994 (Ryan & Alexa) vs. Class of 1983 (Nicholas & Penny). Original commercials (DC19.3)
-March 1998-Class of 1995 (Chris & Roger) vs. Class of 1982 (Leo & Dona). Original commercials (DC19.4)
-March 1998-Class of 1991 (David & Lavander) vs. Class of 1980 (Bill & Anne) (AW21.1)
-March 1998-Class of 1984 (Rhandi & Michael) vs. Class of 1968 (Chuck & Mark) (AW21.3)
-March 1998-Class of 1993 (Steven & Ranjit) vs. Class of 1983 (Julie & Brian) (AW21.4)
-March 1998-Class of 1986 (Clint & Barbara) vs. Class of 1974 (Thane & Dan). Contestant plug! (AW21.5)
-March 1998-Class of 1992 (Nam & Ina) vs. Class of 1981 (Michael & Tim). Original commercials (DC19.5)
-1998-Class of 1971 (David & Janine) vs. Class of 1983 (Tom & Kelli) (GG.7)
-1998-Celebrity Episode! Class of 1977 (Verdine White & Danny Hutton) vs. Class of 1988 (Eddie Money & Mike Reno) (DT2.2)
-1998-Celebrity Episode! Class of 1978 (Vickie Sue Robinson & Stephen Bishop) vs. Class of 1991 (Dana Strum & Blas Elias). Contestant plug! (DT2.3)

MY LIFE WITH RYAN [*1 special*]
-October 14, 2007-Hour-long MTV special where contestants play very TPIR-like games to win a date with Ryan Sheckler! (MG9.1)

NAME DROPPERS [1 episode]
It's reverse To Tell The Truth; one guy, three stories to tell.
-March 26, 1970-Second-to-last episode. Bob Cummings, Ruth Buzzi, Bob Newhart. Name Droppers: Ward, Tina (RS6.3)

NAME THAT TUNE (1953-1959) [1 episode]
Shame that this highlight show is all that traders have; this looks like a lot of fun.
-1958-Highlight show featuring a series of great contestants. Highly recommended! (RW4.2)

NAME THAT TUNE (1974-1981) [8 episodes, 1 clip]
Awesome and exciting show! Especially suspenseful if someone’s going for the big money…
-1974-7-minute clip of Gina McDonough's Golden Medley (NP20.5)
-September 20, 1976-Don vs. Velma. Few original commercials, no credits or audience game (NP38.5)
-1976?-A 40-minute Not-for-air parody episode! Not for all ages (NP67.1)
-1977-Jack vs. Debbie. Inactive timecode (NP14.3)
-February 23, 1978-Richie vs. Joan. Also includes Karen’s attempt at $100,000! Original commercials (BB.4)
-February 9, 1979-Tony vs. Ruby. Original commercials, odd video issues (TI13.1)
-1979-$100,000 tournament finals! Margaret vs. Suzi. Low audio (NP18.5)
-1981-Danny vs. Bartha. Begins during Melody Roulette's third spin (NP18.1)
-1981-Chester vs. Sister Jean. Ends after final round's prize descriptions (no gameplay lost) (NP18.2)

NAME THAT TUNE (1984-1985) [22 episodes]
A great revival, which I was addicted to as a kid.
-September 10, 1984-PREMIERE!!! Carol vs. Nick. USA commercials AND a contestant plug! (JP9.12)
-September 1984-$100,000 Finals!!! Elena vs. Eric. Contestant plug! (JP9.10)
-1984-Aired pilot #1! Diana vs. Alfred. Alfred is BIZARRE (PD3.3)
-1984-Aired pilot #3! Connie vs. Ross. FAM commercials (JP13.12)
-1984-Aired pilot #4! Dee vs. Duane. FAM commercials (JP13.11)
-1984-TAMMY WARNER vs. Tom. The legendary Tammy Warner’s appearance! (JR2.5)
-1984-Valerie vs. Bob (JP5.14)
-1984-Diane vs. Steve. Original commercials (JP4.5)
-1984-Annie vs. Michael. Annie takes a fall! (JP9.9)
-1984-Jeanne vs. Tim. USA repeat from 9/27/89 with commercials, and contestant & contest plugs! (JP9.11)
-1984-Jayne vs. Don. Home Viewer Sweepstakes played! (JP13.14)
-1984-Carol vs. Hap (NP9.1)
-1984-Lori vs. Dan. No intro (DB29.4)
-1984-Barbara vs. Michael. One contestant shows off their own singing skills! USA commercials, Joins in progress during Melody Roulette (TI13.2)
-1984-Shirley vs. Wes (TI7.4)
-1984-$100,000 Semifinals! Rick vs. Hap (TI13.3)
-October 1984-$100,000 Finals!!! Michael vs. Hap. Michael was seen on Face the Music four years prior (DC5.7)
-1984-$100,000 Finals!!! Elaine vs. Tommy. Check out Tommy’s golden tux! (DB4.15)
-1984-$100,000 Finals!!! Richard vs. Carol vs. Marty (JP5.13)
-1984-$100,000 Finals!!! Pat vs. Art (JP4.6)
-1984-Semifinals! Myra vs. Steve vs. TAMMY WARNER vs. Les (NP9.2)
-1984-Semifinals! Ray vs. Stan vs. Candy vs. Michael. Part of open cut (SD17.4)
-1984-$100,000 Finals!!! Les vs. Stan. No credits (DB4.13)
-1984-$100,000 Semi-finals! Don vs. Claudia vs. Scott (JO7.1)
-1984-$100,000 Finals!!! Scott vs. Kirk. Begins at Melody Roulette (DB4.14)

NAME THAT VIDEO [6 episode]
The classic is updated for the 21st century, with great results!
-March 2001-Katrina vs. Kirk vs. Michele (SD8.1)
-March 2001-Stephanie vs. Matt vs. Lizzy. No open (SD8.2)
-March 2001-Gene vs. Tami vs. Jeff (SD8.3)
-March 2001-David vs. Samara vs. Russell (SD8.4)
-March 2001-Klunk vs. Brian vs. Phil (SD9.1)
-2001-Tony vs. Sultana vs. Hal. Original commercials and a contestant plug! (DT2.4)

THE NAME'S THE SAME [55 episodes]
Really fun & clever panel show.
Robert Q. Lewis
-August 13, 1952-Abe Burrows, Joan Alexander, & BILL CULLEN. Special Guest: Victor McLaglen. Very funny episode! (SB.4)
-August 20, 1952-Abe Burrows, Joan Alexander, & BILL CULLEN. Special Guest: Burgess Meredith (SB.9)
-August 27, 1952-Abe Burrows, Joan Alexander, & Bill Cullen. Special Guest: Cedric Hardwicke (293.4)
-September 3, 1952-Abe Burrows, Joan Alexander, & Bill Cullen. Special Guest: Johnny Mercer. Two GSN copies with ads: Circa 2005 (293.9) & 2008 (1034.2)
-October 1, 1952-Abe Burrows, Joan Alexander, Meredith Wilson. Special Guest: Yogi Berra (647.2)
-October 15, 1952-Abe Burrows, Joan Alexander, Meredith Wilson. Special Guest: Jean Sablean (262.7)
-October 29, 1952-Abe Burrows, Joan Alexander, Meredith Wilson. Special Guest: David Niven (667.2)
-November 5, 1952-Abe Burrows, Joan Alexander, & Meredith Wilson. Special Guest: Maxie Rosenbloom (360.11)
-November 19, 1952-Morey Amsterdam, Joan Alexander, Meredith Wilson. Special Guest: Hoagy Carmichael (67.4)
-November 29, 1952-Garry Moore, Joan Alexander, & Meredith Willson. Special Guest: Dick Haymes (118.7)
-December 2, 1952-Hal Block, Joan Alexander, & Meredith Wilson. Special Guest: Nelson Eddy (288.3)
-December 9, 1952-Cliff Norton, Joan Alexander, Meredith Wilson. Special Guest: Zasu Pitts (636.6)
-March 10, 1953-Meredith Wilson, Joan Alexander, Jerry Lester. Special Guest: Frances Langford (1060.2)
-March 31, 1953-Jerry Lester, Joan Alexander, & Meredith Wilson. Special Guest: Gypsy Rose Lee (638.7)
-April 14, 1953-Meredith Wilson, Joan Alexander, Carl Reiner. Special Guest: Charles Coburn (785.2)
-April 21, 1953-Meredith Wilson, Joan Alexander, Jackie Cooper. Special Guest: Diana Lynn (785.7)
-April 28, 1953-Meredith Wilson, Joan Alexander, Peter Donald. Special Guest: Eva Gabor (951.4)
-May 5, 1953-Peter Donald, Joan Alexander, Meredith Willson. Special guest: Xavier Cugat (RI39.4)
-May 12, 1953-Meredith Wilson, Joan Alexander, Carl Reiner. Special Guest: Marilyn Maxwell (860.3)
-May 19, 1953-Meredith Wilson, Joan Alexander, Carl Reiner. Special Guest: Brian Donlevy. Brian says he'd like to be Tom Corbett, yet shows very little knowledge of him (686.2)
-May 26, 1953-Meredith Wilson, Joan Alexander, Carl Reiner. Special Guest: Mickey Mantle (951.9)
-June 9, 1953-Dane Clark, Joan Alexander, Carl Reiner. Special Guest: Eve Arden (990.4)
-June 16, 1953-Dane Clark, Joan Alexander, Carl Reiner. Special Guest: Harry James. (990.9)
-July 7, 1953-Gene Rayburn, Joan Alexander, Carl Reiner. Special Guests: Peter Lawford (1044.2)
-July 21, 1953-Bill Stern, Joan Alexander, Carl Reiner. Special Guest: Ronald Reagan (989.2)
-September 8, 1953-Bill Stern, Joan Alexander, Carl Reiner. Special Guest: David Wayne (1067.2)
-November 17, 1953-Bill Stern Joan Alexander Gene Rayburn. Special Guest: Paul Whiteman (947.2)
-November 24, 1953-Bill Sterns, Joan Alexander, Gene Rayburn. Special Guest: Herb Shriner (680.2)
-December 1, 1953-Bill Stern, Joan Alexander, Gene Rayburn. Special Guest: George Raft (1054.11)
-December 8, 1953-Bill Stern, Joan Alexander, Gene Rayburn. Special Guest: Judy Holliday (690.2)
-December 15, 1953-Bill Stern, Joan Alexander, Gene Rayburn. Special Guest: Terry Moore (1073.12)
-December 22, 1953-Bill Stern, Gene Rayburn, Joan Alexander. Special Guest: Kirk Douglas (726.12)
-December 29, 1953-Bill Stern, Gene Rayburn, Joan Alexander. Special Guest: Rocky Graziano (721.10)
-January 5, 1954-Bill Stern, Joan Alexander, Gene Rayburn. Special Guest: Kathryn Murray (937.4)
-January 30, 1954-Bill Stern, Joan Alexander, Gene Rayburn. Special Guest: Merle Oberon (134.7)
-February 23, 1954-Joan Alexender, Gene Rayburn, Bess Myerson, Basil Rathbone. Special guest: Mickey Rooney (542.1)
-March 9, 1954-Joan Alexander, Gene Rayburn, Bess Myerson, Basil Rathbone. Special guest: Eddie Albert (535.7)
-March 23, 1954-Basil Rathbone, Bess Myerson, Gene Rayburn, Joan Alexander. Special Guest: Jean Hersholt (660.3)
-May 4, 1954-Arnold Stang, Gene Rayburn, Bess Myerson, Joan Alexander. Special Guest: Marie McDonald (830.6)
-June 1, 1954-Joan Alexander, Gene Rayburn, Bess Myerson, Roger Price. Special Guest: Rita Gam (665.11)
-July 6, 1954-Joan Alexander, Gene Rayburn, Bess Myerson, Arnold Stang. Special Guests: Les Paul & Mary Ford (683.11)
-August 31, 1954-Joan Alexander, Gene Rayburn, Bess Myerson, Roger Price. Special Guest: Charles Coburn. GSN credit crunch (770.3)
Dennis James
-January 31, 1955-Joan Alexander, Hy Gardner, Audrey Meadows, Roger Price. Special Guest: Giselle MacKenzie (711.10)
-February 21, 1955-Joan Alexander, John Henry Faulk, Audrey Meadows, Roger Price. Special guest: Pearl Bailey (615.2)
Bob & Ray
-April 18, 1955-Lorraine Day, Walter Slezak, Audrey Meadows, Roger Price. Special Guest: Leo Durocher (325.3)
-April 25, 1955-Laraine Day, Walter Slezak, Audrey Meadows, Roger Price. First guest: Special Guest: Emmett Kelly (325.7)
-May 16, 1955-Roger Price, Audrey Meadows, Walter Slezak, Joan Alexander. Special Guest: Van Johnson (676.10)
-June 6, 1955-Joan Alexander, Walter Slezak, Audrey Meadows, Roger Price. Special Guest: Barbara Britton. GSN credit crunch (772.3)
Clifton Fadiman
-June 28, 1955-Seemingly Clifton’s first episode. Joan Alexander, Mark Hunnilee, Audrey Meadows, Roger Price. Special Guest: Terry Moore (362.4)
-July 5, 1955-Joan Alexander, Mike Wallace, Laraine Day, Roger Price. Special Guest: Peggy King (1022.3)
-July 12, 1955-Joan Alexander, Mike Wallace, Laraine Day, Roger Price. Special Guest: Sheree North (1022.10)
-August 16, 1955-Roger Price, Audrey Meadows, Mike Wallace, Joan Alexander. Special Guest: Chico Marx (805.4)
-September 6, 1955-Mike Wallace, Roger Price, Hildy Parks, Audrey Meadows. Special Guest: Ken Murray (WMTS.2)
-September 30, 1955-Mike Wallace, Roger Price, Audrey Meadows, Joan Alexander. Special Guest: George Raft (WMTS.4)
-October 7, 1955-Final episode. Joan Alexander, Audrey Meadows, Roger Price, Mike Wallace. Special Guest: Gil Hodges (682.12)

NASCAR SMARTS [6 episodes]
Getting run over by a race car would be more fun; a poorly-produced, boring quiz.
-February 14, 2009-Sue vs. Clayton. Notice the SFX guy has little clue what he's doing in round 4 (727.6)
-February 21, 2009-Gerrit vs. Jeremiah (767.8)
-April 5, 2009-Rutledge Wood & Mike vs. Kyle Petty & Phil (733.11)
-May 24, 2009-From Charlotte NC. Contestants TBA (751.11)
-March 20, 2010-From Bristol. KP & Rut vs. Greg & Chris. 6/3/10 repeat (931.9)
-March 27, 2010-From Martinsville. KP & Rut vs. Jamie & Kevin. 6/4/10 repeat (931.10)

Abysmal show where the minigames are either too difficult or too easy.
NOTE: I have the second episode somewhere, but I'm not sure where it is.
-May 18, 2007-Premiere. Whee. Players: Joe (Bingo 500), Michelle (Win The VIN), another Michelle (Wedding Game). The first game shows why I never got into this show (576.7)
-June 1, 2007-Players: Michael (Chicken Cross), Rebecca (High Five), Cyrus (9 Ball) (652.3)
-June 8, 2007-Players: Linda (Bingo 500), Cheryl (Bingo Fastball), Heather (Win the VIN). Storm Warnings throughout (652.8)
-June 15, 2007-Players: Miles (Time Flies), Jeanne (High Five), Katie (Chicken Cross) (578.4)
-June 22, 2007-Final episode. (Yay!) Players: Samantha (Trip Around The World), Michael (Crossword), Jock (Serial Number Matching) (577.8)

NEWLYWED GAME (ABC, 1967-1974) [5 episodes]
The show that sent Bob Eubanks to stardom!
-July 29, 1966-Larry & Paula Johnson vs. Bob & Judy Miller vs. Henry & Terri Robinson vs. Ronnie & Ellen Gichoni. B/W kinescope with commercials (DD17.4)
-September 21, 1968-Henry & Darlene Kane vs. Gary & Phyllis Dilger vs. Chuck & Barbara Riley vs. Jerry & Shirley Dockle. B/W kinescope with commercials (RW4.3)
-1969-Bill & Jana O'Brian vs. Chuck & Sondra Perkins vs. Guy & Ginny Garner vs. Don & Joanne Otterman. GSN doesn't do a good job cutting out the contestant plug! (GG58.4)
-1972-Andy & Ginger Anderson vs. Henry & Pat Ontarios vs. Chester & Pat Shannon vs. David & Tedy Barkin (6.8)
-December 1974-Final ABC episode. Lore & Frey vs. Kenny & Debbie vs. Tim & Sandy vs. Jay & Francine (no last names given). HILARIOUS episode! (53.1)

NEWLYWED GAME (Synd., 1977-1980) [19 episodes]
Not all that different from the original version, but if it ain’t broke…
-1977-Ken & Janice Renning vs. Tom & Diane Sealy vs. Tony & Debbie Brewer vs. Joel & Diane Pressman (53.2)
-1977?-Willie & Nannette Cannon vs. Wayne & Carol Jakeman vs. Joe & Marie Monacco vs. Joleen & Kevin O'Hea. Perfect score accomplished! (DL2.1)
-1977-Maternity Day! Steve and Lisandra Van Slight vs. Gil & Chris Gayle vs. Hank & Olga Perez vs. Rich & Debbie Sanford. The weirdest place you've ever made whoopee...yep, THAT episode! (TI6.5)
-1977-Elliot & Nell Mangouli vs. Richard & Louise Moore vs. Bob & Lynn Bibi vs. Larry & Diana Martiz (53.5)
-1977?-Bob & LaPanya Keki vs. John & Mary Bedford vs. Dennis & Nancy Whelan vs. Dan & Nancy Isey. A couple scores 0 points! (53.3)
-1978-Lauren & Cliff Lewis vs. Rene & Roy Copeman vs. Sharon & Carl Philips vs. Tina & Art Carnoza (DB31.4)
-1978-Pat & Charlie Berg vs. Anita & Bob Bright vs. Edith & Curt Harrah vs. Margaret & David Parker. The hilarious “Archie Bunker” episode! Highly recommended! (53.4)
-1979-Connie & Rick Tevracki vs. Anne & Jim Rock vs. Barbara & Glenn Taylor vs. Sherry & Jim Archer (6.9)
-1979-Lisa & Terry Bren vs. Mary & Greg Bittner vs. Melinda & Jimmy Hatcher vs. Mary Lou & Arthur Esqueda. A couple scores 0 points! (6.10)
-1979-Denise & Roland Nado vs. Normina & Dick Ryan vs. Donna & Sandy Owen vs. Crystal & James Stevens (6.11)
-1979-Nanette & Jim Sucly vs. Linda & Phillip Rice vs. Teri Ann & John Gillette vs. Rosie & Danny Cruz (25.3)
-1979-Sharonne & Kenny Ivy vs. Cathy & Steve Kent vs. Carrie & Ron Gray vs. Louann & Dino Kaye (57.5)
-1979-Regina & David Gerber vs. Cheryl & Eli Gitchaway vs. Carla & Tim McDonald vs. Pam & Ron Rear. FUNNY opening! (53.6)
-1979-Elaine & Greg Sanders vs. Lisa & Bob Voyez vs. Debbie & Tom Doyle vs. Jeanne & Ron Huxy (27.10)
-1979-Cheryl & Gerald Folk vs. Nancy & Gary Ogee vs. Janine & Scott McGorium vs. Loretta & Rich Sutherland (99.11)
-1979-Debbie & Ron Myers vs. Alan & Gail Carpenter vs. Cheryl & Scott Drib vs. Diana & Ray McCoy. No video in part of last segment due to a GSN error (99.14)
-1979?-Jan & Bobby Gregory vs. Linda & Joweeva Hizu vs. Jennifer & Lyndon Aston vs. Edie & George Crisp (39.6)
-1979?-Alumni Day! Sandy & Harry Zuckerman vs. Joyce & Wally Ward vs. Pearl & Philip Morris vs. Linda & Steve Gall. Pearl gets just a bit too into the game (53.7)
-1980?-Rica & Richard Block vs. Betty & Ray Cunnigham vs. Renee & Sean Stone vs. Julie & Ray Johnson (1.6)

NEWLYWED GAME (ABC, Feb. 1984) [2 episodes of a week-long test run]
Lange tried, but it’s easy to see who’s the better Newlywed Game host.
-February 13, 1984-Charlotte & Don Walker vs. Hareen & Jeffrey Goydell vs. Sherry & Cole Grade vs. Angie & Russ Bragg (RS57.2)
-February 1984-Maria & Kelly Murphy vs. Brenda & Chet Capps vs. Lydia & Mike Johnson vs. Lisa & John Engen (146.4)

NEWLYWED GAME (Synd., 1985-1988) [21 episodes]
This is my favorite version, for some reason I can’t put my finger on.
Yellow Set, Normal Format
-Taped 4/8/85-Linda & Jack Ballard vs. Cathy & Greg Smith vs. Demita & Anthony Ardick vs. Laura & Ted Brown. Slate and two original commercials! (DH2.2)
-1985-Alumni Day! Elaine & Dave Mayer vs. Jo & Richard Black vs. Renee & Jim Smith vs. Mary & Ted Cook. Original commercials (BS13.1)
-1985-Kaz & C.J. Davo vs. Sabrina & Jerome Johnson vs. Tammy & Bill Beard vs. Doris Ann & Harry Somerfield (90.7)
-1985-Michelle & Jeff Dell vs. Ruth & Jim Jones vs. Yvonne & Darryl Jones (no relation) vs. Tammy & Larry Hernandez (241.5)
-1985-Yolanda & Ron Simmons vs. Gita & Chip Hopkins vs. Jane & Mike Lambert vs. Wendy & Michael Baldazani (248.5)
-1985-Gina & Pete Papapentrue vs. Joyce & Bern Bowman vs. Deirdre & Rodney Bigley vs. Geraldine & Randy Beckett. Joyce & Bern square dance! (138.4)
-1985-Jasmine & Tom Simmetoray vs. Debbie & Larry Young vs. Stephanie & Norman Payne vs. Joyce & Pete Drew (114.10)
-1985-Teresa & Tony Waltman vs. Lanahala & Teddy Bell vs. Cielo & Jeff Bowman vs. Billie & Jim Putt. GSN credit crunch (DP.8)
-1986-Alumni Day! Christine & David Norton vs. Liz & John Medley vs. Sevonne & Larry Bell vs. Dawn & Paul DeMico (170.4)
-1986-Kerry & Eric Gibson vs. Lori & Randy Mulvaney vs. Sandra & Henry Johnson vs. Nancy & Jim Airs (119.8)
-1986-Sandy & John Ordudo vs. Stephanie & Dale Daniels vs. Terry & Rick Mushian vs. Jackie & Chuck Barton (143.7)
-1986-Clifton & Cynthia vs. Kevin & Belkus vs. Fred & Beverly vs. Dan & Tammy (no last names available). Begins at Bob’s intro (153.1)
-1986-Carol & Doug O’Neil vs. Tia & Jack Clark vs. Kelly & Dave Richmond vs. Carmen & Eric Davis (153.9)
-1986-Alumni Day! Glynn & Tyrone Cotton vs. Cathy & Kevin Bullon vs. Annelle & Kenneth Phillips vs. Kim & Dennis London (338.5)
-1986-Alumni Day!-Susie & George Haledisian vs. Maureen & Kenny Dakson vs. Jackie & George Ortiz vs. Rita & Wilbert Moore. Ends during credits (349.9)
-1986-Joy & Ricky Taylor vs. Tracy & Dave Crobix vs. Shirley & Mitch Atkinson vs. Linda & Gary Conan (149.4)
-1986-Carrie & Tom Glogner vs. Laurie & John Schnauder vs. Kima & Kevin Johnson vs. Becky & Mike Crumnow (141.2)
-1986-Patti & Jeff Bricker vs. Donna & Tony Miguci vs. Kenneth & Kim Matthews vs. Joyce & Steve Baker (148.3)
-1986-Alumni Day! Lorraine & Yuri Etyen vs. Jasmine & Tom Simmetoray vs. Joyce & Pete Drew vs. Heidi & John Wiznetski (139.1)
Blue Set, Dollar Format
-1988-Lisa & Jonathan Obney vs. Sandra & Stuart McDougal vs. Ella & Parnell Fairley vs. Andrea Benvinesti. Stuart has a thick Scottish accent (GG6.8)
-1988-Tamara & John Wilson vs. Jennifer & Shae Dooley vs. Stephanie & Russ Shafer vs. Christian & Fred Gill. Y&R star Beth Toussant models the grand prize! (GG56.4)

NEWLYWED GAME (Synd., 1988-1989) [1 episode]
A mid-season overhaul brought an ENTIRELY different look & feel to the show. Rodriguez does well, but it wasn't enough to save the show.
-March 1989-Maurice & Jessica Jolly vs. Marty & Kimberly Gish vs. Lance & Rita Nord. Original commercials (DD32.2)

THE NEWLYWED GAME (Synd., 1996-1997) [6 episodes]
The format changed drastically, and truthfully...I still thought it was fun.
-September 2, 1996-Premiere? Wendy & Michael Dokan vs. Holly & Bob Hall vs. Christine & Charles Lee. Original commercials (FD13.2)
-September 20, 1996-Nichele & Eddie Hill vs. Lelie & Leo Lech vs. Suzi & Dan Irwin. Original commercials (JB4.2)
-Sep. or Oct. 1996-Family Edition, featuring a couple who was on the original show & their kids! Patti & John Boston vs. Denise & Jay Boston vs. Johhny Boston & Sandra Hannon. Original commercials and a contestant plug! (FD9.4)
-October 1996-Marinette & Andy Andrews vs. Samantha & Dave Kerner. Original commercials (FD13.4)
-November 1996-Robyn & Jon Landau vs. Kimberly & Mark Edwards vs. Mischella & Thomas Jackson. Original commercials (FD13.3)
-November 25, 1996-Soap Star Episode! Cynthia Watros & Curt Gilliland vs. Brenda Epperson Doumani & Lorenzo Doumani vs. Laura Koffman & Marty Koffman. Original commercials and a contestant plug! (FD9.5)

THE NEWLYWED GAME (Synd., 1997-1999) [5 episodes]
The old format came back, and so did Bob!
-1997-Joy & Todd Label vs. Santasha & Dion Yoseph vs. Randy & Peter Pietraheda vs. Laura & Frank Pullington (1.7)
-1997-Lisa & Loren Brown vs. Dawana & Darryl Turner vs. Wendy & Chad Powell vs. Valana & Anthony Weltz (DD9.3)
-1997-Maternity Day! Julie & Ray Muten vs. Gina & Patrick Vincent vs. Kenji & Reggie Williams vs. Cheryl & Robin Graham. Most of credits missing due to cable glitches (99.15)
-1998-Lydia & Blake ? vs. Carrie & Michael Bobben vs. Terry Jo & Jeff Slater vs. Dia & John Langston. Part of open cut (BS13.2)
-1998-Sonya & Sal Ramirez vs. Janiera & Victor Orocha vs. Demetruis & Kevin McLoughlin vs. Kerry & Tom Wood (DB31.3)

THE NEWLYWED GAME (GSN, 2009-2013) [71 episodes]
This great version seems to improve with every season. Carnie & Sherri are both good hosts.
First Season (only season with lame bonus round)
-April 16, 2009-Anthony & Jenn vs. Chris & Jocelyn vs. Jason & Raeanne. Goldyweds: Dave & Tracy (739.11)
-April 24, 2009-Chris & Liz vs. Dan & Amy vs. Tosin & Tonya. Goldyweds: Tom & Glynine (742.9)
-May 27, 2009-Michael & Audrey vs. David & Susan vs. Neil & Christine. Goldyweds: Fernando & Mary (820.5)
Second Season
-October 12, 2009-Second season premiere, with new format! Carlos & Maygan vs. Hasayn & Nikesha vs. McCormick & Kathy (814.9)
-October 13, 2009-Christopher Knight & Adrienne Curry vs. Damien & Nicole Brewer-Gurganious vs. George Takei & Brad Altman (first ever gay couple on Newlywed Game!) (883.1)
-October 20, 2009-Goldywed Edition! Mike & Cheryl vs. Brian & Donna vs. Fernando & Mary (883.7)
-October 23, 2009-David & Vanessa vs. Freddie & Heather vs. Lisa & Ian (815.7)
-October 28, 2009-Ryan & Billie vs. Ricardo & June vs. Rick & Jennifer (824.1)
-October 30, 2009-Marc & Kim vs. Josh & Allie vs. Ryan & Kim (970.11)
-November 3, 2009-Celebrity episode! Thad Luckinbill & Amelia Heinle vs. George & Lauri Peterson vs. Billy Wilson & Janet Evans (864.2)
-November 5, 2009-Shawn & Zakkiyya vs. Tim & Andrea vs. Josh & Sarah (895.3)
-November 6, 2009-JP & Hawlie vs. Jayson & Eneyda vs. Eric & Stacy (895.8)
-November 16, 2009-Blue & Tess vs. Charles & Chelsea vs. Willie & Karyn (824.5)
-November 18, 2009-Mac & Yessica vs. Adam & Michelle vs. Josh & Mandi (824.9)
-November 25, 2009-Ryan & Tara vs. Brent & Stephanie vs. Alonso & Betty (829.3)
-November 26, 2009-Clif & Maria vs. Keith & Christie vs. Mauricio & Jamie (829.7)
-November 27, 2009-Rob & Gigi vs. Jason & Vanessa vs. DJ & Kim (829.11)
-November 30, 2009-Mike & Laura vs. Irving & Tifani vs. Brian & Rachel (852.1)
-December 3, 2009-Craig & Melanie vs. Mike & Tessa vs. Kris & Cynthia (825.2)
-December 4, 2009-Troy & Azziza vs. Sam & Jill vs. Eddie & Nancy (825.7)
-December 9, 2009-Corey & Kristen vs. Brian & Shara vs. Chris & Becky. Two copies: Original commercials (826.8) or 1/10/12 repeat
-January 6, 2010-Bill & Jagie vs. Will & Brittani vs. Nick & Kelly
-January 7, 2010-BOB EUBANKS guest hosts! Rob Bonfiglio & Carnie Wilson vs. Danny Knudsen & Wendy Wilson vs. Daniel & Marilyn Wilson-Rutherford
-January 8, 2010-Jared & Bee vs. John & Mary Ann vs. Brian & Page
-January 11, 2010-Special Goldywed episode! Harris & Mary Ouiji vs. Dave & Mary J. vs. Ron & Lorraine
-January 12, 2010-Fred & Annie vs. Allen & Kim vs. Marco & Lily
-January 13, 2010-Matt & Megan vs. Julio & Tanya vs. Phil & Lauren (828.9)
-January 14, 2010-Eric & Kristen vs. Alejandro & Latoya vs. Michael & Jeni
-January 15, 2010-Kevin & Nicole vs. Marc & Amber vs. Ian & Adrienne
-January 18, 2010-Maternity Day! Edward & Kawani vs. Marques & Candia vs. Roosevelt & Janelle. Two copies: Original commercials or 1/10/12 repeat (last time Carnie's version aired on GSN!)
-January 20, 2010-Cory & Amanda vs. Devonte & Danae vs. Armen & Ani
-January 21, 2010 (Taped 9/29/09)-Celebrity episode! Ronn & Devin Moss vs. Jonny & Michelle Fairplay vs. Davy Jones & Jessica Pacheco
-January 22, 2010-Second season finale. Gary & Deena vs. Louise & Denise vs. Rick & Valerie
Third Season
-April 19, 2010-3rd Season Premiere! Nathan & Vanessa vs. Blaine & Aimee vs. Adam & Kyra
-April 21, 2010-Justin & Erica vs. Brian & Suzana vs. Kaleb & Melissa
-April 23, 2010-Anthony & Bethane vs. Greg & Amy vs. Kevin & Keri
-April 28, 2010-Brad & Beth vs. Nick & Dotty vs. Mark & Beata (fun couple!)
-May 5, 2010-Kirk & Angela vs. David & Jennifer vs. Myles & Laurel
-May 6, 2010-Student/Teacher Day! Eamonn & Deanne vs. Ronn & Trarina vs. Gil & Smita (985.7)
-May 7, 2010-Cory & Kuwana vs. Damien & Michelle vs. John & Brionna
-May 17, 2010-Andre & Twa'lea vs. Daniel & Lindsay vs. Ryan & Jennica. Daniel's parents were on Newlywed Game in 1978!
-May 18, 2010-Game Show Legends episode, with BOB EUBANKS guest hosting! Wink & Sandy Martindale vs. Monty & Marilyn Hall vs. Peter & Laurie Marshall. HIGHLY recommended!
-May 19, 2010-Dan & Kate vs. Darren & Jessica vs. Brendan & Maylin
-May 20, 2010-Scott & Angela vs. Mike & Raci vs. Aaron & Sandy
-May 21, 2010-Jimmy & Jenny vs. Tommy & Lisa vs. Steve & Erica
-May 24, 2010-Jon & Alexa vs. Rob & Christine vs. Dallas & Tahlia
-May 25, 2010-Dave & Mandy vs. Brian & Kat vs. Jon & Kristin
-May 26, 2010-Steve & Eartha vs. Jason & Nicole vs. Paul & Leah
-May 27, 2010-John & Mari vs. Frankie & Meaghan vs. Paul & Katie. One couple finishes with 0 points!
-May 28, 2010-David & Julie vs. Mat & Carissa vs. Justin & Megan
-May 31, 2010-Tim & Rosanne vs. David & Kelly vs. Steven & Vanessa
-June 1, 2010-Fred & Jackie vs. Jeremy & Steph vs. Brian & Courtney
-June 2, 2010-Jeremy & Jessi vs. Chris & Becca vs. Eric & Erika
-June 3, 2010-Adam & Ashley vs. Neil & Emily vs. Ryan & Michelle
-June 4, 2010-David & Katie vs. Chaz & Taysha vs. Chris & Wendy
-June 7, 2010-Bryan & Alison vs. Josh & Joy vs. Rob & Kelli. Alison's parents were on Newlywed Game in 1973!
-June 10, 2010-Adam & Erica vs. Sean & Cameo vs. Brett & Jessica
-June 14, 2010-Johnny & Lisa vs. Greg & Simone vs. Rob & Amanda
-June 15, 2010-Grant & Erica vs. Brad & Rene vs. David & Janet
-June 16, 2010-Paul & Anna vs. Rick & Chrissy vs. Jonathan & Tiffany
-June 17, 2010-Derek & Sandra vs. Garrett & Cameron vs. Steve & Brandy
-June 23, 2010-Deron & Michele vs. Nick & Katie vs. Evan & Cassandra
-June 24, 2010-Ricky & Krystal vs. Mousa & Amera vs. Jason & Katie
Fourth Season (Sherri Shepherd becomes host)
-November 10, 2010-Rick & Jessica vs. Anthony & Shawnte vs. Stephen & Sandra
-November 11, 2010-Kevin & Angela vs. Matthew & Stephany vs. Daniel & Emily
-December 2, 2010-Brian & Holly vs. Howard & Daphinie vs. Wayne & Lisa
-December 3, 2010-Dorien & Darshell vs. Joe & Julie vs. Brad & Nicole
-December 9, 2010-Luke & Alicia vs. Edward & Autumn vs. Matt & Cristin
-December 14, 2010-George & Angelene vs. Damian & Michele vs. Scott & Shanae
-December 15, 2010-Nick & Laura vs. Kenley & Michele vs. Eric & Natalie
-December 17, 2010-Loren & Carla vs. Stephen & Christine vs. Bobby & Lyndi
-December 20, 2010-Joe & Julie vs. Eugene & Jackie vs. Josh & Arielle
Fifth Season
-June 10, 2011-Anthony & Janell vs. James & Yolanda vs. Kenneth & Sarah

THE NEWS HOLE [1 episode]
A current-events quiz very reminiscent of We Interrupt This Week. The presses stopped after just 4 airings.
-October 26, 1994-PREMIERE!!! Andy Kindler vs. Susan Morrison vs. Ian Sholes vs. Matt Groening. Original commercials (CD.1)

NEW YORK WIRED [1 episode]
Very neat lottery show; contestants play for themselves, audience members, and local schools.
-August 15, 1998-Marcia vs. Ken vs. Mary. Games: Skyscraper, Niagara. Original commercials, part of open & close cut, A/V slightly out of sync (BM.10)

NICK ARCADE [71 episodes]
No Nick game show screams 90s more than this one, with cool NES games and Phil Moore's wild shirts!
NOTE: Episodes with a star are Nickelodeon broadcasts. GaS never aired 20 episodes of Nick Arcade; all the GaS-aired episodes are accounted for here.
First Season (all episodes aired in 1992, but were taped in late 1991.)
-1991-Aired pilot, with tons of cosmetic differences! Brain & Amy vs. Richard & Nicole. Games: Dinoland, Battletoads, Chuck Rock, Alpha Mission 2, Joe And Mac (JP2.3)
-*January 3, 1992-Sneak Preview! Jeff & Catherine vs. Anthony & Jodie. Games: Sonic the Hedgehog, Toki (NES), Gaiares, Ghost Pilots, Legend of the Mystical Ninja. This episode NEVER aired on Nick GaS! Blurry video (BS27.4)
-*January 4, 1992-PREMIERE!!! Ray & Holly vs. Andrew & Kim. Games: Shadow Of The Beast, Kabuki Quantum Fighter, Marvel Land, Magician Lord, & ActRaiser. Two copies available: Original commercials, begins at rule explanation (BS20.5) or complete GaS airing (210.6)
-*January 1992-Griff & Shelina vs. Jessica & Rizwan. Games: Chuck Rock, Bonk’s Revenge, Arcus Odyssey, Blue’s Revenge, Super Ghouls & Ghosts. Two copies: Original commercials (BS27.5) or GaS broadcast (201.7)
-*February 1992-James & Tiffani vs. Brian & Marsha. Games: Air Buster, Snow Brothers, Turrican, King of the Monsters, & Super R-Type. Two copies: Original commercials, low audio (AK3.2) or GaS airing (200.3)
-1991-Tavis & Michelle vs. Kris & Megan. Games: Dino Land, Battle Toads, Chuck Rock, Alpha Mission 2, Joe & Mac. Uses original Pop Quiz format (JP43.1)
-1991-Joshua & Barbara vs. Marcus & Phuong. Games: Dino Land, Battletoads, Chuck Rock, Alpha Mission 2, Joe and Mac. Uses original Pop Quiz format (JF77.5)
-1991-Trung & Marianne vs. Alex & Kori. Arcus Odyssey, Toki, Sonic the Hedgehog, Cyber-Lip, & Super R-Type. Uses original Pop Quiz format (BR10.1)
-1991-Steven & Laura vs. Jamie & Terence. Games: Arcus Oddysey, Toki, Sonic the Hedgehog, Cyber-Lip, & Super R-Type. Uses original Pop Quiz format (227.2)
-1991-Tyrone & Amy vs. Ricardo & Michele. Games: Arcus Oddysey, Toki, Sonic the Hedgehog, Cyber-Lip, & Super R-Type. Uses original Pop Quiz format (229.6)
-1991-Thomas & April vs. Kevin & Anne. Games: Air Buster, Snow Brothers, Turrican, King of the Monsters, Super R-Type. Uses original Pop Quiz format (possibly the last one to use it). Original plugs! (280.5)
-1991-Josh & Porche vs. Kenny & Beth. Games: Air Buster, Legend of the Mystical Ninja, Vapor Trail, Cyber-Lip, & Gradius 3. Original plugs! (211.13)
-1991-Rubin & Brenda vs. L.J. & Gennifer. Games: Turrican, Parasol Stars, Gaiares, Alpha Mission 2, Battletoads (201.4)
-1991-Corey & Mariangela vs. Christy & Andy. Games: Thunder Force 3, Kabuki Quantum Fighter, Vapor Trail, Magician Lord, & Hyperzone (205.5)
-1991-Selena & Marshall vs. Tineka & Hazel. Games: Shadow Of The Beast, Kabuki Quantum Fighter, Marvel Land, Magician Lord, & ActRaiser (271.2)
-1991-Megan & Jackie vs. Ana & Shauna. Games: Air Buster, Legend of the Mystical Ninja, Vapor Trail, Cyber-Lip, & Gradius 3. Wrong prize description during prize plugs! (203.6)
-1991-Fabiola & Tyson vs. Nakisha & Jeanay. Games: Shadow of the Beast, Super Ghouls & Ghosts, Marvel Land, King Of The Monsters, & ActRaiser (MOJ.3)
-1991-Candice & Matt vs. Nicole & Andrea. Games: Chuck Rock, Bonk’s Revenge, Arcus Odyssey, Blue’s Journey, & Super Ghouls & Ghosts. Original plugs! (214.3)
-1991-Jason & Norma vs. Jathan & Yolanda. Games: Thunder Force 3, Kabuki Quantum Fighter, Vapor Trail, Magician Lord, & Hyperzone. Goal is reached both times! (JP2.13)
-1991-Clint & Stacy vs. Julie & Lloyd. Games: Thunder Force 3, Kabuki Quantum Fighter, Vapor Trail, Magician Lord, & Hyperzone. Not one Video Challenge is hit in round 1! (DB15.8)
-1991-Joseph & Danielle vs. Charles & Keri. Games: Thunder Force 3, Kabuki Quantum Fighter, Vapor Trail, Magician Lord, & Hyperzone. Joseph is Joey Fatone of N'Sync! (JP44.10)
-1991-Traci & Ned vs. Amy & Rachel. Games: Sonic the Hedgehog, Toki (NES), Gaiares, Ghost Pilots, Legend of the Mystical Ninja (JP43.4)
-1991-Mark & Mandy vs. Jed & Nadine. Games: Arcus Odyssey, Kabuki Quantum Fighter, Marvel Land, Magician Lord, Actraiser. HORRIBLE bonus round! (195.6)
-1991-Jason & Diane vs. Ralph & Becca. Games: Shadow of the Beast, Super Ghouls & Ghosts, Marvel Land, King of the Monsters, Act Raiser. No Video Challenges are hit in in round 1! (JF77.1)
-1991-Justin & Alison vs. Jason & Kema. Games: Air Buster, Legend of the Mystical Ninja, Vapor Trail, Cyber-Lip, Gradius 3 (JF77.2)
-1991-Kenny & Amy vs. Tony & Liza. Games: Shadow of the Beast, Super Ghouls & Ghosts, Marvel Land, King of the Monsters, Act Raiser (JF77.3)
-1991-Erik & Monica vs. Ralph & Tracy. Games: Thunder Force 3, Psychosis, Dinoland, Ghost Pilots, Super Adventure Island (JF77.4)
-1991-Jonathan & Nyya vs. Randy & Farah. Games: Chuck Rock, Bonk's Revenge, Arcus Odyssey, Blue's Journey, Super Ghouls & Ghosts. Nyya also competed on Get the Picture in 1991 (JF86.4)
-1991-Chris & Jennifer vs. Jeremy & Tasha. Games: Air Buster, Snow Brothers, Turrican, King of the Monsters, Super R-Type (BR9.1)
-*1991-Luis & Danae vs. Ricky & Lynn. Games: Air Buster, Snow Brothers, Turrican, King of the Monsters, Super R-Type. This episode NEVER aired on Nick GaS! (SR5.5)
-1991-David & Jennifer vs. Mike & Andrea. Games: Arcus Odyssey, Kabuki Quantum Fighter, Marvel Land, Magician Lord, Actraiser. Original plugs! GaS logo is nowhere to be found! (BR9.2)
-1991-Farah & Billy vs. Shani & Jennifer. Games: Chuck Rock, Bonk's Revenge, Arcus Odyssey, Blue's Journey, Super Ghouls & Ghosts (BR9.3)
-1991-Matt & Anita vs. Joseph & Stephanie. Games: Turrican, Parasol Stars, Gaiares, Alpha Mission 2, Battletoads (BR9.4)
-1991-Nickolas & Catherine vs. Ethan & Kristi. Games: Thunder Force 3, Psychosis, Dinoland, Ghost Pilots, Super Adventure Island (BR9.5)
-*1991-Anthony & Tina vs. John & Stephanie. Games: Shadow of the Beast, Super Ghouls & Ghosts, Marvel Land, King of the Monsters, ActRaiser. Phil comes out wearing a Geordi LaForge visor! 1997 repeat without commercials (CD9.2)
-*1991-Chris & Dana vs. Joshua & Vanesha. Games: Turrican, Parasol Stars, Gaiares, Alpha Mission 2, Battletoads. This episode NEVER aired on GaS! (JP.2)
-*1991-C.J. & April vs. Cristina & Yennimard. Games: Thunder Force 3, Psychosis, Dinoland, Ghost Pilots, Super Adventure Island. This episode NEVER aired on GaS! Original plugs! Video B/W at times, but good picture otherwise (JP.3)
-*1991-Darius & Erika vs. Douglas & Deana. Games: Thunder Force 3, Psychosis, Dinoland, Ghost Pilots, Super Adventure Island. This episode NEVER aired on GaS! 2/15/97 repeat with commercials, original plugs, and a Figure it Out contestant call! (BT38.2)
Second Season
-1992-C.D. & Marc vs. Lisa & Wendy. Games: Kick Master, Atomic Runner, Joe & Mac, El Viento, King Of The Monsters (211.8)
-1992-David & Danielle vs. Shana & Matt. Games: Super Ghouls & Ghosts, Rockin' Kats, ActRaiser, Sol-Deace, Robo Army (201.2)
-1992-Nikki & Chris vs. Joy & Nicole. Games: Paperboy 2, Monster In My Pocket, Addams Family, Steel Empire, Last Resort. One Face-Off ends in a tie, and a horrid bonus round attempt! Nicole was also on Guts in 1994 (198.9)
-1992-Aaron & Kerri vs. Breanne & Jamal. Games: Super R-Type, Gun-Nac, Joe & Mac, Chuck Rock, King Of The Monsters. A player gets a score of 0 in a Video Challenge, and a PATHETIC bonus round attempt! (201.10)
-1992-Austin & Meredith vs. Nikki & Jeremy. Games: KickMaster, Atomicrunner, Joe & Mac, El Viento, & King of the Monsters. A bonus round that must be seen to be believed! Highly recommended! (215.13)
-1992-Kelly & Austin vs. Bonnie & Luis. Games: Super Ghouls & Ghosts, Chuck Rock, Addams Family, Green Dog, Monster In My Pocket. One Face-Off ends in a tie! (IA.4)
-1992-Bobby & LaToya vs. Michael & Caroline. Games: ActRaiser, El Viento, Thunder Spirits, Toki (Genesis version), & Robo Army (200.11)
-1992-Danny & Elizabeth vs. Matt & Jennifer. Games: Super Ghouls & Ghosts, Chuck Rock, Addams Family, Green Dog, & Monster In My Pocket. Not a single Video Challenge is hit in Round 1! The ONLY season 2 episode GaS aired with original plugs intact! (166.9)
-1992-Leeann & Connor vs. Sarah & Wellington. Games: KickMaster, Atomicrunner, Joe & Mac, El Viento, King Of The Monsters (JP2.10)
-1992-Christy & Kevin vs. Casey & Quentin. Games: Paperboy 2, Monster In My Pocket, Addams Family, Steel Empire, Last Resort (JP2.14)
-1992-Anatalia & Bobby vs. Elizabeth & Ryan. Games: Super Adventure Island, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Ghouls N Ghosts, Steel Empire, Ghost Pilots (JP4.1)
-1992-Brindley & Sean vs. Alex & Courtney. Games: Super Adventure Island, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Ghouls & Hosts, Steel Empire, Ghost Pilots (JP43.2)
-1992-Toshia & Maneka vs. Christy & Ryan. Games: Paperboy 2, Monster In My Pocket, Addams Family, Steel Empire, Last Resort (JP43.3)
-1992-Altresse & Katy vs. Dana & Ty. Games: Super Ghouls & Ghosts, Rockin Kats, ActRaiser, SolDeace, Robo Army (BT38.3)
-1992-James & Suzy vs. Ryan & Jennifer. Games: Kick Master, Atomic Runner, Joe & Mac, El Viento, King of the Monsters (BT38.4)
-1992-Melissa & Rich vs. Mike & Dee Dee. Games: ActRaiser, Toki (Genesis), Super Adventure Island, Chuck Rock, Ghost Pilots (BT38.5)
-*1992-Shelly & Jennifer vs. Jessie & Kathy. Games: ActRaiser, Toki (Genesis), Super Adventure Island, Chuck Rock, Ghost Pilots. This episode was NEVER aired by Nick GaS! Original plugs! (LB35.2)
-*1992-Patrick & Anika vs. Christopher & Jennifer. Games: ActRaiser, El Viento, Thunder Spirits, Toki (Genesis), & Robo Army. Original commercials & plugs (BT44.3)
-*1992-Marie & John vs. Carolina and Tully. Games: Super Ghouls & Ghosts, El Viento, Addams Family, Steel Empire, King of the Monsters. Original commercials & plugs, no intro or credits (BT38.6)
-*1992-Christie & Joe vs. Ronda & Jayson. Games: Paperboy 2, Monster In My Pocket, Addams Family, Steel Empire, Last Resort. 1994 repeat with commercials, last segment off GAS (my old copy has the bonus round cut, you see) (OT.5/288.5)
-*1992-Travis & Rebeca vs. Chaketha & Tony. Games: Super R-Type, Gun-Nac, Joe & Mac, Chuck Rock, King Of The Monsters. 1994 repeat with commercials (OT2.1)
-*1992-Kristin & Chris vs. Cas & Jeanine. Games: Super Ghouls & Ghosts, El Viento, Addams Family, Steel Empire, King of the Monsters. This episode NEVER aired on Nick GaS! Jul. 1996 repeat with commercials (DC25.4)
-1992-Anand & Shannon vs. Michelle & Claudio. Games: Super Ghouls & Ghosts, El Viento, Addams Family, Steel Empire, King of the Monsters. Claudio was on Get the Picture in 1991 (BR10.2)
-1992-Brandi & Drit vs. Allie & Matt. Games: Super Ghouls & Ghosts, Rockin Kats, ActRaiser, SolDeace, Robo Army (BR10.3)
-1992-Gina & Derek vs. Quincey & Robert. Games: Super R-Type, Atomic Runner, Gun-Nac, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Beta version!), Alpha Mission 2 (BR10.4)
-1992-Isaac & Nick vs. Melissa & Jammie. Games: Super Ghouls & Ghosts, Chuck Rock, Addams Family, Green Dog, Monster in my Pocket (BR10.5)
-1992-Jay & Mike vs. Zahra & Deborah. Games: Super Ghouls & Ghosts, El Viento, Addams Family, Steel Empire, King of the Monsters. Has the only known season 2 playing of "Battle of the Bands" (BR11.1)
-1992-Kemay & Billy vs. Clarisa & Mason. Games: Super Ghouls & Ghosts, Rockin Kats, ActRaiser, SolDeace, Robo Army (BR11.2)
-1992-Marc & Erin vs. Sarah & John. Games: ActRaiser, El Viento, Thunder Spirits, Toki (Genesis), Robo Army (BR11.3)
-1992-Tricia & Brent vs. Erin & Jason. Games: ActRaiser, Green Dog, Super Adventure Island, Chuck Rock, Ghost Pilots (BR11.4)
-1992-Celebrity episode with Salute Your Shorts cast members! Michael Bower & Danny Cooksey vs. Megan Berwick & Heidi Lucas. Games: Super Adventure Island, Sonic the Hedgehog (yeah!!!), Super Ghouls N Ghosts, Steel Empire, Ghost Pilots (207.8)
-1992-Celebrity episode with Welcome Freshmen cast members! Mike Speller & Nick Caruso vs. Jill Setter & Rick Galloway. Games: ActRaiser, Green Dog, Super Adventure Island, Chuck Rock, Ghost Pilots (216.6)
-*1992-Last taped episode...and it's a celebrity episode with Clarissa Explains It All cast members! Joe O’Connor & Elizabeth Hess vs. Melissa Joan Hart & Jason Zimbler. Games: Super R-Type, Atomic Runner, Gun-Nac, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Alpha Mission 2. Includes a laughably bad Super R-Type attempt! (JP.4)

NICKELODEON ALL-STAR CHALLENGE [*All 3 episodes of this special*]
Guts & Legends champions team up with celebrities in this awesome one-time series. It also uses music cues and events from every Nick show prior to '94!
-October 3, 1994-First episode! Jenny, Ty, & Adam Wylie vs. Michael, Joel, & Joanna Garcia vs. Tricia, Tony, & Jeremy Jackson. GaS airing (JP4.2)
-October 3, 1994-Second episode! Chris, Olivia-Emma, & Michael Fishman vs. Bryan, Jamie, & Nicholle Tom vs. Chris, Jennifer, & Chris Castile. Original broadcast with Big Help segments (AR11) or GaS airing (JP4.3)
-October 3, 1994-Third & final episode! Our two winning teams and one wild card face off in the championship! Original broadcast with Big Help segments (AR12.3) or GaS airing, but with picture freezing on a few occasions (JP4.4)

80 kids from four countries compete in an hour-long competition.
-December 12, 1997-Green Slammers vs. Gold Jammers. Original commercials (JP6.12)

NIGHT GAMES [1 episode]
Contestants' "sensuality" is put to the test, yet it's not that fun to watch. Get Studs instead.
-1992?-Guys: Laurentino, Hal, & Chris. Girls: Penny, Rebecca, & Vicky. Original commercials and a contestant plug! No credits (DC17.19)

NO RELATION [1 episode]
No kidding, it's great. Which family member isn't really a family member?
-September 29, 1996-Tommy Forse, Lisa Donovan, Jacklyn Zeman. Today’s family: Cassin. Some original commercials (CC4.5)

THE NOVA QUIZ [*1 special*]
Based on the classic PBS show and hosted by Marc Summers! Combines a whole bunch of different formats.
-October 5, 1993-Game 1: Ben vs. Peter vs. Gayle vs. Carlos. Game 2: Bob vs. Doris vs. Fred vs. Russell. Bad tracking at points (AS11.1)

NOW YOU SEE IT (1974-1975) [75 episodes]
Good game, even if it has a bizarre scoring system.
NOTE: All episodes have the GSN credit crunch unless noted otherwise.
Format 1
-April 1, 1974-PREMIERE!!! Tony & Ilsa vs. Lannie & Bert. Designated Champ: Linda. Has a large sign over the set and a different round 3, both of which were gone the next day (598.10)
-April 9, 1974-Anita & Garyjo vs. Sue & David. Champ: Marsha (637.4)
-April 11, 1974-Bob & Susan vs. Jill & Shirley. Champ: Garyjo. Jack gives away an answer! (604.11)
-April 12, 1974-Diane & Fran vs. Dolores vs. Nell. Champ: Garyjo (637.7)
-April 13, 1974-Steve & Gilbert vs. Judith & Loni. Champ: Garyjo (637.10)
-April 17, 1974-June & Alan vs. Art & Fritzie. Champ: Garyjo (606.11)
-April 18, 1974-Mike & Fay vs. Brenda & Elliot. Champ: Garyjo. GSN credit crunch (613.10)
-April 19, 1974-Norma & Karen vs. Bill & Charles. Champ: Faye (781.9)
-April 23, 1974-Ep. 17: Cindy & Linda vs. Jackie & Richard. Champ: Gilda. GSN credit crunch (978.7)
-April 24, 1974-Joyce & Cathy vs. Bruce & June. Champ: Gilda (622.5)
-April 1974-Ep. 24: Brenda & Julie vs. Tish & John. Champ: Julie (1021.5)
-May 6, 1974-Ep. 26: Sherry & Diane vs. Bob & Janice. Champ: Judy. Great contestant interview! (695.2)
-May 24, 1974-Ep. 40. Kathy & Richard vs. Cheryl & Rose Ann. Champ: Dick (644.2)
-1974-Episode 60: Ed & Joan vs. Susan & Linda. Champ: Elliot (642.5)
-June 1974-Ep. 65: Joan & Steve vs. Denille & Linda. Champ: Jenny (1070.8)
-1974-Episode 66: Joan & Lindsey vs. Mark & Jennifer. Champ: Joan (644.8)
-June 19, 1974-Melinda & Anne vs. Maryann & Elliot. Champ: Carlyn (620.7)
-June 20, 1974-Bert & Joanne vs. Elsie & Linda. Champ: Elliot (769.11)
-June 26, 1974-Michael & Sherry vs. Mel & Linda. Champ: Linda. GSN credit crunch (630.2)
-July 10, 1974-Ep. 73: Minnie & Jan vs. Charles & Mary Ellen. Champ: Pat (804.5)
-July 11, 1974-Ep. 74: Tiona & Carol vs. Chuck & Pamela. Champ: Pat (804.8)
-August 14, 1974-Louise & Bill vs. Nancy & Marilyn. Champ: Kim. GSN credit crunch (628.2)
-August 1974-Ep. 92: Karen & Joan vs. Marie vs. Herman. Champ: David. (642.7)
-August 1974-Ep. 96: Sherry & Jenny vs. Ramona & David. Champ: Kim (1068.7)
Format 1, Bonus Word added
-August 22, 1974-Ep. 104: Roseanne & Elsie vs. Shereen & Mona. Champ: Gail (692.13)
-September 1974-Ep. 113: Tom & Nancy vs. Nita & Pat. Champ: Mary (697.11)
-September 1974-Ep. 122: Diane & Carol vs. Beth & Lily. Champ: Lyn (1070.10)
-September 1974-Ep. 128: Vivian & Jane vs. Diane & Eddie. Champ: Lyn. GSN credit crunch (956.10)
-September 3?, 1974-Jeffrey & Carol vs. Candace & Nancy. Champ: Linda. No crunch, but cuts off during credits (629.11)
-1974-Ep. 133: Don & Sharon vs. Marti & Debbie. Champ: Julie (1004.9)
-September 1974-Ep. 137: Jean & Mike vs. Shelley & Grace. Champ: Marcia (681.7)
-September 1974-Ep. 140: Linda & Christine vs. Jenette & Vicki. Champ: Shelley (681.10)
-September 1974-Ep. 146: Cynthia & Rita vs. Janet & Susan. Champ: Betty (1062.4)
-September 1974-Ep. 147: Paula & Ginny vs. Alan & Liz. Champ: Janet (1062.8)
-Sep. or Oct. 1974-Ep. 151: Rosemary & Eve vs. Frank & Joyce. Champ: Janet (695.10)
-September 23?, 1974-Susan & Lyn vs. Sharon & Andrew. Champ: Cybil. Day 1 for the hilarious Lyn Heath! (629.13)
-September 1974-Ep. 125: Sherry & Sandy vs. Marlene & John. Champ: Lyn (909.8)
-September 25?, 1974-Diana & Barbara vs. Randy & Cheryl. Champ: Lyn. Day 3 for Lyn Heath! (631.7)
-October 1974-Ep. 150: Terry & Jan vs. Joanne & Donna. Champ: Janet (696.10)
-October 1974-Ep. 155: Norma & Melody vs. Mary & Bill. Champ: Rosemary (699.10)
-November 1974-Ep. 156: Barry & Sandy vs. Nancy & Elaine. Champ: Rosemary (1019.9)
-November 1974-Ep. 161: Bill & Ruth vs. Monica & Peggy. Champ: Kathy (1018.10)
-October 1974-Ep. 162: Ron & LaVerne vs. Janet & Marilyn. Champ: Bill (1063.11)
-October 1974-Ep. 164: Steve & Carol vs. Gloria & Linda. Champ: Capt. Bill (1071.12)
-October 1974-Ep. 165: Blanche & Connie vs. Allen & Pam. Champ: Linda (737.5)
-October 1974-Ep. 166: Sharlie & Chelene vs. Jane vs. Larry. Champ: Linda (737.8)
-October 1974-Linda & Christine vs. Jeanette & Vicki. Champ: Shelley. Uses the 10 point bonus word (566.8)
-October 1974-Bonnie & James vs. Diane & Lois. Champ: Sue (632.8)
-October 1974-Ep. 157: Bob & Gaye vs. Melody & Janet. Champ: Rosemary (991.4)
-October 1974-Ep. 158: Susan & Barbara vs. Patricia & Jeanette. Champ: Rosemary (991.9)
-October 1974-Ep. 160: Roger & Christine vs. Kathy & Polly. Champ: Barbara. No open, GSN credit crunch (988.1)
-1974-Episode 173: Ed & Jane vs. Jeannie & Claudia. Champ: Kay (648.9)
-1974-Ep. 176: Donna & Nancy vs. Mary & Betsy. Champ: Kay (1010.10)
-1974-Ep. 177: Maryann & Debbie vs. Arlene & Al. Champ: Betsy (714.8)
-1974-Ep. 179: Patti & Sheila vs. Sam (female!) & Norman. Champ: Ruth (714.9)
-Late 1974-Ep. 184: Lucy & Christy vs. Leslie & Gordon. Champ: Helen (636.4)
Format 2
-1974-Ep. 193: Begins with at Helene vs. Mickey at Championship Round (1073.9)
-December 31, 1974-Begins with Stephanie vs. Helene at Championship Round (638.4)
-January 1975-Begins with Bill vs. Jean at Qualifying Round. Champ: Helene (638.9)
-January 1975-Ep. 195: Kathleen vs. Sidney at Qualifying Round. Champ: Helene (642.9)
-January 1975-Ep. 196: Begins with Sydney vs. Barbara at Championship Round. No open (860.1)
-January 1975-Ep. 197: Barbara vs. Marla at Championship Round (642.10)
-January 1975-Ep. 198: Begins with Lucia vs. Corine at Qualifying Round. Champ: Barbara. No intro (990.1)
-January 1975-Ep. 199: Begins with Jim vs. Esther at Qualifying Round. Champ: Barbara (990.2)
-January 1975-Ep. 200: Begins with Esther vs. Ruth at Championship Round. (990.11)
-January 1975-Ep. 201: Begins with Esther vs. Al at the Championship Round (1044.12)
-January 1975-Ep. 206: Begins with Harriet vs. Florine at Qualifying Round. Champ: Nina. GSN credit crunch (989.11)
-January 1975-Ep. 207: Florine vs. Leslie at Championship Game (1067.11)
-January 27, 1975-Ep. 208: Leslie vs. Joni at Championship Round (665.9)
-January 29, 1975-Ep. 210: Begins with Joni at Solo Round, then Margaret vs. Glenna (726.9)
-February 1975-Ep. 212: Begins with Jori vs. Maggie at Qualifying Game. Champ: Joni (1054.9)
-February 1975-Ep. 213: Begins with Tori vs. Sharon at Championship Round (1050.11)
-February 1975-Ep. 214: Begins with Jory vs. Jim at Championship Round (1073.10)
-February 5, 1975-Ep. 215: Begins with Barbara vs. David at Qualifying Round. Champ: Jim (726.10)
-February 1975-Ep. 221: Begins with June vs. Joy at Championship (661.1)
-February 1975-Episode 223: Begins with Tom vs. Pat at Qualifying Round. Champ: June. No open (660.1)
-1975-Ep. 227: Begins with June vs. Sarah at Championship Round. Last minute of gameplay cut off by GSN credit crunch (830.4)
-Feb. or Mar. 1975-Ep. 234: Begins with Wendy vs. Joyce at Championship Round (683.9)
-February 1975-Ep. 237: Begins with George vs. Diane at Qualifying Round (770.1)
-March 1975-Ep. 257: Begins with Mike at Solo Round, then Andrea vs. June at Championship Game. June is brought back due to strange circumstances (772.1)
-March 1975: Ep. 259: Begins with Jan at Solo Round, then Marilyn vs. Kay. Ends during credits (718.8)
-March 1975-Ep. 260: Begins with Mary vs. Francis at Qualifying Round. Champ: June (1022.1)
-March 1975-Ep. 262: Janice at Solo Round, then Gail vs. Betsy at Qualifying Round (805.2)
-April 17, 1975-Ep. 266: Begins with Carly vs. Maria at Championship Game (682.10)
-April 18, 1975-Ep. 267: Begins with Leah vs. Ken at Qualifying Round. Champ: Carly (715.1)
-April 1975-Ep. 273: Begins with Dit vs. Glenda at Championship Round (707.1)
-June 13, 1975-Finale. Begins with Pat vs. Art at Championship Round. Full credits! (GG.8)

NOW YOU SEE IT (1989) [25 episodes]
Boasts a great set and a far better format than the ’74 run. Shame the host won’t let it air.
-April 3, 1989-PREMIERE!!! Joanne vs. Jeff. Designated Champ: Ken. Original commercials (LS8.8)
-April 4, 1989-Jay vs. Cheryl. Some original commercials (BS24.1)
-April 5, 1989-Joanna vs. John. Original commercials (BS24.2)
-April 6, 1989-Jim vs. Joyce. Original commercials (LS8.13)
-April 7, 1989-Kathy vs. Harold. Game show host board in round 2! Most original commercials. Contestant & ticket plugs! (MS2.6)
-April 10, 1989-Dorothy vs. Tony. Tony was on the Gambit '90 pilot, among other shows. Original commercials (RI32.3)
-April 24, 1989-Lee vs. Karen. Original commercials (JF54.2)
-April 25, 1989-Sharon vs. John. Original commercials (JF45.1)
-April 27, 1989-Diana vs. Alan. Original commercials (BS24.5)
-May 1, 1989-Lois vs. Nancy. Original commercials, contestant and ticket plugs, and GREAT quality! (JL4.10)
-May 8, 1989-Janet vs. John. Original commercials (JF45.2)
-May 11, 1989-Michelle vs. Bret. Original commercials (JF54.3)
-May 12, 1989-Liz vs. Nancy. Original commercials (JF45.3)
-May 16, 1989-Patty vs. Dave. Original commercials (JF45.4)
-May 22, 1989-Mollie vs. Dave. Original commercials (JF54.4)
-May 29, 1989-Battle of the Daytime Soaps, day 1! Game 1: The Young & The Restless vs. General Hospital. Game 2: The Bold & The Beautiful vs. Days of our Lives. Original commercials
-May 30, 1989-Battle of the Daytime Soaps, day 2! Game 1: The Young & The Restless vs. Days of our Lives. Game 2: General Hospital vs. The Bold & The Beautiful. Original commercials
-May 31, 1989-Battle of the Daytime Soaps, day 3! Game 1: General Hospital vs. Days of our Lives. Game 2: The Bold & The Beautiful vs. The Young & The Restless. Original commercials
-June 1, 1989-Battle of the Daytime Soaps, day 4! Game 1: The Bold & The Beautiful vs. General Hospital. Game 2: The Young & The Restless vs. Days of our Lives. Original commercials
-1989-Jim vs. Paul. No last segment (BS24.3)
-1989-Suzanne vs. Sheldon. Original commercials (BS24.4)
-July 11, 1989-Andrea vs. Scott (BS24.6)
-July 12, 1989-Shannon vs. Jack (JD25.5)
-July 13, 1989-Melanie vs. Dale (NP36.3)
-July 14, 1989-Joann vs. Carol. Finale with a $35,000 win, moron contestants, and Chuck is pissed off at the show’s cancellation! (JR2.4)

NUMBER PLEASE [1 episode]
Not bad at all! Hangman-type game with a good prize budget.
-May 1961-Katherine Secord vs. Helen DeWitt (315.7)

THE OBJECT IS [1 episode]
Not-so-great Password takeoff. Well, the best had to start somewhere...
-December 30, 1963-PREMIERE!!! (The very beginning of Dick Clark’s hosting career!) Dwayne Hickman, Yvonne Craig, Hans Conreid. Georgette vs. Gerald vs. Mary Anne. Original commercials (JL3.3)
-March 27, 1964-Finale. Stubby Kaye & Joan Caulfield. Stephanie vs. Leonard. Boasts a slightly more tolerable format than before. Original commercials (LS8.7)

OFF THE WALL [16 episodes]
Teams face off against challengers outside the studio. Great show!
-July 1998-PREMIERE!!! Steven, Gina, & Shlomi vs. Pauline, Stephen, & Renata (BM2.1)
-1998-Jenna, Shannon, & Austin vs. Schuyler, Adam, & LaToya (AW3.1)
-1998-Abigail, Quinton, & Jessica vs. Prince, Allison, & Louis (AW3.2)
-1998-Maggie, Zak, & Dominique vs. Amanda, Rudy, & Geraldine (AW3.3)
-1998-Loryn, Francis, & Crystal vs. Jason, Rebecca, & Braydon (AW3.4)
-1998-Kathy, Colin, & Vicky vs. Shaneese, Steven, & Gladys (AW23.3)
-1998-Girls vs. Boys! Stanley, Martin, & Roy vs. Elyse, Taylor, & Jasmine (AW23.4)
-1998-Jeena, Chris, & Crystal vs. Theresa, Larry, & Roshura (AW23.5)
-1998-Rose, Kevin, & Andrea vs. Taedra, Jantzn, & Fabiola (AW24.1)
-1998-Inda, Richie, & Porshia vs. Jason, Lauren, & Brent (AW24.2)
-1998-Tyrone, Annie, & Trayvon vs. Anthony, Julia, & Veronica (AW24.3)
-1998-Alex, Debbie, & Frank vs. Bari, Jackson, & Allison (AW24.4)
-1998-Michael, Jenna, & Thomas vs. Marianna, Casey, & Tiffani. Larry wears a hat throughout the episode! No open (AW24.5)
-December 1998-Hugo, Gasper, & Nina vs. Lisa, Daniel, & Kimberly (BM2.2)
-Dec. 1998 or Jan. 1999-Girl vs. Boy Challenge episode! Daniel, J.T., Kurt vs. Silvia Winona, & Kate (BM2.3)
-January 14, 1999-Edosa, Tate, & Armando vs. Samantha, Bradley, & Sheva (BM2.4)

OH MY WORD [1 episode]
A fun definition game that was one of Jim Lange's first shows.
-November 13, 1965-Local San Francisco episode. Merla Zellerbach, Paul Speegle, Kathryn Ish, Scott Beach. Carl Tjader vs. George Liberace. Contestant plug! (JL.2)

OKAY MOTHER! [1 episode]
A strange, but fun "tribute to mothers".
-Sep. or Oct. 1950-First game: Mother-Grams (RW12.6)

ON THE SPOT (Local Oregon Show) [1 episode]
A great local show that tests knowledge and memory, with an impressive prize budget!
-December 1985-Robin vs. Crissy vs. Tom. Original commercials, small part of round 2 cut (CD11.2)

100% [1 episode]
30 minutes of question...after question...after question. One hundred percent sucky.
-1999-Dayve vs. Andy vs. Rhoda. Dayve also appeared on Millionaire, but didn't make it to the Hot Seat (RS3.13)

1 VS. 100 (NBC, 2006-2008) [10 episodes]
First Format
-October 20, 2006-First 1: Christine (509.9)
-November 10, 2006-First 1: Monique. No one misses two questions! (512.6)
Second Format
-December 1, 2006-First episode with second format & improved set! First 1: Jay. Includes an Identity promo! (650.9)
-December 15, 2006-First 1: Keikabou (528.9)
-December 18, 2006-First 1: Raoul Torres (579.8)
-January 19, 2007-First 1: Kwame (539.8)
-January 26, 2007-First 1: Rajeet (796.5)
-February 23, 2007-First 1: Joanna. GSN credit crunch (154.5)
Third Format
-January 4, 2008-2nd Season Premiere! First 1: Katherine (JP28.14)
-February 15, 2008-First 1: Clint (701.9)

1 VS. 100 (GSN, 2010-2011) [5 episodes]
The budget's been cut a bit for cable, but it's still a great show!
-December 2, 2010-Begins with Jacob Bechtold vs. 100
-December 3, 2010-Begins with Jacob Bechtold vs. 26
-December 9, 2010-Begins with Marty Yu vs. 100
-December 14, 2010-Begins with Lawrence Thomas vs. 77
-December 17, 2010-Begins with Dave Maillet vs. 100

101 WAYS TO LEAVE A GAME SHOW [2 episodes]
-July 12, 2011-John vs. Michelle vs. Julie vs. Todd vs. Alyssa vs. Dion vs. Emily vs. Lee
-July 19, 2011-Ian vs. Gina vs. Robert vs. Jasmine vs. Paige vs. Joshua vs. Shawn vs. Lisa

ON THE BEAT [1 episode]
A good music trivia show from BET.
-January 29, 2002-Joel vs. Sarah vs. Lucki (BM2.5)

ON THE COVER [48 episodes]
An enjoyable pop-culture show with a strong format and lots of humor.
-May 17, 2004-PREMIERE!!! Tracy vs. Chris vs. Nicole (who curses!) Contestant plug! (OTC.1)
-May 18, 2004-Second (and last, until August 9) episode. Rachel vs. Michael vs. Troy (OTC.2)
-August 9, 2004-Premiere #2, with new set and bonus round! Matt vs. Karen vs. Trista(250.4)
-August 11, 2004-Brian vs. Lance vs. Lindsay (286.1)
-August 12, 2004-Don vs. Blaine vs. Parker. FUNNY episode! (286.3)
-August 13, 2004-Phil vs. Rhonica vs. James (286.5)
-August 16, 2004-Jennifer vs. Neil vs. Jeanine (243.1)
-August 17, 2004-Rebecca vs. Molly vs. Charles (243.3)
-August 18, 2004-Carla vs. Liz vs. Glenn (243.5)
-August 19, 2004-John vs. Frank vs. Kerrylyn (243.7)
-August 20, 2004-Jody vs. Jen vs. Adam (243.9)
-August 25, 2004-Andre vs. Leslie vs. David (387.3)
-August 26, 2004-Karen vs. Darryl vs. Jennifer (387.8)
-August 27?, 2004-Laura vs. Noah vs. Sloan (356.1)
-August 30, 2004-Tracy vs. Steve vs. Felice (189.8)
-August 31, 2004-Joe vs. Todd vs. Pam (306.5)
-September 1, 2004-Doug vs. Lucie vs. Chris (306.7)
-September 2, 2004-Dibs vs. Lisa vs. Steve. Brief video dropout after Lisa’s intro. ALL NINE COVERS GUESSED IN BONUS! (254.1)
-September 3, 2004-Deena vs. Gina vs. Brooke (254.6)
-September 10, 2004-Tiffany vs. Brad vs. Doug (350.7)
-September 20, 2004-Kathleen vs. Adrienne (check out her hair!) vs. Rod (356.11)
-October 4, 2004-Info TBA (250.6)
-October 6, 2004-Diane vs. Bill vs. Nina (481.6)
-October 7, 2004-Darren vs. Aaron vs. Elizabeth (481.10)
-October 11, 2004-Angie vs. Fletcher vs. Javier (262.2)
-October 12, 2004-Allison vs. Lacy vs. Colleen (262.10)
-October 15, 2004-Jhe vs. Tood vs. Lisa (118.4)
-October 20, 2004-Tom vs. Carrie vs. George (269.4)
-October 21, 2004-Conor vs. Glenda vs. Karl (269.9)
-October 22, 2004-Shannon vs. Jaimie vs. Eric (275.3)
-October 26, 2004-Tony vs. Rachel vs. David (287.3)
-October 28, 2004-Folayo vs. Lisa vs. Aran (353.9)
-November 15, 2004-Brian vs. Tim vs. Tara (299.9)
-November 24, 2004-Quinn vs. Todd vs. Michael (369.2)
-December 2, 2004-Janelle vs. Matthew vs. Celia (297.2)
-December 6, 2004-April vs. Brian vs. Michael (359.10)
-December 9, 2004-Darren vs. Marilyn vs. Jose (348.11)
-December 10, 2004-Ty vs. Ted vs. Karen (351.2)
-December 15, 2004-Kerry vs. Brianna vs. Ilita (871.4)
-2004-Hillary vs. Travis vs. Erica (300.2)
-2004-Michael vs. Doris vs. Janeen (298.2)
-2004-Julie vs. Greg vs. Jennifer (291.8)
-January 12, 2005-Catherine vs. Brian vs. Jason (449.2)
-January 19, 2005-Steve vs. Jenna vs. Brian (309.12)
-January 24, 2005-Karen vs. Darryl vs. Jennifer (332.5)
-2004 (reran 1/21/05)-Andre vs. Leslie vs. David (486.6)
-2004 (reran 2/7/05)-Tracie vs. Damon vs. Josh (319.5)

ON YOUR WAY [1 episode]
A trip to anywhere in the US is on the line in this great show!
-1954-Today's Teams: Brione Savoy & Patricia Morgan, Mr. & Mrs. Strachen, and mother & daughter LoRiccio. No last segment (RW4.4)

Like Amne$ia, but for the whole family. It knocked just three times before it went away.
-September 30, 2008-Second episode! Today's Family: Laut. First minute cut due to weather interruptions, tornado warnings in round 1 (676.3)
-October 14, 2008-Third episode (& unannounced finale). Today's Family: Vomvos (677.7)

OUTRAGEOUS! [1 episode]
-August 15, 1998-Sneak Preview episode! Erin & Tony vs. Kim & Jeff. Original commercials (VM6.9)

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