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Non-Game Shows, N-Z


-November 5, 2014-PREMIERE!!! Darrell Wallace Jr.. Original commercials (GM2.2)

NATURE [1 episode]
-November 19, 1989-The Great Wood of Caledon (QueenLiz.2)

-November 28, 2004-Guide to: Elections and Talent Show. 2005 repeat with commercials (Robot.3)
-January 9, 2005 Guide to: Notes & Best Friends. 2005 repeat with commercials (Robot.4)
-February 5, 2005-Guide To: Daydreaming & Gym. Features the Fairly Oddparents! (JP81.3)

-May 20, 1979-Gavin MacLeod hosts this hour-long special with many record-breaking attempts! 11/2/79 repeat with commercials

NEWHART [1 episode]
-May 21, 1990-The Final Newhart. Original commercials, no credits

NEWSRADIO [3 episodes]
-April 20, 1999-"Freaky Friday" circa 2000 A&E repeat with commercials (PBA.10)
-April 27, 1999-"Retirement" circa 2000 A&E repeat with commercials (PBA.11)
-May 4, 1999-Final episode. "New Hampshire" circa 2000 A&E repeat with commercials (PBA.12)

NEW YEARS ROCKIN' EVE [4 episodes]
-December 31, 1978-90 minutes of ringing in 1979! Hosted by Dick Clark (naturally), Lauren Tewes, & Erik Estrada. Features concerts by Chuck Mangione, The Village People, Tanya Tucker, Rick James, & Barry Manilow! Original commercials. VERY highly recommended! (JP37.2)
-December 31, 2008-2 hours and 30 minutes of ringing in 2009! Info TBA. Original commercials
-December 31, 2013-2 hours and 42 minutes of ringing in 2014! Info TBA. Original commercials (1015.3)
-December 31, 2014-2 hours and 45 minutes of ringing in 2015! (1072.5)

-January 1, 2000-2 hours of a 24 hour Nickelodeon special (AR7.2)

-1993-A half-hour look at that year's Live Tour, hosted by Mike O'Malley and Phil Moore! Some sound problems (BT37.3)

-June 8, 1996-"4 Points". 1997 repeat with commercials (BT37.1)
-July 11, 1998-Give and Go. 11/5/14 repeat with commercials (GM2.1)

-1992-Kangaroos, Animal Plating, Takin, Seeing Eye Dogs, Big Horned Sheep. 9/25/93 repeat with commercials (AS58.1)

-May 17, 1994-"Stranger Danger" Teaches kids what to do when they encounter a stranger. Original commercials

-April 30, 1992-The burial of the Nickelodeon Time Capsule, to be opened in 2042! (Though it did get moved in 2005...) Totals about 7 minutes (BT37.2)

NIGHT [1 episode]
A rather poorly-done series on nocturnal animals.
-June 10, 2009-White & Black Rhino. Original commercials (GR27.3)

THE ODD COUPLE [1 episode]
-December 1, 1972-"Password" Felix and Oscar compete on Password, with disasterous results! Guest stars Betty White & Allen Ludden! MeTV commercials (MG17.3)

OH BROTHER! [TV special]
-1995-Half-hour Stick Stickly special, where Stick goes to NYC to look for his missing twin! 1/20/96 repeat with commercials (DC34.2)

-August 28, 1999-Jamie Farr hosts this special from the Akron Civic Theatre! (CD12.2)

100 DEEDS FOR EDDIE McDOWD [1 episode]
-October 16, 1999-PREMIERE!!! "Tagged". Original commercials, from Snick House! (AS40.3)

-1984-Last 7 minutes of an episode (BT42.5)

PAC MAN [1 episode]
-December 21, 1982-Christmas Comes to Pac-Land. Three copies with commercials: 1993 TNT repeat, ends during credits (Xmas93.2), 1998 repeat (Xmas98.9), 2002 repeat (Xmas02.9)

PANDORA'S CLOCK [Made-for-TV Movie]
-November 10, 1996-Original commercials (Oct96.1)

THE PARKERS [1 episode]
-November 19, 2001-“Family Ties & Lies” The family learns one of Aunt Rita’s secrets when they appear on ‘Family Dirt’ (GR35.4)

One of my favorite shows on Nick today...though I more watch for the lemurs than anything else.
-March 30/31, 2009-Operation: Plush & Cover, Happy King Julien Day! Repeat from 1/24/10 with commercials (Nick.2)
-April 1/2, 2009-Paternal Egg-Stinct, Assault and Batteries. Repeat from 1/24/10 with commercials (Nick.3)
-October 12, 2009-Out of the Groove, Jungle Law. Original commercials (814.11)
-February 15, 2010-Dr. Blowhole's Revenge. Original commercials (Nick.4)

THE PEOPLE’S COURT [5 episodes]
-November 1987-A Boy & His Slingshot: Pearl Smith vs. John & Portree Holiday. Find a Job, Lose a Friend: Eugene DeMase vs. Alphabet House. Original commercials, video problems in last segment (TI3.6)
-1989-The Teenager Who Was Out Of Control: ? vs. Janine Attema. The Recliner That Wouldn't: Sharyn Bess vs. Glendale Upholstering. Repeat from 7/11/91 with commercials, part of intro cut (TI11.1)
-1991-Putting the Bite On the Dentist: Michele Carow vs. Dr. James Goldman. Desert Storm, Palm Springs Style: Michael Marchetti vs. Jacque Moreno. 4/10/96 USA Live airing, with David Baldacci! (RI47.1)
-1992-The Picked-On Pickup: Mark McConnville vs. Fred Rosile. Chemical Warfare in Canoga Park: Amelia Szczerbaty vs. Most Reliable Pest Control. 4/10/96 USA Live airing, with the cast of MST3K! (RI47.2)
-1992-Dating for Dollars: Stephanie Feeney vs. Stan Haze. The Rental Deal That Didn't Sit Well: Mary Carrillo vs. Laurie Haigh. 1993 repeat with commercials, part of intro cut (TI11.2)

-1969-"The Boardwalk Booby Trap" (Boom.7)

PERSPECTIVE (Local WPVI news program)
-1985-Topic is newborns in intensive care. The parents of fellow trader Brian Schwartz and the doctor who saved him are guests (Brian is the baby in the Redskins pajamas.) Original commercials (BS8.5)

-October 12, 1991-"Andorus" (Boom.5)

PITCHMEN [2 episodes]
-June 10, 2009-"Grater Education" (JP57.3)
-July 9, 2009-"Pitchman: A Tribute to Billy Mays" An hour-long look at the life of the infomercial legend (JP56.2)

PLANET SHEEN [1 episode]
-October 2, 2010-PREMIERE!!! Pilot. Original commercials

POKeMON [4 episodes]
-June 24, 2000-Beauty & The Beach. This episode only aired in America twice! Two copies: Kids WB airing (LB25.3) or copy with the cut scenes re-instated (those scenes have English subtitles) (LB35.1)

-November 25, 1997 (JP)-The Legend of Miniryu. This episode NEVER aired in America due to its use of guns. Has English subtitles (LB25.4)
-December 16, 1997 (JP)-Electric Soldier Porygon. The infamous episode that sickened hundreds of Japanese children; watch at your own risk! Has English subtitles (LB25.5)
-May 10, 2003-Outrageous Fortunes. Original commercials, no credits (154.1)

POPEYE & SONS [1 episode]
-September 26, 1987-The Sea Monster, Poopdeck Pappy and the Family Tree. Original commercials (BS39.3)

POUND PUPPIES [1 episode]
-October 31, 1987-Little Big Dogs, The Bright Eyes Mob (1149.10)

-April 27, 2001-All Chalked Up. 2003 repeat with commercials (164.2)

-September 15, 2001-Undercover Rangers. Original commercials (FoxKids.2)

PRETENDER [1 episode]
-October 19, 1996-“Flyer”. Original commercials (Oct96.3)

-August 30, 1993-4 minutes worth, from Continental Cablevision in Northeast Ohio (RI50.6)

PROFILER [1 episode]
-October 19, 1996-"Unholy Alliance". Original commercials (Oct96.4)

PRO STARS [3 episodes]
-October 5, 1991-Knightmare Riders. No intro (LB29.1)
-November 2, 1991-Gargantus and the Highway of Doom (LB29.2)
-November 16, 1991-Roll to Victory. No intro (LB29.3)

PUNKY BREWSTER [1 episode]
-May 5, 1988-"Christmas Hero" Punky finds a briefcase that belongs to a millionaire. Features Richard Kline & Donnie Jeffcoat! (DC22.16)

-1992-Contains cartoons "Crazy Over Daisy", "The Nifty Nineties", and "Mickey's Delayed Date" (CL2.2)

-November 30, 1978-CBS Special! Ann and Andy have to stop a nutty inventor from encasing toys in an inpenetrable substance. Repeat from 12/9/80 with commercials, part of open cut (DHC.2)

-September 16, 1987-Ragnarok and Roll. Feb. 1990 repeat with commercials (GR41.2)
-October 29, 1987-"Drool, the Dogfaced Goblin" (Balto.3)
-November 13, 1987-"Bustman's Revenge" 1989 repeat with commercials. Starts a few seconds into it, no credits (Balto.1)

REN & STIMPY [5 episodes]
-February 23, 1992-Stimpy's Invention (this segment only) (NP64.5)
-August 15, 1992-In The Army, Powdered Toast Man. 9/25/93 repeat with commercials (AS59.3)
-November 7, 1992-Sven Hoek. 5/15/93 Snick airing with commercials (KM4.3)
-December 12, 1992-Big Baby Scam, Dog Show. This episode was banned VERY quickly! Original commercials (NP58.1)
-March 4, 1993-The Great Outdoors, The Cat That Laid The Golden Hairball. 5/1/93 Nick Takes Over Your School airing (DC40.3)

-1997-Info TBA (AR7.1)

REPEAT AFTER ME [1 episode]
-February 24, 2015-Features Justin Bieber, Kristen Bell, & Michael Bolton

RESCUE HEROES [4 episodes]
-October 23, 1999-Twister. 6/17/04 repeat with commercials (Rescue.1)
-November 20, 1999-Arctic Spill. 6/18/04 repeat with commercials (Rescue.2)
-August 24, 2001-Trapped Beneath the Sea, Houston We Have a Problem. 2004 repeat with commercials (Rescue.3)
-2001-Terror in the Tower, Canyon Catastrophe. 6/25/04 repeat with commercials (Rescue.4)

-September 15, 2001-Premiere! The Indigestible Wad. Original commercials (FoxKids.7)

ROAD ROVERS [1 episode]
Despite airing just 13 episodes, this cartoon still has an amazingly rabid fanbase!
-September 2, 1996-PREMIERE!!! "Let's Hit The Road". The Road Rovers form after a mad general unleashes mutant dogs. Repeat from 9/28/96 with commercials (WB96.2)

ROCKET POWER [10 episodes]
-October 25, 1999-Fall and Rise of Sam, Typhoid Sam. 2003 repeat with commercials (PSQ.3)
-November 24, 2000-The Longest Day, Ottoman and the Sea.2003 repeat with commercials (BPR4.10)
-January 5, 2001-Mr. B is in the House, Earnest Otto. 2005 Nicktoons repeat with commercials (BPR2.11)
-April 2, 2001-That Old Skateboard, Follow the Leader. 2003 repeat with commercials (BPR4.9) or 2011 repeat with commercials (916.1)
-April 5, 2001-Hurricane Maurice, Reggie's Choice. 2005 Nicktoons repeat with commercials (BPR2.12)
-April 9, 2002-To Be Otto Not to Be, Reggie/Regina. U-Pick Live repeat with commercials (BHT.4)
-June 1, 2002-Less Than Full Otto, Card Sharked. 12/6/14 repeat with commercials (GM3.2)
-November 30, 2002-Beach Boys and a Girl, X-Treme Ideas. 12/6/14 repeat with commercials (GM3.1)
-January 29, 2003-Rad Rover Come Over/Extreme Nerd. 2003? repeat with commercials, no open (Torn.1)
-July 19, 2003-"Reggie's Big (Beach) Break" 90-minute long special! Original commercials, cable box graphic in open (PSQ.2)

ROCKO'S MODERN LIFE [30½ episodes]
-September 12, 1993-PREMIERE!!! No Pain, No Gain, Who Gives a Buck. 2005 repeat with commercials (BPR8.7) or 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-September 19, 1993-Leap Frogs, Bedfellows. Leap Frogs was banned from Nickelodeon! 2005 repeat with commercials (BPR6.3)
-September 26, 1993-Jet Scream, Dirty Dog. Circa 2000 repeat (JP18.13) or 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials (its first airing since 2001!)
-October 3, 1993-Keeping Up With the Bigheads, Skid Marks (first appearance of Filburt!). 2005 Nicktoons repeat with commercials (BPR2.14)
-October 10, 1993-Power Trip, To Heck and Back. Two copies: 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials or from Stick goes the the Big Game Weekend
-October 17, 1993-The Good The Bad and The Wallaby, Trash-O-Madness (this segment was the pilot!). 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-October 24, 1993-Spitballs, Popcorn Pandemonium. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-October 31, 1993-A Sucker for the Suck-O-Matic, Canned. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-November 7, 1993-Carnival Knowledge, Sand in Your Navel. 2005 Nicktoons repeat with commercials (BPR3.3) or 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-November 14, 1993-Cabin Fever, Rinse & Spit (first appearance of Dr. Hutchinson!). 2005 repeat with commercials (BPR6.2)
-November 21, 1993-Rocko's Happy Sack, Flu-In-U-Enza. Two copies: 1/24/00 Slime Time Live airing with commercials (LB34.2) or 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-November 28, 1993-Who's For Dinner, Love Spanked. 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-December 5, 1993-Clean Lovin, Unbalanced Load. From Stick goes the the Big Game Weekend!
-September 25, 1994-I Have No Son! 2011 Teennick repeat with commercials
-October 2, 1994-Pipe Dreams, Tickled Pinky. 2005 repeat with commercials (BPR6.10)
-October 9, 1994-The Lounge Singer, She's the Toad. 2005 Nicktoons repeat with commercials (BPR2.13) or from Stick goes the the Big Game Weekend!
-October 23, 1994-Down the Hatch, Road Rash. 2005 Nicktoons repeat with commercials (BPR3.11)
-November 6, 1994-Boob Tubed, Commuted Sentence. 2005 Nicktoons repeat with commercials (BPR3.2)
-January 1, 1995-Cruisin. 2005 Nicktoons repeat with commercials (BPR9.3) or from Stick goes the the Big Game Weekend!
-February 12, 1995-Junk Junkies, Day of the Flecko. From Stick goes the the Big Game Weekend!
-February 26, 1995-Snowballs, Frog's Best Friend. 1/25/00 Slime Time Live airing with commercials (LB34.4) or 2005 Nicktoons repeat with commercials, missing most of open (BPR3.4)
-March 12, 1995-Short Story, Eyes Capades. 2005 repeat with commercials (BPR8.6) or from Stick goes the the Big Game Weekend!
-October 22, 1995-Season 3 premiere! Bye, Bye Birdie, Belch of Destiny. 2005 Nicktoons repeat with commercials (BPR2.2) or from Stick goes the the Big Game Weekend!
-November 12, 1995-Fish N Chumps, Camera Shy (NickR.1) or from Stick goes the the Big Game Weekend!
-December 3, 1995-Manic Mechanic, Rocko's Happy Vermin. From Stick goes the the Big Game Weekend!
-February 11, 1996-An Elk for Heffer, Scrubbin' Down Under (NickR.2)
-July 8, 1996-With Friends Like These, Sailing the Seven Zzzs. 2005 Nicktoons repeat with commercials (BPR3.5)
-July 10, 1996-Ed Good Rocko Bad, Teed Off. From Stick goes the the Big Game Weekend!
-July 11, 1996-Wimp on the Barbie, Yarn Benders. 2005 repeat with commercials (BPR6.11)
-July 15, 1996-S.W.A.K., Magic Meatball. From Stick goes the the Big Game Weekend!
-July 17, 1996-The High Five of Doom, Fly Burgers (NickR.3)
-July 18, 1996-"Heff in a Handbasket" Heffer goes on Triple 6 (RI35.5)
-1996/1993-Wallaby on Wheels, Bedfellows. These two segments were combined after Leap Frogs' banning. 2005 Nicktoons repeat with commercials (BPR2.1) or from Stick goes the the Big Game Weekend!
-October 10, 1996-Put to Pasture, Future Schlock. 2005 Nicktoons repeat with commercials (BPR9.2)

-May 1997-Guest stars Martin Short

ROUNDHOUSE [*Entire Run*]
First Season
-August 15, 1992-PREMIERE!!! “New Family" (FMR.1)
-1992-Episode 1x02: "New Kid In School" (FMR.2)
-1992-Episode 1x03: "Sports" (FMR.3)
-1992-Episode 1x04: "School" (FMR.4)
-1992-Episode 1x05: "Abusement Park" (FMR.5)
-1992-Episode 1x06: "TV on Trial" (FMR.6)
-1992-Episode 1x07: "Individuality" (FMR.7)
-1992-Episode 1x08: "Politics" (FMR2.1)
-1992-Episode 1x09: "Economy" (FMR2.2)
-1992-Episode 1x10: "Time" (FMR2.3)
-1992-Episode 1x11: "Beauty" (FMR2.4)
-1992-Episode 1x12: "Conflict" (BT6.1)
-1992-Episode 1x13: "School Play" (BT6.2)
Second Season
-1993-Ep. 2x01: Popularity. Two copies: 1993 airing with commercials, including ones for Slime Time Live! (AS56.1) and 5/1/93 Nick Takes Over Your School airing (DC40.2)
-1993-Ep. 2x02: Environment. 1993 airing with commercials & Slime Time Live segments! (AS56.2)
-1993-Ep. 2x03: Pets. 9/25/93 repeat with commercials (AS59.2)
-1993-Ep. 2x04: Divorce. 1993 repeat with Slime Time Live segments! (AS48.5)
-1993-Ep. 2x05: Trouble. 1993 airing with commercials (AS56.3)
-1993-Ep. 2x06: Independence. 1993 airing with commercials (AS53.5)
-1993-Ep. 2x07: Fear. 1993 airing with commercials (AS56.4)
-1993-Ep. 2x08: Best Friends. 1993 airing with commercials (AS57.1)
-1993-Ep. 2x09: New Baby. 1993 airing with commercials (AS57.2)
-1993-Ep. 2x10: Summer Job. 1993 airing with commercials (AS57.3)
-1993-Ep. 2x11: Technology. 1993 airing with commercials (AS57.4)
Third Season (most episodes likely aired in 1994, but all carry a 1993 copyright)
-December 1993-Episode 3x03: "Christmas". First aired of the third season, despite being the third produced (BT14.4)
-1993-Episode 3x01: "Feminism" (BT14.2)
-1993-Episode 3x02: "Violence" (BT14.3)
-1993-Episode 3x04: "Jealousy" (BT14.5)
-1993-Episode 3x05: "Talent" (BT15.1)
-1993-Episode 3x06: "Music" (BT15.2)
-1993-Episode 3x07: "Money" (BT15.3)
-1993-Episode 3x08: "Intolerance" (BT15.4)
-1993-Episode 3x09: "Age" (BT15.5)
-1993-Episode 3x10: "Love" (BT2.1)
-1993-Episode 3x11: "Gossip" (BT2.2)
-1993-Episode 3x12: "Confidence" (BT2.3)
-1993-Episode 3x13: "Guilt" (BT2.4)
-1993-Episode 3x14: "Rules" (BT2.5)
-1993-Episode 3x15: "Lying" (BT2.6)
Fourth Season
-1994-Episode 4x01: "Natural Disasters" (BT9.1)
-1994-Episode 4x02: "Change" (BT9.2)
-1994-Episode 4x03: "Guilt/Trial" (BT9.3)
-1994-Episode 4x04: "Good Luck" (BT9.4)
-1994-Episode 4x05: "Family History, Part 1" (BT10.1)
-1994-Episode 4x06: "Family History, Part 2" (BT10.2)
-1994-Episode 4x07: "Summer Camp" (BT9.5)
-1994-Episode 4x08: "Staying In School" (BT9.6)
-June 4, 1994-Episode 4x09: "Mistakes". This episode aired live! (BT10.3)
-1994-Episode 4x10: "Stress and Success" (BT10.4)
-1994-Episode 4x11: "Obsession" (BT10.5)
-1994-Episode 4x12: "War and Peace" (BT10.6)
-1994-Episode 4x13: "Endings". The final episode, and an awesome send-off for the series! (BT11.1)

You'd think a cartoon based on the Rubik's Cube would be pretty lame. You'd be right.
-November 19, 1983-"Rubik's First Christmas". Repeat from 7/13/85 with commercials (RS25.2)

-December 6, 1964-Hour-long special. Repeat from 2003 with commercials

-December 1976-1993 Disney Channel airing (Xmas93.6)

RUGRATS [53½ episodes]
-August 11, 1991-PREMIERE!!! Tommy's First Birthday. Repeat from 11/27/94 with commercials (JF71.1)
-September 15, 1991-Beauty Contest, Baseball. 11/27/94 repeat with commercials (JF94.4)
-November 29, 1991-Touchdown Tommy, The Trial. Nicktoons repeat (219.7)
-January 5, 1992-Real or Robots?, Special Delivery. 11/23/11 repeat with commercials
-May 24, 1992-Graham Canyon, Stu-Makers' Elves. Teennick airing
-September 6, 1992-Toy Palace, Sand Ho. Teennick airing
-September 13, 1992-Chuckie vs. The Potty, Together at Last. Repeat from 11/27/94 with commercials (JF71.2)
-September 27, 1992-Showdown at Teeter-Totter Gulch, Mirrorland. Teennick airing
-October 4, 1992-Angelica's In Love, Ice Cream Mountain. 11/27/94 repeat with commercials (JF94.2)
-December 6, 1992-The Santa Experience. 2002 repeat with commercials (Xmas02.10)
-December 13, 1992-Visitors From Outer Space, The Case of the Missing Rugrat. 11/27/94 repeat with commercials (JF93.4)
-January 3, 1993-Rebel Without a Teddy Bear, Angelica the Magnificent. 9/25/93 repeat with commercials (AS58.4)
-January 10, 1993-Meet the Carmichaels, The Box. 11/27/94 repeat with commercials (JF93.2)
-March 14, 1993-The Seven Voyages of Cynthia, My Friend Barney. 11/27/94 repeat with commercials (JF94.1)
-March 21, 1993-Feeding Hubert, Spike the Wonder Dog. Teennick airing
-March 28, 1993-The Slide, The Big Flush. Repeat from 12/6/96 with commercials, some sound problems (BT36.4)
-April 4, 1993-King Ten Pin, Runaway Angelica. 11/27/94 repeat with commercials (JF93.1)
-April 11, 1993-“Game Show Didi” Didi goes on Super Stumpers. Guest stars Alex Trebek as the host! (DB23.9)
-May 2, 1993-Driving Miss Angelica, Susie vs. Angelica. 11/27/94 repeat with commercials (JF93.3)
-October 17, 1993-Grandpa Moves Out, The Legend of Satchmo. 1995 repeat with commercials (KM.4)
-November 7, 1993-When Wishes Come True, Angelica Breaks A Leg (the chocolate pudding episode!). 11/27/94 repeat with commercials (JF100.3), also have Teennick airing
-December 5, 1993-Home Movies, The Mysterious Mr. Friend. 11/27/94 repeat with commercials (JF100.2)
-December 19, 1993-Destination Moon, Angelica's Birthday. 11/27/94 repeat with commercials (JF94.3) also have 2004 repeat
-January 2, 1994-Naked Tommy, Tommy and the Secret Club. Two copies: 11/27/94 repeat with commercials (JF100.4) or 10/14/11 U-Pick with Stick airing
-January 9, 1994-Under Chuckie's Bed, Chuckie is Rich. Teennick airing
-February 20, 1994-In The Dreamtime, The Unfair Pair. Teennick airing
-March 13, 1994-Angelica's Worst Nightmare, The Mega Diaper Babies. 11/27/94 repeat with commercials (JF100.1), also have Teennick airing
-April 10, 1994-New Kid In Town, Pickles vs. Pickles. 11/27/94 repeat with commercials (JF101.1), also have Teennick airing
-May 8, 1994-Kid TV, The Sky is Falling. Teennick airing
-May 22, 1994-Cradle Attraction, Moving Away. 11/27/94 repeat with commercials (JF101.2), also have Teennick airing
-May 13, 1995-Passover. Teennick airing
-December 6, 1996-A Rugrats Chanukah. Original commercials, some sound problems (BT36.5)
-August 23, 1997-Spike's Babies, Chicken Pops. Original commercials (SS3.1)
-September 6, 1997-America's Wackiest Home Movies, The 'Lympics. 2004 repeat with commercials (190.9)
-September 13, 1997-The Carwash, Heatwave. Teennick airing
-September 20, 1997-Faire Play, The Smell of Success. Teennick airing
-September 27, 1997-Dust Bunnies, Educating Angelica. Original commercials, with some segments in "3D Nogglevision"! (AS55.2)
-October 4, 1997-Angelica's Last Stand, Clan of the Duck. Teennick airing
-October 11, 1997-Potty Training Spike, The Art Fair. Teennick airing
-October 18, 1997-Send in the Clouds, In the Naval. Teennick airing
-November 21, 1997-The Turkey Who Came To Dinner. 11/23/11 repeat with commercials
-November 22, 1997-Angelica Nose Best, The Pirate Light. Original commercials and segments featuring Hanson! (SS2.1)
-November 29, 1997-Grandpa's Bad Bug, Lady Luck. Teennick airing
-December 6, 1997-Hiccups Autumn Leaves. Teennick airing
-December 13, 1997-Crime and Punishment, Baby Maybe. Teennick airing
-August 13, 1998-The Wild, Wild West, Angelica for a Day. Repeat from 2/27/10 with commercials (Rug.1)
-August 19, 1998-Fugitive Tommy, Visiting Aunt Miriam. Repeat from 2/27/10 with commercials (Rug.2)
-November 23, 1998-Chuckerfly, Angelica's Twin. Repeat from 2/28/10 with commercials (Rug.3)
-December 19, 1998-Submarine, Chuckie's A Lefty. Repeat from 2/28/10 with commercials (Rug.4)
-October 16, 1999-Planting Dil. This segment only, from Snick House! (AS40.1) -November 27, 2000-Finsterella. 2004 repeat with commercials (190.8)
-July 21, 2001-All Growed Up. Hour long episode that eventually led to the spinoff "All Grown Up"! Original commercials (SS.1)
-December 25, 2001-A Rugrats Kwanzaa. 2002 repeat with commercials (Xmas02.5)
-September 7, 2002-Quiet, Please!, Early Retirement. Repeat from 11/8/02 with commercials (BHT.6)
-December 21, 2002-Babies in Toyland. Original commercials (Xmas02.7)

-July 21, 2001-Half hour special narrated by Amanda Bynes! Original commercials (SS.2)

-1991-Ep. 1x02: Ghost Story. 10/29/11 U-Pick with Stick airing
-1991-Ep. 1x03: Telly and Dina. 10/7/11 U-Pick with Stick airing
-1991-Ep. 1x10: Telly & The Basketball Team. 11/5/11 U-Pick airing
-June 17, 1991-“The Radio Call-In Contest” The camp enlists Sponge’s help to answer a radio contest. Sponge says "pissed" at one point (JP26.3)
-1991-Brownies for Thud Mackie (JP87.5)
-1992-Finale. Ep. 2x26: Anawanna Incorporated. 9/25/93 repeat with commercials (AS58.2)

-November 7, 1970-1993 USA repeat with commercials (Xmas93.7)

Average cartoon block that has little to do with the games they're based on. Donkey Kong's the best of the bunch.
-April 14, 1984-Today's Cartoons: Frogger (Spaced Out Frogs), Donkey Kong (Gorilla My Dreams), Q*Bert (Crazy Camp Creature), Donkey Kong Jr. (The Teddy Bear Scare). Original commercials (RS16.1)

SEALAB 2020 [5 episodes]
The most boring H-B cartoon of all. Much better once Adult Swim got their hands on it.
-September 9, 1972-Premiere. Deep Threat
-September 16, 1972-Lost
-October 14, 1972-The Basking Shark
-November 4, 1972-The Deepest Dive
-December 2, 1972-Finale. Arctic Story

SECOND CHANCE [1 episode]
The neat guardian angel premise was jettisoned after a few months, turning this show from cool to cliche.
-September 26, 1987-PREMIERE!!! "Pilot". Original commercials (RS44.3)

First Season
-October 8, 1994-PREMIERE!!! The Accident. The N airing
-October 15, 1994-Hoop War. The N airing
-October 22, 1994-Shock Value. The N airing
-November 5, 1994-The Videotape. The N airing or 11/5/11 U-Pick airing
-November 12, 1994-School Dance. The N airing
-November 19, 1994-Science Fair. The N airing
-December 3, 1994-False Alarms. The N airing
-December 10, 1994-The Feud. The N airing
-January 7, 1995-Alex and Mom. The N airing
-January 14, 1995-Cold Day in Paradise Valley. The N airing
-January 21, 1995-Annie Bails. The N airing
-January 28, 1995-The Solo. The N airing
-February 4, 1995-Road Trip. The N airing
Third Season
-August 10, 1996-Carnival. Original commercials, from Snick! (AS36.1)
-September 28, 1996-Nerve. 1996 Big Help airing with segments and commercials (AS38.2)

Fourth Season
-September 23, 1997-Driving. Original commercials, with some segments in "3D Nogglevision"! (AS54.2)
-September 25, 1997-Green Day. Original commercials, with some segments in "3D Nogglevision"! (AS54.4)

SEINFELD [4 episodes]
-May 14, 1998-Final episode & preceding clip show. (more info TBA) Original commercials

SESAME STREET [18 episodes]
-December 19, 1975-810-Luis and his friends leave for a New Mexico trip. Brought to you by K, U, and 5 (JN.1)
-December 22, 1975-811-The first day in New Mexico. Brought to you by G, K, and 6 (JN.2)
-December 23, 1975-812-The second day in New Mexico. Brought to you by F, G, and 7 (JN2.1)
-December 24, 1975-813-The third day in New Mexico. Brought to you by F, M, and 8 (JN2.2)
-December 25, 1975-814-The fourth day in New Mexico. Brought to you by M, T, and 9 (JN3.1)
-December 26, 1975-815-The fifth and final day in New Mexico. Brought to you by I, T, and 10 (JN3.2)
-May 3, 1977-1037-Big Bird feels jealous of Buffy's new baby. Brought to you by E, F, & 3. Noggin airing (CoolT.1)
-March 7, 1983-1781-Forgetful Jones forgets the street name. Brought to you by L, R, & 3 (CL.1)
-March 27, 1985-2058-Snuffleupagus joins the Grouchkateers. Brought to you by L, Q, & 12. Canadian broadcast (JN4.1)
-December 1, 1988 (reran 6/1/89)-Episode 2494: Gordon has a headache. Features Billy Dee Williams! (includes game show sketch Bring That Thing) (SS61.2)
-December 2, 1988 (reran 6/2/89)-Episode 2495: Maria is cleaning out her apartment, and Oscar wants the trash (SS62.2)
-December 8, 1988 (reran 6/1/89)-Episode 2499: Telly is having a surprise party. Features Max Headroom! (SS61.1)
-December 9, 1988 (reran 6/2/89)-Episode 2500: Maria is working at the Fix-It shop, and the same man keeps showing up. Features Jay Leno! Starts when the theme is nearly over (SS62.1)
-December 16, 1988-2505-It's Take a Cowboy/Cowgirl to Lunch Day. Brought to you by by L, N, & 10 (SSB.1)
-March 21, 1989-2572-Features Dave Winfield! Brought to you by by E, P, and 9. Begins partway into second sketch (SSB.3)
-March 22, 1989-2573-The Muppets hang out with Susie, a girl in a wheelchair. Includes game show skit "What's My Job?"! Brought to you by by H, X, and 3. No open (SSB.4)
-March 24, 1989-2575-An egg-loving movie director visits Sesame Street. Brought to you by by B, J, and 12. Ends during credits (SSB.5)
-1989-40 minutes of an episode. Brought to you by O, S, & 8 (RI45.7)
-December 19, 1990-2773-Features Glenn Close! Brought to you by A, Y, and 10 (SSA.1)
-December 28, 1990-2780-Elmo wants to climb a mountain. Brought to you by I, V, and 13 (SSA.2)
-December 22, 1992-3037-Sonny Friendly's traveling game show "The Home Game". Features Robin Williams! Brought to you by K, O, and 10 (JN4.2)
-March 8, 1993-3091-Monty tries to persuade people to attend his "Penguin School". Brought to you by F, O, & 4 (JN5.1)
-March 9, 1993-3092-Sonny Friendly's traveling game show "The Game Game". Brought to you by E, I, and 3 (JN5.2)
-May 9, 1994-3256-Mr. Chatterly visits Sesame Street...what's he doing there? Brought to you by P, Y, & 7 (JN6.1)
-April 12, 1995-3368-Telly hosts the Wayne's World-esque "Telly's Town". Guest stars Mike Myers! Brought to you by H, S, and 17 (JN6.2)
-December 29, 1995-3425-Telly tries to blow bubbles. Brought to you by K & 11 (CoolT.2)

-April 7, 1989-An hour-long look at the classic kids show's success! Original commercials (CL.2)

77 SUNSET STRIP [1 episode]
-December 23, 1960-The Dresden Doll. VCR counter in corner of first segment (PBA.13)

-September 25, 1995-One of the Family. Part of one song cut (NC12)
-December 18, 1995-Queen For A Day (NC13)

SHIRT TALES [2 episodes]
-1982-The Humboldt Ghost, Figby The Spoiled Brat Cat (Snork5.2)
-1982-Vacation For Dinkel, Wingman. Two copies: Original commercials (RS50.4) or Boomerang rerun (Snork4.11)

THE SIMPSONS [20 episodes, 1 music video]
-January 14, 1990-PREMIERE!!! "Bart the Genius". 1990 repeat with commercials (NP22.1)
-January 21, 1990-"Homer's Odyessey". Only time Smithers is black, due to an animation error. 1990 repeat with commercials (NP22.2)
-April 15, 1990-"The Creeps of Wrath". Original commercials (NP22.3)
-April 29, 1990-"Krusty Gets Busted" First appearance of Sideshow Bob! Original broadcast (NP22.4)
-May 13, 1990-First season finale (yet the first one to be produced!). "Some Enchanted Evening". Some original commercials (NP22.5)
-October 11, 1990-Bart Gets an F. Original broadcast (NP15.2)
-October 18, 1990-Simpson and Delilah. Original commercials (NP15.3)
-October 25, 1990-Treehouse of Horror. Original broadcast (NP15.4)
-January 31, 1991-The Way We Was. Original commercials (NP57.3)
-February 7, 1991-Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment. Original commercials, brief video skip in last segment (NP15.5)
-1991-"Deep, Deep Trouble" music video (NP22.6)
-September 19, 1991-Stark Raving Dad. Guest stars MICHAEL JACKSON! Original commercials (NP15.1)
-September 26, 1991-Lisa Goes To Washington. Original commercials (NP30.1)
-October 3, 1991-When Flanders Failed. Original commercials (NP30.2)
-October 10, 1991-Bart The Murderer. Original commercials (NP31.1)
-October 17, 1991-Homer Defined. Original commercials (NP31.3)
-October 24, 1991-Like Father, Like Clown. Original commercials (NP31.4)
-October 31, 1991-Treehouse of Horror II (NP28.5)
-November 21, 1991-Flaming Moe's. Original commercials (NP48.3)
-December 19, 1991-I Married Marge. Original commercials (NP57.4)
-September 24, 1992-Kamp Krusty. Original commercials (NP48.2)
-November 5, 1992-Marge Gets a Job. Contains the controversial "Tourette's Syndrome" line removed from all future airings AND the DVDs! Original commercials (NP42.5)
-December 3, 1992-Lisa's First Word. 4/3/2011 repeat, aired in memory of Liz Taylor. No open, slightly low audio during first segment (NP57.5)
-January 10, 2010-"Once Upon a Time in Springfield". Original commercials

-January 10, 2010-An hour-long documentary on the cartoon's worldwide success, neither in 3-D nor on ice. Original commercials

SITTING DUCKS [4 episodes]
Ducks and gators combine in one of my favorite cartoons.
-September 13, 2001-PREMIERE!!! Running Ducks, Duck Naked. Brief video dropout in first segment (357.1)
-October 4, 2001-Mind Over Mallard, The Fly Who Loved Me. Missing open and first title card (257.1)
-October 11, 2001-Feeding Frenzy, Bev's Big Day. Missing open & first title card (180.6)
-April 19, 2003-Aldo the Duck, Chasing Andy (179.9)

-January 24, 2000-First ever Slime Time Live! Runs 1 hour
-January 25, 2000-Second ever Slime Time Live! Runs 1 hour
-December 21, 2001-Last STL of 2001. 57 minutes long; contains Spongebob segments Grandma's Kisses, Squidville, & The Secret Box. Guest stars Aaron Carter! (BPR.6)
-January 21, 2002-51 minutes worth; contains Spongebob segments Texas, Walking Small, and Squidville (LSP.2)
-January 22, 2002-50 minutes worth; contains Spongebob segments Scaredy Pants, I Was a Teenage Gary, & Nature Pants. Guest stars Lance Bass! (LSP.7)

SK8-TV [12 episode]
A cool show with some big names in the skateboarding world!
NOTE: All are GaS reruns.
-1990-Possible pilot, with slightly different graphics. Guests are Ed Templeton, Joe Johnson, Dave Duncan, Mario Rublacava, Tom Knox. Includes a segment on public skate ramps & 10 insane ramp tricks (MD3.2)
-1990-Guests are John Swope, Steve Alva, Sal Barbier, Chris Miller, Rudy Johnson, Bucky Lasek, Block & the MSA. Includes SK8 TV Bloopers! (MD3.1)
-1990-Guests are Bod Boyle, Eric Dressen, Team Effigy, Jeremy Klein, Eric Sanderson, & Andy Howell (MD3.3)
-1990-Guests are Tony Magnusson, Steve Schneer, The Albas, Jeremy Hill (who's only 4!). Includes a look at skate demos (MD3.4)
-1990-Guests are Solomon Agah, Tommy Guerrero, Eric Nash, Steve Salisian, Lance Mountain, & Sidney the board-stealing mutt. Includes a look at a Hawaiian skate contest (MD3.5)
-1990-Guests are Jim Thiebaud and Tommy Guerrero, Staab, Reese Simpson, Alphonso Rawls, & Ray Underhill. Includes the painting of the SK8 TV pool and the Top 10 pool tricks (MD4.1)
-1990-Guests are Ray Barbee, Gator, Paul DeJesus, Lori Rigsbee, Lance Mountain, J. Grant Brittain, & Tony Alva. Includes a segment about different board widths (MD4.2)
-1990-Guests are Jeff Kendall, Ben Schroeder, Eddie ElGuera, Gabrial Rodriguiz, Brad Stradland, & Stevie Caballero. Includes a segment on buliding skateboards (MD4.3)
-1990-Guests are Jeff Kendall, David Hackett, Eddie Reategui, Jessie Roach, Mike McGill, Includes a visit to Derby Park and a lesson on redrilling boards (MD4.4)
-1990-Guests are Jim Thiebaud, Jeff Kendall, TONY HAWK, Lance Mountain, Colin McKay, Ron Chatman, Eric Nash. Includes a visit to an amateur skateboarding leap contest (MD4.5)
-1990-Guests are Jim Thiebaud, Christian Hosoi, & Jason Rogers. Includes segments about skateboarding shoes and the making of trucks. First minute or so missing (MD4.6)
-1990-Guests are Kevin Harris, Mark Partain, and Guy Maritano. More info TBA (246.5)

SKY COMMANDERS [1 episode]
-July 15, 1987-Episode 3: Fresh Recruit. Boomerang rerun (306.9)

SMART GUY [1 episode]
-April 30, 1997-"A Little Knowledge" T.J. goes on Knowledge College. Guest stars John O'Hurley as host, and Ashley Tisdale as another contestant! Repeat from 9/10/09 with commercials (776.10)

THE SMURFS [3 episodes, 2 partials]
-October 9, 1982-The Kaplowey Scroll (This segment only) (RI43.5)
-November 6, 1982-Turncoat Smurf, The Sky is Smurfing! The Sky is Smurfing! 1998 repeat with commercials (RI44.5)
-December 12, 1982-"The Smurfs Christmas Special". 1998 repeat with commercials (Xmas98.1)
-September 17, 1983-Third season premiere! Once In A Blue Moon, All Creatures Great And Smurf (232.6)
-September 24, 1983-The Magic Earrings (This segment only) (RI43.6)

THE SNORKS (NBC, 1984-1986) [*Entire Run*]
A clam-tastic cartoon that usually (& unfairly) gets a bad rep.
NOTE: Except where noted, all episodes are Boomerang reruns. The reruns really move the episode order around, hence the odd airdates you'll see.
First Season
-Sep. 15/22, 1984-Journey To The Source, Hooked On A Feeling (Snork2.7)
-Oct. 6/13, 1984-Snorkymania, Now You Seahorse, Now You Don't (Snork5.10)
-October 20, 1984-Snork Marks The Spot, Snorkdance (Snork3.1)
-Oct. 27/Nov. 3, 1984-Junior's Secret, The Blue Coral Necklace (Snork3.2)
-November 10, 1984-The Snorkness Monster, Snorkin Surf Party (Snork3.4)
-November 17, 1984-Allstar's Double Trouble, A Snork On The Wild Side (Snork3.5)
-Nov. 24/Dec. 1, 1984-Time Out For Sissies, The Old Shell Game. Part of open cut (Snork3.7)
-Dec. 1/Nov. 24, 1984-Me Jo-Jo, You Daffney, Fine Fettered Friends (Snork3.6)
-December 8, 1984-The King of Kelp, Whales Tales (Snork3.8)
Second Season
-September 14, 1985-2nd Season Debut! Snorkitis Is Nothing To Sneeze At, The Whole Toot And Nothing But The Toot (Snork2.12)
-September 21, 1985-Chickens of the Sea, Never Cry Wolf-fish (Snork3.10)
-Sep. 28/Oct. 5, 1985-Learn to Love Your Snork, Dr. Strangesnork (Snork3.11)
-Oct. 5/Sep. 28, 1985-Allstar's Freshwater Adventure, A Hard Day's Snork (Snork3.12)
-October 12, 1985-It’s Just A Matter Of Slime, Water Friends For? (Snork4.1)
-October 19, 1985-The Shape Of Snorks To Come, Junior’s Octopuppy (Snork4.2)
First/Second Season (each segment is from a seperate season)
-Sep. 15, 1984/Oct. 26, 1985-Vandal Scandal, The Ugly Yuckfish (Snork2.8)
-Sep. 22, 1984/Nov. 16, 1985-The New Neighbors, The Backwards Snork (Snork4.3)
-Sep. 29, 1984/Nov. 9, 1985-Allstar’s Allstar Band, A Sign Of The Tides (Snork2.10)
-Oct. 6, 1984/Nov. 9, 1985-Which Snork Snitched, The Littlest Mermaid (Snork2.9)
-*Oct. 13, 1984/Nov. 2, 1985-A Snorking We Will Go, Guess What's Coming to Dinner. Two copies available: 1986 repeat with commercials and a different open not used in syndication (RS24.3) or Boomerang rerun (Snork3.13)
-Oct. 27, 1984/Nov. 16, 1985-The Big Scoop, I Squid You Not (Snork4.14)
-Nov. 3, 1984/Nov. 2, 1985-Up Up, and a Wave, Gills Just Want To Have Fun (Snork3.3)
-Oct. 26, 1985/Sep. 29, 1984-Casey and the Doubleheader, Das Boot. No open (Snork4.13)

THE SNORKS (Synd., 1987-1989) [39 episodes]
It returned after a year's hiatus, but the overall quality took a serious turn for the worse.
NOTE: The same airdate weirdness applies to this run as well.
First Season
-September 12, 1987-PREMIERE!!! All's Whale that Ends Well, Allstar's Last Hour (Snork4.4)
-Sep. 19/26, 1987-Sea Shore Sideshow, Snip & Snap (Snork2.13)
-Sep. 19/Oct. 3, 1987-A Willie Scary Halloween, Junior's Empire (Snork3.14)
-Sep. 26/Oct. 17, 1987-Freeze Save Our Town, The Shady Shadow (Snork4.8)
-Oct. 3/Nov. 21, 1987-The Golden Dolphin, Chills, Drills and Spills (Snork5.3)
-Oct. 10/24, 1987-The Sand Witch, Salmon Chanted Evening (232.7)
-Oct. 10/Nov. 28, 1987-It's Always Darkest Before the Snork, Willie & Smallstar's Big Adventure (Snork5.4)
-Oct. 17/24, 1987-Tooter Loves Tadah, Daffney’s Ransom (Snork2.14)
-Oct. 31/Nov. 14, 1987-Casey in Sandland, The Day the Ocean Stood Still (Snork5.1)
-Oct. 31/Nov. 28, 1987-Reefberry Madness, Taming of the Snork (Snork5.5)
-Nov. 7/ Dec. 5, 1987-A Farewell Of Arms, A Snork In A Gilded Cage (288.6)
-Nov. 14/7, 1987-Jo-Jo in Control, Mummy Snorkest (Snork4.12)
-Nov. 21/Dec. 5, 1987-The Longest Shortcut, The Snorkshire Spooking (Snork5.7)
Second Season, two 15-minute episodes
-September 10, 1988-Daffney's Not so Great Escape, Willie's Best Fiend. No open (Snork5.8)
-September 17, 1988-Dr. Strangesnork’s Bomb, Day of the Juniors. Open partially cut (276.1)
-September 24, 1988-Ooze Got The Snorks, A Starfish Is Born (287.1)
-October 8, 1988-Battle Of The Gadgets, Little Lord Occy (353.10)
-October 22, 1988-How The Snork Was Won, In Junior’s Image (275.7)
Second Season, one 30-minute episode
-October 29, 1988-Summer & Snork (275.9)
-November 5, 1988-Allstar’s Odyssey. Brief cable glitches in both segments (Snork1.1)
-November 5, 1988-In Greed We Trust (Snork1.2)
-November 12, 1988-Jaws Say The Word (Snork1.3)
-November 12, 1988-Prehisnorkic (Snork1.4)
-November 19, 1988-The Wizard Of Ice. Bar none the worst Snorks episode of them all (Snork1.5)
-November 19, 1988-Rhyme & Punishment (Snork1.6)
-November 26, 1988-Big City Snorks (292.5)
-November 26, 1988-Nightmare On Snorkstreet (Snork1.8)
-December 3, 1988-Snorkerella (Snork1.9)
-December 3, 1988-Robin Snork (Snork1.10)
-December 10, 1988-The Daring Young Snork on the Flying Trapeze (Snork1.11)
-December 10, 1988-Snork Ahoy. No title card (Snork1.12)
-December 17, 1988-The Story Circle (Snork1.13)
-December 17, 1988-Oh Brother! No title card (Snork2.1)
-December 31, 1988-The Day They Fixed Junior Wetworth (Snork2.2)
-December 31, 1988- I’ll Be Senior (Snork2.3)
-January 7, 1989-Wish Or Wish Out. No open (307.3)
-January 7, 1989-The First Snork In Space (Snork2.4)
-January 14, 1989-My Dinner With Allstar. Another not-so-great ep. (Snork2.5)
-January 14, 1989-Final episode. All That Glitters is Not Goldfish (Snork2.6)

THE SNOWMAN [*TV special*]
-December 24, 1982. 1993 Disney Channel airing (Xmas93.3)

SPACE CASES [4 episodes]
Great Nickelodeon sci-fi series about misfit aliens on a quest to get home.
-March 2, 1996-PREMIERE!!! We Gotta Get Out Of This Place! 8/10/96 Snick repeat with commercials (AS36.2)
-March 23, 1996-Spung At Heart. 1996 Big Help airing with segments and commercials (AS38.3)
-November 9, 1996-"Truth Hurts" The crew begins to distrust Rosie as she lets secrets slip (JP24.8)
-November 16, 1996-"Homeward Bound" Radu has a vision that the ship will be attacked, but can't convince the crew members it will happen (JP24.7)

SPACE GOOFS [1 episode]
-1997-Once Upon A Time. Airing from Feb. 1998 with commercials (Clock2.1)

If you don't know about this show, you slept though the 2000s.
-July 17, 1999-Bubblestand, Ripped Pants. Dec. 2001 repeat with commercials (Xmas01.5), 2006 repeat with commercials (RI48.4)
-July 31, 1999-Jellyfishing, Plankton!. 3/24/01 repeat with commercials (SB01.2), also have 2002 repeat with commercials (104.4)
-August 21, 1999-Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy, Pickles. Dec. 2001 repeat with commercials, no credits (Xmas01.9), 2006 repeat with commercials (RI49.5/RI48.5)
-August 28, 1999-Hall Monitor, Jellyfish Jam. 2001 airing with no commercials, ends during credits (SB01.3)
-September 11, 1999-Nature Pants, Opposite Day. 3/24/01 repeat with commercials (SB01.1), also have circa 2003 repeat with commercials, but no open (Torn.2)
-September 18, 1999-Culture Shock, F.U.N. 2003? repeat with commercials, no open (Torn.3)
-October 28, 1999-Scaredy Pants, I Was a Teenage Gary. Slime Time Live broadcast from 1/22/02 with commercials (LSP.7)
-February 14, 2000-Valentine's Day, The Paper. 2002 repeat with commercials (LSP.5)
-March 22, 2000-Texas, Walking Small. Slime Time Live broadcast from 1/21/02 with commercials (LSP.2)
-April 1, 2000-Fools in April, Neptune's Spatula. Dec. 2001 repeat with commercials, missing first few seconds or so (Xmas01.4) or complete Apr. 2007 repeat with commercials (RI36.2)
-November 2, 2000-Your Shoes Untied, Squids Day Off. Dec. 2001 repeat with commercials (Xmas01.12)
-November 16, 2000-Big Pink Loser, Bubble Buddy. Dec. 2001 repeat with commercials, missing first minute or so (Xmas01.2)
-November 27, 2000-Grandma's Kisses, Squidville. Slime Time Live broadcast from 12/21/01 with commercials(BPR.6)
-November 27, 2000-Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III, Squirrel Jokes. 2001 repeat with commercials, no open nor credits (BPR.1)
-December 6, 2000-Christmas Who? Dec. 2001 repeat with commercials (Xmas01.1)
-March 5, 2001-Survival of the Idiots, Dumped. Dec. 2001 repeat with commercials (Xmas01.3)
-March 6, 2001-No Free Rides, I'm Your Biggest Fanatic. 2001 repeat with commercials, no credits (BPR.2)
-March 8, 2001-Pressure, Smoking Peanut. Dec. 2001 repeat with commercials, missing first minute or so, no credits (Xmas01.8)
-September 21, 2001-Sailor Mouth, Artist Unknown. 10/9/03 U-Pick airing with commercials (SS5.3)
-October 12, 2001-Squid on Strike, Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm. 2001 repeat with commercials & no credits (BPR.3), or 11/8/02 repeat with commercials & credits (BHT.7)
-January 21, 2002-Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV, Doing Time. Original commercials (LSP.3)
-January 21, 2002-Welcome to the Chum Bucket, Frankendoodle. Original commercials (LSP.4)
-March 29, 2002-Krab Borg, Rock-a-Bye Bivalve. 10/9/03 U-Pick airing with commercials (SS5.2)
-January 19, 2004-Plankton’s Army, Missing Identity. Original commercials (213.4)
-March 31, 2007-Born to be Wild, Best Frenemies. Original commercials, including a countdown to the 2007 Kids Choice Awards! (SS4.2)
-November 23, 2007-The Inmates of Summer, To Save a Squirrel. Repeat from 11/12/09 with commercials, no credits (iDisc3.2)

SQUARE 1 TV [41 episodes]
-January 26, 1987-PREMIERE!!! Ep. 101 (BS39.5)
-January 27, 1987-Ep. 102 (BS39.6)
-January 28, 1987-Ep. 103 (BS39.7)
-January 29, 1987-Ep. 104 (BS39.8)
-January 30, 1987-Ep. 105 (BS39.9)
-February 24, 1987-Ep. 122 (ST.1)
-February 25, 1987-Ep. 123 (ST.2)
-March 11, 1987 (1/15/87)-Ep. 133. Slate! (ST2.1)
-March 12, 1987 (1/14/87)-Ep. 134. Slate! (ST2.2)
-March 13, 1987 (1/14/87)-Ep. 135. Slate! (ST2.3)
-March 16, 1987 (1/28/87)-Ep. 136. Slate! (ST2.4)
-March 19, 1987 (1/21/87)-Ep. 139. Slate! (ST3.1)
-March 20, 1987 (1/20/87)-Ep. 140. Slate! (ST3.2)
-March 24, 1987-Ep. 142 (ST.3)
-March 25, 1987-Ep. 143 (ST.4)
-March 26, 1987-Ep. 144 (ST4.1)
-March 30, 1987-Ep. 146 (ST4.2)
-March 31, 1987 (2/11/87)-Ep. 147. Slate! (ST3.3)
-April 1, 1987 (2/10/87)-Ep. 148. Slate! (ST3.4)
-April 2, 1987-Ep. 149 (ST4.3)
-April 3, 1987-Ep. 150 (ST4.4)
-April 7, 1987-Ep. 152 (ST5.1)
-April 8, 1987-Ep. 153 (ST5.2)
-April 14, 1987 (2/29/87?!)-Ep. 157. Slate! (ST6.1)
-April 15, 1987 (2/24/87)-Ep. 158. Slate! (ST6.2)
-April 16, 1987 (2/23/87)-Ep. 159. Slate! (ST6.3)
-April 17, 1987 (2/20/87)-Ep. 160. Slate! (ST7.1)
-April 21, 1987 (3/4/87)-Ep. 162. Slate! (ST7.2)
-April 22, 1987 (3/2/87)-Ep. 163. Slate! (ST7.3)
-April 23, 1987 (3/2/87)-Ep. 164. Slate! (ST8.1)
-April 24, 1987 (7/31/87)-Ep. 165-R. Slate! (ST8.2)
-April 29, 1987 (3/6/87)-Ep. 168. Slate! (ST9.1)
-April 30, 1987 (3/6/87)-Ep. 169. Slate! (ST9.2)
-May 1, 1987 (3/5/87)-Ep. 170. Slate! (ST9.3)
-May 4, 1987 (3/17/87)-Ep. 171. Slate! (ST9.4)
-May 5, 1987 (3/17/87)-Ep. 172. Slate! (ST10.1)
-May 6, 1987 (3/16/87)-Ep. 173. Slate! (ST10.2)
-May 7, 1987 (3/12/87)-Ep. 174. Slate! (ST10.3)
-May 8, 1987 (3/12/87)-First season finale; Ep. 175. Slate! (ST10.4)
-September 19, 1988-Second season premiere! Ep. 201. Two commercials before show (ST5.3)
-October 10, 1988-Ep. 216 (ST5.4)

SQUARE PEGS [17 episodes]
A group of kids strive to be popular in this terrific sitcom.
NOTE: MeToo airs each episode entirely unedited.
-September 27, 1982-“Pilot”-PREMIERE!!! Patty and Lauren meet Marshall and Johnny on the first day of school. Special appearance by The Waitresses! TV Land broadcast (267.3)
-October 4, 1982-“A Cafeteria Line”-Patty auditions for the school play. TV Land broadcast (194.1)
-October 11, 1982-“Pac Man Fever” After the school gets a Pac-Man machine, Marshall becomes hopelessly addicted to it. TV Land broadcast (PSQ.7)
-October 18, 1982-"Square Pigskins" Patty & Lauren join the powderpuff football team. MeToo broadcast (MG15.3)
-November 1, 1982-“Halloween XII”-Patty and Lauren get invited to the cool kids’ Halloween party. TV Land broadcast (273.2)
-November 8, 1982-“A Simple Attachment”-Marshall buys a “Love Detector” that winds up ending every romance in school. TV Land broadcast (193.2)
-November 15, 1982-“Weemaweegate”-Patty and Lauren try to write a good article for the school paper while Johnny tries out to be the school mascot. TV Land broadcast (273.1)
-November 22, 1982-“Open 24 Hours”-Johnny’s band gets booked for the grand opening of a supermarket’s deli counter. TV Land broadcast (361.4)
-November 29, 1982-“Muffy’s Bat Mitzvah”-Muffy is having her Bat Mitzvah, and Patty and Lauren try to get invited. Special appearance by Devo! MeToo airing (MG17.1)
-December 13, 1982-“Hardly Working”-Patty and Lauren discover that Jennifer is a waitress. TV Land broadcast (157.8)
-December 27, 1982-“It’s All How You See Things”-Patty decides to stop wearing her glasses, and ends up breaking Lauren’s leg. TV Land broadcast (272.3)
-January 10, 1983-“Merry Pranksters”-Patty & Lauren graffiti the hallways of Weemawee. TV Land broadcast (170.9)
-January 24, 1983-“It’s Academical”-Patty & Muffy go on high school quiz show “It’s Academical.” Guest-starring Martin Mull as host Dan Vermillion! TV Land broadcast (DSQ.9)
-January 31, 1983-“The Stepanowicz Papers”-Lauren finds herself falling for the new janitor. TV Land broadcast (283.4)
-February 5, 1983-"To Serve Weemawee All My Days" MeToo broadcast (MG17.2)
-February 14, 1983-"No Substitutions" The kids get a new substitute teacher, whose unconventional methods make him very popular. Guest starring Bill Murray as Mr. McNulty! MeToo broadcast (MG15.2)
-February 21, 1983-"No Joy in Weemawee" Johnny discovers he has a knack for hitting home runs. Guest starring Steve Sax! MeToo broadcast (MG15.1)

-May 14, 1990-Sarek (JJ12.1)
-November 4, 1991-Unification, Part 1. Original commercials (Hallow91.3)
-November 11, 1991-Unification, Part 2. The title card pays tribute to Gene Roddenberry (JJ12.2)

STAR TREK VOYAGER [3 episodes]
-September 18, 1995-"Elogium". Original commercials (Clock3.1)
-September 25, 1995-"Non Sequitor". Original commercials (Clock3.2)
-October 2, 1995-"Twisted". Original commercials (Clock3.3)

SOUTH PARK [22 episodes]
-August 13, 1997-PREMIERE!!! Aliens abduct Kyle's brother as Stan tries to talk to his crush. 1997 rerun with commercials (SP.4)
-August 20, 1997-The boys go hunting...just as a volcano is about to erupt. 1998 rerun with commercials (SP.6)
-August 27, 1997-As Cartman tries to bulk himself up, Mr. Garrison plots to kill Kathie Lee Gifford. 1998 rerun with commercials (SP2.5)
-September 3, 1997-Stan's dog runs away as South Park's football team attempts to beat the point spread. 1997 rerun with commercials (SP.2)
-September 17, 1997-Stan's grandfather is depressed, and everyone else is protesting Terrence & Philip. 1997 rerun with commercials (SP.3)
-October 29, 1997-It's Halloween night, and the boys have stop a hoarde of zombies. 1998 rerun with commercials (SP.7)
-November 19, 1997-The boys unwittingly adopt an African boy while mutant turkeys ravage the town. Original commercials (SP.1)
-December 17, 1997-The town tries to make itself more politically correct for Christmas, and Kyle is deemed insane. Original commercials (SP.5)
-February 4, 1998-Jesus fights Satan as Cartman celebrates his birthday. 1998 rerun with commercials, credits partially cut (SP2.8)
-February 11, 1998-Ms. Ellen becomes the new substitute teacher while Mr. Garrison gets a nose job. Original commercials (SP2.1)
-February 18, 1998-An ancient triangle turns Barbra Streisand into a vicious monster. Original commercials (SP2.3)
-February 25, 1998-In the first part of a two parter, Cartman wants to learn who his real father is. Original commercials (SP2.4)
-April 1, 1998-Saddam tries to invade Canada, and only Terrence & Philip can save their country. Aired as an April Fools joke for those expecting to see Cartman's father. Original commercials (SP2.6)
-August 19, 1998-South Park opens their first film festival, which ends up changing the town. 1998 repeat with commercials (SP4.3)
-August 26, 1998-All the children get chicken pox. Original commercials (SP4.1)
-September 2, 1998-A planetarium owner hypnotizes the town as Cartman auditions to be in a Cheesy Poofs commercial. Original commercials (SP4.2)
-September 30, 1998-The boys attend the Cow Days festival…and get ripped off. Original commercials (SP4.4)
-December 9, 1998-The kids see Cartman's family in Nebraska for Christmas...and end up harboring a pair of criminals. Original commercials (SP2.9)
-December 16, 1998-Tweek tries to prove the existence of Underpants Gnomes as his parents fight to keep their coffeeshop. Original commercials (SP2.11)
-June 16, 1999-The boys discover a new, rare, annoying species. Original commercials (SP4.5)
-March 7, 2007-Randy goes on Wheel of Fortune and royally embarrasses himself when he says a certain curse word. Most original commercials (GR.9)
-April 7, 2010-You Have 0 Friends. No commercials (JP85.2)

SUE THOMAS: F.B.EYE [1 episode]
-November 7, 2004-The Actor. Repeat from 5/11/10 with commercials

It's good until you realize every episode is exactly the same.
-September 22, 1979-PREMIERE!!! "The Super Globetrotters Vs. Museum Man" Brief cable box graphic during first segment (804.9)

-September 6, 1996-PREMIERE!!! "The Last Son of Krypton: Part I". The origin of Superman, in which he is sent to Earth. Repeat from 9/28/96 with commercials, no open (WB96.1)

-November 2, 1989-The Trojan Koopa, Texas Tea. Feb. Has the original music intact! 1990 repeat with commercials, no open (GR41.1)

SUPERTRAIN [1 episode]
This Love Boat on rails was a flop of legendary proportions, thought it's actually not all that awful. Sets are awesome, but the writing was a bit uneven.
-April 7, 1979-"Pirouette". A shy doctor shelters a threatened heiress. Original commercials, including a newsbreak with Meredith Vieira! (RS23.2)

One of the most epic cartoons of the 90s, cancelled only because Ted Turner hated it.
-September 11, 1993-PREMIERE!!! The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice (SwatKats3.3)
-September 18, 1993-The Giant Bacteria (SwatKats3.2)
-September 25, 1993-The Wrath of Dark Kat (SwatKats3.5)
-October 2, 1993-Destructive Nature (SwatKats3.4)
-October 9, 1993-The Metallikats (SwatKats3.1)
-October 30, 1993-Chaos in Crystal (SwatKats.4)
-November 13, 1993-Metal Urgency (SwatKats2.2)
-November 20, 1993-The Ci-Kat-A (SwatKats2.1)
-November 27, 1993-Enter the Madkat (SwatKats.3)
-December 4, 1993-First season finale. Katastrophe (SwatKats2.3)
-September 10, 1994-Second season premiere! Mutation City (SwatKats2.5)
-September 17, 1994-A Bright and Shiny Future (SwatKats2.4)
-November 5, 1994-Cry Turmoil, Unplugged (SwatKats.2)
-December 10, 1994-The Dark Side of the Swat Kats (SwatKats.1)

TAINA [1 episode]
-January 19, 2002-Second season premiere! Crouching Actor, Hidden Chicken (JP45.11)

-October 3, 1994-PREMIERE!!! In the Beginning...
-October 10, 1994-The Note
-October 17, 1994-How Time Flies
-October 24, 1994-Switch
-October 31, 1994-Perceptions
-November 7, 1994-Three Cheats to the Wind
-November 14, 1994-The Quitter
-November 21, 1994-Commitments
-November 28, 1994-Mind Games
-December 5, 1994-The Spy
-December 12, 1994-The Brain Drain
-December 19, 1994-A Nightmare on Rodeo Drive
-December 26, 1994-The Rat
-January 2, 1995-The Cover-Up
-January 9, 1995-Bully For You
-January 16, 1995-Trust
-January 23, 1995-The Y Files
-January 30, 1995-The Chocolate War
-February 6, 1995-The Monster Among Us
-February 13, 1995-The Universal Hitchhiker
-February 20, 1995-Deja Vu
-February 27, 1995-The Ghost Warrior
-March 6, 1995-The Opiate from the Future
-March 13, 1995-The Leech
-March 20, 1995-Gordon Cries Wolf
-March 27, 1995-Penny For Your Thoughts
-April 3, 1995-Turncoat
-April 10, 1995-Mr. Popularity
-April 17, 1995-Winner Takes All
-April 24, 1995-Beverly Hills 902-Oblivion
-May 1, 1995-Ozone, O-Mio
-May 8, 1995-The Glitch
-May 15, 1995-Emperor for a Day
-May 22, 1995-The Imposter
-May 29, 1995-Take Two Galactic Sentinels & Call Nimbar in the Morning
-June 5, 1995-The Last People on Earth
-June 12, 1995-The Primal Scream
-June 19, 1995-The Psychiatrist, part 1
-June 26, 1995-The Psychiatrist Pt. 2
-July 3, 1995-Finale. It's a Gorganus Life

TAZ-MANIA [1 episode]
-December 25, 1993-No Time For Christmas. 1998 repeat with commercials (Xmas98.4)

-October 31, 1989-"Turtles At The Earth's Core" No credits (Balto.2)

TEEN TITANS [1 episode]
-January 24, 2004-Terra. 2005 repeat with commercials, ends during credits (BPR6.6)

-November 26, 2009-2 hour parade! Original commercials (853.5)

THAT 80'S SHOW [1 episode]
A hilarious retro sitcom. Didn't live nearly as long as its 70's cousin, but it should've.
-January 23, 2002-PREMIERE!!! Corey gets a job at the record store after breaking up with his girlfriend. Original commercials (JB10.4)

-April 14, 2010-Season premiere! Features game show skit "The Quiz Broadcast". BBC America repeat (1013.8)

THAT'S SO RAVEN [2 episodes]
-July 23, 2004-"The Dating Shame" Raven and Chelsea appear on TermiDate. Guest stars Roger Lodge! (CO7.1)
-April 29, 2005-"They Work Hard For His Honey" Guest stars Claudia Jordan! (CO7.2)

-January 19, 2014-Three for the Money

THUNDERCATS [1 episode]
-1987-"Mumm-Ra Lives, part 5" Original commercials, no credits (NP17.4)

TIMON & PUMBAA [1 episode]
-July 9, 1999-Don’t Be Elfish, Lights Camera Traction (NP78.5)

-November 5, 1990-Sawdust and Toonsil. 1997 repeat with commercials (JP83.5)
-November 12, 1990-Animaniacs! (has nothing to do with the cartoon of the same name). Repeat from 12/9/96 with commercials (TT.3), also have 2005 repeat on (BPR6.5)
-December 5, 1990-Dapper Diz, A Pigment Of His Imagination. Repeat from 12/9/96 with commercials (TT.4)
-February 4, 1991-Real Kids Don't Eat Broccoli, Boo-Ha-Ha, Duck Dodgers Jr. Repeat from 12/9/96 with commercials (TT.1)
-September 17, 1992-Whirlwind Romance, Going Up, Nothing To Sneeze At. Repeat from 12/9/96 with commercials (TT.2)
-December 6, 1992-Finale; It's a Wonderful Tiny Toon Christmas Special. 2002 repeat with commercials (Xmas02.6)
-February 8, 1993-How I Spent My Vacation, part 1. Repeat from 12/9/96 with commercials (TT.5)
-February 10, 1993-How I Spent My Vacation, part 2. Repeat from 12/9/96 with commercials (TT.6)
-February 11, 1993-How I Spent My Vacation, part 3. Repeat from 12/9/96 with commercials (TT.7)
-February 12, 1993-How I Spent My Vacation, part 4. Repeat from 12/9/96 with commercials (TT.8)

THE TOMORROW PEOPLE (1992-1995) [*Entire Run*]
-November 18, 1992-The Origin Story: Part 1 (LB2.1)
-November 25, 1992-The Origin Story: Part 2 (LB2.2)
-December 1, 1992-The Origin Story: Part 3 (LB2.3)
-December 8, 1992-The Origin Story: Part 4 (LB2.4)
-December 16, 1992-The Origin Story: Part 5 (LB2.5)
-January 4, 1994-The Culex Experiment: Part 1 (LB3.1)
-January 11, 1994-The Culex Experiment: Part 2 (LB3.2)
-January 18, 1994-The Culex Experiment: Part 3 (LB3.3)
-January 25, 1994-The Culex Experiment: Part 4 (LB3.4), also have copy with Nickelodeon commercials (AS35.3)
-February 1, 1994-The Culex Experiment: Part 5 (LB3.5)
-February 8, 1994-Monsoon Man: Part 1 (LB4.1)
-February 15, 1994-Monsoon Man: Part 2 (LB4.2)
-February 22, 1994-Monsoon Man: Part 3 (LB4.3)
-March 1, 1994-Monsoon Man: Part 4 (LB4.4)
-March 8, 1994-Monsoon Man: Part 5 (LB4.5)
-January 4, 1995-The Rameses File: Part 1 (LB5.1)
-January 11, 1995-The Rameses File: Part 2 (LB5.2)
-January 18, 1995-The Rameses File: Part 3 (LB5.3)
-January 25, 1995-The Rameses File: Part 4 (LB5.4)
-February 1, 1995-The Rameses File: Part 5 (LB5.5)
-February 8, 1995-The Living Stones: Part 1 (LB6.1)
-February 15, 1995-The Living Stones: Part 2 (LB6.2)
-February 22, 1995-The Living Stones: Part 3 (LB6.3)
-March 1, 1995-The Living Stones: Part 4 (LB6.4)
-March 8, 1995-The Living Stones: Part 5 (LB6.5)

NOTE: Antenna TV reruns have a new intro.
90-minute episodes
-March 6, 1973-Dom DeLuise, Sally Kellerman, Ronnie Schell, Bruno Vailati. 3/6/16 Antenna repeat
-June 14, 1973-Dub Taylor, Gabriel Kaplan, Lorne Green, Charles Grodin, Patty Lynch. 10/9/16 Antenna repeat
-February 20, 1974-Sarah Miles, David Brenner, Kreskin, Joan Embery. Antenna TV airing
-September 13, 1974-Lawrence Welk, David Brenner, Ashley Montagu, Joan Embery. Antenna TV airing
-March 30, 1977-Bruce Dern, Fernando Lamas, Mike Preminger, Dr. Samuel Dunkell. 7/30/16 Antenna repeat
-February 22, 1978-Goldie Hawn, Buck Henry, Dennis Dugan. Antenna TV airing
-March 2, 1978-Bruce Dern, Robert Klein, Susan Sullivan, Dr. Carl Sagan. Antenna TV airing
-June 21, 1978-Bess Armstrong, Merie Earle, Tony Curtis, Steve Landesberg. 10/22/16 Antenna repeat
60-minute episodes
-February 9, 1983-Bette Davis, Richard Pryor. Antenna TV airing
-August 22, 1985-Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ginger McLamb, Ed Begley Jr. Antenna TV airing
-October 18, 1985-Jackie Gleason, Jim Stafford. Antenna TV airing
-December 10, 1985-Alan King, Vlasta Krsek. Antenna TV airing
-February 21, 1986-Oprah Winfrey, Jerry Seinfeld, Shirley Muldowney. Antenna TV airing
-February 4, 1987-George Carlin, Susan Sullivan, Sheryl Lee Ralph. Antenna TV airing
-October 16, 1987-James Galway, Myrtle Young. Antenna TV airing
-May 26, 1988-Chevy Chase, Thalassa Cruso, John Suter. Antenna TV airing
-February 2, 1989-Jay Leno, Fred Savage, Brian Gillis. Antenna TV airing
-May 17, 1989-Patrick Swayze, Garry Shandling. Antenna TV airing
-June 7, 1989-Catherine Grant, Catherine Hicks, Pat Hazell. 10/7/16 Antenna repeat (1167.8)
-January 18, 1990-Ron Silver, Art Donovan, Joan Embery. Antenna TV airing
-May 8, 1992-George Foreman, Garry Shandling. Antenna TV airing

TOP CAT [1 episode]
-March 7, 1962-Choo Choo Goes Ga-Ga (Max.11)

-January 4, 2008-"The Very Last Episode, Really!" (NP32.1)

-December 1993-Animated NBC special. 1998 repeat with commercials (Xmas98.8)

-September 15, 2001-Sideburn's Obsession. Original commercials (FoxKids.1)

-1992?-Bornholm, Denmark (QueenLiz.1)

TRUE JACKSON VP [3 episodes]
-May 1, 2010-"True Royal" True designs a tuxedo for a young prince. Guest stars Nathan Kress! Original commercials (May1.2)
-May 8, 2010-True Fear. Original commercials, ends during credits (Belief.4)
-June 26, 2010-"Heatwave". Original commercials

T.U.F.F. PUPPY [1 episode]
-October 2, 2010-PREMIERE!!! Purr-fect Partners, Doom-mates. Original commercials

-February 19, 2015-One hour finale. “Of Course He’s Dead”. Original commercials (DL31.2)

-October 10, 2010-PREMIERE!!! High Wire High Jinks, Fish Market Frenzy. The first show The Hub ever aired! (952.5)

-1991-“Live and Learn” (NY26.3)

-January 2004-Roughly a half-hour's worth; Contains Spongebob segments Krab Borg & Band Geeks (213.2)
-May 27, 2005-U-Pick Live's final episode. Contains Spongebob segments SB-129 & Skill Crane, the Martin Mystery episode "Attack of the Sandman", and performances by Simple Plan (AR14)

VICTORIOUS [1 episodes]
-March 27, 2010-PREMIERE!!! "Pilot" Tori begins attending Hollywood Arts High School. This is the extended cut not seen in reruns! Original commercials (KCA10.2)
-April 25, 2010-"The Birthweek Song" Tori wriths a song for Trina's birthday...will she appreciate it? Repeat from 5/1/10 with commercials (May1.3)
-May 8, 2010-Tori the Zombie. Original commercials (Belief.3)
-June 26, 2010-"Survival Of The Hottest". Original commercials

VIVA VARIETY [1 episode]
A fantastic "European" variety show.
-1997-Special Guests: John Evans, The Fabulous Friedkin Brothers, & Reel Big Fish. Has a HILARIOUS song about Ms. Pac Man! Don't know if this is an OB or rerun, but contains commercials. Highly recommended! (SP2.2)

VR TROOPERS [1 episode]
Ahh, virtual reality & Power Rangers-esque production values. A great mid-90's nostalgia piece!
-February 21, 1996-Final episode. "Galileo's New Memory" Grimlord steals a robot which could leak the VR Troopers' secrets. This sure doesn't feel like a finale; the end was left wide open for a continuation. Original commercials (JP24.13)

Fair warning: these cartoons are inspired by Tex's work, not done by him. That said, it's an all right show.
-September 29, 1997-PREMIERE!!! Tex Avery in "Rodeo, Rodeo, Where for Art Thou Rodeo? ", Pompeii Pete in "The Dis-Orderly", Einstone in "A Bird in the Brain Is Worth Two in the Bush"
-September 30, 1997-Tex Avery in "The Not-So-Great Train Robbery", Genghis & Khannie in "Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Wall", Freddy the Fly in "Marital Blitz"
-October 1, 1997-Tex Avery in "Cabin Fever", Freddy the Fly in "Cruisin' for a Bruisin'", Maurice & Mooch in "Breakfast in Bedlam"
-October 2, 1997-Tex Avery in "Bottleneck Bear", Maurice & Mooch in "Sitter Jitters", Freddy the Fly in "Flychiatry"
-October 3, 1997-Pompeii Pete in "Driving Mr. Dan", Genghis & Khannie in "Who Kilt The Conquerer", Einstone in "Saur Loser"
-October 6, 1997-Tex Avery in "Mine, Mine, Mine", Pompeii Pete in "Stupe Du Jour", Maurice & Mooch in "Teacher's Pest"
-October 7, 1997-Freddy the Fly in "Silence of the Lames", Genghis & Khannie in "Aloha Oy", Maurice & Mooch in "Black and Blue Belt"
-October 8, 1997-Power Pooch in "Cat Scratch Fervor", Freddy the Fly in "Say Goodnight Freddy", Pompeii Pete in "Quiet Please"
-October 13, 1997-Tex Avery in "A Man Called Horsey", Einstone in "Neanderthal Mom", Maurice & Mooch in "Toy Store Story"
-October 14, 1997-Tex Avery in "Disasterpiece Theatre, Genghis & Khannie in "You Take The High Road", Einstone in "Caveman and Wife"
-October 15, 1997-Genghis & Khannie in "What's Yours Is Mayan", Einstone in "Wish Upon A Star Traveler", Freddy the Fly in "Mile High Fly"
-October 16, 1997-Pompeii Pete in "Gangster Rip", Genghis & Khannie in "Hamalaya Down And Die", Einstone in "The Ugh-Lympic Games"
-October 17, 1997-Einstone in "Out of Shape Out of Mind", Genghis & Khannie in "Pain in the Rain Forest", Power Pooch in "Bank You Very Much"
-October 20, 1997-Tex Avery in "Virtual Tex", Maurice & Mooch in "Chicken Scouts", Pompeii Pete in "Pompeii Away"
-October 21, 1997-Tex Avery in "Tex Babies", Pompeii Pete in "Gunga Dan", Einstone in "Is There A Doctor In The Cave"
-October 22, 1997-Tex Avery in "Ever Herd Of Cows?", Power Pooch in "The Return of Dr. Hydrant", Freddy the Fly in "Fortunate Fly"
-October 23, 1997-Tex Avery in "Not Even a Sporting Chance", Freddy the Fly in "Fat Chance", Power Pooch in "La Misery"
-October 24, 1997-Pompeii Pete in "Caddy Whack", Power Pooch in "Mutts Attacks!", Genghis & Khannie in "Dances On Lions"
-October 27, 1997-Tex Avery in "Nice To Canoe You", Freddy the Fly in "Bug To The Future", Maurice & Mooch in "Yes, We Have No Electricity"
-October 28, 1997-Freddy the Fly in "Fly Incarnation", Power Pooch in "Power Puppy", Maurice & Mooch in "The One That Didn't Get Away"
-October 29, 1997-Tex Avery in "Fat and Fatter", Freddy the Fly in "Cake Me A Bake", Pompeii Pete in "Count Danula"
-October 30, 1997-Maurice & Mooch in "The Toothless Fairy", Genghis & Khannie in "A No-Etiquette Barbarian in King Arthur's Court", Einstone in "Look Who's Ughing"
-October 31, 1997-Tex Avery in "Pony Distress", Freddy the Fly in "My Fair Freddy", Pompeii Pete in "Re Pete Customer"
-November 3, 1997-Einstone in "A Hunting We Won't Go", Pompeii Pete in "Top Gun Shy", Power Pooch in "Sidekicked"
-November 4, 1997-Freddy the Fly in "The President's Fly", Power Pooch in "The Long-Awaited Evil Twin Episode", Genghis & Khannie in "Donkey Conqueror"
-November 5, 1997-Power Pooch in "Wrapped Up In His Work", Einstone in "Cyrano De Burg-A-Rock Head", Pompeii Pete in "Terminal Veloci-Pete"
-November 11, 1997-Tex Avery in "Stagecoach Tex", Freddy the Fly in "Bored Of The Flies", Maurice & Mooch in "Slaphappy Birthday"
-November 12, 1997-Tex Avery in "To Ape Or Not To Ape", Einstone in "Tarred And Married", Genghis & Khannie in "Peek-A-Boom"
-November 13, 1997-Tex Avery in "What Big Feet You Have", Einstone in "Peer Pressure", Power Pooch in "Doggie Pounded"
-November 14, 1997-Pompeii Pete in "Just Plane Trouble", Freddy the Fly in "Can't Fly Me Love", Power Pooch in "PP Loves Fifi"
-November 17, 1997-Maurice & Mooch in "My Dinner With Mooch", Freddy the Fly in "Diamonds Are For Hiefer", Power Pooch in "Squirrel Trouble"
-November 18, 1997-Tex Avery in "Sagebrush Sindy", Genghis & Khannie in "Courting Disaster", Power Pooch in "The Postman Always Barks Twice"
-November 19, 1997-Tex Avery in "Chasity Peak", Maurice & Mooch in "Ready Willing and Cable", Pompeii Pete in "Crass Action Hero"
-November 20, 1997-Tex Avery in "Aw, Mush", Genghis & Khannie in "The Wrath of Khannie", Freddy the Fly in "The Midas Touche" (This.1)
-November 21, 1997-Power Pooch in "That's Shoe Biz", Pompeii Pete in "Dial M for Moron", Freddy the Fly in "I'll Take Manure" (This.3)

-January 14, 1998-"All in the Family Feud". The family gets on "Family Battle", but will they let dim-bulb Marlon play on the team? Guest starring Fred Willard as host Dick Ferndale! 5/7/09 CW repeat with commercials (745.1)

WE ARE MEN [*Entire Run*]
They were men. They were funny. They deserved much better.
-September 30, 2013-Premiere. "Pilot". CBS on Demand airing
-October 7, 2013-Second and final episode. "We Are Dognappers". CBS on Demand airing

WEINERVILLE [20 episodes]
First Season
-1993-PREMIERE!!! “Marc's Mother Visits”. Repeat from 1993 with commercials (FMW.1)
-1993-Episode 1x02: “Spaghetti”. Repeat from 1993 with commercials (FMW.2)
-1993-Episode 1x04: “Humidity”. Repeat from 1993 with commercials (FMW.3)
-1993-Episode 1x05: “Spring Cleaning”. Repeat from 1993 with commercials (FMW.4)
-1993-Episode 1x06: “Zip in Space”. Repeat from 1993 with commercials (FMW.5)
-1993-Episode 1x07: “Missing Cartoon”. Repeat from 1993 with commercials (FMW.6)
-1993-Episode 1x08 Giant Spider. Original commercials (FMW2.1)
-1993-Episode 1x09 Ziggy-Zag Concert. Original commercials (FMW2.2)
-1993-Episode 1x10 Ghosts. Original commercials (FMW2.3)
-1993-Episode 1x13 Zip Stuck In TV. Original commercials (FMW2.4)
-1993-Episode 1x14 Bubblegum. Original commercials (FMW2.5)
-1993-Episode 1x18: "Dottie's Birthday" Original commercials (LB17.1)
-1993-"Popcorn" Original commercials (LB17.2)
-1993-"Recycling" Original commercials (LB17.3)
-1993-"Snow Day" Original commercials (LB17.4)
-1993-"Train Ride" Original commercials (LB17.1)
-1993-"Zip's Family Treasure" Original commercials (LB17.2)
Second Season
-1994-Episode 2x19: "Eco Crazy" (LB17.3)
-1994-Episode 2x22: "DTV" (LB17.4)
-1994-Las Vegas thing. (not sure of actual title) 1995 repeat with commercials, audio/video out-of-sync for part of first segment. (KM.2)

-1991?-Getting What You Want. 1994 airing with commercials (BT21.5)
-1991?-Health. 1996 repeat with commercials, ends during credits (BT21.6)
-1992-Othello the (Sopho)moore. 1993 airing with commercials (BT22.2)
-1992-"Big Dance". Repeat from 2/14/93? with commercials (BT3.1)
-1993-What Rhymes With Liar? 5/15/93 Snick airing with commercials (KM4.2)

A national version of the then-local "You Can't Do That On Television". Didn't last too long, but the best was yet to come...
-May 12, 1979 (Taped 3/22 & 24/79)-Hour-long premiere! Musical Guest: Trooper (BT11.2)
-September 18, 1979-Episode 2: "Union Fees". Musical Guest: Cooper Brothers (BT11.3)
-September 25, 1979-Episode 3: "Fan Letters". Musical Guest: Ian Thomas. First 14 minutes only (ends during Ian's song) (BT12.3)
-October 9, 1979-Episode 5: "Boss Helal". Musical Guest: The Kevin Page Band (BT11.4)
-October 16, 1979-Episode 6: "Superstitions". Musical Guest: Ian Thomas (BT11.5)
-1979-Episode 9: "Lottery". Musical Guest: Alma Faye Brooks (BT12.1)
-1979-Episode 15: "Kevin Somers, Rock Star". No musical guest (BT12.2)

-October 4, 2002-3-D Struction. 2003 repeat with commercials (164.1)

WHAT WOULD YOU DO? [24 episodes]
An entertaining audience participation show from Nickelodeon.
First Season
-1991-Marco Polo, Egg Drinking, Pig-Sitting, Archery, Breakdancing. An audience member curses when he's picked! From GaS Garage (LA5.6)
-1991-Inhale/Exhale, Hokum W. Jeebs, Milking a Cow. From GaS Garage (LA5.10)
-1991-Kid Driving Moster Truck, Pie in the sky, Back end of a horse, WWYD Medley. (AW17.1)
-1991-Pie Roulette, Stunt Person, Be MC Hammer, WWYD Medley. From GaS Camp 2001 (AW17.2)
-1991-Trapeze Act, WWYD Dancers, Massage Guy, WWYD Medley. From GaS Garage (AW17.3)
-1991-Pop the Balloon, Mrs Mom, Dracula, Flying Pie, WWYD medley (AW17.4)
-1991-Mummy-wrapping, weight-guessing, Hokum W. Jeebs, Making babies laugh, WWYD Medley. From GaS Garage (AW18.1)
-1991-Wearing something on your head, kissing, Pie Pendulum, ventriloquism. From GaS Camp 2001 (AW18.2)
-1991-Pie Slide, Tap Dance with Flippers, Toupees, Makeup, Singing in a Fishtank (AW18.3)
-1991-Blowing straw wrappers, Magician, Kissing a frog, WWYD Medley. From GaS Camp 2001 (AW18.4)
-1991-Cleaning your plate, ventriloquist dummy, parrot shell game (which doesn't go as planned!), funny faces, WWYD Medley (SD16.2)
-1991-Milk-Drinking Contest, Magic Tricks, Feeding Tarantulas, WWYD Medley. Original commercials (JP12.18)
-1991-Marco Polo, Tattoos, Talking to a Ventriloquist Dummy, Pie Pendulum, WWYD Medley. 1998 repeat with commercials (JP46.6)
-1991-Follow-The-Leader Dance, Zombie Makeup, Final Fight, WWYD Medley. 1993 repeat with one commercial (it seemingly aired this way) (JF149.1)
-1991-Musical Chairs, Butt Dance, Deranged Barber, WWYD Medley (JF149.2)
Second Season
-1993-All Sports episode! Stunts TBA. From GaS Garage (LA5.15)
-1993-Country singing, Peanut vending, Paper route. Special appearance by country group Handpicked! (JP18.7)
-1993-Dudley Do-Right Acting, Cutting in the BTTF line, Penguin Egg Race, Hiding the Remote, Giant Cream Pies (JP19.2)
-1993-Food Jeopardy, Smelly Perfume, Memory Game. Marc gives away an answer! Original commercials (JP19.3)
-1993-Steel drum playing, decoding phrases, world’s greatest story-teller, gargle-&-sing (JP20.5)
-1993-Folding Maps, Memorizing the Universal Studios map, Trivial Pie-Suit, Stand-Up Comedy. A contestant's plan to avoid getting pied backfires! Special appearances by Phil Moore & David Cassidy! Highly recommended! (JP24.9)
-1993-Special Music Episode! Learning to play instruments, singing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame", whistling with oatmeal, singing "Star-Spangled Banner", playing the harmonica with the nose. Special appearance by Dee Bradley Baker! Original commercials (JP24.10)
-1993-Holding Shopping Bags, Animal Impressions, Memorizing a grocery list, helping a Waffle House waiter, cleaning out purses, dubbing a monster movie. Special appearance by Dee Bradley Baker! (JP24.11)
-1993-Matching people to hats, mini-golf caddy, an alphabet game, The Price Was Right (but no Doug Davidson, sorry!) (JP24.12)

WILD GRINDERS [1 episode]
-November 5, 2014-Web Wars, When You Grind Upon a Star. Original commercials (GM2.3)

-September 8, 1998-Bad Company. 12/31/98 repeat with commercials (AR3.6)
-September 15, 1998-Matadi or Bust. 12/31/98 repeat with commercials (AR3.2)
-November 29, 1999-Have Yourself A Thornberry Little Christmas. CBS airing with commercials (AR12.2)
-March 27, 2000 (b)-Pack of Thornberrys. 11/5/11 U-Pick airing

WILL & GRACE [1 episode]
-November 21, 2002-Hour-long episode! "Marry Me a Little, Marry Me a Little More". Original commercials

WISHBONE [1 episode]
-1997-Groomed For Greatness (Clock2.2)

WKRP IN CINCINNATI [11 episodes]
-September 18, 1978-PREMIERE!!! Pilot, part 1. Original commercials (RS17.1)
-September 25, 1978-"Pilot", part 2. Original commercials (RS17.2)
-October 2, 1978-"Les on a Ledge". Original commercials (RS17.3)
-October 9, 1978"Hoodlum Rock". Original commercials (RS17.4)
-October 30, 1978-Turkeys Away. 1979 repeat, all scenes intact (RS19.3)
-February 26, 1979-"Johnny Comes Back". 1986 repeat with commercials (RS23.3)
-March 5, 1979-"Never Leave Me, Lucille". 2009 WGN broadcast (761.6)
-March 12, 1979-"I Want To Keep My Baby". 2009 WGN broadcast (761.7)
-April 30, 1979-Young Master Carlson. Original broadcast (RS19.2)
-June 4, 1979-Preacher. 2003 repeat with commercials (157.7)
-October 15, 1979-Baseball. Original commercials (RS19.1)
-November 5, 1979-Carlson for President. Original commercials (RS19.4)

-2001?-Hour-long special (193.3)

WUZZLES [1 episode]
-November 9, 1985-Ghost Rustlers. 1987 repeat with commercials (RS73.3)

THE X-FILES [1 episode]
-May 21, 2000-"Requiem". Mulder & Scully return to the site of their first investigation. Original commercials (Clock.1)

-October 16, 2000-The Good Couple”. Original commercials (DL29.2)

-December 21, 1982. 1998 repeat with commercials (Xmas98.5)

-1982-Bullying. 1991 repeat with commercials, first 15 or so seconds missing (BT43.1)
-1984-Foreign Countries. 1991 repeat with commercials, including one for the PREMIERE of Nick Arcade! First 45 seconds or so missing (BT43.3)
-1985-Pessimism/Optimism. Last 10 minutes only (BT43.6)
-1989-Fantasy. 1992 repeat with commercials (BT43.2)

THE YOUNG & RESTLESS [1 episode]
-August 26, 2003 (357.6)

YOUNG ROBIN HOOD [1 episode]
-1991-"Smuggler's Cove" (Boom.6)

ZOEY 101 [2 episodes]
-January 16, 2005-Webcam. 2005 repeat with commercials (Robot.1)
-January 23, 2005-Defending Dustin. Original commercials (Robot.2)

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